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Sprayed and Punished - Charlie Harding -amp; Nicholas Reed -amp; Asher Hawk!

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For couple of hoodlums out for petty time, desolate alleyway with perfect wall for graffiti is place to be.  Nicholas Reed & Asher Hawk met in diversion class county court made them attend.  They bonded over talk of cigarettes in guys hotel room, huffing paint fumes, & of course, vandalism with spray paint.  

They've met up tonight at cool place Nicholas has sprayed before.  Asher likes it! fresh, urban canvas is just right medium through which both boys can express their creativity.  After getting little warmed up with paint, Asher notices Nicholas looking at Asher's package.  few glances exchanged with each other & boys are smooching as they take break from tagging (spray painting).  

But then, suddenly, out of nowhere, grown-up busts them!!! The last thing either of them need is to go back to diversion classes; instructor's breath was horrible! Charlie Harding is groundskeeper for Shriner's Senior Facility, building studs were just vandalizing.  Charlie is no-nonsense type of guy, however he has soft spot for reckless youngsters like Nicholas & Asher.  The fact is...Charlie used to be crazy neighborhood lad himself once.  Thats why he's teaching them lesson himself, old fashioned way, just how he learned.  Instead of ratting them out, Charlie's having boys start out by turning his 'soft spot' into dangerous, pulsating hard cock.  He's shoving his boss and his two helpers into each of their mouths to show them that graffiti doesn not pay.  however he's such nice folk, he can not help however make it sex for all three of them.  He's having Nicholas sucking both his own & Asher's fat dongs at same time.  then Charlie's taking control of situation by sliding his incredibly large rod into Nicholas's tender hole.  Nicholas isn not used to this, however he's enjoying it & certainly learning valuable lesson.  than its Asher's turn.  While Charlie pounds Asher's sweet butt, Nicholas is allowed to slide his meat stick in & out of Asher's mouth.  Its session of serious punishment.  however in end, Charlie teaches lads way they can spray with-out getting in trouble!


Jock Raider - Jay Cloud -amp; Jacob Wolf!

gay twinks in bondage
In dank locker room, behind old community gym, Jacob Wolf has broken into Jay Cloud's locker & is sniffing & licking Jay's socks & jock strap.  He knows this is around time Jay comes in for workout, however he can not keep himself from getting into goods.  

As Jacob hears Jay approaching gym door, he scrambles to put back items.  He hides evidence of his raid just as Jay enters.  Jay gives friendly head nod, however can tell something is amiss.  When he sees jock strap Jacob overlooked when putting things away, he knows exactly what this little short sword lover has been up to.  If its baby-maker he wants, thats exactly what Jay's gonna give him! Jay sits down in front of Jacob & buries boy's face in his undergarment, letting him lick it bit.  Then they suck face deeply.  Jacob removes Jay's workout shorts & get's down to several seriously hot cock sucking.  Jay's giant erection is lot for sweet Jacob to handle, however it tastes oh so good going in & out of his warm mouth.  Then Jay is taking Jacob's rod as deep as he can.  Jacob must not believe hottest man he's seen at this gym is blowing him, right on dressing bench! however when Jay bends Jacob over bench & plays with Jacob's tender hole, Jacob thinks it MUST be dream.  Watch Jay push his enormous penis into Jacob's sweet, eager butt, & pound him like he deserves.  Imagine boldness...sneaking into someone ELSE'S locker!! Let punishment fit crime.  


Sneak-a-Peep - Dave Canon -amp; Hayden Anders!

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Dave Canon is naughty boy.  He's in his room looking at kinky magazine, feeling his boner grow thick & firm.  Hayden Anders is neighborhood peeping tom & frequently checks in in Dave's place to see if there's anything inside windows on which to feast his hungry eyes.  

Today, he catches Dave in act.  As Dave lays nudo, grinding his hard little soldier into his bed, Hayden enters house.  He goes right in to Dave's room & gently begins squeezing Dave's plump buttocks.  He then flips him over & lightly strokes Dave's erection while they make out.  Soon Dave is enjoying Hayden's cock in his mouth, just before Hayden reciprocates.  Dave can not believe how lucky he is that Hayden was walking by & saw him! Look this neighborhood pervert took advantage of an unsuspecting, hot boy when Hayden fucks swee Dave's tight ass like champ.  


Knockouts - Jacob Wolf -amp; Dillon Anderson!

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The new gym is one of coolest hangouts around town for Jacob Wolf.  it has for true cool equipment and, more importantly, hottest guys.  Today, Jacob's run into Dillon Anderson, newcomer to gym.

Jacob & Dillon hit it off right away.  They take turns spotting each other on punching bag for while.  Usually, Jacob has quickest hands in place, however Dillon's really giving him run for his money.  While Dillon jabs at bag, Jacob notices something stiffening in Dillon's shorts.  Since there's no one else in gym today, Jacob decides to squirt some water on Dillon in playful way.  He hopes it'll help them both loosen up, maybe even enough so that Dillon lets Jacob see that stocky thing growing in Dillon's shorts.  During water-bottle horseplay, Dillon takes opportunity to move closer & plant nice, sensual smooch on Jacob.  Soon after, both lovely cocks are out, hard as ever.  The guys have some swordplay, just before Jacob goes down for taste of Dillon's swollen dong.  Dillon can not believe how well Jacob can making oral sex large basket of meat.  They switch off so Dillon must slurp Jacob's erection.  Then this becomes time for Jacob to hit mat & receive Dillon's eager boner in his ass.  Even though Dillon's cock is massive, Jacob takes it well.  several nice, hard packet was exactly what this gym was lacking.  


That Type of Gym - Hayden Anders -amp; Gunnar Marx -amp; Kyle Blake!

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Gunnar Marx & Kyle Blake have been fooling around with each other for few weeks now.  They might right here in gym locker room.  Its usually just two of them, however whole affair started when gym staff member dared them to kiss on afternoon after their workouts.  

Since than, 2 have naturally been very sexual with each other.  As they strip down & begin feeling frisky, Gunnar Marx, new gym member enters locker room.  Hayden can sense right away that something is unusual about vibe.  He can feel Kyle & Gunnar checking him out.  without much hesitation, Hayden pulls down his shorts & exposes his large, swollen sex stick.  Hey, its normal thing to do in any locker room.  Kyle & Gunnar follow suit, letting their own biggest erections flop out in open.  When all three boys begin stroking their pulsating, hungry cocks, Hayden realizes just what type of gym this really is! Kyle & Gunnar go right in for taste of Hayden's fresh meat.  They're so excited to share this new, hot men's fat dong together.  After some serious slurping & bobbing, Hayden decides he wants to stick his face in Kyle's ass.  While Kyle enjoys this, Gunnar lets Kyle suck his firm love stick.  Then they switch so Gunnar can fuck Kyle's ass for while, while Hayden get's some wild sucking from Kyle.  After several nice, hard pounding, Hayden is ready to slide his sausage inside Kyle's tight hole.  Watch Kyle gently ease himself onto Hayden's giant, erect ram rod & take it for seriously hot ride!


Perfect Sighs - Jay Cloud -amp; Asher Hawk!

gay twinks in bondage
Take journey in to heart of friendship.  Asher Hawk & Jay Cloud have been close friends since elementary school.  They're so close, in fact, Asher's mom buys underwear for Jay whenever she does for Asher.  Today, she's laid out several pairs for twinks to try on together.  The two think its funny getting naked together.  Especially when they both get fat boners!

As they try on various pairs, Jay's dick get's swollen quickly.  Asher teases his buddy by punish his own asshole little bit.  Soon Asher is hard as well, & giving passionate looks at Jay, unlike he ever has before.  Jay can tell that Asher wants to taste baby-maker.  They come together on bed & Asher takes Jay's fat bob between his lips.  Jay can not believe intense sensation.  His friend's mouth is so soft & warm.  All these years, they could have been enjoying such pleasure together.  Then Jay lays on bed & sucks Asher's pulsating dick, while Asher jacks Jay off.  Asher knows to what end this is leading...his own rear end.  Watch Jay fuck his sweet buddy Asher, just how he's wanted to for years.  You'll see Asher's tender hole get pounded hard.  You know what they friends do it best!


Passion and Porcelain - Tyler Morgan -amp; Casey Rae!

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Late at night, Tyler Morgan begins his workday.  After every last student has packed up & gone home, Tyler mops floors, tidies up periodicals, & dusts off Dewey Decimal drawers, among other things.  He's usually content being alone in school library at night.  He knows he's making money he needs.  Tonights little bit different though.  Around midnight, as Tyler enters first floor bathroom, he hears shuffling.  It comes from stall.  

Tyler finds fellow student, Casey Rae, groping himself.  Tyler also discovers Casey has disabled security camera that Tyler strategically positioned to catch hot guys using toilet.  Tyler immediately deduces that Casey is horny & down to bang right then.  They exchange no pleasantries, only fiery, passionate looks.  Tyler goes right into sucking Casey's fat rod.  Casey can not believe hot custodian he'd been seeing was actually slobbering & bobbing on his staff of life! For Tyler, this was turning out to be exactly right kind of distraction.  Casey get's taste of Tyler's throbbing steely dan too, as Tyler sits on 'upper deck' of toilet.  When intensity builds to boiling point, studs move outside stall & Tyler allows Casey to slide his giant mammary into Tyler's tight, waiting hole.  Casey doesn not hold back.  look him pound his new library friend hard, just way he fucks all other strangers.  No library card needed.  


The Wrestlers - Ben Daniels -amp; Shawn Allen -amp; Kip Ryker!

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Shawn Allen sat nervously on weight bench.  It was only day ago that he found crumpled flyer in his pocket that offered 'FREE wrestling lessons!' voice on other end of line told him in breathy affect where to be & when.  

The voice was Kip Ryker's.  Kip & boy by name of Ben Daniels were already waiting for Shawn when he showed up.  Ben had read about meeting on Craigslist.  The three remained silent for while.  Finally, Kip motioned with his head for Shawn to come closer to him.  Shawn did & sexual chemistry became too much to continue ignoring.  They embraced & kissed with tongues.  Ben watched & rubbed himself for few moments, enjoying unexpected eruption of sensual energy between these two.  

Shawn had come to mysterious, out-of-the-way gym to learn several grappling moves that might serve him well in street fight.  He was tired of bullies behind skating rink yelling embarrassing, insulting remarks at him on his way home from school.  Ben's motivation was little different.  He thought it would be chance to roll around with some hot guyz in tights.  Ben was certainly pleased when he realized meeting was turning into sexi, three-way hookup.  He joined Shawn & Kip, taking time to tongue wrestling them both.  than Shawn sat down & take Ben's large penus out.  As he did this, Kip pulled out Shawn's love stick & began sucking it deeply.  Shawn worked his mouth around Ben's wang, slurping & bobbing.  Shawn decided he wanted both burly cocks inside his holes in one time.  He laid down & allowed Instructor Kip to slide his mammoth erection into his tight ass.  Ben fucked Shawn's face while Kip slammed other side hard.  Before its all over, witness Shawn take warm, lava face load.  Goodness knows what next week's lesson will bring.  


Fireside Passions - Dillon Anderson -amp; Nicholas Reed!

gay men twinks
On cold, winter afternoons, Nicholas Reed's desire for fiery passion burns hot.  He's invited over an old friend named Dillon Anderson.  He & Dillon one time shared an ongoing romance, however it fizzled when two became jealous of other lovers.

Now Dillon's agreed to come by for some tea & check out Nicholas' new place.  Its luxurious suite on top of hill in outskirts of town.  His parents pay rent.  When Dillon arrives, Nicholas has wine poured & soft, adult-contemporary playing lightly through surround sound speakers.  They only exchange few words & have sip or two of wine before their lips lock.  Old feelings spill from their memories & they swap spit deeply.  Nicholas wastes little time before taking Dillon's dick in his mouth & sucking it, just way he used to.  then Dillon goes in for Nicholas' throbbing dong.  Nicholas has been salivating for long time to lick Dillon's horny hole again.  He's getting taste that he imagines will have to hold him over for another long time apart from Dillon.  then he's letting Dillon slide that amazing penis into his horny back.  Watch Nicholas get pounded by his old flame.  & Nicholas is having turn banging Dillon's tender pocket as well.  Get lost in this tale of rekindled passion as these guys feel heat of still glowing embers, buried deep down inside.  


Hard to the Mat - Alex Love -amp; Dakota White!

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Thanks to county budget cuts, students are being forced to share lockers in gym class.  Dakota White has been paired up with Alex Love.  Alex takes punctuality seriously & always tries to beat Dakota to their locker first so he can be ready sooner.  Its too bad for Alex that Dakota loves to get on nerves of cute boys.  

