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Get Your Ass In Gear Part 1 - Jimmy Roman -amp; Armond Rizzo!

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Co-captains Armond Rizzo & Jimmy Roman have lot in common.  They're both chiseled, handsome & horny with great big juicy uncut dicks & firm bubble-butts.  Their favorite thing about being on football team happens after practice when they strip down to their jockstraps & shoulder pads & go one-on-one.  Armond can not resist sucking Jimmy's rock hard cock, licking shaft & balls like pro.  Jimmy spins Armand around & shoves his tongue deep in Armond's tight end, getting his hole good & wet to receive his thick cock.  Jimmy fucks young jock like maniac then pulls out & shoots his jizz all over Armond's penis & balls.  Armond pulls sex cream out of his own meaty member & they hit showers!

Hard Time - Angelo -amp; Alexander Gustavo!

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Alexander Gustavo has been taken into custody & turned over to officer Angelo who has very unique indoctrination process for new prisoners.  The 6'4' muscular cop forces Gustavo onto his knees & uses his nightstick to persuade young guy to suck his hugest uncut cock.  Gustavo protests at first however judging from sloppy deep throat blow job he gives Angelo its pretty obvious he's done this before.  After gagging on his captor's giant meat Alexander get's on desk & surrenders his tight hole to Angelo's probing tongue.  Angelo alternates between eating out Alexander's hot back & sucking his long, thick, pierced dick then flips him over onto his back & shoves his sex stick in boy's ass.  He fucks him deep then kicks back on desk so Alexander can hop on his big tool & bounce up & down.  Alexander squeezes jizz out of Angelo's baby-maker with his tight ass & attempts to get his nut however Angelo won not give him satisfaction.  Instead he spits in his face, slaps him & drags him off to his cell.

Get Your asshole In Gear series 1 - Andrew Fitch -amp; Josh Bangs!

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Andrew Fitch & Josh Bangs take time-out to work on each another's hard cocks.  Fitch goes down on Bangs' extra-long meat stick then stands up so Bangs can bob his head on his teammate's thick tool.  Bangs goes for gold, delivering one hell of wet blow job, leaving trail of spit dripping down Fitch's giant baseball-size nuts.  Unable to resist his buddy's hot butt, Fitch turns Bangs around & shoves his dick deep in his hole.  He pounds kid love jackhammer until Bangs wants his turn at bat.  He & Fitch switch places & Bangs inserts his huge sex stick in shortstop's tight back.  Bangs pounds him hard then pulls out & leaves his load all over young athlete's ass.  Still in need of release, Fitch kicks back & jacks sperm out his own thick dick & its back to dugout.

Hard Time - Jimmy Durano -amp; Landon Conrad -amp; Marcus Ruhl!

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Being locked up makes Marcus Ruhl horny & hungry for tool.  He offers to making blowjob off Officer Jimmy Durano however Latin stud refuses.  Instead he calls Landon Conrad in to fuck cute prisoner's mouth right through bars of his cell.  Durano returns from his rounds to find Ruhl making pig of himself swallowing officer Conrad's biggest penis.  He pulls filthy cocksucker out of his cell & get's in on action.  He whips out his thick uncut sex stick & Conrad forces Ruhl's head down onto giant mens-meat.  The twisted cops take turns force-feeding Ruhl their cocks until Conrad bends him over & fucks his ass.  Ruhl never stops sucking Durano's boss and his two helpers as Conrad pounds his hole until he pulls out & shoots his semen.  Durano tells Conrad to beat it so he can finish off Ruhl way he likes it.  He pushes beefy fucker back onto his desk & fucks his giant bubble-butt.  Ruhl jacks off & drains his nuts, followed by Durano who showers Ruhl with semen of his creamy hot milk.  

Get Your Ass In Gear Part 1 - Doug Acre -amp; Connor Kline!

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Pumping iron makes Connor Kline's ram rod hard.  Tricked out in athletic gear & jockstrap, young guy does his curls with his raging hardon standing straight up in air.  Little does he know that his buddy Doug Acre is watching him from shadows, stroking his own large plump penis.  Doug approaches Connor & takes his large meat in his mouth.  the muscular jock swallows Connor's cock to base then kicks back so Connor can worship his monster cock.  Connor takes his time licking & sucking Doug's love stick until he must not wait every longer; he needs that fat rod up his asshole.  Connor jumps up & lowers his big bubble-butt down on Doug's penus.  He bounces up & down on his teammate's cock then lies back so Doug can get in there & really pound his hole.  Doug fucks load out of Connor then pulls out & shoots thick stream of jizz straight up into air.  

Hard Time - Adam Herst -amp; JP Dubois!

