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Relentless - Marcus Isaacs -amp; Mike Dozer!

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Mike Dozer & Marcus Isaacs are furry from head to toe with full beards.  Marcus is lean dude with enormous raven tattoo.  Mike is burly lad with dick both long & thick.  He's cross between daddy & bodybuilder.  They move from ravenous kissing to cocksucking when Marcus drops to his knees & slurps up Mike's cock.  Mike guides Marcus' head & encourages penis worship with lots of groans & dirty speak.  While he sucks, Marcus runs his hands through forest of fur covering well-defined muscles of Mike's broad chest.  Marcus' dick chest rapidly & tight hole in center of his bubble butt clenches in anticipation.  Sweat is beginning to mat their fur when Mike tears himself away from Marcus' mouth & turns his attention to his perfectly molded, furry buns.  He splits them with his hands & drives his tongue & few fingers deep into warm hole.  When Marcus' hole is well primed & spit-lubed, Mike slams his penis in.  Mike's rhythm never falters or subsides.  He rams Marcus to orgasm, on his belly & on his back, feeding him his sperm.  then Marcus grabs Mike's cock & helps him jack out thick sex cream.

Open Road - Part 1 - Adam Ramzi -amp; Seven Dixon!

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Adam Ramzi hitchhikes ride from city & is let out on country road.  Thunder rolls & there are cattle in every direction.  red muscle car pulls over & Seven Dixon leans across seat.  'Get in.' Seven drives to an old barn.  As soon as his hands are off wheel, they're all over Adam.  Their bodies collide.  Seven has bulging biceps & broad tan shoulders.  'Well Bred' is inked across his shoulder blades & there's large numeral 7 on both sides of his neck.  He tosses Adam's slender frame on front seat & dives onto hard cock that projects like stick shift.  Adam flexes his hips to drive his dick into Seven's warm mouth.  When he get's out of car, he is pillar of slim muscle fuck Seven's face until they are both covered in sweat.  Seven props himself against car door & arches his back, saying 'get in' in another way.  His bubble hind end is magnet for Adam's tongue & penis.  Adam drills him on car & on ground until his hot rocks are about to burst, then plunges his penis into Seven's mouth & shoots wildly as Seven drenches his ripped abs with gravy.

BONUS - Open Road - Part 1 - Aleks Buldocek -amp; Tony Orion!

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true-life boyfriends, Aleks Buldocek, thick, tattooed, hairy guy, & Tony Orion, bearded, fiery latino, are making out heavily in loading zone behind building in afternoon sun.  Aleks get's on his knees to taste Tony's veiny, uncut beef.  Tony urges Aleks on with accented orders, 'blowing my rod!' Aleks complies & they share nymphomania tongue kisses at each break.  When it comes time for Tony to return favor, he sits on an ice chest & relaxes to let every inch of Alek's hefty meat to slide down his throat.  It also puts him in perfect position for Aleks to fuck his mouth & slam Tony's head over his dick while Aleks' low hanging balls slap up against Tony's face.  Aleks' impressive boss and his two helpers proves challenge for Tony, however its one he masters.  When Tony blows his sperm, this makes Aleks shoot onto Tony's beard & mouth.

Hung Americans - episode 1 - Trenton Ducati -amp; Shawn Wolfe!

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Trenton Ducati aims to have his way with Shawn Wolfe, & his lips never stray far from Shawn's tight & furry frame.  Abs: lick 'em.  nodes: bite 'em.  Armpits: sniff 'em.  Lips: chew 'em.  Shawn swoons as Trenton takes sexual inventory.  Trenton steadies Shawn by grabbing his head & pushing him to his knees.  Shawn finds fiercely erect rod awaiting his attention & he knows what to do.  Trenton's smooth flanks ripple as he thrusts his hips rapidly forward & back, spitting on his engorged member as he barks orders to Shawn.  Shawn jacks his love stick furiously.  Trenton pushes him into chair & sucks him energetically, grabbing at Shawn's chest.  rickety table provides platform for fiery three-position fuck in which they stoke each other's passion into flames that only torrents of studs sweat & two enormous cumshots can quench.

MEMBER BONUS - Snap Shot - Adam Killian -amp; Landon Conrad -amp; Jayden Grey!

