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Muscle Milk!

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Gostoso! Alexsander Freitas is finally out of our dreams & into our living room.  me and him've been waiting to get this hottest slice of Brazil with us & waiting is over.  Alexsander is 35 & comes to us from Rio de Janeiro from beautiful shores of Copa Cabana Beach; adjacent to better known Ipanema.  Dark & tan & inked & lovely, boy from Copa Cabana goes walking; & when he passes, each one he passes goes "AYE CARAMBA!" Alexsander just oozes porno.  His beard, furry power house frame & tats just add to his charms.  Back to help welcome Alexsander is David Scott.  David is 27 & travelled all way from Orlando, FL.  We asked these two if they could take vacation all expenses paid anywhere in world where would they like to be.  Alexsander would want to go to Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.  Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago of 21 islands off Brazil's coast & one of the majority of the beautiful places as well as environmentally protected in Brazil.  David takes gander at his co-star before answering & says, "Well, if they all watch like him, I'd wanna go to Rio." Nicely done.  Alexsander likes asien stud with smooth skin & no hair.  Makes sense since opposites attract.  David likes older men which is why he loves us here in MenOver30.  In few you'll get to see why.  

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Daves Not Here!

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After taking one look at Brett standing looking back at him, Tristan didnt not seem too upset that his friend David wasn not at home to say least.  As Brett took one step towards him, Tristan's open seemed pulled into snake running across Bretts pants like it was guided by tractor beam of desire.  Brett goes in for throw the tongue before Tristan drops to his knees, opens his jeans nuzzles his face across package in Bretts underwear that outlined full girth & length of that boner that practically extended beyond his thigh.  Taking out that giant sex stick, Tristan feast on big size mushroom head & begins to power suck that fat mens beef, forcing as much of this into his mouth before sliding his knees to open his throat to try & take even more.  Looking up at Brett with his mouth bloated with meat stick, Tristan bangs it on his tongue, licks his balls then stands up & allows Brett to release rooster ready for its turn.  Brett proves to be quite cocksmith himself, slurping on Tristan's meat before standing up & filling Tristan's mouth again.  Arching his back & turning around, Bretts tongue invades Tristan's hole, getting it warm & wet for huggest task it will be tackling next.

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The foto Shoot!

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Well muscled arms, full chest & sculpted abs came in to view & as Jace walked over to adjust Alexander's pose, he put camera down as something more pressing had come up.  Alexander took off Jace's shirt as mouths melded together.  You could hear echo of their feverish, passionate make out session as Alexander worked his way down, stopping to tug on Jace's nipple piercing with his teeth as his licked his way down, starting to suck on Jace's cockhead as it peeked over top of his waistband, then kept going until he was deep throating considerable length of Jace's now exposed pole.  He kept sucking, using Jace's balls as handle, as they moved to bench where orla action continued.  As Alexander sucked away, Jace began exploring muscular curves of Alexander's backside with More than just causal interest.  As Alexander raised himself to his knees, Jace hauled out Alexander's penis & returned favor, his mouth sliding up & down as Alexander pivoted his hips, fucking his buddy's mouth with an even bigger cock.  Knees to knees & face to face, they stole one more kiss before Jace bent Alexander over & found someplace else to put his tongue: Alexander's hole.

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Kneading the Buns!

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We haven not seen 33 year old Joe Parker since last winter, & his strong jaw, agate blue eyes, lean fur covered body & fat, long dong have been seen here fucking variety hunky, lucky studs, however when he reported to set today & said he was going to be on receiving end for first time at, we couldn not wait to see studs who made Joe's ankles leave ground: Jeremy Stevens.  Jeremy is 37 year old blond stunner with six feet of muscle, charisma off charts & porno appeal coming out of all pore.  When we spoke to two of them afterwards, we weren not surprised to see they were still leaning over for kiss now & than, however after what had just transpired between them, fact they were post-cumming & yet both still rock hard is almost as much of miracle as chemistry between these guy.

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Lick Good Neighbor!

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CJ is working on sink for Brian & when he's done he get's ready to go.  Brian is thankful he has such "handy" neighbor & asks if there's anything he could do to repay him.  Friendly neighbor goes from handy to handsy in 2 seconds hotel room.  They start to make out as Brian starts to undress CJ.  The shirt comes off revealing CJ's furry chest.  The chemistry between these two is electric as Brian licks his way down to CJ's bang stick.  He undoes his tight jeans & englufs that boner down his throat.  CJ moans as he orders Brian to swallow his penis all way to hilt.  Brian greedily complies sliding that thick beef so far down his throat he chokes on it.  Brian soon wants several of same as he stands up & shows off tent in his own underwear.  CJ kneels at his feet as he frees that bone.  He slides his mouth on that rod as Brian starts to fuck his face.  "Spit on it!" he grunts as CJ does what he's told before going back on that white boy johnson.  Brian then bends CJ over & goes to town eating that manhole.  CJ squirms as that asshole get's hungry for more than tongue sandwich.  Brian than stands & get's into position before sliding his thick bone right up that hairy back.  CJ gives it up as Brian fucks that pussy doggy style.  He rails in to that horny hole pulling his love stick almost all way out before ramming it back in.  He takes that ass doggy then missionary then sits back & has CJ ride his penus in reverse cowgirl as Brian hammers that banana up into that sore hole.  All that sex stick makes CJ blow his cum all over his bushy crotch.  Brian then jacks his own big jizz every over his chest & abs...