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While reviewing security camera footage from night before, Officer Adam Herst discovers that JP Dubois was fucking around with another inmate.  The angry cop threatens to send JP to hole however when frightened prisoner promises to do anything to avoid solitary confinement Herst has better idea.  He orders Dubois to strip out of his orange jumper & bend over his desk with his biggest bubble-butt in air.  Herst forces JP to spit on his wooden nightstick & shoves it deep in teen lad's tight hole.  The anal attention makes Hersts cock rock hard so he strips naked & shoves his thick packet down JP's throat.  the dominant Herst shows JP no mercy, fucking his face until he gags than pushing him back on desk to fuck his ass.  Grabbing onto Dubois' thick uncut cock for leverage, Herst slams his rooster deep inside inmate's hole.  He pummels JP's ass until both lad work semen out of their hugest horse-rods.  

Full Release - Tucker Vaughn -amp; Wolfie Blue!

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The coach has ordered Tucker Vaughn to report to team's masseuse Wolfie Blue to relieve stress in his lower back.  While exploring Tucker's back, buttocks & thighs for sensitivity, Wolfie casually slips finger in cherry athlete's tight hole.  Tucker's moans give him go ahead to continue to probe his ass which makes his hard sex stick pop out of his jockstrap.  Wolfie got's Tucker on all fours so he can move in & get his tongue deep in-between Tucker's smooth butt cheeks.  All of rimming has made both studs perfect so Wolfie climbs up on massage table & feeds Tucker his large uncut sex stick.  Tucker sucks Wolfie's short sword until he can not take it anymore; he wants to be fucked.  Wolfie shoves his huge cock in blond jock's tight asshole & fucks load out of him than pulls out & jerks his sperm all over Tucker's bubble-butt.

Pumped - Darius Ferdynand -amp; Vance Crawford!

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Vance Crawford knows Darius Ferdynand wants his huge paunchy male genitalia so he coaxes young bodybuilder over to making blowjob it.  Following Vance's explicit instructions Darius squeezes & licks dominant top's dick just way he likes it.  Vance decides he wants to wrap his lips around Darius' rod so he orders him to whip it out.  Darius surprises Vance when he shoves his mammoth meat down his throat & fucks his face.  Both chiseled studs love sucking penis however Darius needs to get fucked in butt.  Vance rams his rock hard 8 inches deep in Darius' hole & pounds him with all his muscle.  Darius get's on his knees so Vance can bang him deeper until Vance pulls out & cums all over Darius' backside.  Vance orders Darius to roll over so he can watch him jerk load out of his hugest uncut cock.  

Get Your Ass In Gear Part 1 - Connor Maguire -amp; Alexander Gustavo!

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Alexander Gustavo slurps & gags his way to win for 'Wettest Deep Throat Blow Job' on Connor Maguire's rock-hard cock.  The young athlete has obviously been training for quite some time & his hard work has paid off; this is best blow job we've seen all season! Connor shows his appreciation by getting Alexander on all fours & burying his hot tongue in his buddy's ass.  The juicy rim job is all just foreplay for main event: Connor mounts Alexander & fucks him hard! the towering ginger hunk pounds Alexander's hole while tanned trim bottom boy begs his teammate to 'Stretch that ass out.' Connor switches this up & kicks back with his giant tool in air, inviting Alexander to hop on for naughty ride.  Alexander bounces up & down on Connor's male genitalia & jacks off until he sucks hot jizz.  Connor pulls out & pulls wad out of his own thick penus, leaving both athletes sweaty, spent & ready to hit showers.

Hard Time - JP Dubois -amp; Sam Barclay!

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As soon as officer on duty heads off to make his rounds Sam Barclay reaches for JP Dubois' biggest uncut rod.  JP puts up fight at first however as soon as he feels Sam's hot mouth on his thick meaty rod he can not resist.  Soon both inmates are naked & JP has backed his juicy bubble-butt up against bars so Sam can get his tongue in there & lube him up in preparation for his huggest cock.  Sam takes his rock hard penis, shoves it deep in JP's ass, & power-fucks him while JP strokes his hefty penis.  JP rolls over & opens his hole even wider so Sam can continue to fuck him through cell bars.  Both pretty prisoners stroke their giant uncut penises & blow thick white jizz.

Full Release - Jason Goodman -amp; Liam Harkmore!

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Liam Harkmoore has been cut from team however James Goodman isn not ready to see his favorite teammate go.  James says he can convince coach to change his mind however only if Liam is willing to do him favor.  He get's on his knees between teen stud's legs, pulls out his biggest dick, & sticks this in his horn mouth.  He sucks Liam's monster-cock then stands up & shoves his big tool down Liam's throat.  James fucks kid's face however can not ignore Liam's large round ass.  If Liam really wants to stay on team he's going to have to give up that hole.  James throws Liam on his back & slams his dick into his ass.  He fucks hot jock hard than pulls out & cums on his cleats.  Liam grabs his own biggest sausage & jacks sperm onto his tight washboard abs.