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Jayden Grey continues his investigative meandering until he's surprised by Adam Killian & abducted.  The ruffian drags frightened photographer to his waiting partner-in-crime, Landon Conrad.  Adam forcefeeds his stiff basket of meat in to Jayden's mouth while Landon snaps away, filming teen shutterbug's submission.  however Jayden manages to cope & soon he's got both their cocks down his throat without any resistance.  The lusty threesome move & groove into different combinations sucking cock & eating ass, with fresh meat interloper getting worked over & roughened up.  Adam & Landon stuff their meatpoles into Jayden at both ends.  than they ratchet up action by simultaneously cramming both their dicks into Jayden's hind end.  Its sheer pleasure despite pain & Jayden screams his surrender.  Adam then lays down.  He nibbles Jayden's basket of meat while Landon fucks him & one after other they all climax & jizm.

Hung Americans - Part 1 - Logan Stevens -amp; Marcus Isaacs!

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Logan Stevens has stretched clothesline across squalid trailer.  With little to wear except crusty undies & housewife beater, he jacks off while laundry dries.  Roommate Marcus Isaacs sits in their only chair, looking tough with pack of smokes rolled up in his t-shirt sleeve.  Apart from beards & body hair, there's stark contrast between pale, blond Logan & dark-haired Marcus.  Marcus seizes initiative & jumps on bed, planting suck face that demands attention.  Now each stud has two cocks to play with.  Marcus tweaks Logan's foreskin before sucking him, breaking out in full body sweat.  Not to be outdone, Logan demonstrates an equally bottomless throat.  He blows Marcus' balls & gives him slurping rim job that leaves Marcus clamoring to feel Logan's hard rod skewer deep inside him.  robust change-up fuck ends with Logan cumming in Marcus' mouth & Marcus cumming on his very bushy thighs.

Relentless - James Ryder -amp; Boomer Banks!

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James Ryder is about to be skewered by one of big cocks on planet.  Until than, he can close his eyes & enjoy sensations of Boomer Banks' warm mouth & skilled hand massaging his balls & sucking his own huge phallic.  Boomer's long, curved cock extends downward while he spit-shines James' dick until it glistens.  then he trades off, challenging James to swallow as much of Boomer's 10 thick inches as he can.  Both lad are smooth & colorfully inked.  James' efforts are relentless, & with lot of saliva he succeeds in getting Boomer's cock down his throat.  Burying his nose in Boomer's dense, black cunny, James inhales sexy funk.  Boomer offers his foreskin for lip service before fucking starts.  His enormous cock invites fantasies of 'what must it feel like?' James punishes his hole with bouncing sit-fuck; Boomer wraps an arm around James' tight abs to jack his dick while they fuck.  James flips onto his back, cumming in thick streams that cascade over his hand & shaft.  Boomer gives him deep suck face & shoots every over James' inked chest.

Open Road - Part 2 - Boomer Banks -amp; Mike Dozer!

black gay sex movies
Mike Dozer swerves his van off road to pick up hottest hitchhiker Boomer Banks.  Boomer climbs in & Mike drives to place to pull over.  They jump out & commence chewing lips & nipples.  Mike massages Boomer's cock through his pants & bulge grows enormously until Mike has to yank down Boomer's pants to see beast firsthand.  Mike's oral capability is astonishing; he can swallow every last inch of Boomer's biggest endowment & withstand full-bore face-fuck & not gag.  Mike ditches his shirt & drops his pants.  He's hirsute barrel-chested guy with big prick of his own.  Boomer slurps up Mike's meat, however he really wants his face in Mike's meaty ass.  Boomer spots toolbox & grabs crescent wrench, using handle as dildo.  every time he sticks it in, Mike urges 'Go deep.' The wrench provides just right stretching for Boomer to sink his cock with little resistance.  Mike groans, however his hard on thongs vigorously & van rocks with Boomer's pounding.  The More Mike sweats, harder Boomer slams, until they erupt in sex juice gushers.  Mike replenishes his energy by eating up Boomer's ejaculate.

Relentless - Jeremy Stevens -amp; Tony Orion!

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Tony Orion has face of lad & body of fuckers, & his jutting, slightly feathers pecs are complemented by high, round butt.  He's on his knees, bobbing on Jeremy Stevens' thick love stick.  Jeremy appears smooth, however closer look reveals fine blond hairs covering his muscular body.  He grabs Tony's head & fucks it until Tony is breathless & drooling.  few friendly punches to chest & next you know, Tony is working his butt up, down & around on Jeremy's cock.  As if Tony's hole wasn not getting enough of workout, he proceeds to do deep knee bends, with Jeremy's cock awaiting at bottom of each rep.  Jeremy's not ready to took it to conclusion, so he pushes Tony onto his side & eats his loose & feathers hole.  After more fucking, they separate.  Tony cums loudly, peeing his jism onto floor.  Jeremy aims his load at Tony's chest.  His body jerks with few aftershocks as they kiss.