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Brock N Roll!

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"The Brock is Back" & Boston's favorite resident has brought along partner, Mr.  Mike Dreyden.  We haven not seen 37 year old Brock Russell in while; however we're always excited to see him.  Mike Dreyden is swarthy native New Yorker hailing from Brooklyn.  No matter how old these man may be they make getting older look effortless.  We inquired these two world travelers where in all of their travels would they wanna to go back strictly on vacation.  Brock would want to make it to Berlin while Mike would want to make it back to London where he had blast at HustlaBall London last Summer.  Mike dreams to get chance to get his passport stamped all over.  Mike is waiting to visit Berlin, Spain, Israel, Greece & Italy since his mix includes aforementioned countries.  Brock has always wanted to go to Australia so we have feeling he'd be doing lot New than going down under...  in down under.  We then threw topic old school & were curious if they remembered first penis they ever sucked.  "I was 7 & it was neighbor kid upstairs" beams Mike.  Child prodigy is in da house! Brock got dick in his mouth at 11 playing Truth or Dare.  Good times.  

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Pole in One!

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Here we have familiar face back with us all way from South Bend, Indiana.  Diego Vena is looking as hot as ever & our members can not get enough of this stud.  Originally from Poland, our newest addition now lives in Los Angeles.  He is 31 years old & goes by name of Lucas Knowles.  We queried these two avid travelers where they think one would search hottest men.  Diego immediately says Brazil.  Well he's on to something there.  Lucas says hottest guy would be here in United States however huge rods would be in Netherlands.  They may grow 'em not small in Texas; however look out twinks cuz Netherlands come taller than most.  These lads like watching sexy from time to time.  Lucas loves amateur hardcore & thinks thats direction industry is going.  Where IS that suggestion box of ours? Hmm.  Diego likes gay boy on Muscular sexy.  Well, now we know what he has on his wish list come holidays.  Well, here's hoping he's extra naughty this afternoon to ensure him something nice in near future.  Lets get these gentlemen better acquainted shall we?

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Tattood and Screwed!

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Sean is showing off his ink to David who's curious about what it must be love to get tattoo.  Show & tell leads to some feeling up as they start to make out.  Sean takes off his tee as he get's comfortable & gives David's tongue more to discover.  Sean's lean & defined & David licks his way south as Sean undoes his jeans & pulls out his love stick.  He moans as he lies back & watched David suck his hard bone.  David pulls his jeans off so he can get on floor between his legs & for true go to work on that member.  He swallows it down his throat til he gags & licks Sean's smooth nuts as well.  Sean then decides to return favor as he get's on his knees & goes down on David's rod that by now is throbbing for attention.  He works that cock with his mouth taking this all way to hilt.  David just gasps as he watches his rooster disappear down Sean's hungry throat.  

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Whackin & Jackin!

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Al is kicking back lookin at some adult mpegs on his laptop & can not ignore growing bulge in his pants any longer.  He get's comfortable & starts to play with his chest as he gives us our first view of his slim, defined torso.  He slowly caresses his abs bit before undoing his jeans.  He removes his shirt showing off his smooth chest that has tribal ink covering the majority of the of it.  He stands up & begins to tease us as he tweaks his cinnamon nipples with one hand while squeezing his growing mans beef with other.  His pants slide off as he get's rid of them leaving him in his black underwear that are doing their best to contain his growing packet.  He strokes that bone bit more before finally releasing it.  He takes his time revealing his penis as he slides his underwear down inch by inch giving his hard sex stick space it so badly needs.  Al lubes that packet up & starts jerking.

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Rubbing the Rod!