Pumped - Connor Maguire -amp; Angelo Marconi!

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Pumped muscle-stud Connor Maguire finds Angelo Marconi ass-up & ready for action.  The smoking-hot ginger goes in to get taste of Marconi's big bubble-butt then crawls up & shoves his huge cock down hot hunk's throat.  Maguire grabs Marconi by back of head & plump his face, forcing handsome boy to gag on his thick rod.  Now rock hard, Maguire stands up to fuck Marconi's tight hole.  He uses every muscle to drive his phallic deep into latin hunk's ass than kicks back so Marconi can hop on fuck himself with Maguire's monster rod.  Marconi jacks off & cums all over Maguire's furry abs & chest then Maguire pulls out & shoots on Marconi's monster smooth ass.

Full Release - Tucker Vaughn -amp; Jimmy Roman!

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A playful scrimmage in locker room turns into hot blowing-and-fuck session between Jimmy Roman & Tucker Vaughn.  Wearing only jockstraps two fresh meat athletes battle it out over soccer ball until Tucker can not resist getting on his knees to investigate Jimmy's growing bulge.  Jimmy shoves his biggest uncut cock down his teammate's throat & fucks his face hard.  Jimmy reaches around & plays with Tucker's hole, loosening him up for serious back-pounding.  Jimmy lies on ground & Tucker hops on, bouncing up & down until Jimmy's almost ready to love juice.  Jimmy pushes him off his short sword & get's him on all fours so he can go deeper, fuck his buddy's back until they both shoot their sperm.

Pumped - Jimmy Durano -amp; Johnny Ryder!

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Muscular latin powerhouse Jimmy Durano pumps his thick uncut cock with one hand & fingers Johnny Ryder's hole with other.  While he's getting his ass primed & ready Ryder greedily sucks Durano's short sword, licking every inch of shaft down to his sex potion-filled nads.  Ryder strips out of his jockstrap & hops up on Durano's penis, bouncing up & down in innocent reverse cowboy while he plumps his own biggest short sword.  Jimmy stands up & orders Ryder on his knees so he can mount him & go even deeper into hunk's hungry hole.  After plowing Ryder's hole Durano pulls out, jacks his little soldier, & showers Ryder's back with cream.  

Pumped - Monika Rock -amp; Liam Magnuson!

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Angel Rock proves to be muscle worshiper, especially when it comes to worshiping muscle growing between Liam Magnuson's legs.  The chiseled hunk gives Liam dripping-wet blow job then stands up & shoves his 9 inches down Magnuson's throat.  Magnuson makes pig of him-self on Angel's thick uncut dick then get's on all fours so Angel must get taste of his sweet butt.  Angel rims muscular blond's hole then stands up & works his massive shaft in to Liam's butt.  Liam loves Angel's big tool inside him.  He rolls over & jacks semen out of own sex stick, followed by Megan who pulls out & blows all over Liam's washboard abs.

Full Release - Luke Milan -amp; Dylan Knight!

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Nothing feels better than full body rub down after hard practice, especially when your masseuse is Luke Milan.  Everybody on team knows Luke will work over all your muscles, especially one between your legs.  When Dylan Knight shows up for his massage Luke can not resist kid's biggest bubble butt.  He goes in on big orbs then flips Dylan over to reveal his hugest penis & balls nearly bursting out of his jockstrap.  Luke takes Dylan's portly meat stick in his mouth & gives him one hell of juicy blow job that nearly makes him ejaculate.  however Luke's not letting him off that easy.  He moves around to head of massage table & whips out his giant lads-beef & feeds this to Dylan who gags on all 8 inches.  Luke can not help however return his full attention to Dylan's big round hind end.  He rolls young athlete on his back, shoves his dick in his tight hole & fucks him hard.  Next Luke kicks back on table & Dylan hops on his hard rod.  The man bounces up & down until his monster nuts explode & penis butter shoots all over room.  He hops off so Luke can jack loads out of his own hard penis & full release session is complete.

Easy Summer - John Magnum -amp; Mitchell Rock!

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Mitchell Rock sees John Magnum sunning himself by pool so he grabs some body oil & offers to rub down muscular hunk.  It doesn not took long for Mitchell to strip John out of his swimsuit so he can focus on his monster muscle: 8 inches of rock-hard penis.  Mitchell does his best to swallow John's fat lizard to base then stands up so John can get mouthful of his rod.  The sun beats down as two chiseled hunks move to pool so John can fuck Mitchell's huge round ass.  John makes Mitchell beg for this before he shoves his cock all way in, pulls it completely out & shoves it in again.  The brutal ass-pounding continues as Mitchell get's on his back so John can fuck him & jack him off at same time.  John, always aggressor, slams Mitchell's ass so hard he cums then pulls his dick out & jacks loads all over Mitchell's washboard abs.

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