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'Get some' delivers more of what dynamic duo Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond do best; put together hottest guys with great chemistry & let passion explode! Eight incredibly slutty lads are paired up on Hard Friction set to show off their amazing bodies & huge cocks while kissing, sucking rim job & fucking.  every detail is captured up close in person from first kiss to sticky finish.  If hot, hung lads passionately fucking are your thing, then 'Get few' today!

Scene One
Aybars & Dominik Rider Aybars & Dominik Rider are in Hard Friction studio.  They are all smiles at introductions however passion takes over & soon Aybars is rock hard & Dominik is licking all over his pecs & biceps.  & further down his chiseled abs covered in thick black fur, working his way down to very thick meaty penis & balls.  He services Aybars with expert blows, than Aybars fucks his mouth driving deep in Dominik's open throat.  Aybars lubes Dominik's smooth perfectly round ass with spit & tonge.  He massages with long hungry licks burying his face deep in Dominik as he moans for more & more.  He's rim hungry pig, however somehow he's able to stand & give Dominik what he's begging for 9 inches of thick cock.  Aybars fucks like prize stallion with agile galloping strides.  He's in total control serving his hungry bottom before live webcast audience, which for Dominik is ever more turn on.  than Aybars flips Dominik on his back & hits spot.  Dominik wails in deeper submission staring deep in to his power tops smoldering black eyes.  Aybars drills for home with Dominik jerking his uncut beef until he's blasted with white sperm all over his smooth muscled chest & abs.  Aybars pushes cum pig Dominik back down on his knees for full facials finale.  Nasty hot!

Scene Two
Cavin Knight & Sean Stavos Sean Stavos & Cavin Knight are naked on set of Hard Friction Live.  Sean is already hard, so Steve directs Cavin to making blowjob Sean's penis.  Cavin returns favor by face fuck Sean while straddled over him on sofa, his bubble butt bouncing with each thrust exposing his tight, pink hole.  feathers Sean wants taste of that hole & spreads Cavin's cheeks wide.  He licks & tongue-fucks Cavin's hole making it ready for his throbbing cock.  Sean pounds Cavin from behind as he clutches sofa arm for support moaning in ecstasy with each powerful thrust.  the 2 horny boy are ready to switch places, so Sean lays back holding his legs wide apart so Cavin can rim his hot hole.  Sean moans & writhes until Cavin has him well lubed & thrusts in his hard short sword to pound his butt with no mercy until Sean blows his big cum on his bushy chest.  Cavin pulls out & jerks his member until this spews out his own sperm.  Both guy smile happily content.

Scene Three
Christopher Daniels & Krys Perez Christopher Daniels & Krys Perez are butt naked in Hard Friction studio.  The two kiss passionately until Christopher knows by see in Krys' eyes that he wants his throbbing cock sucked.  Christopher gladly complies until it is his turn.  He lays back & Krys enthusiastically deep throats his big meat until tears run down his face! Agile Christopher spreads his muscular legs wide & exposes his smooth hole to scruffy faced Krys who hungrily eats Christopher's eager butt.  swee Christopher is not sure how this lean, younger folk is going to be as top, so he climbs up on supine Krys & rides his hard dick.  Krys' rigid meat thrust in & out of Christopher's muscled hind end as Krys strokes his bouncing meat.  Krys then stands up & pounds Christopher doggie style.  This young stud is full of passionate energy & really gives it to Christopher as he moans in ecstasy.  The two collapse on bed & kiss as Christopher pumps out juicy jizz then naughty Krys climbs up on Christpher's chest & blasts creamy white jizz all over his face.  The 2 kiss few Many, mingling their tongues with taste hot spunk.

