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Impatiently Waiting For The Ungloryhole!

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We ran into J.T.  who was just leaving adult store.  He had just bought himself DVD of huge watermelons.  He was kind of caught off guard with whole camera thing, however I convinced him to come back into store.  I told him there was hottest lady desperately waiting to give somebody an awesome blow-job.  Curious enough, JT went to back to find out what hoopla was about.  He found him-self staring at huge tiitties through hole.  Without hesitating he shoved his sex stick in & dick sucking began.  Too bad she wasn not one sucking his dick.  Come see who was.  Enjoy!

Something Special About That Hole.!

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Ricky wants what he is owed, so we figured why not got blow-job instead of euros? He took offer & headed to back.  Once he saw Laura Faux he thought it definitely was an even trade! Blow-job from her..  why not? Too bad; you thought wrong.  This man got best dick blowing of his life however Sean was one paying debt.  Too funy.  Enjoy!

Straight Guy Gets gay blow-job!

gay gloryhole tgp
Another one bites dust! Its new week & we got brand spankin' new update for you! Our mark, like many before him, was reeled in with promise of free blow job.  Everyone knows anything thats free usually comes at price! The customer left happy, so mission accomplished! Enjoy update!

Another Straightie Gets Tricked!

free gay gloryhole porn
Its time for another good old UnGloryHole change.  Beef cake, Adam was in area looking for night cap of mouth on your rod variety.  We gave him run down of how it all works & he agreed almost immediately.  me and him took him inside & to room, where he caught sight of our babe's tits.  Needless to say this was more than enough for him to shove his beefy straight folk penis through that hole in wall.  Enjoy!

Door #3!

gay gloryhole tgp
Another day, another update, another sorry fool looking to get his ram rod sucked.  Marxel thought he hit jackpot with Steve & free blowjobs he's slinging.  He got his free blow job alright! few people say we're fucked up, putting poor fellas through this.  To all haters, view vid & tell me he doesn not walk out satisfied! Enjoy!

Jacobs Not Too Bright For College Boy!

amateur gay gloryhole
So Josh is nice innocent guy from Boston.  Only this guy couldn not get laid in Tijuana whorehouse.  So naturally he was going to jump at any opportunity for someone to blow his Boston bagpipe.  & thats just what he got.  Only maestro of this skin flute symphony wasn not exactly who he had in mind.  

Bring It..!

gay gloryhole galleries
Hey, wassup? Your best pal Joey here with another installment of ungloryhole! I really had fun with this one.  The guy was cool & all, however he just looked like such 'Mamalon' -- thats what my Cuban buddies call sucker which this guy was! it didn not take long for him to stick his johnson through magic hole after our beautiful accomplice lured him in.  He had gay old time getting massively sucked off by fucker! Check this episode out & remember your pal Joey never disappoints!

Tucker Wanna Fuck Her?!

gay gloryhole blog
oday we got stud interested in free blow job.  He was asking lot of questions about women behind hole, he wanted to see her & we had to explain to him that she doesn not want to meet anyone, she just loves to sucking sex stick! So after awhile he decides to proceed to his BJ from an unknown face (or gender) LOL...  Anyway he had BLAST!!! Check it out

A Hole Is Not Hole Unless Its An Ungloryhole!

gay gloryhole tubes
Logan really thinks that he's about to get his sex stick sucked by bad-ass chick.  Sure, once he looks in hole cute Nikki Faux is peeking right back at him.  Next thing you know, He jumps gun shoves his baby-maker through wall.  Little did he know.  The lips that locked around his fat cock weren not Sandra.  Jokes on you pal! Stay tuned!

Glory Hole Rookie Goes Gay!

gay gloryhole story
Today I met up with dude I met threw some friends & told him all about this lady who sucks cock at this pron store.  So he was really fuck eager to meet up asap.  So when I got there & met him I filled him in on everything especially about famous glory hole.  So he was so totally fuck down & he wanted to get right down to business, lol.  So I show him room that she is in & he ran right over to see if its real.  So let me just tell you this fucker was totally loving whole fucking experience & totally said it was best thing that have ever happened to him in his life, haha!

What Are Friends For?!

gay gloryhole stories
Poor Brant.  fella down on luck with ladies.  This men was at point were he would do just about anything to get some loving feelings from honey.  Too bad he went to Steve for help! When Steve told him he could get him free blow job, lad couldn not say no.  Oh, how desperate fall! Steve, of course, directed him to Jimmy who gave poor twink full Ungloryhole treatment! Ain not no mercy gonna be shown here bitch!!

Unglorious Bastard!

gay gloryhole sex stories
Okay so this week we managed to Trick an unsuspecting dude for secret blow job from one of out 'hot ladies'.This guy was every excited for free blow job.  He was asking all types of questions about chick & how cool this was blah blah blah.  however what this man didnt know is that we were going to play ol bait & switch game on him.  he thinks gorgeous mystery lady is going to polish his knob however instead it was going to be stud that tickles his pickle if you know what i mean.  poor sap is in for major surprise haha this is must watch.

love stick Surprise!

gay gloryholes videos
In this weeks update we have few tough guy with huge attitude who's all to happy to get his short sword sucked.  He's fuckers guys.  He's got bunch of tattoos & several lean muscles.  He thinks he's meeting Alexis to get blow his sperm.  Well he ends up blowing his load however not on Alexis.  You don not want to miss this one.  

Tyler Finds Out The Hole Way!

gay gloryhole sex stories
There's something glorious of unglory hole.  Just ask Max.  he think today is his lucky day.  Thes always innocent Jayna faux put her its through hole & puts her mouth up to hole.  Little does he know, once he sticks his rod through Spencer wraps his lips clamping down sucking away.  Max feels like he's in heaven.  Eyes rolling to back of his head until busting nut.  What happy camper.  Enjoy!

Whats Behind Door 5?!

free gay gloryholes
Joe is always cute, looking for any hole possible.  Always ready & willing to put his cock wherever possible.  Well, today he's going to try his luck & stick his dick inside ungloryhole, thinking Alexis is going to make his day.  Not! You'll need to stay tuned to find out.  Enjoy!

Our Boy Jimmy!

free gay gloryhole sex
Wassup mans, welcome again to wonderful world of 'unglory hole' today we bring you this guy from Baaston (BOSTON), really cool lad, he's into gangbangs (with chick) & pretty descent sense of humor.  love our last 2 victims, he got to see our girl : ) & there was his johnson right out...  Enjoy

Lure Him In!

gay gloryhole movie
Wassup fellaz??? We got this man who emailed us interested in free bj (from woman) & minute we get there, he's in super rush to get down to business!!!! What do you want me to do?? let him rush right ahead, however that caused several technical difficulties because girl/twink weren not ready when this impatient horny boy walked in booth!!!! So i stalled for bit & VOILA! that angelic face appears through hole & once again impatient little whips his cock right out & sticks it through...  He had that one coming>>>>> ENJOY!!

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