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Steven Russel - Steven Russel!

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Steven Russel is DC folk who knows thing or two about getting his hands dirty.  full-time contractor, this blue collar stud works hard & relaxes even harder.  Unwinding on sofa in his morning robe, Steven ignores tasks ahead of him & just basks in morning moment, running his hands down his chest & parting hem in his robe, exposing bulge in his shorts as he slides his fingers underneath waistband.  Pulling his underwear down around his ankles, his rod pops out, staring up at him in need of attention.  Steven fondles himself in yellow light before sitting upright & taking matters in to hand, stroking back & forth slowly as his shaft grows to maximum density, flicking it back against his stomach in repeating thuds before standing up & unloading his morning batch onto couch.


Best in the Biz - Tyler Torro -amp; Kyle Quinn -amp; James Huntsman!

hardcore gay sex movies
When Kyle Quinn decided he was gonna become personal trainer, he call on Best in Biz! He had done few scouting around local gyms & seen Tyler Torro putting on clinics in weight room.  Kyle had to have him.  After striking deal where Tyler would bring himself along with friend who also happens to be fantastic trainer, three met up at Kyle's place.  Kyle hired camera fuckers to capture instructional session for later viewing.

Tyler showed up with James Huntsman, top trainer with an incredible body.  Once 2 pros take their shirts off, Kyle knew he would need to see more.  He noticed both mens had fattening erections under their workout shorts.  Kyle figured he'd test waters by grabbing Tyler's boner.  Thats when all three mans realized only way Kyle was going to understand proper discipline required to train gym patrons was by taking two hard dicks in his mouth.  Switching back & forth between penises, at fevered pace, Kyle started to get it! Then Tyler bent Kyle over & slid his fat dong into Kyle's tight, sweet hole.  Even though position wasn not something Kyle was used to, it felt VERY good.  If this is what training is all about, Kyle's gonna be great!


Hardbody Hookup - Courtney Shae -amp; Derrick Dime!

gay boy hardcore
There they were, two most desirable gym rats on floor.  Finally they were alone together in weight room.  They had exchanged glances before however this time sexual energy was palpable.  Derrick Dime lifted dumbbells while Courtney Shae moved her body sensuously in mirror.  Derrick take his shirt off, move that felt natural to him in moment.  When he did, she moved to exercise ball & began feeling her own body with her hands.

Derrick stood up, still with weight in one hand, & popped his member out of his pants with his free hand.  Courtney knew it was her chance to finally wrap her wet lips around Derrick's behemoth, throbbing cock.  She walked over & made pulsating erection hers.  It tasted better than she had dreamed.  Derrick quivered as she licked & bobbed on his manhood.  His back cheeks flexed as he gently thrust back & forth.  After enjoying her warm mouth for while, he sat on bench & let her mount him.  They embraced as she rode his fat jackhammer.  Her lamentations echoing through otherwise empty space made his boner grow even harder.  Then to floor they went & Derrick continued pounding her with passionate strength.  Finally, she took to her knees & allowed him to erupt onto her eager face.  She slurped hot sperm from tip of his exhausted, satisfied dick.


Justin - Justin A!

gay hardcore movies
Justin is wise-cracking joker who has fallen in love with his own pic.  narcissist through & through, he strips off his shirt to reveal his pecs, slowly undoing his belt & letting his pants slip down to his ankles.  Reclining on bed for minute, he rubs his hands down his chest & begins to massage his cock out of slumber.  Once hard, he sits up, stroking it feverishly before moving over to mirror to admire himself in reflection.  He turns around, showing off his ass & back, before getting down to business, flogging himself in mirror & than shooting his jizz all over glass, watching his goo ooze down mirror onto waiting floor.


GLOW - Cole Christiansen -amp; Dante Martin -amp; Derrick Dime!

gay hardcore gallery
After raging night at clubs, Cole Christiansen & Derrick Dime aren not ready for party to end.  Luckily for them, Cole's friend, Dante, throws best after-parties.  As they pull up, Dante has surprise waiting for them.  He's converted his basement into party palace, complete with lights, paint, & plenty of room to get as rambunctious as need be.  Cole & Derrick paint little, however walls are much less fun to paint than balls, so quickly mans let their artistic inclinations run wild on each other.  Dante runs brush down Derrick's chest, all way down to his waistband, when Derrick gives Dante look that says, 'Why stop there?'
So Dante pulls down Derrick's shorts & finds Derrick's dick ready & waiting.  Dante wraps his lips around Derrick's glow stick, & Derrick grabs him by back of head & pushes him further down on it, choking him as Cole looks on enviously.  Dante switches & gives Cole little taste, before he climbs up on table between them as they take turns gaping his hole, readying it for what comes next.  
As Dante moans from feeling of Cole's index finger plunged deep inside him, Derrick lubes up & approaches Dante from behind, his eager penis ready for satisfaction.  Sinking his rod deep in to Dante's hole, Derrick begins to thrust as Dante mountains on Cole's penis.  than mans switch & its Cole's turn to have his way with host, flipping Dante over & spreading his legs wide to accommodate repeated thrusts.  They switch again, & Dante strokes his cock as Derrick pumps away, causing Dante to gush his sex cream all over his sweaty chest, before Derrick pulls out & he & Cole both blast Dante with double sperm to face.  Funny fact: did you know emission glows in blacklight?


Aaron Tex - Aaron Tex!

hardcore gay porn movies
Aaron Tex is Texas born & ready to show you his long horn.  You could fly Lone Star from his flagpole, thats for sure, standing up at full attention & ready for action.  Thin, wiry & soft spoken, Aaron lets his big stick do talking for him, & we catch up to him mid-dialog, his sex stick poking out of fly in his boxers & begging for attention.  He thumbs head as it dribbles pre-cum, flashing his pearly whites before licking his lips & commencing to action, wrapping his fingers around base & wagging it back & forth, slapping this against his stomach, & whacking himself silly before spitting his cum onto his chest in messy puddle of Texas T, white gold.  penis butter that is.  


MOTOCAYDEN - Christian Cayden -amp; Conner Hastings!

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As photographer, Conner Hastings has developed quite & eye for beauty in all of its forms, so when Christian Cayden comes sauntering onto his set, Conner is giddy with expectation.  With leathers all laid out, Conner can envision Christian stripping out of his everyday get up & slipping into something little more adventurous.

To his credit, Christian is willing & able to take direction, offering no resistance to every of Conner's promptings, & so Conner can not help however wonder just how willing & flexible Christian might be.

A short time later, as Conner bends Christian's naked butt over bike's seat, Conner get's his answer.  Turns out, Christian has been thinking same thing since they met, just wondering when it would be that Conner would make pass at him.

And now that Christian has this hot photographer every to himself, he intends on making some lasting memories.  

Christian swallows every of Conner's shaft, as Conner fucks his mouth, running his hands through Christian's hair.  Gagging on Conner's beef is nice warm up, however what Christian really wants is that hard injection of Conner's main vein, so Conner bends up against bike & goes at Christian's ass raw & with-out abandon, pumping Christian hard from behind, then flipping him over onto his back & dive bombing his ass from above, before losing his load every over Christian's face, as Christian swallows any evidence of any of it ever happening.  Luckily they have pics.

Private Shoot - Brittany Amber -amp; Conner Maguire!

gay hardcore porn tube
Its been while that Conner Maguire's wanted to be more than just friends with Brittany Amber.  however he doesn not know how to tell her! Conner being avid hobby photographer, Brittany's asked him to take some 'boudoir' photos of her.  Little does Conner know, Brittany has hots for him too!

Conner can not believe how hot she looks in outfit she picked to wear.  Seeing her posing on his bed is making his penis VERY hard.  Is this his opportunity to make move?! Is this ruse so he'll advance upon her? If he makes misstep, their friendship could become awkward & ruined.  He carefully gauges her expressions & movements.  When he's sure she's beckoning him to come to bed, Conner locks door so his roommates won not interrupt.  Sure enough, two are kissing passionately as soon as he goes to her.  After going down on Brittany, she returns favor by slurping & sucking his massive rod.  than its what Conner's been fantasizing about for months.  Brittany's having him slide that beautiful, erect dong inside her.  Conner knew it would feel beautiful, however this is amazing! Watch this hot stud pound lady of his dreams for 1 st time as two close things off in this private shoot!


Diesel White - Diesel White!

gay hardcore orgy
Diesel White is serious, intense kind of guy who knows what he wants in life.  Determined & hard-working, this small town kid has grown up, filling out in every direction & flexing for your enjoyment.  His hulking shoulder & chest muscles show spoils of his hard work, as we catch up with him at finish of his workout.  After nice lift & some cardio on bag, Diesel has worked up nice sweat, however he's only halfway done with his routine.  Leaning back against bag, he peels off his interested shirt & strips down to his underwear, stroking his penis through his shorts.  Peeling waistband back, he reveals shiny tip of his penis, eager & ready for some attention.  Diesel grips his shaft & wags it around room confidently, his blue eyes reflected against sun peeking through window.  Reclining now, back against bag, Diesel spreads his legs & works his little soldier frenzied & throbbing, before he unleashes his load every over gym floor.  With his workout now complete, Diesel throws his sweaty brow back against back & exhales triumphantly.


Hard Fuckers - Brandon Lewis -amp; Paul Wagner -amp; Brody Wilder!

gay hardcore porno
These are three guyz that know exactly what they want.  They came to gym today to get workout, thats for sure.  Paul Wagner sent out call for Brandon Lewis & Brody Wilder to meet him here.  Brody & Brandon are prepared to fuck Paul hard, just way they did last time.

Paul doesn not like to mess around with guys that might not pound his hole properly.  He knows both Brody & Brandon don not waste time.  Today they're starting out by sucking each other's hard, fat cocks.  Paul stands on some equipment while Brandon services him, & Brody takes care of Brandon's thick meat.  They move to position where Paul can enjoy taste of Brody's sweet hole, while Brody blows Brandon some more.  Its soon time for Paul to get what he came for.  First Brandon rails that tight asshole with serious strength he's worked up from other gym sessions.  Paul slurps deep & hard on Brody's large erection whole time.  Then Brody & Brandon switch & Brody slams cock-loving Paul until all three bad ass lads explode in hot, sticky finish!


Jake Glazer - Jake Glazer!

extreme gay hardcore
Jake Glazer is free-wheeling loose cannon who enjoys living it up, playing hard & having as much fun as possible along way.  An extreme sports enthusiast, Jake lives for snow & sea, however when he's not catching air on few kind of board, he's hitting clubs for night on town, in hopes of finding several form of debauchery to engage in.  Jake loves it rough, tough & little bit nasty, though, so modest prudes need not bother.  Here we see Jake in garage, tuning up ride & than doing little maintenance under his own hood, if you know what I am talking about.  Unzipping his cover-alls, he peels out of his clothes & leans back against side of car, fondling his cock while working vice-grip on his nozzles.  dick growing, he reclines on floor & begins to fondle his asshole as his dick swells to maximum capacity.  Running his hands down his chest, he explodes bucketful of 'ball-bearing oil' all over himself, covering himself in his own love lube as he lay exhausted & spent on garage floor.


Q-amp;A - Austin Storm -amp; Ryan Knightly!

hardcore gay ass pounding
Here's sneak peek into world of gay for Pay, as Ryan & Austin Storm both outline their sexual proclivities as well as their reservations about adult industry.  For Austin, this is nothing new, as he has made adjustments in his personal life to accommodate his onscreen double-life.  however for new guy Ryan, surprise is in store.  Thinking he is only here to jerk-off, he finds out during his interview he'll actually be fuck Austin, & screws tighten from there.  

Initially worried, he is eased somewhat when he meets Austin, as their vibe seems to mesh.  however its not until Austin lays Ryan back & begins to blowing him off that Ryan realizes his preconceptions are way off.  Growing hard in Austin's mouth, Ryan pushes Austin's head down harder, ramming his cock into back of Austin's throat, before moving to bed where Austin runs his hands up & down Ryan's body.  Ryan is visibly turned on & Austin is willing & able, so Ryan bends Austin over side of bed & begins to pump him from behind.  Austin reaches back & pulls Ryan in closer, as Ryan continues to thrust, turning Austin & continuing as Austin jerks his penus in motion.  Ryan fills Austin up with high hard beef & it is too much for Austin to bare, & he loses his loads every over his stomach & Ryan just keeps plowing.  fuck Austin's hole with reckless abandon, Ryan is ready to spew his jizz as well, so he pulls out & drenches Austin.  No longer newbie, Ryan realizes there might be something to this after all.


Mist Connection - Brittany Amber -amp; Johnny Smash!

gay hardcore thumbs
They're 2 of hottest stars you'll see hook up this year.  Its powerful, blazing hot Johnny Smash, paired up with luscious Brittany Amber.  

When Johnny takes break from working on Brittany's pool, he wanders up to guest bedroom & peeks in open window.  What he spies gives him an instant erection.  Its Brittany herself, pulling her underwear down & feeling her own body.  As steam from pool envelops Johnny, standing just outside glass door now, he reaches into his pants & plays with his hard penis.  When he sees Brittany is in heat of passion, he decides to enter room & make move.  Sure enough, Brittany accepts his advances & takes Johnny's potbellied phallic in her mouth.  Johnny can not believe such hot fresh meat gal is slurping his knob! Brittany can not get enough of this pool boy's vibrator.  He showed up just at right time & she couldn not help however ravage him, & let him take full advantage of her.  Watch Johnny pound her nice & good with his big, strong cock.  This is one pool service that goes extra mile!


JP - JP A!

extreme gay hardcore
JP is an optimistic, athletic stud from sunny beaches of southern Florida, ready to make splash & warm you through winter.  An ex college pitcher, this guy has traded in his jock for stage, spending his nights as dancer, pleasing & partying his way through weekend.  Here we get little taste of both, as JP pops it, then locks it, then drops it like its hot.  Once he's down on floor, his moves become more deliberate, as he peels off his tight pants & lets his rod pop out, flicking it back against his chest while staring up with his big blue eyes.  Balancing on an exercise ball, he spreads his legs wide & fingers his ass as he strokes full length of his love stick, pausing at head to massage tip, before moving back down shaft.  Moving back to mat, he leans up against side of cage & for true goes at it, taking just moment to look up before unleashing his jizz onto his sweaty, ripped chest.


Truth or Dare - Brandon Bronco -amp; Conner Hastings -amp; Addison Graham!

hardcore gay ass pounding
Brandon Bronco & Conner Hastings have had tables turned on them.  Waiting in hot tub expecting woman to arrive, boys have prepared little game of Truth or Dare & wait hornily for her arrival.  however it seems this lass has pulled fast one on mens, sending instead her brother Addison, who arrives ready to play & eager to please.  Brandon & Conner are surprised, however their lust is apparent & their temperament tells them to make best of situation, so they begin playing anyway.  Midway through, it occurs to Brandon what nice asshole Addison has, & game has revealed that Conner gives absolutely no fucks where he puts his boss and his two helpers, so mens move from tub to bedroom where Brandon & Conner take turns using Addison like fuck subby.  

Addison is willing & able to accommodate, taking Brandon's huge rod all way down his throat as Conner plays with his butt, tonguing at Addison's hole as Brandon's penis swells full & thick.  Turning Addison around, Brandon inches his cock deep into Addison, while Conner bends over & lets Addison taste his sweet, freshly cleaned back.  Brandon pumps away as Addison strokes himself off, losing his sex cream as Brandon thrusts with reckless abandon.  Conner, who has never had cock inside him, becomes envious at sight & allows his friend to try it just this once as Addison looks on, very pleased in situation he has created.


David Ryder - David Ryder!

gay hardcore yaoi
David Ryder is an extreme case originally from south.  Whether it is cycling 30 miles day, skydiving or just hanging at gym, if it get's his blood pumping, he's in to it, & he's got body to show for his hard work.  Ripped & shredded with nary an ounce of fat on him, he's also got fearless curiosity that allows him to experiment & expand his horizons with-out reservation.  Its this trait that brings him here, where he has no inhibitions about his body.  & why would he? Peeling out of his shorts, he shows his rippled abs & his long lean legs, however its his hard cock that garners most attention.  Bending over, he pushes his penis between his legs as he maneuvers around cot he's reclined on, before lubing it up & stroking it down, then exploding his sperm all over sheets.  


Co-Jack - Jaxson Colt -amp; Jett Ryan!

young gay hardcore
Jett Ryan has whole host of objects he'd like to try out on Jaxson Colts cute little ass.  Dildos, anal beads, you name it...  Jetts got it & he wants to use it.  Jaxson is not opposed to any of this, provided Jett lets Jaxson have little taste of rod all now & again.  Jaxson drops down, kissing Jett all down his body, removing his shorts, & then plunging his lips around Jetts shaft, tickling head with his tongue as he wiggles his asshole in front of Jett.  Jett is about to lose his nut, so he decides to flip script, & sets Jaxson on his knees with his back in air, than Jett lubes up finger & slowly slides it in.  Jaxson pushes back on it & Jett slides in to third knuckle, before pulling out & lubing up anal beads on table.  Popping them in one by one, Jett can see look of ecstacy on Jaxson's face, & Jett decides to move on to huge strap-on that Jaxson has been eying from start.  He pushes it up inside of Jaxson, who flogs his rock hard dick as Jett pumps him from behind, & Jaxson loses his cum in frenetic explosion, before Jett finishes up & does same.

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