Scene Four
Jesse Santana & Valentin Petrov Connoisseurs of not small dick are going to blow their wads over this hot pairing.  Jesse Santana is on his knees before very well hung Valentin Petrov.  You have to love something to truly do it well, by look on Jesse's face he's in 'hog' heaven.  & he knows how to handle every throbbing inch of Valentin's uncut Russian meat as this disappears down his throat.  Valentin returns favor with same expert skill.  Jesse's equally girthy on rod department.  Even when Jesse flips Valentin to rim him he just can not seem to get enough of that uncut prize...  he's sucking balls & penis between his legs with Valentin's ass in air.  DAMN! Just when you think action couldn not get any hotter, fucking drives into high gear.  First with Valentin riding Jesse like bronco, you see right up in there with all pump & thrust, even though Valentin's throbbing monster is bouncing all over place with much weight.  Jesse takes over & thrust from underneath showing he's fuckers in control hitting Valentin right in spot! Sweating, grunting & pumping...  Jesse flips Valentin on his back as they stay fixated, hypnotized by one another until Jesse can not take it any more & blows white milky sperm every over Valentin.  however Valentin's not finished yet, he climbs up on Jesse & straddles his chest with his legs blowing his jizz on Jesse's face.  Jesse reaches up & squeezes out sperm, milking his foreskin until he get's to very last drop.  the chemistry never fades even at end they are smiling & kissing! Thats wrap...  however already I am reaching for replay button!!

Golden Gate: Seduced by San Francisco!

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Lean & lanky, smooth & pale, these boys are hotties barely out of woods trying to maneuver through green grove of academia.  however try as they may, knowledge they seek doesn not lie in their school books however delectably between their legs & buried deep inside their assholes.

Scene 1: Aaron Felix & Damon Audigier
Aaron Felix can not help however notice Damon Audigier struggling with his studies so he checks to see if he can help.  Damon can use extra tutoring however confesses he hasn not got cash to pay for lessons.  Luckily both mens know what they can barter to get what they want, so in due time, Damon is swallowing his buddy's big boner down & sucking it hard.  Eager for his turn to suck several baby-maker, Aaron opens wide & nurses on Damon's uncut cock, feeling it swell to fullness inside his mouth.  He then plays with his schoolmate's butt, licking & nibbling round cheeks & moistening puckered shit-fuck with spit.  Having prepped tight crack sufficiently, Aaron plunges his cock in & out.  The two jocks continue to fuck every which way until both of them finally explode, showering each other with shots of warm sex potion.

Scene 2: Cole & Tye
Its fuck drag sitting in Study Hall & Cole finds himself daydreaming of better way to pass time.  The bored scholar's imagination runs wild just thinking about his studly roommate Tye who inspires his fevered fantasies! Their magical hookup would start with Cole showering Tye with gentle kisses & pecks, nuzzling his neck & working his lips & tongue down his chest & tracking south along his treasure trail across his stomach.  Cole would then reach inside Tye's briefs, fish out his huge cock & begin sucking on it greedily.  As pleasurable as it is for both boy, Tye get's so charged up that he can not wait for his chance to feed.  The huge men gives as good as he got, sucking Cole off & then fuck his hungry hole with deep thrusts until both of them shoot their sperm.  Yeah, crackin' hind end beats crackin' books!

Scene 3: Seth Knight & Travis West
Fuck Study Hall! Seth Knights so horny he's got only one thing on his mind & this involves his cute friend Travis West who's busy hitting books.  Seth imagines what hooking up with his red-headed buddy would be like & fantasy soon becomes reality as two of them are back in their dorm room.  Seth strips Travis down & begins sucking his cock, slurping engorged baton in & out of his mouth with gusto.  Then Travis pays Seth back by fellating his dick & eating out his gorgeous asshole.  Graduating to next level, Travis screws Seth from behind & both of them grow more & more excited as they move onto bed to continue their fuckfest.  Seth rides Travis' pole, than lays back to get plugged some more until one after other, they both cream every over Seth's belly.

