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FEET SOCKS JOCKS - Christopher Daniels -amp; Rikk York!

gay anal sex galleries presents Christopher Daniels & xxx newcomer Rikk York in FEET, SOCKS & JOCKS! Christopher & Rikk are in locker room after their workouts & it does not take long for them to realize they both have same kinky thoughts running through their minds.  Lips locked together, two explore each other's bodies with their hands & tongues.  Christopher buries his face in Rikk's smelly armpit & takes deep sniff before licking sweat off all hair.  He then works his way down & pulls Rikk's shorts off revealing his jock-strap.  First he works Rikk's love stick through jock-strap & than pulls it out as he deep throats every inch of his penis.  Rikk cannot get enough of Christopher's mouth & tongue as he thrusts his rod deeper down Christopher's throat.  The two then find themselves in 69 as they deep throat each other's cocks.  Soon, Christopher has his tongue lapping at Rikk's feathers ass.  Rikk then rolls Christopher up & returns favor as he spits & buries his tongue deep into Christopher's ass.  Christopher has Rikk bend over bench as he eats his hairy butt few Many & than has him sit down on bench as his tongue travels down his leg to his heel.  Christopher removes Rikk's shoe & begins sucking & licking his leg with sock on at first.  He removes sock & then goes to town on Rikk's foot.  Licking heel from heel all way to toes.  He begins sucking on Rikk's toes & one-by-one he inserts all of them into his mouth.  Christopher is now sucking all of Rikk's toes in his mouth all at once & both are loving every moment of this foot worship.  Christopher then sucks Rikk's rod few more before putting life preserver on it & opening up his ass for Rikk to fuck.  Rikk drives his dick deep into Christopher's ass & fucks him hard & deep.  Rikk then finds himself on his back as Christopher drives his sex stick deep up his bushy ass.  As Christopher fucks Rikk deeper & deeper he also pulls Rikk's leg to his mouth as he does his best to deep throat every single toe.  Christopher then pulls Rikk up & fucks him Doggie style until he cannot hold back any longer & pulls out & shoots nice loads every over Rikk's hirsute chest.  He then bends over & laps up his own jizz & shares some with Rikk in deep kiss.  Rikk, who has been jacking his own penis, can't hold back either & Christopher positions him-self under Rikk's dick as monster semen of white creamy 'man butter' goes in to Christopher's mouth.  He then bends down & licks up few of his own expulsion & two share several penis butter swapping in deep kiss.  ENJOY!

Christopher Daniels And Rikk York - Interview - Christopher Daniels -amp; Rikk York!

gay anal hook
Scruffy redhead Christopher & steamy Latino Rikk kick back

2 BOTTOMS NO TOP - Drake Jaden -amp; Brian Bonds!

gay anal cum shot presents Brian Bonds & Drake Jaden in 2 BOTTOMS NO TOP.  What happens when two bottoms hook up? Can they actually have hot sexual experience with each another? Of course they can! Brian & Drake begin by watching each other jerk in their jock-straps.  They speak dirty to each other which turns each of them on even more as their penises are rock hard.  Drake then asks Brian to turn around & show off his ass.  As Brian bends over spreads his asshole wide, Drake tells him to make his hole throb.  Brian does by making his hind end hole pulse with each stroke of his dick.  Brian then has Drake bend over & finger his own hole while he talks dirty to him.  Drake strokes his own cock as he fingers & slaps his beautiful asshole hole.  They than pull out two blow up black runner balls that have large dildos attached to them.  Drake holds ball as Brian lowers himself deeper & deeper onto ball.  He then bounces up & down riding strapon deep inside his eager ass.  Drake loves every moment of watching Brian enjoy action.  Not wanting to be left out of fun, Drake lubes up his strap on & Brian holds it as Drake impales himself deep with strapon.  He too rides ball by bouncing up & down for while loving every inch of dildo going in & out of his hind end.  The two than both begin riding balls together & when Brian says he is about to love cream, Drake tells him that he better hold back because he is not ready to cum yet.  He slaps Brian's arm away from his penis forcing Brian to edge him-self.  Drake then is about to cum & Brian forces him to also edge his cock.  the two edge for while before they cannot hold back any longer & shoot ample sex cream of cum all over place.  They than clean off themselves in nice hot shower.  Enjoy!