Dakota times himself perfectly in order to be at locker precisely when Alex arrives.  Alex is quick to comprehend this little game.  At first he's annoyed, however when Dakota grabs Alex's love stick, Alex changes his mind! Since class doesn not start for another hour, studs decide to have several fun in empty locker room.  Alex is little shy & nervous about hooking up on school grounds, so Dakota suggests they put on some wrestling tights & go for roll on mats! Alex is game for good time, & studs roll & play on floor.  When horseplay moves to include dry humping & kissing, tights come off & naked twinks grind their nubile bodies against each another.  Dakota has been waiting to get his love stick inside Alex's mouth ever since they met at beginning of semester.  & wow do Alex's lips feel good!! Dakota is enjoying taste of Alex's sweet ass hole.  than Dakota is sliding his hard, juicy dong into that tight pocket for proper pounding.  See these super hot Next Door boys take advantage of empty locker appartment & their raging hormones!


Detention Suxx - Tyler Morgan -amp; Alex love!

gay twinks anal
Its another day in after-school detention for Tyler Morgan.  however for goodie two-shoes, Alex Love, its shameful, traumatic experience.  Alex's mom already told him that if he doesn not use time in detention to finish his math homework, he's in big trouble.  Tyler knows Alex has never been punished at school before.  In fact, Alex has reputation for being teacher's pet.  Tyler's decided to make good use of his time today trying to hook up with Alex!

Tyler's type of guy that never gives up after an initial rejection.  Even though Alex fends off his first advances with scowling dirty looks, Tyler doesn not let up.  He knows key here will be making Alex laugh.  Sure enough, when he goes to front of flat & tries on teacher's glasses, Alex chuckles.  Tyler turns up sexiness by lifting his shirt up & showing his midriff.  Alex can not help however pop minor chubby.  Tyler removes his shirt completely & invites Alex to join him at front of classroom for some sensual fun.  Alex does & Tyler can not get Alex's sweet cock in his mouth fast enough.  Alex can not believe this is happening! The hottest man in school, sucking his dick in detention! Is he dreaming?? than something so epic & crazy happens, you won not believe your eyes.  Right there, on teacher's desk, Tyler lets Alex fuck him! Alex is blown away by how good Tyler's tight hole feels on his swollen prick.  Pounding that tender, class clown ass definitely makes getting in trouble worth it!


Jam Session - Josh -amp; Dakota White -amp; Zeus Xavier!

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Submitted for your approval: case involving three boys, too much idle time, & one lazy afternoon.  If your making guesses & happened to wager that their hormones took best of them, you'd be on right track.  

While Josh & his little friend, Dakota White, take break from their videoclip game to smooch, someone stands outside, waiting for right moment to join them.  You see, Zeus Xavier is in hurry to get to mall before Orange Julian stand closes.  He knows that if he can precisely enter at right moment, he can have his ram rod sucked by this beautiful twinks, skip all foreplay & after play, & still get to mall on time.  As soon as he sees his opening, he enters & pulls out his already hardening dick after some brief pleasantries.  Josh & Dakota know Zeus from hanging around skatepark after school.  Zeus used to go there & cruise for rod-hungry lads.  When he found these 2, he knew he had found sure thing for long time to come.  After Zeus has his fun, he breezes off & leaves Josh & Dakota to continue.  Its sweat ride for Dakota as Josh slips his nice, stiff boner in to Josh's ass & pounds his hole hard.  Catch action, catch heat as these, naughty, hottest, & a-one-more-hottest teen boys let their passions erupt.  


Whipping studs - Jacob Wolf -amp; Elliot Vance!

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Elliot Vance has taste for exotic porn.  however there are few kinky things he hasn not had chance to try.  Through friend in his World Geography class, he's recently made an appointment to meet with stranger who also would like to engage in some less-than-conventional activities.  the stranger just happens to be cute boy boy, Jacob Wolf.

Both Elliot & Jacob are little nervous.  Jacob's done few things with whips before, however taking look at what Elliot has laid out for them to use on each other, Jacob is bit reticent.  Elliot chooses to use cat 'o' nine tails to start things.  Jacob likes feel of leather on his bare skin, & can just barely tolerate sting each time Elliot snaps whip on his asshole & thighs.  

When its Jacob's turn to pick from beautiful table, he goes with classic, leather paddle.  He's taking his time, letting paddle tickle Elliot at first, than SMACK him good.  however Jacob isn not only about slapping, he's also here to enjoy Elliots dick.  To ease stinging from leather, Jacob takes Elliots pulsating erection into his eager mouth.  Its so big & hard, Jacob can barely believe it.  then Elliot give Jacob nice sucking.  Jacob must tell by way Elliot slurps that he wants to be fucked, right there in house.  Watch Jacob slide his nice, firm penus into Elliots tender hole.  This is hard pounding, experimental adventure into kinky wonderland.  


