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StraightBoyz Edging 9!

There is something about straight guys that just drives us crazy! Theyre so hot & since theyre off-limits, even hotter; however several of these guys will swing other way every now again, & when they do we are ready!

StraightBoyz Edging 10!

There is something about straight guys that just drives us crazy! Theyre so hot & since theyre off-limits, even hotter; however several of these guys will swing other way every now again, & when they do me and him are ready!

fucker On Edge: Edging Straight Cop!

Van has finally been caught for edging innocent man & awaits justice in prison cell guarded by Officer Chris Tyler.  Disgusted by his evil deeds, Chris decides to give him taste of his own medicine however his plan goes horribly awry.  Chris finds himself chained to cell, his uniform is torn off, & he flexes his muscle as his rod get's hard.  Van works him over, suspends him, & makes him beg to love potion.  Chris doesn not get satisfaction until he' s bent over desk & fucked with dildo.  With his arms tied back, Chris is helpless as The Edgemaster makes him love juice all over his hot muscle.  

18 Year Old High School Quarterback!

Travis was one of those fellas that seemed to have 'making porno' on his bucket list.  He had just recently turned 18, & his motto was 'Live life to fullest.' He replied to an online ad I had, & seemed eager to got started.  We originally had set up shoot for next day, however than he texted me back asking me some questions.  He asked if I was married.  than he asked if I was straight or bi or gay.  I told him I was bi & not married, & he immediately asked if I'd mind blowing him.  I try to keep things professional, however I told him I'd be happy to making oral sex him off if thats what he wanted.  Of course I was secretly thinking, 'Hell yeah, I'll blow you.' He than asked if he could come by right then.  Now, I've lost mans in past by waiting, so I told him sure.  I really liked his look & didn not want him to get away.  He identifies as straight, however there's definitely little bi-curiosity with him.  He even asked me to play homosex video during his shoot.  After he got naked I couldn not believe how hot his body was.  He had problem getting hard, so I blew him off camera ...basically acted as his fluffer.  I even had my finger up his hind end at one point.  I could kick myself for not filming that.  Once he got going he seemed to really have porn showing off & fingering his hot feathers hole.  When he blew his semen this was amazing...jism flew out love fountain.  several guys have little remorse after they cum, however he was still into having pictures taken & seemed to like knowing others would be seeing him naked.  He seemed all for coming back for another shoot when he left, however I guess once novelty wore off he moved on to other things.  As far as I know this is only movie he's made.  I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did shooting it.  

Pimpin Pig 7!

The evil college boy Red Hatton has returned to use gai Pig subby few New.  We rub our stinky feet on his faggot face.  Red strips down naked & fucks Pig's pretty face.  He makes Pig hang his head off bed & fucks his throat.  Ball licking armpit licking, skull fucking, & face sitting are some of things young college boy does to poor worked over used subby.  He finishes by shooting all over faggots face & in his eyes!

StraightBoyz Edging 7!

There is something about straight studs that just drives us crazy! Theyre so hot & since theyre off-limits, even hotter; however several of this fellas will swing other way every now again, & when they do let cum fly!


Randy was little unsure about doing sexy at first, however since his best friend & fellow Marine Sean recently took plunge, he figured maybe he'd give it try.  Marine buddies can get pretty competitive with each other, & lucky for us, this seems apply to their smut shoots, as well! Im not sure who did 'better' though, since both guys are lovely as hell.  ill let you lads be judge.  Randy must've wanted to outdo his buddy & shoot bigger sperm 'cause he showed up with 6-day loads in him! & this from folk who jerks off 2-3 times day, even beating his meat in Starbucks bathroom one time.  This 19 y/o Marine's body is sick: tight abs, with happy trail leading down to low-hanging balls & meaty johnson that got super hard & stayed that way whole time.  Randy wrestled, played football, & ran track & field, & it shows on every ripped muscle of his 59, 150 pound frame.  Randy oozes confidence.  You must tell by way he stared at photocamera with mischievous smile as he stroked his penis.  however seriously, who wouldnt be confident with that beautiful piece of meat & those feathers runner's legs? I loved watching his abs & his chest flex as he stroked his dick.  Then he turned around, giving us an ample peek at his feathers crack as he continued to jerk his throbbing packet.  He kept that ass up in air for good long time, definitely not shy about showing it off.  Randy turned back around & sped up his stroke.  His breathing grew heavy.  It was time for him to release that 6-day sperm.  

Straight Bait 9!

Join us for Derrek Fox's first time on camara!

Devil Dawgs Dominate!

'Its time to see how our All-American Heroes get it on with other hot American Heroes! From USMC Sam who meets us with mystery studs named Robert who seems almost bit deaf after having biggest puddle of creamy, sticky ooze that filled his ear like deep pool of love lube; to Lance Corporal Ryder & Seaman Matthew.  Ryder lets loose an explosion of cream that flies everywhere before Matthew comes in to lick whats left off tip of Marine's satisfied love stick.'

Broke Straight guys 11!

Hot, straight & broke!!! true straight fellas doing anything for money!

big Cocked Str8 Studs!

Over 60 inches of monster hard penis!

StraightBoyz Edging 4!

Check out latest from Trax Action.  Featuring hottest guyz from Spain.  

StraightBoyz Edging 3!

Check out latest from Trax Action.  Featuring hottest mens from Spain.

Below The Belt 3!

100 percent real.  100 percent straight.  100 percent hot!

StraightBoyz Edging 6!

Straight boyz There is something about them that just drives us crazy! Theyre so hot & since theyre off-limits, even hotter; however some of these guys will swing other way every now again, & when they do let loads fly!

Rump Rangers 2!

Doug & Jay's feature video Rump Rangers has new clip Rump Rangers 2 featuring ass fucking straight lad action.

Knocked Out And Jerked Off 8!

In KNOCKED OUT JERKED OFF VOL.  8, Jack returns with little help from Treasure Island Medias very own Pony.  In several scenes, Jack wields videocamera while Pony fondles & abuses Millers latest desperately broke victims.  Each victim, for his own reasons, swallows knock out pills & booze while Miller & Pony wait patiently for fellas to become their playthings.  From Haight Street big squirter to spooked straight guy, from cash-strapped freeloader to delivery man desperate to pay his families rent, five men featured in KNOCKED OUT JERKED OFF 8 exemplify masculine form in all its glory.  

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