Scene 4: Kent Riley & Troy
Bored & restless in Study Hall, Kent Riley & Troy take needed break.  Instead of hitting books, two frisky students hit on each another.  After quickly stripping down, they take turns hungrily sucking each other's meatpoles.  Soon Kent has his long thick love stick sliding in & out of Troy's asshole for vigorous & sigh-inducing pounding.  Both guys are drowning in waves of ever-increasing pleasure when Brett Landon shows up unexpectedly.  The intruder becomes welcomed guest & he joins study group making Troy middle of 3-jock manwich.  The horny brunet jacks himself off while getting plugged at both ends & after he cums, he takes off.  Left on their own, Kent & Brett continue their tryst sucking face, sucking penis & finishing up with interloper getting fucked up ass until they both bust their nuts.

Cowboys, Part 1!

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Hard bodied men so horny, they just can not wait to get their clothes off & their asses stuffed with more thick throbbing cock! video for boy who 'Need it Bad!' The latest four scene scorcher from Hard Friction brings you more of what you love! Big rods, Hairy fucker, Tattooed rough-necks, Bubble butts, Swarthy brutes, Hard-bodied jocks, Muscle studs & boy next door all get their fill, Live in Hard Friction studio.  Directors Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond bring you more no-nonsense fucking based on true chemistry & attraction way stud like it! Recommended for those who 'Need It Bad!"

Scene 1 - Shay Michaels & Adam Herst
There is an instant attraction between bearded muscle lad Shay Michaels & Adam Herst.  Shay's massive chest & torso is covered in light golden fur, Adam is also golden boy, his washboard abs tighten & flex with excitement of each penetrating kiss.  Shay goes down on Adam sucking his fat penis deep & long.  Adam contorts & pumps his hips as he get's his penis serviced.  Soon, its Shay's turn to take control & push Adam down on his knees.  Shay is directive, verbally commanding...  he knows what he likes & he's studs to tell you how its going to be.  Adam delivers an expert blow job, than Shay flips Adam onto his back to open up that perfect white mound of an ass.  Adam's tight pink hole is splayed open & feast begins.  Adam is on his back & Shay climbs on top, pinning his butt down with his full weight as he drives his dick deep inside while Adam moans & squirms.  Shay won not let him go far, he drives his thick meat in & out of that perfect pink hole.  Then he flips Adam over again on his back so he can watch his reaction as he drives his gross point home.  Shay is humping with full force, Adam is spreading his legs wider & wider over his own head.  All this excitement works warm white load out of Shay's little soldier & onto Adam's groin, he pulls out & helps Adam reach his explosive climax until two collapse into pool of sex cream & sweat.

Scene 2 - Fabio Stallone & Kennedy Carter
Italian stud Fabio Stallone is passionately kissing Kennedy Carter as his big, uncut love stick grows harder & harder.  He kisses down ripped body of this inked, ginger from UK until he get's to his own massive, uncut meat already throbbing in anticipation of hot mouth.  He tongues Kennedy's foreskin & crams rod down his throat while stroking his meat, than stands up, kisses Kennedy & pushes him down on his knees.  Kennedy does his best to get this thick, curved love stick down his throat, staring up at this feathers, muscled hunk until tears are welling up in his eyes from effort.  He is rewarded by Fabio who turns Kennedy around, exposing his hot, pink hole & giving him warm-up with his tongue.  This ass needs to be nice & lubricated if it is going to fit his giant sex stick! When he sticks it in, Kennedy is ecstatic! Fabio pounds him from behind & again while he is on his back.  The duel of biggest cocks climaxes with two creamy loads across Kennedy's inked chest & stomach.  This scene will give fans of giant, uncut cocks exactly what they are looking for!

video clip 3 - Jason Michaels & Damien Stone
Two dark & hairy studs are lip-locked in Hard Friction studio.  Damien Stone is so into his hirsute muscle boy Jason Michaels he can not took his eyes & his hands off him.  Jason wastes no time working his lips down Damien's chiseled body to his long, rock-hard cock.  Damien responds with enthusiasm, 'You're damn good cocksucker boy! Ready to get throat-fucked?!' Jason is good lad, he stays on his knees pleasing every throbbing gorgeous inch Damien Stone has to offer him.  Going down on Jason's hole before fucking it, Damien spreads Jason's hairy fresh meat tight butt wide & plants deep wet licks there as lubricant.  Jason's moans & smiles with delight as his abs & triceps flex.  Once Jason is opened & ready Damien plants his long stiff love stick deep in to his hole.  It slides right in! Damien takes command, grabs his bottom & gives it all he's got, rock hard & steady.  The he flips Jason on his back so he can see him face to face, pulling his legs in air & drilling for home.  Jason's smile couldn not be wider, obviously Damien hits spot.  In third position Jason get's on & rides! He grinds his wet hirsute hole on Damien's pole until friction drives him to blast his young 'ball-bearing oil' all over thick black hair that cover his muscled abs.  Damien return favor in hugest white blast that Jason laps up with no hesitation.

Scene 4 - Dylan Hyde & Jesse Santana
Tall, lean, newcomer Dylan Hyde worked hard for year to get on Hard Friction set.  His persistence was rewarded with hot hookup with Jesse Santana.  These two man are obviously very into each other as they stand nake, kissing & stroking each other's thick, heavy rods.  Dylan shows off his eager newbie rod sucking skills on Jesse's huge meat while stroking his own giant short sword.  Not wanting to be showed up by new folk, Jesse shows him how to deep throat monster cock & Dylan shows his gratitude by slapping him in face with his giant tool! Jesse lays back & Dylan climb up on him to ride his throbbing penis in reverse cowboy.  Dylan's stiff panis bounces up & down with each thrust of Jesse's muscled thighs.  The intensity of long, thick sex stick pounding his hole shows on Dylan's face as we see every inch pushing in & out.  Moving Dylan onto his back, Jesse lays him on table to he can really pound his ass.  As Jesse rams away, Dylan strokes his penis to orasm & blows his loads.  Jesse climbs up & pins Dylan down with his meaty legs & shoots giant cum over his head & all over his face.  Dylan sucks every last drop out of his love stick & than happily kisses Jesse, satisfied with his 1'st scene.

Golden Gate - The Perfect Ten!

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Instructional SoundingTony Buff & Cameron AdamsBefore coming to set of Industrial Encounters, Tony Buff's upcoming solo directorial debut for FetishForce, Cameron Adams had never tried sounding, however that soon changed when he told Buff he'd give it try for his solo.  Fortunately for every of us, Buff's instructional lesson before solo soon turns into duo clip sure to turn on even most jaded of sounding aficionados.  Watching Adams' body shiver & his eyes roll back in his head as he experienced sounding for first time reminded those of us at FetishForce HQ just how fun it is to introduce fresh players to new fetishes.Instructional Sounding -- ConclusionTony Buff & Cameron AdamsWith such intensity & so much incredible footage too good for proverbial cutting room floor, we had to break this update into two parts.  In this, conclusion to Institutional Sounding, impromptu duo scene between Cameron Adams & performer/director Tony Buff continues with an edging session that includes more sounding, ass eating & an explosive ending that we definitely didn not expect from what was supposed to be solo scene.  If chemistry here is any indication of Buff's pairing with Adams' in Industrial Encounters, we can not wait.Wet Punk Faggot SoundingDoc BenwayDoc Benway is one heavy player.  He's also raunchy punk with gritty edge & an engaging screen presence that makes him one of our favorites at FetishForce HQ.  Doc's raw, animalistic sexual energy is on full display in this Tony Buff directed solo, set in wet-storage basement beneath San Francisco sidewalk.  Doc soaks himself in his own golden showers (GS), fucks his urination slit with steel rod while stroking his sex stick, then savors pain of second, post sounding urination drenching before blowing his semen...  all as unbeknownst passersby walk overhead.  With nearly twenty-four minutes of great fetish action, Wet Punk Faggot Sounding is welcome re-introduction of Doc Benway to FetishForce audiences.

Pounded Down!