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packet is lying on chaise watching several xxx flicks on his cell until his bone starts beggin for more space in his pants.  He turns over & starts to rub his engorging penis.  He pulls up his shirt exhibiting his smooth abs that are perfectly defined.  He feels his abs & pecs as he get's more & more aroused.  Rod's body is canvas for series of beautiful tattoos that adorn his delicious hairless frame.  He stands up as he undoes his jeans to give his meat breathing room it needs.  He plays with it as it get's even harder through his perfect underwear.  He finally slides those briefs down over his impressive quads.  His thick legs provide support needed for chiseled physique that little soldier's worked so hard on.  prick then get's comfortable as he sits back on chair, spreads his legs & lubes up his fat hard on.  He moans as he slowly strokes his throbbing meat.  He pours lube on his rod head as he slicks that pole up generously.  The feel of his hand as it slips all over his shaft have Rod writhing in pleasure as he starts to fuck his fist.  Rod than decides to show off that sweet butt as he kneels on chaise.  He pushes his penis back towards his crack as he kneads those beefy cheeks.  He leans forward & spreads that ass wide open.   meat stick then lies back on chaise & starts to work that little soldier faster so he must finally give it relief its been begging for.  His abs & pecs start to contract as his breathing begins to labor.  Rod moans as his thick cock erupts sending his thick cum all over his navel.

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Call Me!

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They begin to break ice as they slowly kiss.  Ricky is first to head south as his mouth enjoys Mario's exposed chest.  He kisses & licks his nipples as he makes his way down to his lovely underwear that are already beginning to show an expanding bulge.  As Ricky pulls down his undies, his thick uncircumsized cock comes into view.  He takes it & begins to tease & lap at its hooded head before going down on him.  He sucks on that meaty monster as it begins to grow to its full length.  Ricky takes his time as he worships weighty 9.5 inches he now get's to savor.  The look of amazement on Ricky's face is classic as he continues to chow down on all you can eat buffet.  Mario has had enough & wants real deal.  He quietly get's up, & Ricky knows to get on his back.  Mario get's in position & gently begins to slide his beef deep inside.  Ricky can only groan as his hind end get's stretched wide.  

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Jace is looking for hookups on his cell when he get's knock on door.  Its trick he ordered.  You gotta love 21st century technology.  Joey goes to welcome him as Jace pulls him in for kiss.  They start to make out as their shirts start to come off & their tongues start to roam.  Joey licks that chest as he goes down to see whats waiting for him.  He undoes those jeans & once he does Jace's meaty boner jumps out at him.  He's at full mast & ready for attention.  Joey knows just what to do as he starts to worship that sex stick.  Jace thrusts into that pretty face with ease as Joey takes as much of that 9" penis down his throat.  Jace then get's Joey's pants off so he can get several cock too.  He sucks on Joey's dick as Joey watches his meat fina new home down Jace's throat.  Joey moans as he get's that boner worked however soon wants More of Jace's for himself.  He get's him up on chair so he can get more as he get's back to inhaling as much of that penis as possible.  As he slides that baby-maker down his throat, Jace leans forward & starts to explore Joey's smooth butt.  He can not resist it.  He spreads those beefy cheeks apart as he starts to finger that pink hole.  

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Counter Intuitive!

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Tony is viewing some adult videos on his handheld as his bang stick starts to come to life.  He sits back & starts to jack it through his pants.  It isn not long before he needs to give his penis more space.  He stands & starts to play with his pecs & abs before zeroing in on that dick thats straining for more room.  He flexes for camera for few before losing his undies to show off his hard schlong.  His rooster is throbbing by time he get's to it & Tony quickly starts to jerk it off.  He smacks his tool as it bounces like trampoline.  He teases it until his knob starts to ooze precum.  Tony licks his lips as he get's into stroking himself off.  Tony's bit of an exhibitionist so he has no problem showing off all his goods.  He sits up on counter top, spreads his legs & continues giving that cock attention it deserves.  His smooth balls bounce just below his cock as he pounds away at it with his lubed fist.  He lies back on counter, making him-self comfortable, as his cock throbs at full mast.  Tony D is NOW served.  Eat up guys cuz there's plenty to go around.  Tony than goes face down & hind end up as he shows off that back of his.  He pushes his hard cock back to give us full effect.  By now his cock can not take much more with-out getting few release.  He flips around & jacks that cock off until he blows.  He moans as he lets out blast after biggest blast of thick jiz spraying all over oriental carpet below.  

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Got Anything to Eat?!