Share Your sextoy - Asa Shaw -amp; Oli Gold -amp; Alexx Thomas!

gay twink videos
Its about time Oli shared that thing! His little friends in school have been waiting for an invitation ever since they all saw him unwrap brand new, princely looking vibrator at his birthday party.  

Oli's been using sextoy everyday.  The truth is, he hasn not wanted to invite anyone over because he's been acclimating his tight, gay teen boy hole to monster thing.  however now that he can take girth fairly easily, Oli's decided to invite over his pals, Asa Shaw & Alexx Thomas for little pleasure party.  The three boys made out in school during lunch once, so Oli figures they're best invitees for his good-time get-together.  They engaged in some hottest amorous activity right from start.  They can not keep their hands off each other.  Soon they're naked, playing with & sucking on one another.  Alexx slurps, licks, & sucks Asa's fat dick for while, while Oli takes care of Alexx's thick dick.  then coveted dildo makes its appearance.  Watch each boy take nice, deep banging before squirting with passionate glee, one at time.  Its twink party you definitely want to attend!


Early Bloomers - Elliot Vance -amp; Shawn Allen!

gay twinks sex
Its story of fairytale romance, set in real-life garden of color & heavenly aroma.  That & lot of horsing around! Elliot Vance & his new boyfriend, Shawn Allen, have unexpectedly stopped by Next Door Garden for little fun.  This is what happens when they're given permission to frolic & play tag around beautiful flower bushes.  

Elliot is ham for camera, so we started shooting & let good times roll! Shawn likes to tease his guys with little tricks & games.  In garden, he won not stop picking flowers & throwing them at Elliot! This get's Elliot to chase him around, finally catching him & planting deep passionate smooches.  Once twinks are tired of goofing off outside, they retreat to chill-out space in main house.  Things really heat up when Shawn pulls out Elliots burly dick for several sucking.  Elliot has nice taste of Shawn's swollen dick, & follows it up with some sensuous ass blow.  Join them as this foreplay leads to several hard however romantic fucking.  There's nothing like young, blossoming love!


Playing Rough - Jacob Wolf -amp; Ben Daniels!

nude gay twinks
Hijinx, goof play, rough housing, horsing off...they're all things that twinks like Jacob Wolf & his friend Ben Daniels find irresistible.  They want to bring you into their play flat to join them for several wrestling, tickling, maybe even some delicious fun.

Jacob is sweet Twink who loves very active, playful games.  Ben is little more experienced & older, however still enjoys goofy, silly goodtime.  Ben knows that Jacob can easily get carried away while playing.  Ben suspects this could lead to an opportunity to get Jacob horny & nude.  After little frisky frolicking, sure enough, Jacob loses his clothing.  Some passionate kissing accompanies feeling of being young, naked, & free.  Jacob decides to pull down Ben's underpants & suck on his lizard.  Ben is definitely ok with this kind of playing around! In fact, Ben is having taste of Jacob's fat rod.  Ben didn not expect Jacob to be such sexy boy.  After slurping on Ben's swollen dong, Jacob licks & fingers Ben's tight, pink hole.  This get's Ben craving Jacob's ass, so he lays him down & slides his meat in for hard fucking.  See out these luscious, playful Twink guys as they let their cute, naugty sides run slutty.


Cumming of Age - Ashton Webber -amp; Andy Taylor!

gay twinks in action
They're 2 twinks who love to laugh & have nice time.  however even more, they love getting naked & fooling around! Today Andy Taylor & Ashton Webber are joining to do several kissing, few rubbing, some sucking, & definitely some fucking!

Andy is very sensual boy.  Even simply light touching & soft biting makes him melt.  Ashton is taking advantage of Andy's sensuous nature by starting out teasingly, playing with his cock, still beneath underwear.  It plumps as he plays, just before pulling down late waistband to let Andy's wide dong get some air.  Ashton loves taste of fresh, hard rooster.  Andy can not believe how petty Ashton is at sucking deeply.  Soon they've switched & Andy is enjoying Ashton's swollen cock.  Andy takes his time with it, slapping, drooling, & slurping as Ashton experiences intense pleasure ride.  He also does some nice tonge flicking around Ashton's tight, sweet hole.  than its time to fuck.  Andy slides his pulsating beef into Ashton & pounds him beautiful & hard.  Ashton's banana is so hard for this solid banging.  Then its time for Andy to accept Ashton.  Watch these fiery hot boy studs make each other burst with passion & pleasure in this wild, hot encounter.  


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