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Dominus goes out to all fans of classic jeans & leather-clad, hot & gritty dudes sex.  Muscled, hairy & tattooed lad slam their huggest dicks in hungry holes.  Giant biceps stretch leather armbands & jockstraps & ass-less chaps frame bubble butts as these studs pursue testosterone-fueled encounters in dark xxx club...the intensity is electric...the satisfaction complete.  

Scene 1 - Adam Champ & Logan McCree
bushy, muscle guy Adam Champ poses & flexes as tattooed piece of fuckers art, Logan McCree watches.  Adam's leather arm bands strain & stretch as he flexes his giant biceps, inspiring Logan - clad only in leather chaps - to stroke his rock hard cock.  Logan likes how Adam's jock is bulging, & he decides that he wants taste of Adam's fat, uncut cock.  After Adam's meat is exposed Logan sucks & swallows hungrily as spit runs out of his mouth.  With obvious engorged excitement Adam is ready for Logan's ass & turns him around, pounding him doggie-style.  Bending Logan over frame of dungeon bed, Adam secures his not small motorcycle boots on headboard to better pile drive Logan's exposed manhole.  Logan hangs upside down moaning & writhing in pleasure with each drilling stroke.  Logan ends encounter on his back as Adam pounds out both their large loads all over Logan's inked chest & stomach.

Scene 2 - Remy Delaine & Morgan Black
Remy Delaine & Morgan Black are kissing passionately as their dicks are begging to be released from confines of their faded, denim jeans.  Morgan is quickly down on his knees sucking & swallowing Remy's monster uncut sex stick.  His rugged beard rubs against Remy's thighs & not small balls as he gulps it down.  Remy soon takes his turn on Morgan's huggest meat until it swells to hardness.  Flipping Morgan around, spreading his muscled ass & exposing his hairy hole, Remy tongues & fingers Morgan's hot hole until it is lubed & ready for thick, curved surprise.  He pounds Morgan doggie-style then 2 studs flip-flop & Remy receives pounding from Morgan's monster shaft leading to both studs blowing their creamy sperm.

Scene 3 - Jason Adonis & Race Cooper
Jason Adonis is naked except for his harness & size 13 black boots.  He flexes his muscles & jerks his big penis while muscle-bound, Race Cooper watches from distance.  Race strokes his big meat & plays with his hole through his black leather chaps watching Jason attend to himself until sexual tension brings them together with Race diving in for taste Jason's biggest pole.  Race is on his knees in front of muscle god worshiping his huge meat, spitting, licking & cramming big rod down his throat.  Jason leans back on rough, wood table & spread his legs wide to expose his hairy hole to hungry Race who greedily licks & tongues this hot muscle back.  Next, Race is kneeling on table so Jason can blowing his rigid member until Jason's excitement takes over triggering him to roughly flip Race over & rim his hole, readying him for action.  Race moans & yells in ecstasy as Jason slides his rod in, instantly ramming & thrusting with full force.  This is rough throw-down fuck session between two horny stud transitioning from doggie to reverse cowboy to Race ending up on his back as both studs blow giant, hot cum on Race's muscled abs.

Scene 4 - Josh West & Angelo Marconi
Angelo Marconi can not take his eyes off of Josh Wests thick, hard dick hanging out of ripped crotch of his jeans.  Moving in quickly, Angelo is immediately on his knees swallowing Josh's hugest lads meat.  He sucks & gulps with pleasure as drool runs down his chin.  The truest of bottoms, Angelo turns around, puts one of his big black boots on leather sofa & spreads his cheeks wide, exposing his pink hole.  Josh seizes moment & claims Angelo's ass, owning it with his tongue & mouth.  Fingering him-self in preparation for huge tool, Angelo begs Josh's thick dick to enter him.  Angelo groans in pleasure as Josh crams his inches into hungry hole.  Josh pounds his eager bottom relentlessly into corner of sofa as Angelo asks for more.  Being fuck machine that he is, Josh plows back until Angelo doing oral thick, explosive cum all over his muscled stomach.  Josh pulls out, walks over & sprays Angelo's handsome face with milky loads.

