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British Pounds!

Lucas Entertainment raises its stakes in London & invests in new set of international guys with plenty of British Pounds to offer! & no one pounds better than English sex star Paddy OBrian, As Lucas exclusive Jonathan Agassi finds out.  Argentine D.O.  & Frenchman Issac Jones enjoy each others big uncut penises.  Tomas Brand & Dean Monroe have rugged, ass-pounding fuckers sex.  Michael Lucas seduces & fucks teen hotshot Leo Domenico.  & D.O.  & Jonathan Agassi return to fuck each other like animals.  Lucas Entertainments latest brand of currency is hot cast of British Pounds!

Northern lads!

Check out these British Amateurs in action!

British Breeder!

Alex Kage get's acton started by deftly playing skin flute after rimming Chris's fine ass.  Next Chris Tee shows that he can give as good as he takes, paying special attention to Alex's nut sack.  Before you know it Chris takes charge of Alex's tight manhole.

London Hung!

Five scenes, two hours, shot in HD!

Cherry Pop!

We all remember our first time, & these teen & very cute twins are no exception, except perhaps that we are treated to them explaining in high definition action every sordid detail of time they lost their virgin! From office based shenanigans to hard-core gym sessions on rooftop, their memories are brought to vivid reality right in front of our eyes for us all to enjoy over & over!

Onesie Direction!

These horny teen teen boys are having sleepover with every their friends; however wrapped up head to toe in warm comfy onesies is making them all hot & horny! Forget spin bottle or pillow fights, these not so innocent lads are swallowing each other's dicks & opening their buddies' holes for hard pounding!

Throated Harder!

You won not want to miss this hot mans in action who know how to deep throat rod!

The Gangbang Challenge!

Two of Britain's most notorious gay teen boy bottoms are given greatest challenge of their lives; which one can took most raw penis? Neither wants to lose, however can they take all thick long penises we have lined up for them? See who is triumphant & who just get's face & arse full of hot milk!

Rough Trade!

boys underwear uk

Samuel Colt starts off with trip to London.  Whilst in capital, he get's an urge for several gym action.  Knowing that Trojan Rock has all contacts, he soon get's in touch to find out hot spot in city.  Rock knows that Lucio Saints will be there & will be able to show his friend good time.  Colt wastes no time arriving at gym, lying back on bench with Saints soon fuck his face & then his ass.  Additional action comes from new recruit to Toolbox team.  Ken Ten is being put through his paces by bearded stud Yohann Banks, who quickly gives up checking in packages, drops to his knees, & checks out Tens bulge.  

A Toy Story!

slave boys uk

Check out hottest boys in action with their favorite toys!

Kai Gets Matts big Cock!

hot uk boys

Matt H, guy with enormous sex stick is back & this time, he's out to use it! Perhaps I should have called this video 'the huggest fuck' or something equally cheesy, however hey, in reality its still just two hot guys messing around together on bed.  You see, only direction I gave Matt H & Kai at beginning of this film was to have fun - to be true natural & cheeky with each other.  That was every encouragement they needed...  these two fella's wasted no time in fooling around together & thats because they both wanted some sex stick! Oh yes, while Matt H is 'straight' he certainly was eager to get Kai's cock out & play with it.  Not content on just feeling, he wanted to taste it too, & of course Kai was desperate to suck on big piece of meat between his new mate's legs.  Not only chew, however take up ass...  & take it he did...  pretty much all of it! After somewhat delicate & gentle start, Matt H soon gained confidence & rampantly fucked Kai's back.  With so much dick inside him, Kai couldn not hold off for long, spurting huge loads all over himself & bed.  Not to be outdone, Matt H unloaded his prize weapon all over Kai's face & chest...  & resulting cock-fight just seemed to happen!


uk boys

Liam Cole captures 20 men in search of sexual OVERLOAD, dangerous state where dudes is consumed by porn, where there's no thought & no feeling beyond fucking or being fucked.  Feel this once & you'll need it again & again, for rest of your life.  

