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Curious stud Takes The Hammer!

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.  This week on IGH we have this man Jared & he is homosex for pay.  He is not gay however he does gya acts for money! My guess is he be regretting this choice for couple weeks cause all you see in his eyes is pain & suffering.  Classic!

Rickys Tapout!

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Hey mens...  Got true treat for y'all today on Its Gonna Hurt! We brought in this men Kyler & I am not gonna lie.  I was hot sure he wasn not ready for Castro to put his massively huge dick in his tight little butt.  Much to our surprise, Kyler handled it pretty well - with little kicking & screaming of course - until he recieved dose of hot lads milk every over his face.  Bottoms up & enjoy!

Euro Wants some big rooster!

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This week on we slayed open this stud named Tanner's Asshole.  He was super excited to get fucked & they had excellent time fuck.  Izzy liked it so much he breasted early spraying hot glue all over Tanner's back.  This shoot went well however even Tanner said 'That Shit fucking Hurt'.  Thats what we do bitches...  Until Next week! Peace

Gettin this Like Dirty Dog!

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A super fan of Castro's monster cock can not wait to experience & tell all his friends how it really went down.  He can not believe how huggest his fuck cock is; he even takes photos of him like he met celebrity; I think he even tries to chat to it & say HELLO! He jumps right into to some great BJ action taking all that dick in his mouth.  It looks fucking amazing; especially when he spreads his legs wide, ear to ear, & lets Castro & his partner in crime straight pound his tight chocolate eye to make him scream like girl! He takes as much as he can of Castro's UNIT & totally thanks him numerous times, lol.  This might be Castro's #1 fan! Who's next to try out MONSTER? Maybe you...

The big size Bad ram rod!

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We have another fella who seems to have no problem sucking lizard for pay check.  He did have little bit of an issue getting Izzy's huge black dick up his third way.  This webplaces not called for nothing.  Here we make pain reality & this young little white boy got what he came for & maybe even little more than he wished.  jiz watch this folk Devin squeal like pig!

Ken Tanners butt fucking!

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Hey People! Today on Its gonna hurt we brought in this young buck named Kyle.  Kyle told us 'the monster short sword I ever had was 8 inches'.  phallic size is like dog years every ich is like 10 years sooooooo....  Needless to say he got his shit split in half.  & I shit you not he screamed like Bitch it was great! You gotta watch this videoclip! It is very stimulating!

Surfer fucker Gets His..!

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Calling all sicko's to watch this clip.  If you love big black dick then your gonna love this mpeg movie.  Today on we brought in this twink Tristan to have taste of Castro Supreme's juicy black fuckers meat.  Tristan was real go getter & I would say he gave it all he had but...  Castro's cock ate him alive once again we had tapout.  Tristan's little asshole could not handle it however he was good sport & he got milky cum he deserved poured all over his face.  

Robbie Plays The Pain Game!

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Hey everyone.  Today we brought in this boy named Cory & it was really good watching this 6 ft 5 inch folk surrender to Castro's giant dick.  This guy was real champ cause he tried to deep throat Castro's meat! It didn not really work however it was fun watching him gag & tear up like he was crying! I think at one point he might have been crying.  Seriously, watch this big size lumberjack get his hole pounded!

Wade Plays The Pain Game!

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Hey people.  This Tuesday's Its Gonna Hurt update is great! We brought in this stud Bryan to get his face & ass smashed in by Castro's obscenely large staff of life.  Unlike most updates, this men could barely finish.  Bryan was in so much PAIN it was kinda funny.  I really felt bad for this one however like sign said: 'Its Gonna Hurt!' Enjoy, you sick fucks!

Hung Solo!

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Here me and him are again with another anal ravaging by Castro Supreme.  This week's update features Sean Slater, beefy looking penis swallowing stud that just can not live with out big size black panis in his shit-fuck.  sex potion watch Castro fuck this fellas booty hole until he cries! Peace out Bitches!

Gettin Hooked!

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Why oh why do you all keep doing this? This week's itsgonnahurt update is funny.  It seems to be trend of quitters here on this site.  Maybe its coincidence or may its because these twink's are all taking Louisville Slugger up there Wahzoo.  This little white boy Jesse played pain game & lost horribly.  Everything should be fine when they reattach his guts to colostomy bag! Just kidding however god damn that shit has got to hurt! Peace out bitches!

Davids Meat Ride!

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Hey peeps...  Last time I was home in Boston I met this stud named Aiden.  We were drinking & I told him what I did for living & he was ecstatic.  all he could talk about was Castro's cock.  After I gave him my email...  wouldn not you know this mother fucker get at me next day cause I guess he wanted his insides rearranged or something.  Needless to say Castro tears this little fuckers ass up & dumps hot load of milk all over his nuts.  Looked painful however I guess he loved it & he would do it again.  Crazy guy! -Joey

Goal In The Hole!

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Hey people...  We have got another gut wrenching episode of of Its gonna Hurt.  Today's victims name is Val & Castro literally nails his tight little asshole to wall.  It was good day for Castro & not so good for Val or at least it seemed.  In end Val came out smiling which was real shocker cause for minute I thought I was gonna have call ambulapse.  LOL...  Its always gonna hurt with Castro's Supreme! Watch & Love it!

chocolate eye Blasting!

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Attention all you sick twisted fuckers.  This week we brought in this Midwesterner Gene to pleasure Castro's huge hard beef pipe.  It seems that Gene might have bit off more than he could chew.  Castro buries his big short sword deep into Genes tight little ass-hole.  I promise your gonna love watching these 2 guys love on each other! Later fuckers!

I Wanna Be Millionaire So Fucking Bad!

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I met up with Alejandro who is in town for bit visiting his parents.  We met up in afternoon & his went back to his parents place since they were at work.  We set up shop out by his pool & introduced him to Castro's penis which we warmed up to pretty quickly & began sucking shit out of it.  The two of them fucked love crazy & sweat their asses off in hot sun.  Alejandro couldn not take it towards end begged for Castro's hot nut.

No Pain No Gain!

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So...  This broski answered & ad of mine.  I figured Castro's baby-maker is so famous I would start charging people to put it in there mouth.  To make long story short he paid & then he got his tight little chocolate eye bored out until Castro Supreme dropped motherfucking sperm on his face.  Enjoy twinks!

A Ride On The Gravy Train!

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Hey there Its Gonna Hurt fans...  This weeks update is real solid.  We brought in this young fresh meat named Lance for an Anal pounding & I must say we were all impressed by his sausage taking abilities.  Considering he had baseball bat sized cock jammed up his hind end with smile on his face impressed fuck out of me.  I would say to View this however I no you sick fucks are gonna anyways! LOL

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