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The fuck-A-Thon: Chapter One!

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This fuck-a-thon takes place in HDK dungeon & features Ray Butler, Rob Edwards, Steve Hurley, Lex Craig, Rob Wright, Bob Lowe, Rex Thomas, Kevin Scott & Dutchpig.  Its nothing however cum flying & hard cocks all which way you turn.  Damn, I smell leather & hole down here in this dank cage.  The only way "in" or out, is to fuck; these boys fight for it as they pleasure all in charge. would like you to get stiff & learn some manners in this "Fuck-A-Thon" series 1.  As pair "sling up" & top checks goods, fuckin' rock hard to this "butt-ersion" of what real mans is.  "Oh daddy," moans lad guys-handled by cock in charge.  As every guys get their fill & bears seed, bushy holes start to look alike & feel even better.  Sure of "happy ending," bears choose their holes one by one until, even "left overs" are selected.  As for bottoms, don not worry, I am sure they'll be left with an impression we could only dream of; some even get to lick up afterwards.  Snowballing also seems to be in season as white flows from mouth to mouth in reciprocity.  Oh boy or twinks, pass grease, looks love tops are in need of some lube with some true viscosity.  "Stretch that hole," begs one of boys as his daddy makes sure his boy is well-fed.  Shit, this is only beginning of these leather & lust parties; there's lot more to hot milk.  

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The Fuck-A-Thon: Chapter Two!

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Are you fan of good ol' days of incestuous orgies & large HDK bareback dungeon parties, which seemingly started bare back revolution? Well if you're not familiar with them or never got opportunity to be part of one, then here's our special tribute to those amazing bare back days! Over 100 minutes of re-mastered & completely re-edited bareback archives of hottest, steamiest, & rawest moments ever put together on video.  FUCK-A-THON features 15 hot & hard studs, including many HDK favorites, & some never before viewed moments of "lost arse-ives", in one full length feature video, of endless fucking, & spewing of jism, from infamous "HDK Dungeon!" Never before in history of no condoms xxx has blackroom party displayed so much incredible manly testosterone & raw incest as seen in this seemingly never ending FUCK-A-THON.  If you are into group porn scenes & porn parties, you've got to order this videoclip & invite your friends over tonight! jizm...  chains...  leather...  hard penises & dripping assholes from first minute of this vid to last! HDK Special condoms free Party Edition not to miss.  Starring Ray Butler, Chad Adams, Rob Edwards, Eagerboy, Mitch Banning, Dutchpig, Geoff Stallings, Trey Maddox, Daddy Ken, Kevin Scott, Rex Thomas, Steve Hurley, Rob Wright, Bob Lowe & Steve Wiley.  

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The bang-A-Thon: Chapter Three!

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Caged & ready to serve, 1st boy even "cums" with an extra talent, holding his daddy's cigar.  As his ass is plowed & his "cage rattled," he's brought out.  Hearing his favorite words, "spread those legs guy," this sweaty bottom opens up fully on fuck bench; looks like this "benchwarmer" is going to get full treatment.  "Give it up boy," is all he needs to hear to show his daddy great time.  Picking out toy for his boy, top penetrates & palpates boy's prostate until he sucks all over his leather chaps.  nice furry, emission covered kiss is shared by two, woof.  On bike, this "quickie" is about sloppy hole & lizard with biggest ring.  Bent over bike, bottom waits for nut & is happy with jizz.  Showing his appreciation, he then turns to daddy & sucks him dry.  Apparently, this fun "cums" with an optional "Harley ride." Chained & slapped, happy piggy is up for grabs as group of daddies work him over; even action in background is worth masturbate.  Trading bottom off, all have turn with him; damn, just imagine sweet smell of his hole: mixture of leather, penis & ass.  Going in for some close-ups, we got to "fire in hole" as daddies blow their semen.  several newbies show up to "add to spoils;" they're going to "fit in" nicely; one sucks sex stick like he's been born to breed, nice.  He is later taught few patience from his daddy as he is told to "wait" & then is allowed to making oral sex tip of top's head to get every last drop of love potion.  

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The Fuck-A-Thon: Chapter Four!

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As lad spread out & work on their guys, sound of chains & leather echoes through dungeon or "play pen." All of these horny fuckers are out to spunk & spew for you.  Standing back & watching this feast, they are giving it their all; smells like "team spirit." With several hot, close-up movie of holes & poles, these grunts & giving us plenty to moan about; one daddy ask, "you like that?" I automatically answer, "yes." The below footage needs no description, just more lube.  As lads beg while servicing their tops, videocamera goes around getting every inch, mind cock rings.  Begging for all drop, one piggy is fed his fill of sex potion & then fucked again, lucky boy.  Another hole is getting pounding he will be feeling for days.  With few of their daddies cumming, their jizz can be heard & smelt; excellent angle on videocamera, "drip, drip."

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Creamin Fit Fuckers 5!

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Just another hard day at office; Sergio Mendez is checking out headlines & Georgio Black is sucking head.  These hottest men are two of hottest supermodels for  When it "cums" to giving at office, these guys are ready to go 'til it hurts.  Maneuvering his mouth onto Sergio's beef, Georgio tastes long & hard; with Sergio's monster dick, is there any another way? Tugging his own sizeable member, Georgio is wanting bit more than mouth to dick; he'll bottom today.  Sergio lies back on his desk to receive more of Georgio's suck-a-thon before fucking him.  Showing him just where to put it, Georgio bends over, grabs Sergio's dick, & guides it in.  Shaking limbs of tree, these stud are going at it quick & hard.  Bouncing back on Sergio's trunk, bottom sure has it in for good time; look closely & you can count rings on his hole.  Taking Georgio to task on his desk, