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Jessie Returns the Flavor!

straight jocks

Jessie agrees to work on Eli's "champagne fountain-pee" for another $200.  I see our construction worker is bit timid, "blow on it; this plumps when you cook it" I tell him.  As two got settled, Eli stretches out & hardens, thanks to Jessie's mouth; must be feeling pretty petty because Eli starts pumping his hips up to meet Jessie's lips.  The "blower" looks pretty adept at working "plumbing." As I zoom in to get shot of Eli's pretty boss and his two helpers, two kiss.  Jessie starts to "slurp" as he goes up & down; boy's reaction is priceless, "fuck yeah." Eli than stands as Jessie drops to his knees, sucking every inch of boy's panis & balls; he even puts bit of "handy" work on groin to arouse our teen boy.  Eli asks, "you like sucking boss and his two helpers?" Jessie replies, "its not that bad." Within few more minutes of "oral attention," Eli is moaning "fuck" & get's closer.  Using both his hands & warm mouth, Jessie does know how twink likes his johnson to be treated.  With "keep on doing that," boy lets Jessie know his "job" is going well.  Calling out, "fuck yeah," Eli's cheeks go flush & he says he's going to gravy.  Blowing his love lube up onto his torso, Eddie & I agree, this gay teen enjoyed straight worker, handy with his "tools." I want both boys to return & of course, "cream" again.  Let me know what you think of these two on Facebook or Twitter.  

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Hungry For Many!

straight guys tricked

Coming back, in big way, we have Yonny Gomez.  He did scene while ago & wants New Straight Rent Boys.  Like last guy he was with, Yonny likes them straight because to him, they are "more masculine." This is his lucky day, we have Brain & James.  Offering choice, Yonny wants both; spoken like true gay cheater.  & when I ask what Yonny wants, he quickly responds, "I want to do it all;" did I mention he is gay hooker? Starting with Brian, Yonny sucks his uncut latin dick well.  As I video, James is in background, starting to get himself hard.  I then have James stand up to "share his happiness" with eager Yonny.  Both straight mens help Yonny; they stand on either side of Yonny & have big size, thick cocks.  Now seated, Brian takes Yonny's head & pushes it down onto James' cock, "lets see how far you can go?" Brian tasks Yonny with huge challenge, however I think we all know, Yonny is more than willing.  Once alternating between rods, I ask who sucks better, guyz or girls.  Without hesitation, Brian says "Yonny," James just smiles.  Feeling little more comfortable, James starts to "help" Yonny with Brian's sex stick as they both slide up & down on it with their tongues.  I want to speak with Yonny more, however as you can see, he isn not having it, talking I mean; he just won not take his mouth of these guys.  I then ask Yonny, not to talk, however to rim Brian.  Lifting Brian's legs with ease, Yonny goes right in for full taste; Brian moans in surprise & settles in.  Yonny goes back to his dick, Brian says, "I am about to special sauce," & flows over his head & shaft, right onto Yonny's waiting mouth & face.  Smearing & eating all cream, Yonny is overjoyed at his "jizz-upance." Seeing if James will now bang Yonny, straight man responds, "sure." Well, it seems that Yonny is in for more Straight Rent guys, bitch.  

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Straight euros guys

Hungry For More: Plugged!

straight hunks

Now, onto fucking part of this trio for Straight Rent boys; Yonny, who wants to be fucked by James, will also blow Brian, again.  Looking on, Brian also "helps" Yonny reach all way down James' shaft as bottom boy sucks; I think both straight fellas are in awe of Yonny's abilities.  These straight guys just don not get it "butt" Yonny's about to, happily.  "suck it fast," says James as he & Brian chuckle about bottom boy's choking.  Yonny lifts his face off of James' groin just enough to yelp, "you're gonna make me cry." Brian takes over & get's everybody into position; "back it up" snaps James as he has Yonny insert his rod for him.  Brian will get round 2 of Yonny's oral skills.  James agrees bottom boy is, "nice & tight," adding three slaps to Yonny's back; damn, those would send horse galloping.  Yonny appreciates attention & adds that James can, "speed up." He just wants to make sure that James can finish strong; seems that Yonny has "hole" lot of endurance.  "Flip him over," says Brian; it takes bit to get going again, however all three manage to get into nice rhythm & zone out everything else; just slapping of balls to taint is heard.  Brian is first to jelly, again; Yonny's open mouth resembles chick waiting for worm.  James pulls out & finishes with his hand; his juicy load ends up all over Yonny's groin.  "I really enjoyed this," says Yonny, who must not seem to keep his hands off of James' cock.  The top is just too tired to respond, however I'd say all three need nap.  

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Straight check lads

Brian Chavez: Getting To Know You!

straight hunks

We got to see Brian Chavez in "Hungry For More" with Yonny & James.  That was porn scene & went so quickly that we really didn not get opportunity to get to know Brian.  Now Brian is back to sit down with us so we can get to know little more about him.  He's straight lad & likes ladies however not "player" type he says.  Brian said "I love getting my phallic sucked" as me and him witnessed previously.  He says he's not quite ready to sucking lizard however however doesn not mind giving hand job to another boy.  We'll have to see if we can warm him up to idea of taking plunge.  

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Trit sucks Brian Away!

straight guys jerking off

Having Brian back, I let him know how much he is liked on Straight Rent Boy's site.  Although he is not gay, he is willing to do some things with men.  Today I pair him with Trit, gay stud who likes challenges of straight guy & what Brian has to offer.  No, Brian won not be fuck, or getting fucked today, but, tomorrow is another day.  Checking in with guys to see what they are comfortable with, Eddie & I agree with Trit, "yeah, I'll suck his lizard." Both get naked, sit back down & Brian admits, "mens sucking packet way better than girls." Trit proves to be an avid mouth as Brian is up quickly & beginning to moan.  I check with Brian, who doesn not mind playing with Trits little soldier; seems as though these two are very comfortable with one another.  Watching Brian get serviced is for true hot, as he gasps, repositions, & grabs onto Trits meat.  We all agree that Brian "has nice ram rod." Lying back, Brian controls Trits mouth as he hooters up & down on feast; Brian definitely has cock to satisfy.  Alternating between jerking one another, & their own cocks, pair get closer.  Trit runs his hands up & down Brian's sculptured body, & then bends down for taste of ball sack.  Massaging boy's legs works wonders & its not long before Trit get's his "protein" in for day; Brian's thick semen slides into Trits mouth & adheres to his cheek.  Trit then works on his own ram rod, with helping hand from Brian, who also massages Trits hard nipples.  Stretching out, Trit spreads his legs & adds few lube to his dick; getting close, he presses couple of fingers against his hole.  Suddenly, he gasps, & shoots large loads every over his torso; Brian seems rather excited by site & grins at his partner.  

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Texas Sized Steak: Brett Bradley!

amateur straight

Former Texan, Brett Bradley, transplanted to Florida for surfing.  Although he's straight, he needs some cash for gifts; 'tis season.  He is comfortable with doing hand & blow jobs; apparently this is not his 1'st rodeo.  At 26, he stands 5'9" & is 137lbs., however thats not statistic that catches my eye.  When I ask how big size he is, he says 9"; I know, get in line.  Pulling down his underwear, this boy shows that "things are bigger grown in Texas;" "Lord have mercy." Brett will do solo today, however with dick like that; I have plans for this cowboy.  Once he starts stroking, his cock just keeps getting larger & thicker; sex stick to surely make any fuckers happy.  Working his wondrous beef, Brett moans & strokes in very entertaining way; he's quiet, however very intense.  As he stretches out, his tight, lean body reddens & flexes.  Giving out a, "fuck," he keeps pounding that cock; I know at least two boys who would love to stroke it for him, however we really need to keep filming & photographing.  Zooming in, his nipples harden & enlarge while he get's closer.  Another couple of "fucks" come out right before he blows globs all over his rippled stomach; just damn.  I tell him I want to pair him up, at very least.  

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Jimmy Ellis: Im Here To Film sex!

straight or gay

Jimmy Ellis is great 22 year old.  Laid back & "really horny," he's here to bust nut for  Yep, he knows its gai sex, however says that when he checked, it pays better & you get to have more scenes; this straight boy is in it for dough.  Keeping an open mind, he's 5'8" & 145, single & smart enough to get my "old" jokes.  He likes xxx & dope; seems more he smokes, New he jerks; I like this folk.  Comparing his jerking to nice meal, I think we're all going to feel satisfied after he's done.  Damn, feeling generous, Jimmy takes down his underwear & pulls apart his cheeks; very nice feathers pink hole is calling my name??Žah, if only.  Asking about his panis size, he says he's average, however girls comment on his thickness.  As he lies back & "grows," I see this boy has got masturbating down to rhythm.  "Thwacking" his hot rocks against his legs, Jimmy stops just long enough for some hot moaning, & than goes back to it.  His tight, gay teen body starts to stiffen & redden as he adds few inches.  I offer up Fleshjack & he goes after it for bit; damn, he's got several endurance.  Back to his "five-fingered friend," Jimmy moans more intensely as he finishes deed.  As he cums, & he does jelly lot, his body gives one last taught flex & than spasms in repose.  I joke that I forgot to record, Jimmy asks if he can have 30 minutes & than go again; got to like these teen lads.  He'll be back for several staff of life sucking & whatever else I must get him into.  

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Jay & Ryan Barebackin 2!

seduced straight men

Done with Ryan's hole, Jay lies back & has bottom service him.  These Straight Rent guys do take "servicing" to whole new level.  Up on his knees & with mouth to please, Ryan takes excellent direction from Jay, "suck that penus." Lapping it up, like puppy dog, Ryan sure has mouthful of meat; Jay helps out by thrusting up into Ryan's throat.  "Damn," comments Jay as his partner goes ball deep, from top to shaft, & back again.  Got to say, no one sucks better than satisfied bottom; looks like boy is getting hard again while blowing.  Jay than takes over stroking his penis while Ryan does more "worshiping" of this tatted guy.  Fuck being fed dick like that is joy to video, as well as View.  After some much reciprocal tongue action, Ryan lies back for more sucking; Jay makes sure his partner is comfortable before he has him swallow again.  The two work together to get Jay off; both enjoying experience.  Showing his more aggressive side, Jay grabs Ryan's hair & "jerks" him back & forth, something Ryan thoroughly relishes.  "Ah yeah, damn," says Jay about Ryan's oral abilities; shit, I think that boy's going to need some "Ben-gay" after making "Jay's day." To give him few rest, Jay takes over jerking & Ryan focuses on ball sack; these two do have some great chemistry & filming has been fun.  Ryan requests cum to be shot onto his face; again, get to love good bottom.  Getting close, Jay pulls back & fires thick load of splooge that goes from eyebrow to chin; hungrily, Ryan blows up excess from Jay's head.  Checking with both guys, each is happy with experience, as are me and him.  

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Georgia Peach Fuzz - Brad Stoner!

make straight

Hey mens, I Presented in Brad Stoner for our enjoyment.  This 18 year old Georgia "peach" is 5'11", 140 & size 10.5" shoe; fuck they "grow 'em" delicious here in south.  Our "farm boy" once jerked off with another men in barn however besides that, he's been with girls.  For his solo scene, he'll just be touching himself.  If you want, contact me on Facebook or Twitter & I'll see if this Straight Rent Boy's up for an expansion in his learning.  On futon & up fast, our bandana hottie get's "heads up." Hot porno always works on these young ones; fuck, works on us old lads too.  Licking his lips & locked on his rooster, I think Brad may be "fast cummer." As his sack reddens & tightens, his head is looking pretty engorged.  Lying back, we get peek at his bushy hole, "speckled with youth;" I hate to say acne.  Nine minutes in, he says he's ready; I tell him to try & hold off, however "we'll see" one way or another.  Brad manages bit longer; jerking, he tells me he's, "a shooter." Being from "Dixie," I figured.  "Weapon" at ready, he starts sticking out his tongue, nice piercing, & tensing up his whole body.  Once he starts to stroke faster, he definitely makes believer out of me; yep, he's true southern gentleman, with pistol that "aims" to please.  While recovering, I ask about his willingness to make more money; "maybe" is his answer about fellas doing things to him, "yea" is what he says about doing things to them.  So, if you wanna to taste Georgia Peach, let me know.  

