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McSweenies Got Tiny Weenie!

gay party clips
Nobody wants face full of balls, especially when there is frosting on them.  This week's submission is full of face-to-ball action, dick cleaning & little pig squealing.  I'll tell you what, these frats are gettin more & more creative every day.  These poor pledges had to stand trial & go through what ever their brothers would come up with.  several even ended up with face full of glaze.  Enjoy !

The Machine!

gay guys jacking off
So fellas at one of our favorite east coast fraternity's decided to throw their annual winter party.  As usual they brought their clip camera's along to record events & plenty of pledges to break in.  guys when these twink's break in pledges they really break them  You got all makings of good hazing in this one :screaming, push-ups, jumping-jacks, little soldier sucking, & tacky outfits.  You won not want to miss this one.  Don not forget to check out trailer by 'Uncle Knuckle'.

Midnight Raid!

gay cum parties
This week's submission is from north east.  These frat bros were playing corn hole with their pledges; they were even taking bets as to who would win & what their pledges had to do to.  At end of day only ones that for real lost were poor pledges -- not only did they get humiliated on camera however they got their corn holes stuffed with sausage.  Enjoy it.

Midnight Hazing!

gay guys names
I cant believe some of things these pledges will do just to be brother.  So me and him had these guys believeing that we were rewarding them for all hard work they have been doing.  First of all i dont consider any of their work to be hard & even if i did im not into rewarding.  Tricking them into punishment now thats more my style.  So we set up glory hole & placed few prety girls around it telling mens that its these girls that will be on other side.  Nope we had one of our resident gays back there instead.  The dudes loved it thinking it was bunch of girls sucking their male genitalia.  When they found out who it really was...priceless.

Preach Brother John!

gay guys sucking
This excrement was nice funnny.  These dudes were fuck with one of their buddies who had passed out with his shoes on, putting shaving cream all over him, tea bagging him & slapping their penises on his face giving him mushroom stamp.  Well of course this guy flips out & chases them down hall..  he seemed really mad about whole thing, & his friends were telling him to chill out..  I mean its really not big deal unless you're really gay right? So they made him PROVE he wasn not homosex.  Well apple alley..  that didnt not for true work out & this man got hard as rock..  

Less Than Six Gets Glow Stick!

gay pump party
This one was pretty interesting.  The brothers of Beta Pi gave each one of these pledges there own personal flesh light & gave them task of running around town & taking imgs of themselves in strange places.  They weren not too happy with results when pledges got back, so they decided to humiliate crap out of them.  They made them jack each other off with their flash jacks, blow each other & then one of mens get's fucked in ass!! LOL.  This folk also got nut busted on his head..  SPLOOGE HEAD!!!!!!

Whatever It Takes!

atlanta gay men
Hey there boys, so this week we have rather unusual submission, This Frat had their pledges endure series of physical,mental & loyalty test.  frist test was to see if they had cojones to join.  second tested their mental abilities answering several questions, & third was coordination test mind you they had to do all this while being naked in hot garage full of dudes yelling obscenities towards them.  at end of day brothers had them sword fight with their rods & losers would have to suck & fuck each other.  its do or die time so be quick or be dead.  

Simon Says..!

gay party in jamaica
Happy New Year everyone! This year we're going to kick things off with an awesome submission vid sent from one of eastern schools.  Pretty much these frat studs had their pledges do most random homo-sexual shit possible in order to win $10,000.  Of course brothers lied & told pledges everyone would split USD, just to motivate them into letting go of their pride & opening up those assholes.  

Straight guyz Tricked By ***!

gay foot party
The S** frat decided to put their pledges through dog show routine.  They were stripped down & made to wear leash & collar.  They had to do tricks & prance around like real dogs, wiggling their asses & cock.  After several dildo fetch, guys had to show how far they were willing to go to get in, even if it meant 3 day in front of brothers.  

Jelly Wrestling!

gay party london
You ever heard of innocent picker.  No, well consider yourself lucky.  These two freshman learn meaning real quick.  They must really want to be in this fraternity pretty bad.  After completing an obstacle course with cherries in their butts these two guys get rude lesson in hazing.  

Room Of Doom!

hot gay guy
Sometimes you have to go all out & put it all on line to 'got in' this week re received video in which this frat lads put their pledges through part of rigorous events, they had them running around nake & streaking through stores, jerking off in groceries stores & stealing other frat pets.  these studs would do what it takes to be part of elite of their school.  & who blames them.

Coo-coo Its Party Time dude!

gay guy kissing
Okay, so this week we got rather interesting submission.  The pledges in this frat had to clean entire frat house after party...wearing french maid outfits.  These frat brothers didn not give shit & went all out with their pledges.  As poor studs cleaned house, brothers would walk behind them & make more of mess.  That is until alpha brothers came back from golfing & decided they wanted to have their balls cleaned...and I don not mean their golf balls.  These poor pledges had to lick their brothers balls clean.  talk about spit shine with very jizzy ending!

Michigan Boys Know How To Party!

older gay guys
My home girl Mickenzie was feeling bored one night, so she did what every college lady would do: she get her friend Christian to call his buddies over for few power hour.  So she get's mens to start doing body shots off each other & thats when drink get better of them! All of sudden dicks are being sucked & going into assholes this was gay pandemonium all over place.  Mickenzie you bad girl you thanks for vid!

take It To The Next Level!

gay guys jacking off
So this week me and him received some footage from west coast fraternity, i guess Greco Roman wrestling is big on west coast this studs had to wrestle each other & loser of three got loosing finish of stick.  unfortunately for him he had to blow other brothers cocks & walk around with furry hat wedged up his butt.  it was funny sight to see what these crazy university kids would do.

All Wrapped Up!

gay french guys
This week's HazeHim submission winners get little wild.  They held their annual hell week rituals at few local barn in which they put their pledges through most random & bizarre ritualistic activities we've yet to see.  They got flowered & feathered, their cock sizes were ridiculed in front of their peers & to top things off they had to squat over cone of truth.  Pretty much what they had to do is squat over cone that had lubricated strapon at end of it.  however it wasn not that simple; they each had to hold tray with bricks.  Every couple of seconds another brick was added.  The point of this was to show their strength & courage: if they failed & their ass touched dildo they were fucked! Properly fucked that is.

Slosh Balls!

jamaica gay party
This week's HazeHim submission video is pretty exciting.  The frat brothers pulled their pledges from their dorm rooms while they slept & had them march through central hallway naked.  They also had them play tug of war with their rods.  On top of that they played their version of anal ring toss.  These pledges had no idea what was cumming to them.  Humiliated & broken, they had to face their greatest challenge of night which was to making blowjob off brothers while getting pounded & recorded.  These pledges will do whatever it takes to get in.

Seriously, blow That rod!

gay parties
All in name of money i say & well these lads send in their submission clip, which i have to say was rather entertaining.  Pledges are made to suffer & what better way then to have pretty homosexual image shoot.  This frat was low on funds & needed to find quick & easy way to made several money.  & thats exactly what they did.  having their pledges pose for cam & do hottest questionable things was just thing they needed to win their 10G's Congrats mans keep up good work!

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