Open Road - episode 2 - Christian Wilde -amp; Jimmy Fanz!

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Christian Wilde's muscle car won not start, so while he sits behind wheel in frustration, he decides to rub one out.  Its full-on, take-your-clothes-off, leave-the-door-open, hope-for-the-best jerk, & his dick is at maximum hardness.  He attracts young passerby Esteban Del Toro who watches greedily until he hears someone coming & takes off.  That someone is Jimmy Fanz, athletic cub with youthful face & an irresistible dick & ass.  Harder & hotter than ever, Jimmy is just what Christian was hoping for, & though he tries to split when he sees Christian jacking off, Christian grabs him.  He bends Jimmy over open window of car door, shreds seat of his pants & just fucks him.  Christian's big penis makes maximum contact with Jimmy's hole, sending jolts of pleasure through both of them.  Christian lays on ground next to car.  Jimmy's so in to getting fucked that he quickly mounts Christian & rides his dick in sideways crab position, controlling depth & angle at which his hole get's pounded.  Christian slams hood of car, throws Jimmy down on his back & pound his ass few more.  As sexual energy intensifies with each thrust, they must not contain themselves much longer, shooting two hefty semen.

MEMBER BONUS - Office Affairs - Tommy Defendi -amp; Marcus Mojo!

gay movies 2009
Tommy Defendi welcomes Marcus Mojo into his studio, anxious to photograph hunky dancer for new underwear ad.  He sets up shot, working like pro to get his sexy subject calm & relaxed.  He can not help however focus on Marcus' masculine beauty -- his handsome face, his muscled body with those massive pecs, & that golden glow emanating from him.  He's mannequin of human perfection; delicious piece of eye candy & Tommy wants bite.  Marcus is just as turned on with attention & is fast to bend over so Tommy can eat out his ass.  All that tongue-tickling jamming his chocolate eye proves too exciting for Marcus & he can not wait to work his sexual mojo on Tommy.  He get's busy sucking shutterbug's rod, ensuring that it swells to its fullest so it will fill his hole completely.  Tommy slams his sausage deep inside Marcus' buttcrack & bucks back & forth, building in speed & ferocity to chorus of their passionate grunts until they both shoot their cum.

Hung Americans - Part 1 - Tommy Defendi -amp; Ray Han!

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Tommy Defendi & Ray Han have set out buckets to catch rain drops from storm while they busy them-selves sucking face.  They will both finish up getting blown away, however by different storm.  Ray has smooth, slim torso of swimmer & sinuous way of curving his body to fit Tommy's.  He eagerly grabs Tommy's dick & strokes it.  Tommy's nut sack is as huggest as Ray's fist.  Ray chews his way down pleasure trail of hair that leads to Tommy's fat sex stick, takes deep breath, & inhales it, punishing back of his throat with his efforts to blowing every inch.  Ray rims his own armpit when Tommy takes over rod sucking.  When he kneels & arches his back for Tommy to eat his back, he puts every his muscles into play.  They couple with Ray sitting on Tommy's lap so they can continue to kiss.  Ray works his asshole at speed of pneumatic drill on Tommy's ultra-fat cock, up, down, sideways & in circles.  They sex potion in crossfire, with Tommy's thick load shooting across room.

Magnetism - Jeremy Stevens -amp; Connor Maguire!

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Like poles of attracting magnets, Jeremy Stevens' love stick points up & Connor Maguire's cock points down.  Jeremy has only barest scattering of body hair while Connor's chest hair is long enough to yank.  They are equally matched in lust, flicking tongues & bumps until Connor sits & inhales Jeremy's dick.  He swallows Jeremy's swift sword with ease & skill, his broad shoulders showing off nice bit of pectoral cleavage that glistens from saliva dripping off his lips.  When they trade positions, Jeremy curls his arm around Connor's flanks to narrow distance between cock & mouth.  Its tossup who will top, however Connor's one.  Jeremy kneels & looks over his shoulder as Connor plows away at his hole.  They roll onto mat, like wrestlers, & Jeremy lies spread-eagled while Connor goes distance on his stretched hole.  Jeremy's eyes roll back into his head as he shoots across his torso & Connor shoots across his face, his cum mingling with Jeremy's sweat.