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Straight Money boys

Jay & Ryan Barebackin!

straight nude guy

Ryan wants twink, "a hot folk," & is here to get fucked.  This homosexual, 18 year old craves an "mature man;" yes, it is all in perspective, & "no Eddie, I am not fucking fossil." We also have Jay here today.  This straight boy was going to just do solo however lets see if I can talk him into fuck condoms free.  Once introductions are made, I give Jay chance, "to make more money." With bit of awkward silence, as heterosexual guy figures out his comfort level, he agrees to suck & be sucked by Ryan.  With this "new experience," underway, Ryan checks out Jay's tattoos & is "feeling it." They start off with bit of rough kissing, however by time Ryan works his tongue into Jay's mouth, both are going full force.  Jay is getting hard & Ryan can feel it, taking down his partner's pants & underwear, Ryan locks lips onto Jay's cock; "guys do do it better" agrees Jay as he is feeling "hoovering." Within seconds, he adds, "I've never done this before however I am kinda enjoying it." Up on all fours, Ryan swallows while also "paying homage" to tattooed body of this hottie.  Seeing how much Ryan can take, Jay thrusts up & chokes boy; "you like aggressive?" Jay asks.  "Yeah, I like it," admits Ryan.  Before long, "gayster" has "straightster" moaning & rethinking fucking; "for couple of hundred more, I am awful horny."

"Hell yeah, I'd let him fuck me," says Ryan as he continues to bob up & down, while his own boss and his two helpers "tents." Convinced of pleasure & money, we soon hear familiar sounds of futon opening.  Looks like Jay's going to lie there & have Ryan work more of his "skills;" "damn" moans Jay as bottom again swallows, however this time with his other hole; no condoms wanted, these two are barebacking it.  From start, Jay grabs Ryan's hips & thrusts up; these two are off to good start.  Jay than takes control & pushes up from below; Ryan holds his short sword & moans, happily.  Turning his partner onto his back, Jay reenters & asks, "you love that?" Ryan says, "yeah;" suggesting little harder, Ryan again agrees.  Going balls deep, both of these lads are enjoying this "rental." Settling in to nice rhythm, their bodies start to glisten & Ryan says he's "gonna jizz." The bottom's tight body twitches & he shoots out creamy thick cum.  Chatting after, both agree that fuck "was fun." Now, Jay needs to bust nut; hmmm, all we need now is gay boy, with perfect oral skills, to service straight folk.  

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Jason & Derrick Round Two!

straight men fucking

We're back for second half with Jason & Derrick & this time its Derrick's turn to reciprocate.  Lets see how well he does for his suitor Jason.  Just in case you forgot or would like to see it again, we do :) we pick up with Derrick's cumshot from last week.  That is one helluva cumshot that left Jason covered as you might recall.  After cleaning up, Jason & Derrick return to futon & start with some kissing.  Jason just likes to kiss & it so seems that Derrick doesn not mind one bit since he got "gross" last time.  Time to get down to buisness & Derrick goes down on Jason's cock.  Jason helps out with some guiding hands on Derrick's head & when we ask Jason how he's doing, we hear "a good job" & action continues.  Now Jason takes charge & lays Derrick on his back & drags him to end of futon where Jason sinks his penis all way into Derrick's mouth for little bit of face fucking.  Even after just blowing that hugest loads, Derrick is once again with "chubby." Satisfied with fucking Derrick's throat, Jason lays down on futon with Derrick between his legs sucking on his cock & licking his balls.  Jason now takes charge of his own cock while Derrick continues stroking himself.  Before long, Jason doing oral biggest cum & covers him-self in cum "again" except this time, his own.  

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Straight Money twinks

Geovanni & Powel Part One!

seduced straight guys

This week we have two very straight guys, Geovanni, 25 & Powel, 20.  Neither has done anything with man, ever.  Now, as far as hole, both have several back stories about women that, well, solidify my homosexuality.  Eddie considers Geo his, "hero." Please, I've seen this sausage lover in action; I don not think lesbians will be "on menu" anytime soon.  Grab lube, Straight Rent guys has got some long meat to beat.  Now, as far as what these 2 will do, as Geo puts it, "I don not jism cheap." For today, I'll have them stroke one another & see how comfortable they are "helping buddy out." Putting on porn, Powel pops right up; Geo's not far behind.  Shit, these two have some big penises.  As they jerk, I have Powel lie across Geo so that we must get good look at both of them in action.  Its not long before Powel's hips thrust up & his slender body tightens; Geo keeps working his friend's cock.  Powel then gives out several, "yeahs" & "oh shits;" then splatters jiz on his groin & Geo's hand.  Both go clean up so that Powel can now give his pal little "palm-a-la."

