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Skinheads Fuckdown #02 - Michael Troy -amp; Peter Shadow!

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horny hunk sucks uncut penis & get's asshole fucked bare back

Skinheads Fuckdown #02 - Win Soldier -amp; Alex J!

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slutty guy sucks big cock & get's his tight ass barebacked

Skinheads Fuckdown #02 - Win Soldier -amp; Keda!

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hot muscled twink sucks dick & shoves his cock in bareback

Steve Hunt, Jack Dragon - Steve Hunt -amp; Jack Dragon (A)!

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Steve & Jack work at local auto parts & repair shop.  Sometimes, they get little horny...  & need their engines reved!

They start slowly with an oil check.  Jack takes that sweet dipstick as far as his throat will let it.  Steve get's in on action with pretty huge dipstick tasting of his own.

Time to change gears, & Jack bends over for little motoring! little oil change, & Jack rams his buddy from behind like piston! When all is said & done, this isn not an internal combustion, & Jack leaves sticky mess just outside of Steve's gas tank.

Skinheads Fuckdown #02 - David Sweet -amp; Slappy Deep!

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muscly hunk shoves his penis bare back into hind end of hot men

Renato Belaggio, Tom Gree - Renato Belaggio -amp; Tom Gree!

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Tom Gree closed up bar & went back to where Renato Belaggio was waiting for him.  With bar all to themselves, they decide to have little fun.  Tom & Renato start by taking their rods down each another's throat.

After getting each other excited, Tom bends his friend over, & slips his rock hard penis in Renato's bottom.  Tom pounds away in his tight little hole while Renato moans & grunts in absolute pleasure.  

Renato turns around & lays on his back, & lets Tom drive into him fiercely.  This doesn not last long, however, as the need to explode quickly builds up in Tom's balls.  He unloads them all over Renato's throbbing, puckering hole, & then slides his cock back in.  Feeling petty, however not quite at finish line, Renato strokes himself just bit, & explodes over his own chest.

Brad Russell - Brad Russell!

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Brad Russell is missing his playmate today.  Terry is usually around to suck Brad's love stick & lick his balls, however today, Brad is on his own.

What is handsome fresh studs to do when there aren not pair of lips to blowing his cock? Well, Brad can go sucking himself...  literally!

Brad sits back in warehouse, & lets his tongue run around shape of his rod while he strokes it.  Switching positions again & again to best fit that penis between his lips, Brad eventually explodes, & then has no problem cleaning his dick with his own tongue.

Win Soldier, Zozy - Win Soldier -amp; Zozy!

gay bareback compilation
Zozy is watching Win pumping iron at gym.  Wins flexing muscles has put Zozy in mood for different kind of workout.

Zozy unzips & starts to play with his uncut cock.  When Win finishes his set & notices what Zozy is up to he signals him over & takes him in to his wet mouth.

Win pulls out his hard cut & Zozy sucks him deep.  Bending Zozy over machines he licks his asshole before fuck him hard.

Theres nothing like working up sweat at gym to satisfy men!

Raw Recruit - Roberto Alegretto -amp; Benny Long!

bareback mountain gay
Benny Long is breaking in new recruit.  young, thin, & inexperienced in ways of army, Roberto Alegretto needs disipline.

Benny brings young soldier to his knees & offers his dangerous fuckstick.  Roberto is talented cocksucker & proves it by taking all of Benny's hard meat in to his mouth & throat, kissing, slurping & shoving it around.  Benny fucks Roberto's face until his dick is super sloppy, however thats just begining!

Horny & eager, Benny turns Roberto around, bends him over, & drives his biggest prick into his raw recruit, splitting him in half.  Roberto moans as his hole get's beaten in by hard, superior-officer dick.  He strokes himself with one hand while hanging on to dear life with other! When all is said & done, Benny holds down Roberto's face, & sprays his mans juice all over his face & neck.


Chris Hacker, Mickey A, Zsolt XL - Chris Hacker -amp; Zsolt XL -amp; Mickey A!

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Zsolt XL & Chris Hacker are alone in Mickey A's workshop, & they decide to have little fun.  Very quickly, Zsolt takes Chris in his mouth, & sucks his impressive dick.  Chris just loves taking Zsolts shaven head, & fuck his throat.  Zsolts having lot of sex eating sausage, however his asshole is begging to get fucked, so he bends over & lets Chris in.

In middle of all of this, Mickey shows up, & instead of chastizing his employees, he decides he wants to get in on action.  Zsolt sucks him little, however soon, he get's little double fuck action from Mickey & Chris.  the feeling is so intense for everyone that, Mickey & Chris quickly jelly, & leave warm, messy surprise in Szolts asshole.

The fun's not over yet, though, as Zsolt lubes up heavily, & very slowly takes Chris' entire fist in his ass.  While riding this, he strokes himself & lets out biggest, messy load all over his own abs.


James Curtis -amp; Alex T - James Curtis -amp; Alex T!

gay bareback hookup
Alex T just had his hole pummeled by Santos...  however its not over yet!