Brian Bonds And Drake Jaden - Backstage - Drake Jaden -amp; Brian Bonds!

mature gay anal
Watch our goofy mans Brian & Drake relax & shower backstage

GOOD POUNDING - Alex Adams -amp; Sam Northman!

gay anal hook presents Sam Northman & Alex Adams in good POUNDING.  Wasting no time, Sam & Alex are engaged in deep passionate make-out session as they undress each another.  once clothes come off we are treated to two amazingly beautiful tight bodies with nice spattering of body hair.  Sam is soon on his knees & deep throating all of Alex's monster meaty cock down his throat as Alex talks dirty to him.  Alex then get's down on his knees & returns favor, working over Sam's nice eight inch rod.  Both then move to couch where Alex drives his hard dick deep inside Sam's hairy tight ass.  He starts out slow at 1'st, allowing Sam to get used to his huge dick, & than starts to give Sam petty pounding.  The two then move to floor where Alex has Sam bend over & he begins fingering & ass blow Sam's beautiful ass.  He than moves to Sam's foot & begins rubbing his hard sex stick all over Sam's heel & he also uses his tongue to get foot all wet for his dick to slide around on.  Alex them plunges his hard penis deep inside Sam's hole & continues with his good pounding & he goes deeper & harder with each stroke.  Alex than flips Sam over onto his back & continues fucking him long & hard.  Sam tells him to go deeper & before too long he is shooting nice thick creamy cum of jiz all over this stomach.  Alex pulls out & shoots hot cum of sex cream all over Sam's face & two share deep passionate kiss, both exhausted & satiated from one hell of fuck! Enjoy...

Alex Adams And Sam Northman - Interview - Alex Adams -amp; Sam Northman!

hardcore gay anal fucking
Alex & Sam watch quite cute together cuddling on couch

SOCIAL MEDIA HOOKUP - Steven Ponce -amp; Ray Han!

gay anal cum shot
High Performance Men presents Ray Han & Steven Ponce in MISTER SOCIAL MEDIA HOOKUP.  Steven is in his office when he get's message on his MISTER AP from Ray Han.  They chat back & forth, share naked pics & discuss what they are into.  Discovering they are both versatile, they begin to make plans for hookup when Steven get's out of work.  Ray lets Steven know he is not into bareback & to Steven's delight, he is also in to safe play only & two move forward with their plans.  Steven shows up, still wearing his full suit, & Ray cannot keep his hands off him as they embrace, french kiss & Ray started undressing Steven.  With Steven's cock out of his suit pants, Steven asks Ray to undress for him while he strokes his own cock.  Ray, very seductively, takes off his clothes for Steven & as he bends down to take off his pants, Steven cannot help himself as he gives Ray's asshole lick.  Ray then goes down on Steven's hard penis & takes it to hilt.  He then lies back on his bed & asks Steven to undress for him while he strokes his big size 8.5' uncut cock.  once undressed, Steven then blows Ray & takes his massive dick all way down his throat.  He than pulls Ray up on bed as he buries his tongue deep inside Ray's eager hole.  After getting hole loosened up, Steven grabs condom, puts it on & fucks Ray doggie style while Ray moans in pleasure.  After being fucked for while Steven tells Ray he wants him to fuck him.  Without much hesitation, he grabs condom & soon has Steven on all fours as he drives his huge cock deep inside Steven's eager ass.  He fucks Steven long & hard & than flips him onto his back where he pounds him so deep that Steven cannot hold back & he shoots nice creamy sex cream of lava all over his hirsute stomach & chest.  Ray pulls out & shoots nice loads onto Stevens rod & balls.  Exhausted, two embrace in deep kiss.  Enjoy!

DEEP PLEASURE - Rich Kelly -amp; Zack Taylor!

gay anal masturbation is pleased to present Rich Megan & Zack Taylor in DEEP PLEASURE.  Zack thinks he is all alone in shower as he lubes up his favorite strap on & slides his beautiful butt all way down on it.  As he rides this in pleasure, Rich Kelly walks in & begins watching Zack as he strokes his own cock.  He reveals his rock hard cock from underneath his towel & then Zack notices he is being watched & this turns him on even more as he gestures for Rich to bring his hard penis closer.  Zack begins sucking Rich's cock as he continues to ride up & down on his dildo.  Rich then walks over & helps Zack get ultimate penetration as he starts to drive sextoy in & out of Zack's eager ass.  Zack is obviously enjoying every moment of this attention on his asshole & by guttural sounds he makes with every thrust, you know he loves every second of this.  The two then embrace in deep kiss before Rich got's on his knees & takes Zack's dick all way down his throat.  Soon, Rich has Zack bent over as he drives his hard cock deep inside his eager butt.  He starts out slow, however soon rhythm increases & he is fuck Zack deeper & harder with every thrust.  Zack then climbs up on Rich, wraps his legs around him & continues riding his dick deep.  Rich then sits down & Zack rides him & matches every thrust of his penis with gusto.  He is so turned on at this point that he cannot hold back any longer as he shoots his hot creamy 'ball-bearing oil' all over.  Rich then orders Zack back on his knees as he rubs out nice cum every over Zack's face & mouth.  He than bends down & 2 mackin' & share Rich's creamy loads before showering each other off.  Enjoy!