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Straight USD guys

Spread for Bread: Damien & Nick series One!

straight goes gay

This was actually fun shoot.  Damien is back with us & we brought Nick on board as newbie.  Nick wants to get into business & what better than to have couple of straight fellas or Hetero-Flexible as Damien puts it do shoot together.  These two studs have great sense of humor & where we got title.  The two of them joke about what does Peanut Butter & porn Stars have in common? They both spread for bread :) This is two part scene with each of them sucking others love stick.  First up, Damien get's to suck Nick's boss and his two helpers.  The two of them continue with chatter & joking around even during xxx & I totally lose control of shoot.  These two are natural ham's when you pull out camera.  Both are totally comfortable with each other & makes it easy to get right down to task at hand...  sucking sex stick in multiple positions & blowing jizz.  

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Straight Money lads

Spread for Bread: Damien & Nick Part Two!

straight guys masturbating

Alright, with Nick feeling "a bit lighter," he gives Damien mouth in this part #2 for Straight Rent studs.  Early on, Damien agrees, "yeah, thats petty stuff." As 2 joke, & "hum" song, Damien enjoys suction.  Nick then goes on all fours to "hoover;" nice ass & available too.  Choking & stroking, Nick has got some impressive skills he is willing to share.  "God, that feels petty," moans Damien; fuck, I want to be next.  Nick's sucking love there is actual peanut butter on Damien's "loaf." As I pan out & film, we all get "the best of both world;" spanking good time had by all & Nick bobby up & down.  Sitting up, Nick has Damien's full attention; jerking as he licks balls, Damien's partner is voracious.  Damien takes over tugging on himself as Nick sits close by, attentively watching his buddy's meat.  Within few minutes, both guyz are up & enjoying porn.  Damien sucks his sperm all way up to his neck.  Nick says, "he's got another one in him," & proves it.  These two are great dudes with erotic rods & "willing" attitude.  

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Straight Money guys

Jason & Derrick Round One!

amateur straight

Jason Lee is 22yo, 5"10" & around 165lbs.  Jason is here to rent Derrick who he has had his eye on for while.  Derrick isn not new to 'gay for pay' movies & has ex girlfriend who knows what he does & okay with this.  She's 'progressive' as Derrick put it.  However, Jason has couple tricks up his sleeve & catches Derrick off guard in this scene.  Jason is one hell of kisser as Derrick soon finds out.  When we asked Derrick if he had ever been kissed by guy like that before, his reply was "uhm...  no, never like that" as he adds "I even got little chubby" grabbing his crotch.  Jason is also pro at penis sucking this would seem from watching Derrick's expressions & listening to his moans & groans.  I gotta say, this promises to be one hot scene between these two lads.  We'll let you decide when you see size of Derrick's cum all over Jason.  

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Straight Money boys

Brodys On the Prowl!

hot straight guys

Brody found us on web & loves 3 of guys on site.  Travis, Tyler & Chase.  Now Brody is gay & admits he likes tattoos & piercings & why he thinks Chase is hot & his favorite.  He's hoping to hook up with Chase & gives him "shout out" at end of film.  After getting this hot little cutie out of his clothes, Brody sits back on futon & we give you & Chase peek at that "juicy hole" as Eddie put it.  Brody even invited Eddie over to Check it out for himself.  This boy certainly likes his hole getting every attention & during shoot makes sure to give his hole plenty of it!

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Sean Big Red Smith!

straight or gay

me and him went to local park to pick up Sean Smith, 19yo straight boy wanting to make few money.  As you see film you'll find out that this straight boy is all business & takes care of "sizable" business matter here on StraightRentBoys! First things 1'st, yes, Sean is real red head & "drapes match carpet" as Eddie puts it.  every I have to say is that I hope they ordered enough of both to do job when you size of Sean's rod.  Yes, dynamite does come in little packages! We don not get many red heads coming through studio & if its tall, thin red head hung like horse on your wish list, I think we got winner! Sean says he's never been with another folk & I actually got to touch & stroke that mammoth cock of his during shoot.  When I asked him if it felt weird, he said no.  in finish of video when asked if he would like to say to anyone interested in renting him, Sean said he wouldn not mind getting blowjob from twink & even consider sucking short sword.  Sean is all business & "show me dollars" kind of boy.  If money's right, I think Sean is willing to explore new possibilities.  Even Eddie says "I'd have sex with him!"

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Straight money guys

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