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James & Jessie are chillin' out & discussing what they're going to do this afternoon.  James is bored & topic of possibly going to get something to eat arises.  "What did you have in mind?" asks Jessie suddenly becoming aware of growing tent in James' pants.  He moves over to counter & grabs handful.  Lunch it is as Jessie helps James & his thick tool out of his clothing.  Jessie is starving as he stuffs that meaty packet balls deep.  He without hesitation deep throats James' rod as James helps bounce his sweet mouth on it.  James is ready to place his order soon enough as he get's Jessie's boss and his two helpers out & helps himself.  He gags on Jessie's thick boss and his two helpers as they take turns going at each another's hard rods.  Jessie services James then James pushing him off to return favor.  James decides he wants to get side of ass & slips his fingers & his tongue deep into Jessie's hole.  Jessie squirms in anticipation as James jacks & licks his cock while urgently fingering that tight ass.  "Fuck my tight asshole!" Jessie begs as James sits back & lets him help himself.  Jessie sits right down on that hugest rod & starts to ride this like pro.  James holds him still as he starts to thrust his thick love stick up into that hole.  He reaches around & beats Jessie's rock hard penis as Jessie bounces up & down on it.  That thick rooster feels amazing as it stretches Jessie's tight hole wide open.  James wants more control as he moves Jessie onto ground taking him his bitch.  Jessie groans with pleasure as James pounds that hot hole harder & deeper by minute.  Jessie loves that penis however wants it harder as he flips on his back giving James better leverage to do so.  James takes whats his as he slams that male genitalia every way up inside him.  That sends Jessie over edge as his loads shoots out all over him.  James is right behind him as he pulls his sex stick out & sprays his own expulsion all over Jessie's furry chest & abs.

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Get Me Going!

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Brett is chillin' on sofa playing with growing in his pants bit before he slips his hand inside to fix his hard on.  It doesn not take long to realize he's run out of space & has to undo his pants to give his meat some much needed breathing room.  He sits up & starts to play with his sex stick through his briefs as he slips out of his top.  His sex stick is now hard as rock, its shape clearly outlined through its cotton confines.  Brett get's up as his pants drop to his ankles.  Brett is lean & naturally smooth & keeps what body hair he has trimmed.  He rubs his penis that by now is aching to be freed.  Brett finally pulls down front of his briefs exposing his thick sex stick.  His huge nuts are as smooth as rest of him dangling just below his thick meat as Brett starts to jerk off.  Brett than decides to show off his ass as he kneels on sofa & bends forward.  He pushes his brawny meat back towards camera as he strokes his meat underhanded as this pulses just below his furry ass crack.  Brett then sits down on lounger; spreads his legs apart & starts to stroke his boner that by now is at full mast.  His dick isn not only monster however girth on it could make anyone want to ride.  Brett sits back & works his lubed cock focusing mainly on his knob.  He jerks his cock slowly & revels in sensation as his balls start to tingle.  He moves back onto sofa & jacks off faster.  His breathing begins to labor & with few guttural moans his sex stick unloads its thick cargo all over his smooth navel.  

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Ronnie J Shows Us The Way!

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Ronnie smiles as he pulls up his tank to show off his thick body.  He flexes his not small pecs & obliques showing off his charms as well as his intricate tribal tattoo that adorns his left shoulder, chest & bicep.  He flexes his arms bit before his hand without hesitation goes for his belt buckle.  dudes with plan, just what doctor ordered.  He removes his belt giving us bit of show before slowly pulling down his pants.  His tool is already tenting his briefs as he starts to jerk on it with both hands.  He removes his pants further south as he gives that aching pole some much needed breathing room.  Ronnie spits down on his obese johnson to lube it up bit as he starts to stroke his Philly meat.  He's naturally smooth all way down to his big sack, which dangle just below his thick meat, with exception of rather happy trail.  Ronnie is definitely one strong hunk & everything about him is thick.  His impressive chest & broad shoulders taper into his muscular waist before your eyes reach his big thighs.  His dedication to his body is paying off & every muscle in his nice body is toned & defined.  

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Boy Meets dildo!

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CJ brought along some friends this week as he reminds us what me and him've been missing out on.  He starts by slowly groping his firm abs.  new tattoo on his navel reads 'L'amore e il mio Destino" Love this is my Destiny & whom could deny that? As he removes his t-shirt we can tell CJ's been taking really good care of that body.  He plays with his package before undoing his jeans & stroking on his growing meat.  His pants fall down as his boner get's bigger.  Soon he's in his boxer briefs showing off that ass & muscular physique.  the underwear soon come down as CJ shows off his feathers back.  He pulls those meaty cheeks apart revealing his fuzzy hole.  He then turns around & frees his hard boner.  He starts to jack his fat beef as his fingers find their way back to that hole.  He fingers himself as he strokes his male genitalia making him even New aroused.  CJ then picks one of dildos to play with as he smacks his face with it.  He then sees something better & goes for double headed dong.  He kneels & slides that up his feathers hole as he starts to fuck himself with it.  He groans as he rams that long dildo deep into his ass.  it makes him moan & groan as he fucks himself faster & harder with it.  His fist becomes blur as he impales that thing in & out of himself.  however wait! -there's more.  CJ than grabs black butt plug & shoves that up his ass next.  He grinds that one in to his hole faster & harder as he jerks his throbbing penis.  This one's stretching that hungry hole wide open & its going to do trick.  CJ fucks himself silly until his cock explodes sending his ejaculate every over his furry abs & navel.

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