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Steven Russel - Steven Russel!

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Steven Russel is DC twink who knows thing or two about getting his hands kinky.  full-time contractor, this blue collar guy works hard & relaxes even harder.  Unwinding on sofa in his morning robe, Steven ignores tasks ahead of him & just basks in morning moment, running his hands down his chest & parting hem in his robe, exposing bulge in his shorts as he slides his fingers underneath waistband.  Pulling his underwear down around his ankles, his cock pops out, staring up at him in need of attention.  Steven fondles himself in yellow light before sitting upright & taking matters into hand, stroking back & forth slowly as his shaft grows to maximum density, flicking it back against his stomach in repeating thuds before standing up & unloading his morning batch onto couch.


Justin - Justin A!

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Justin is wise-cracking joker who has fallen in love with his own picture.  narcissist through & through, he strips off his shirt to reveal his pecs, slowly undoing his belt & letting his pants slip down to his ankles.  Reclining on bed for minute, he rubs his hands down his chest & begins to massage his sex stick out of slumber.  Once hard, he sits up, stroking it feverishly before moving over to mirror to admire himself in reflection.  He turns around, showing off his butt & back, before getting down to business, flogging himself in mirror & than shooting his loads all over glass, watching his goo ooze down mirror onto waiting floor.


Aaron Tex - Aaron Tex!

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Aaron Tex is Texas born & ready to show you his long horn.  You could fly Lone Star from his flagpole, thats for sure, standing up at full attention & ready for action.  Thin, wiry & soft spoken, Aaron lets his huggest stick do talking for him, & we catch up to him mid-dialog, his cock poking out of fly in his boxers & begging for attention.  He thumbs head as it dribbles pre-cum, flashing his pearly whites before licking his lips & commencing to action, wrapping his fingers around base & wagging it back & forth, slapping it against his stomach, & whacking himself silly before spitting his sex cream onto his chest in messy puddle of Texas T, white gold.  Semen that is.  


Diesel White - Diesel White!

dirty old gay man
Diesel White is serious, intense kind of lad who knows what he wants in life.  Determined & hard-working, this small town kid has grown up, filling out in every direction & flexing for your enjoyment.  His hulking shoulder & chest muscles show spoils of his hard work, as we catch up with him at end of his workout.  After nice lift & few cardio on bag, Diesel has worked up nice sweat, however he's only halfway done with his routine.  Leaning back against bag, he peels off his wet shirt & strips down to his underwear, stroking his dick through his shorts.  Peeling waistband back, he reveals shiny tip of his penis, eager & ready for some attention.  Diesel grips his shaft & wags it around appartment confidently, his blue eyes reflected against sun peeking through window.  Reclining now, back against bag, Diesel spreads his legs & works his banana frenzied & throbbing, before he unleashes his load all over gym floor.  With his workout now complete, Diesel throws his sweaty brow back against back & exhales triumphantly.


Jake Glazer - Jake Glazer!

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Jake Glazer is free-wheeling loose cannon who enjoys living it up, playing hard & having as much fun as possible along way.  An extreme sports enthusiast, Jake lives for snow & sea, however when he's not catching air on some kind of board, he's hitting clubs for night on town, in hopes of finding several form of debauchery to engage in.  Jake likes it rough, tough & little bit sexy, though, so modest prudes need not bother.  Here we see Jake in garage, tuning up ride & than doing little maintenance under his own hood, if you know what I am talking about.  Unzipping his cover-alls, he peels out of his clothes & leans back against side of car, fondling his cock while working vice-grip on his taps.  cock growing, he reclines on floor & begins to fondle his ass hole as his dick swells to maximum capacity.  Running his hands down his chest, he explodes bucketful of jism all over himself, covering himself in his own lava as he lay exhausted & spent on garage floor.


JP - JP A!

very old gay men
JP is an optimistic, athletic guy from sunny beaches of southern Florida, ready to make splash & warm you through winter.  An ex college pitcher, this man has traded in his jock for stage, spending his nights as danzer, pleasing & partying his way through weekend.  Here we get little taste of both, as JP pops it, then locks it, then drops this like its hot.  Once he's down on floor, his moves become more deliberate, as he peels off his tight pants & lets his cock pop out, flicking it back against his chest while staring up with his large blue eyes.  Balancing on an exercise ball, he spreads his legs wide & fingers his ass as he strokes full length of his dick, pausing at head to massage tip, before moving back down shaft.  Moving back to mat, he leans up against side of cage & for true goes at it, taking just moment to watch up before unleashing his sex cream onto his sweaty, ripped chest.