Jack And RJ!

rent boys in uk

That gorgeous Scottish hunk RJ is back & this time its all lads-on-fuckers action as Jack joins him for session that no-one will forget! Its sizzler that we filmed just before Christmas & I've had to wait nearly 6 months before I could discipline myself enough to actually edit it, rather than...  well, I am sure you can imagine strains of my job! Not to mention strains on wrist however hey, this isn not about me, its about two totally hot studs getting it on together & forgetting there was anyone else in room.  The chemistry between Jack & RJ is electric, especially when they quickly learn what pushes each other's buttons! These guyz made absolutely sure that this was about real porn & not just about making obscene...  Nipple licking, nibbling, penis licking, sucking, rimming, tongue fuck, face fuck, deep throating, kissing, gentle thrusting, arse pounding, dick riding, cries of ecstasy, moans of delight, heavy panting, dirty talk...  its real deal that we're famous for! Only somehow, this one takes real mens sex to new level...  & no, my self discipline wasn not strong enough.  Oh, & there's nice little bonus video with this one too.

homo Bar Or Bust 2!

hot uk boys

Once again, back into hottest gay bar in London, & its hotter than ever, with live sucking & fuck shows on stage, courtesy of Jessy Ayres & Dirk Berger, scorching double penetration over bar with Lucas Davidson splitting at seams thanks to Valentin Alsina & Woody Fox.  than Lucas is getting it again from monster cocked Drew Brody & French star issac Jones.  Fabio Stallone is in town for hot, sweaty flip flop fuck with Jessy, Anthony Clarke is in toilets giving Paul Walker his 1st gay blow job EVER & Lucio Saints is then smashing poor Anthony's arse to smithereens.  Its hottest sleaziest bar in UK, come & get this, mine's large one'.  

Kai And Tristan!

uk boys

Are you ready for mammoth sex session today? Well, firm favourites Kai & Tristan sure were when they returned for what can only be described as 'guyz at their most rampant'! Oh yes, playfulness began well before camera's officially began to roll & it sure turned out to be one of hottest scenes ever.  I guess I should explain that there was little sub-plot running here.  The dudes both wanted to be dominant, yet they also wanted to play & have as much carnal sex with each other as they could.  No surprise then that I ended up filming wrestling match...  with two of them throwing each other all over bed in order to win prize...  However, both were gallant winners & very good sports.  They simply wanted to share prize & passion of true fuck-fest experience with each other! So yes, this is flip-flop video where Kai & Tristan not only suck hell out of each other, however also fuck each other senseless! The dialogue says it all really...  as does 9 minute bonus film of fun that was had by all, Oh well, yes, I know, I for real should have saved this one for Christmas

Kai And Luke D!

slave boys uk

Oddly enough, this fantastic film is one that was never planned to happen! You see, Luke was already on his way down to us when other men he was supposed to fuck called & cancelled at very last minute.  With quick ring around Kai was available & on his way! good job too, as this is one of (if not horniest!) flip flop shoots I have ever filmed...  hell, it wasn not even going to be flip flop however thats way this turned out.  So about movie...  Luke get's pushed in to bedroom by Kai who had just got off train & it looks like Luke is going to get it! When Kai pulls down Luke's jeans & boxers his enormous, rock-hard fuck tool springs forth & Kai devours it so greedily you'd think cock was going out of fashion! & Luke was just as eager to chew on Kai's meat too & soon they're on bed for proper suck off - sixty nine style! Kai also get's chance to dip his tongue into Luke's delicious pink hole! From there it doesn not take Kai long to roll one on & guide his penis deep in to his fuck buddy's asshole.  guys, fuck sure is hot & passionate & frantic! Both dudes are as much into this as they are each other - so much so that Kai has to stop & rest.  the guyz switch over & now Luke is one buried to hilt in Kai's willing ass...  & with Luke wanking on Kai's fat uncut sex stick while his own rooster is fucking away in his hole, Kai can not hold back & starts spraying his sex cream all over place! & Kai's not least bit selfish - he than get's Luke off too! Who would have thought that this scorcher was Luke's 1 st ever duo here at BM - enjoy!

World Of Men London!

british boy fetish club

See out hottest hung man that London has to offer! You won not want to miss them in action!

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