Hole 2 - Jesse Santana -amp; Mitchell Rock!

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Jesse Santana is splayed out on prison bed & wrapped in red plastic.  His ass is raised & immobilized.  There's mens standing nearby, also encased in plastic.  His dick is erect due to intense need to fuck ass before him.  The standing mens claws away plastic.  Its Mitchell Rock, fucker of behemoth musculature & bright tattoos.  He crosses to hind end thats beckoning.  Shredding plastic, he grabs cheek in each hand & begins to feed.  hand reaches back to finger hole Mitchell is eating.  Mitchell sinks his cock in hind end.  Jesse finally breaks free.  meaty hand grabs his neck, pulling him up for kiss.  Jesse's hole clasps Mitchell's sex stick like glove.  Jesse flips over & hooks his legs through leather straps hanging from ceiling.  His abs stand out in high definition & he has rings in his nipples.  Mitchell stops fuck to blow Jesse's cock & sit on his face, then they trade positions.  Mitchell uses same straps under his armpits to lower himself onto Jesse's penis.  They trade positions again.  Mitchell fucks Jesse's face before fucking his asshole one last time before Jesse screams & cums on mattress while Mitchell coats Jesse's enticing buns with cream.

MEMBER BONUS - Couples - Angelo Marconi -amp; Topher DiMaggio!

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Topher DiMaggio is finishing rinsing some dishes when his lads Angelo Marconi walks in.  These hot Latin lovers must not keep their hands off each other.  Who could if they were coupled with either of these dark-skinned, passionate dude? We're not sure if there's anyone in world who loves love stick more than Angelo, & he is quickly on his knees swallowing Topher's sizable stick.  The only thing that Angelo might like more than penis is having his ass worked over, & Topher knows how to deliver mean rim job.  Each time Topher comes up for air, Angelo fingers him-self preparing for real treat he wants up there: Topher's stiff thick tool.  Their kitchen counter get's workout with Angelo using it to position himself in all way to get maximum impact of his dudes's meat.  Topher serves this up & delivers this deep until Angelo blows thick jizz onto his abs, which sends Topher over top spraying jizz all over kitchen counter.

Open Road - episode 1 - James Ryder -amp; Marcus Isaacs -amp; Aleks Buldocek!

gay man movies
Before bar opens, fresh bar back James Ryder & bartender Marcus Isaacs are getting ready.  Tatted James is barechested & his jeans ride low, showing off his hot bubble butt.  Marcus notices & wants to play so he climbs over bar & presents his asshole to James.  Marcus spreads his furry buns & watches himself reflected in mirror as James probes warm center of his hole & milks his sex stick.  Leaping to floor, Marcus plants kiss on James' lips & hoists him onto bar for impassioned dick & ball sucking.  James lies back across couple bar stools for Marcus to fuck him with his meaty dick.  then Marcus wants to feel James' cock up his hind end, so they swap places.  They make enough noise to lure Aleks Buldocek out of back office.  Bearded & burly, Aleks has huge pecs & torso covered with ink & fur.  He & James take turns using Marcus' hole & mouth to fulfill their sexy needs.  The boy are in perfect synch & they send streams of sex cream flying in three directions at exactly same time.

Magnetism - Fabio Stallone -amp; Shawn Wolfe!

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Shawn Wolfe & Fabio Stallone.  Cut & uncut.  Slim & Beefy.  The rule of attraction & magnetism takes hold on them as soon as they are alone & naked together.  Shawn's stiffy stretches parallel to long toned lines of his furry fresh meat body, however look fast, because that dick is about to disappear in Fabio's mouth, leaving only fat pair of balls, starting to churn up juices that will soon be released.  When Fabio transfers his oral attention to Shawn's nozzles, Shawn's hand takes up where Fabio's mouth left off.  than Shawn kneels to service Fabio, whose cock takes on big life of its own, its curvature seeming to change until it slides all way down Shawn's throat.  Fabio's erection does same when Shawn turns & offers his tight, furry buns.  'Oh.  My.  God.' is Shawn's reaction to pulverizing body slams that would send him across room if not for chair that keeps him grounded.  His lips curl up in pleasure as Fabio pulls his 9 1/2 inches all way out & slams them back in again.  ogasm quenches their passion.  The jism that flies from Shawn's penis settles in all hollows of his limber torso.  Fabio saves his sperm to deliver straight to Shawn's hungry mouth.

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