Alex Adams And Jake Jennings - Interview - Alex Adams -amp; Jake Jennings!

gay anal
Alex & Jake sit down for calm quiet interview on set

COVER SHOOT - Alex Adams -amp; Jake Jennings!

gay anal positions is very happy to bring Alex Adams & Jake Jennings together in this highly charged nice romp in our photography studio.  We were contacted by popular regional gay magazine & asked to shoot Alex & Jake wearing 'sporty clothing' for cover shoot.  From moment these two got in front of Gio Caruso's camera, it was apparent that there was some hot chemistry between them.  So, with very little persuasion, these two jumped at chance to movie with each other & almost before our camera was rolling they were embraced in deep kiss.  Jake wastes no time in getting Alex out of his shirt revealing his muscular body as he works his way down & lowers his shorts.  He works his tongue all over Alex's jock-strap & soon we see head of Alex's monster dick throbbing & straining to be released.  Jake pulls out his dick & soon has it buried down his throat as he gives Alex one hell of blow job.  Alex then pulls Jake up & get's him out of his uniform & starts out sucking Jake's hairy knobs as he works his way down to Jake's fat rod.  He blows Jake deep down his throat before ordering Jake to eat his ass.  With Alex bent over bench, Jake buries his tongue deep inside Alex's eager ass.  Alex than puts Jake on his back & returns favor by driving his tongue deep inside Jake's bushy ass.  Alternating between his tongue & fingers, he get's Jake all wet & opened up for his huge rod.  He pulls Jake up, bends him over, & drives his hard penis deep inside as Jake moans in pleasure.  He starts out slow in first & once Jake tells him to fuck him harder, he begins pounding Jake's hole harder & faster.  He than flips Jake onto his back & continues driving his cock harder & harder in to Jake's eager hole.  While fucking, he grabs Jake's sock-covered foot & smells & licks his heel which seems to turn him on even more.  Jake cannot hold back any longer & shoots nice sex cream all over his bushy stomach.  Alex is so turned on that he pulls out & also shoots nice thick semen over Jake's bushy body.  This is what we call great COVER SHOOT! Enjoy!

UNCUT SHOOT - Angel Rock!

gay anal orgy is very happy to welcome Angel Rock back to our studio for this special solo performance in UNCUT SHOOT.  Ashley loves having his photo taken & why shouldn not he? After all, he works hard on his body & he is an exhibitionist that get's off knowing others are looking at him.  During our picture shoot, Angel told us that 'Getting my pictures taken makes me very sweat.  Do you mind if I jack-off?' Of course we obliged him & even offered him use of new dick-ring that our friends at Perfect Fit gave us called Armour Up! Angel exclaimed that he always wanted to do scene wearing penis-ring, however had not had chance yet.  We than let our cameras roll as Angel explored his hairy muscular body & began working his hot uncut rod inside his jock-strap.  He teased us for little while before letting his monster thick cock out of jock.  Before getting himself fully hard, he put on dick-ring & within seconds his cock was throbbing with excitement.  Adding little lube to his rod, he teases his foreskin back & forth over head of his love stick while moaning in pleasure.  He then bends over & gives us beautiful view of his bushy back as he continues to work his cock.  Lying on his back he continues stroking his cock until he cannot hold back any longer & he shoots out nice thick creamy sex cream of sex cream all over his bushy abs.  He than takes little taste of his own jizm & exclaims 'its innocent' as he get's an even larger globule & devours it with huge smile on his face.  It makes you wish you were there for taste as well! Enjoy!

Angel Rock - Interview - Angel Rock!

mature gay anal
Angel talks to his fans in his sexy 1-of-a-kind latin accent

RETRO sex event 4: GRITTY FUCKERS - Drake Jaden -amp; Isaac Hardy!