David Ryder - David Ryder!

old men gay video
David Ryder is an extreme case originally from south.  Whether it is cycling 30 miles day, skydiving or just hanging at gym, if it get's his blood pumping, he's in to it, & he's got body to show for his hard work.  Ripped & shredded with nary an ounce of overweight on him, he's also got fearless curiosity that allows him to experiment & expand his horizons with-out reservation.  Its this trait that brings him here, where he has no inhibitions about his body.  & why would he? Peeling out of his shorts, he shows his rippled abs & his long lean legs, however its his hard penis that garners most attention.  Bending over, he pushes his cock between his legs as he maneuvers around cot he's reclined on, before lubing it up & stroking it down, then exploding his load all over sheets.  


Randy - Randy A!

naked old gay men
Randy is somewhat soft-spoken twink from Pacific NW.  With wrestling in his family background & an athletic past, one thing he isn not shy of is weight room, where he regularly can be found lifting & crunching to maintain his stellar bod.  & when he's not in gym, he can be found in classroom, boning up on his lessons & engaging in pursuits of higher learning.  however when its time to took study break, Randy goes all in & takes it all off.  Stripping out of his clothes as he sits behind his desk, he rubs his hands along his chest, feeling his muscles flex as he runs his fingers up & down his upper body.  Working himself up, he unzips his pants & slowly & strips down to his underwear, taking seat at one of student desks as head of his penis peeks out from top of his waistband.  Once fully naked, Randy reclines back on his desk & proceeds get down to some serious cramming, working length of his shaft & rubbing head with his thumb, before draining his load all over his stomach & concluding his special 'study session'.


Mark Strong - Mark Strong!

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Mark Strong sees himself as just an every day, average guy.  Whether he's working construction or hanging out at gym, there's not too much out of ordinary about this Jersey native...  that is, until he pulls down his pants to reveal his dangerous, long love stick.  Roughly size of baseball bat, Mark unfurls his member & reclines on massage table, oiling up & stripping down, before wrapping his fingers around shaft & double-fisting his dong.  Applying slathering of baby oil, head of his rod shimmers in light as he get's ready to unleash his batch, & Mark leans back & aims for stars, shooting his load off love rocket before gathering his clothes & signing off for day.  


Derrick Dime - Derrick Dime!

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Derrick Dime is gear head who comes to us originally from San Antonio, TX.  When he's not working on his shredded physique, you can find Derrick in garage, wrenching on muscle cars, or out at track, racing one of his creations.  Here me and him pull him out from under hood & have him laid out for different sort of monkeying around.  Unbuttoning his shirt, he runs his hands over his chest muscles, & down his stomach, before unzipping his pants & sliding out of them.  Reclining back in desk chair, Derrick spreads his legs & props his feet up on table, gripping his hard dick & wagging this around for you, before commencing to serious business at hand.  Beating his love stick like piston, he bites his lip, than, all at once, relaxes his muscles as his cock explodes his jizz in dripping puddle on his chair.


Blayne - Blayne!

gay mature pics
Coming to you direct from our nation's capital, Blayne is sun drenched hard body with shining personality & rock hard reveal in his pants.  An aspiring actor, Blayne's smile is infectious & his attitude is easy going.  consummate tease, he slowly changes out of his short soccer shorts & in to his wrestling singlet, his rippled abs & flexed back muscles moving in hard lit shadows.  Slowly he begins to peel away his clothes & his cock is already standing up in full attention waiting for him.  Sliding his hands into his underwear, he pulls it out & begins to finger pre-load dripping slowly out of tip, than commences spread his fingers around base before going at it full bore, talking & teasing whole way, until he can no longer contain himself, unleashing his sperm on mat beneath him as he exhales in sweaty exhaltation.  