Indecent Encounters!

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The business plan is clear for our horny executive team.  They are focusing on big opportunities.  They partner up to shoot for large payoff, & not only do they increase their assets, they quickly liquidate them - all over each other.  This suited team discovers that best way to get their business done is to dress down, let it all hang out & work on each other.  With stocks like Exclusives Tom Wolfe & Jesse Santana in this portfolio, you're guaranteed to see huge dividends by investing in this porno-filled enterprise.  Scene 1: Tom Wolfe & Angelo Marconi Businessman Tom Wolfe has cleared his calendar for morning tryst with hunky associate Angelo Marconi.  The two get down to business with Angelo nibbling Tom's boobs & kissing his hairy torso.  He than reaches inside big lad's trousers to free his love stick & sucks it all way down, almost gagging on its enormity.  Before long, Tom is greedily ass blow Angelo's hot tight hole, his tongue digging deep inside crack.  Having primed & prepped it sufficiently, Tom is up for bigger merger & he fucks Angelo's ass, working his thick cock in faster & harder with every forceful thrust.  Begging for more, Angelo climbs aboard & rides his colleague's tool.  They twist into different positions & continue screwing until Angelo blasts his semen across his abs.  Tom withdraws & seals deal shooting his sperm up across his exhausted partner's pecs.  Scene 2: Steve Vex & Marc Dylan All suited up & horny as hell, Steve Vex & Marc Dylan get things moving fast.  Both fucker are ready for some carnal expenditures so as primary agent, Steve begins by devouring his partner's big throbbing asset.  He soon demands return on his investment & stud trade places with Marc deep throating Steve's penis down to base.  Another turnover ensues & Steve has Marc shivering with excitement as he doing oral him some Many & eats out his furry ass.  Now ready for intensive anal takeover, Steve stretches Marc's cheeks apart & screws him with his power pole.  He continues to fuck non-stop as Marc lays his muscled body down, rocking back & forth with every jab.  Marc grabs ahold of his erect short sword & jerks him-self off until he shoots his wad.  Steve then pulls out & cums, mixing his spooge with Marc's hefty deposit & both feel satisfied & completely liquidated.  Scene 3: Tom Wolfe & Shay Michaels Back in office Tom Wolfe decides to lunch in.  Today's menu features Shay Michaels' butt so Tom spreads fuzzy ass cheeks apart, buries his face in between round mounds & digs in.  After piercing hole with his tongue & fingers, Tom turns Shay around & wolfs down his juicy dick.  than its Shay's turn to feed & he swallows Tom's biggest banana, struggling bit to get job done.  The dude get in position & start 69ing before Tom mounts his bonded employee from behind & fucks him hard.  Shay grimaces & groans, aching for more.  He then straddles biggest boss, stretching his hole open to skewer himself easily onto Tom's pole.  He ventures up & down sturdy shaft, jacking himself off until he creams Tom's hairy chest with his love lube.  & Tom compensates by yanking his crank until he climaxes, squeezing out every milky drop of his collateral sex cream all over Shay.  Scene 4: Jesse Santana & Dominic Sol Dominic Sol is quick to prove his cred as company's huge cocksucker so letting Jesse Santana hold onto back of his head, he slurps up his buddy's thick shaft.  Jesse's hips gyrate & thrust forward as he propels his horsedick in & out of his associate's hungry mouth.  than Dominic mounts leather chair backwards, leaning forward to expose his firm ripe asshole for Jesse to rim.  The swee executive licks & wets his cohorts twitching manhole with spit, prepping it for vigorous charge.  Now ready for big payoff, Jesse fucks Dominic up ass in measured cadence, pumping slow & gently at first, then fast & hard.  The stud reposition themselves & Dominic sits down on Jesse's lap to ride his hot rod.  He bounces up & down like frenzied piston, masturbating hurriedly until he shoots semen.  than resting between Jesse's legs, Dominic opens wide & swallows his partner's blasts of cum shooting in to his mouth.

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