gay anal masturbation brings back fan favorite Drake Jaden & introduces Isaac Hardy to site in fourth installment of Retro porn series called GRITTY FUCKERS.  The clip opens in warehouse where we find Drake & Isaac undressing each other with their eyes as their cocks strain to be released from their jeans.  They pull out their cocks & stroke for each other before coming together in an intense kiss.  Their clothes come off pretty quick & Drake wastes no time in deep throating all 8.5 inches if Isaac's beautiful penis.  As he chokes & gags on monster cock, Isaac continues to spit down on his own rod & into Drake's mouth.  Isaac then takes his penis & starts fucking Drake's armpit as Drake laps at head of love stick with each thrust.  They then get down on floor & go to town on each other's rods in very dirty 69 with lots of choking & spitting.  Isaac continues to sucking Drake's penis as he leads him over to ladder & turns him around & buries his tongue deep into Drake's needy hole.  As Drake begs for more, Isaac continues to eat his back with gusto.  Soon, Isaac is thrusting his big dick deep in Drake's perfect hole & two fuck hard & deep.  Isaac then sits down on crate as Drake lowers himself down on his dick & rides it long & deep.  Needing break for his legs, Drake climbs off & bends Isaac over & begins eating his ass & spanking it, all to delight of Isaac.  After getting cherry ass all wet, Drake drives his biggest penis deep inside Isaac's feathers ass & fucks him fast & hard.  He then flips Isaac over onto his back & continues to bang him until he cannot hold back any longer & he pulls out & shoots his cum all over Isaac's chest.  He than laps up all his gravy with his tongue & two than do few hot semen swapping in deep kiss.  Isaac then is ready to blow his loads & Drake goes down between his legs & lets Isaac shoot all over his bald head.  Isaac then laps up his own love juice off Drake's head & shares it with several hot snowballing.  Enjoy!

Drake Jaden And Isaac Hardy Interview - Drake Jaden -amp; Isaac Hardy!

gay anal
Drake & Jaden share their love of feathers stud & gritty sex

Logan Vaughn And Zeb Atlas Interview - Logan Vaughn -amp; Zeb Atlas!

gay anal sex pics
High Performance fucker & Logan welcome colossus of muscle Zeb

WORSHIPING ZEB - Logan Vaughn -amp; Zeb Atlas!

gay anal mpegs
High Performance man is pleased to present Logan Vaughn & Zeb Atlas in WORSHIPING ZEB.  Logan has been working very hard on his physique, however he wants to get bigger & he decides to check out Zeb Atlas's gym to train with best.  When he enters locker room, he finds Zeb waiting for him.  Logan admits he is excited, however you can tell this is nervous excitement as to what might be happening.  Zeb flexes his massive muscles & encourages Logan to feel them so he can get sense of what he can achieve.  Logan wastes no time in worshiping Zeb's entire body as he flexes & poses.  From biceps, triceps & lats, Logan lets his hands & tongue explore big body of Zeb.  Soon Zeb is in his briefs as he bends over & has Logan eat his ass through his underwear & then he lowers them to allow Logan & his tongue inside his beefy ass.  Logan goes to town on Zeb's ass & than Zeb turns around & feeds him his thick 8' dick & Logan does his best to take entire thing down his throat.  Zeb pulls him up & envelopes him in big hairy guy hug as two rub their worked out physiques all over each other.  Zeb then tells Logan to bend over as he drives his hard penis deep inside Logan's feathers butt.  Logan loves every inch of Zeb's giant dick & with every thrust he groans with pleasure.  Zeb then lies down on bench & has Logan climb on top & ride his love stick for while.  Zeb than bends him back over, grabs both of Logan's arms & uses him like pin cushion as he pounds Logan's succulent asshole until he cannot hold back any longer & shoots nice thick semen of cum all over Logan's asshole & back.  He than embraces Logan as he strokes out nice not small semen of special sauce all over locker room bench.  Sweaty & sticky from hot sex, both get in shower where Logan continues to take care of Zeb's huge body as he washes him off.  Enjoy!

Lance Luciano - Lance Luciano!

gay anal orgy
High Performance boy is pleased to present Lance Luciano in THE STROKER.  When we met with Lance, he told us that he loved using toys whenever he jacks off.  So, we showed him this new toy we got from our friends at Perfect Fit called The Stroker & his eyes lit up love child on Christmas morning.  Seeing how excited he was seeing toy, we stepped into our warehouse where he said 'must I just jack off now?' We grabbed our camera & let Lance do what he does best.  He quickly removes his shirt revealing his muscular torso & than begins stroking his sex stick through his jeans before lowering them revealing nice pair of tight black briefs.  He strokes his penis inside his briefs for while before slowly showing off girth & length of his beautiful uncut dick.  He loves being watched & every now & than glances into camera making sure we are watching.  As he strokes his penis, he shows off his beautiful foreskin for camera & really enjoys feeling.  He then turns around & bends over as he fingers his hind end & strokes his dick between his legs.  All worked up he grabs The Stroker, lubes it up & slowly lowers it down on his sex stick.  The moan he lets out indicates how good this new dildo feels.  The Stroker is clear & we can see every inch of his throbbing penis as it goes in & out of vibrator.  He discovers that end of sextoy has an opening in it & he slips head of his sex stick all way through it & groans in delight at feeling.  He continues to work his penis faster & slower with sextoy until he cann't hold back any longer & shoots nice thick creamy semen of penis butter out of his penis.  Enjoy!

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