Alekzander - Alekzander!

mature older gay men
Alekzander is hard rockin' twink who is easy on eyes & hard in pants.  guitar player from musical family, he puts on show behind curtain, as he strips out of his clothes & reclines on bed, his swollen sex stick moist & ready for action.  Showing off his fingering technique, he idly plays with tip, teasing with his thumb, & wiping away dribble of pre-sex juice with his index finger, before getting down to serious business.  Moving from his perched position against wall, he stretches out horizontally & begins to stroke, his blue eyes catching dimly lit room, before he massages him-self to climax & sticky finale, leaving you wanting an encore.  


Channing Taylor - Channing Taylor!

mature et gay
Channing Taylor is in between phases, as this future soldier takes an opportunity to enjoy little R&R before his tour of duty.  He begins his tour of booty trapped in cell, laying on cot & staring up in ceiling.  Tired of spinning in circles, he begins exercising to try & displace some of his pent up energy, however to no avail, so his next move is to try & expel some of his frustration.  Reaching in to his issued shorts, he finds his sex stick hard & uncircumcised, waiting for his touch, as he fingers head & begins to stroke from top to base.  Spreading his legs on cot, he puts his feet up against wall & slaps his basket of meat against his stomach before stroking little harder.  Taking his satisfaction into his own hands, he double fists his banana as it spits sperm all over his stomach, then he lies his head back as this drips down side of his stomach.


Ryan Knightly - Ryan Knightly!

mature gay seduction
Ryan Knightly is built to last & ready for action.  fanatic in gym, Ryan is national physique competitor, & nothing get's his juices flowing like showing off little.  Here, we catch up with him at end of his workout, in need of shower & little wind down.  Slowly, he undresses & steps underneath shower head, letting water trickle down his neck & down small of his back.  Lathering up, he makes sure to scrub in all hard to reach places, slippery soap all over his chiseled wet body.  Stepping out & drying off, he lays back on bed with his towel wrapped around him, nudging his hand beneath folds & discovering nice hard surprise between his legs.  & even though he's freshly clean, that doesn not stop him from entertaining his dirty thoughts, so he slips his grip around his shaft & proceeds to do what comes natural.  The only thing he's waiting for is you.  


Riddick Stone - Riddick Stone!

pictures of old gay men
Riddick Stone comes to us from Houston with his gear in his bag & energy to burn.  This former college football player makes his living training other athletes to recognize their ultimate form, however when he's not pushing others to be their best, he can be found in gym, pushing weight & pulling on something else.  If his southern charms don not do it for you, his rock hard abs, firm butt & chiseled chest should do trick.  As he leans back against against his helmet, his sweaty body glistening in Friday night lights, he brings himself to brink of eruption before letting loose his 'large score' all over his stomach.


Stefan - Stefan!

old gay pics
Stefan comes to us from overseas, bringing latina flare & laid back attitude state side.  Not much on words, he prefers to let his actions do talking, & its fairly apparent that he's in mood to get down & dirty.  Stripping his clothes off before heading out to hot tub for rinse off, he returns to bedroom to towel off.  Once there, he loses all pretense & lets his swelling penis have its say, gripping it 2-handed before gently massaging tip with his moistened finger.  Then, laying back & reclining while working his shaft, he blasts his stomach with his hot semen, rubbing this in to his skin of his meaty cock before throwing his head back in pleasurable exhaustion.


Hugh Jazz - Hugh Jazz!

gay mature videos
Hugh Jazz is country boy with reckless streak running through him, however we've managed to keep him out of trouble for at least one afternoon.  good ol' boy originally from West Virginia, this rabble-rouser likes to go fast & get dirty, & he's not stopping until job is done.  We catch up to him at end of his day moving several hay as he relaxes & kicks back with cool one, draining it quickly before turning his attention to different sort of release.  Oblivious to onlookers, he unzips his pants & lets his dick peek out from side of his underwear, head swelling up as shaft hardens.  He takes it out & stands it up, wagging it around before standing up, pushing it through his legs as he bends over & begins to stroke, before reclining back down on hay & spreading his legs to get that nut southern style.  Running his hands up & down his chest & his rippled abs, his mouth falls open as he get's closer & closer, breathing heavyset & beading moisture as he sprays his milky load all over himself in afternoon sun, sweat on his head glimmering in afternoon light.


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