Eager & hard from moment he shows up, James Curtis is ready to also fuck Alex's worn back.  He bends him over, lubes up, & slides his pole into Alex's puckered hole.  James is relentless as he tears Alex in half.  Alex begs & begs to be filled more & more, saying it as much with his thrusting hips as with his moans.  The feeling ends up being too much for James & eventually, he shoots warm semen into Alex.

Alex wonders how long it will be before James is ready to fuck his ass again...

Win Soldier -amp; Alex T - Win Soldier -amp; Alex T!

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Win Soldier likes bottom that can take pounding & Alex T is that kind of bottom! Win walks in to find Alex bent over, ready for really beautiful fucking.  Hes already taken five jizz to his butt, however Alex just hasnt had enough yet.  Thats where Win comes in, ready to slip his raging hard-on into raw ass-hole.

Win slides into Alex with his thick manhood, as deep as he can.  Alex just buries his face in sofa & moans.  Win rides that ass quick, rough, & hard, just way Alex wants it...

One final thrust crushes Wins balls against Alexs, & he unloads them right in to him.  When all is done, Win is gone before Alex can turn away.

Giuseppe Pardi, Jeffry Branson - Giuseppe Pardi -amp; Jeffry Branson!

gay brothers bareback
Jeffrey smokes his cigarette in angst of no longer being able to resist his hunky prison cell roommate, Guiseppe.  As Jeffreys cigarette burns, his urges intensify, & his cock starts to take over his mind.  He must no longer resist Guiseppes perfect muscular body & charming companionship.

Jeffrey sits on Guiseppes big bed to wake him with his tender touch.  Guiseppe knows what he wants as they both are feeling desperate.  They begin by taking turns on their knees to making oral sex each others rods.  They then move it to bed for several 69 & hole licking.  Now that their holes are wet & their cocks are throbbing, Jeffrey fucks Guiseppe until he is drenched in seed.

In order to not breech manhood contract, Jeffry pulls out from Giuseppes ass & climbs on top of him to sit on his rock hard dick that is about to explode.  Jeffry rides Guiseppe as he thrusts back & forth, excited to fill his ass with sperm until it finally it happens.  The two hunky prison cell roommates are relieved with their drained gonads & breeded holes as keepsake.  

Joe Justice -amp; Zozy - Joe Justice -amp; Zozy!

gay bareback fucking
Joe & Zozy got little impatient waiting for doctor to get back.  all alone docs office, they take little time getting undressed & giving each other check-up.

Joe throughly checks Zozy's tonsils with his hard rod, eagerly fuck his mouth & throat.  While Joe loves getting head, thought of sex stick in his own mouth is too much to hairy guy, & they switch so he can get taste.

The throbbing impulse becomes too much, & time comes for Joe to bend his buddy over, & give him rectal exam! Hanging on to edge of bedpost with one hand, Zozy jerks himself using another, & moans in intense pleasure as Joe hammers him from behind.  After switching positions, fucking get's only more intense, & feeling in Zozy's balls makes him explode all over himself.  Not to be outdone, Joe pulls out & shoots his own heavy jizz over Zozy.

Rodriguez -amp; Santos - Alex T -amp; Santos!

gay bareback studios
Rodriguez doesn not waste much time getting Santos' pants off & taking him in his mouth.  While smoking cigarette, Santos fucks Rodriguez's throat.  wanting to show off his own skills, Rodriguez returns favor & gobbles down Santos.

The mutual blow-fest ends after solid sixtyninem with Santos bending his friend forward, lubing up, & burying his bang-stick deep into Rodriguez.  Moaning in pleasure as his tight mens-hole get's parted, he buries his face in pillow.  This is too much for Santos, as he pulls out & sprays his come all over Rodriguez's cheeks.

Still hard & horny, Rodriguez slips his studded tongue in Santos' ass before opening it further with his stuff, throbbing cock.  He pounds away, filling up his buddy.  The build-up to explosion is huge, & Rodriguez coats Santos' cheeks & puckered hole with his thick sperm.  Still turned on, he cleans it off with his tongue.

Power House Breeders - Black Laura -amp; Alex T!

gay barebacking brothers
Rodriguez get's his butt fucked condoms free by best Black Brooke

Skinhead Ass Play - Devil -amp; Alex J!

gay brothers bareback
Its slow night at club, as Alex J dances his skinny back all by himself.  Decked in nothing however sneakers, underwear, & pair of sunglasses, Alex J makes best out of lonely night.  His boredom, though, is about to end.

Into club walks Devil, an imposing guys with tattoos & shaved head.  Upon seeing slender Alex J, he grabs his own rooster.  Devil, used to getting what he wants, quickly pulls down Alex's pants & strokes his penus.

Still decked in his sunglasses, Alex get's on his knees & swallows Devil's meaty pole while stroking his own manhood.  The cocksucking continues until Devil demands Alex taste his butt.  Alex buries his tongue as deep as he can.

Begging to have his tiny asshole stretched, Alex bends over & lets Devil shove his thick purple headed monste all way in.  Alex moans in pleasure, begging for an even harder pounding.  Devil is happy to oblige.  'More! More!' demands Alex.

With both men feeling an overwhelming throb in their balls, its time to explode.  Alex goes first, exploding all over his own chest.  Devil finishes off by blasting Alex's face

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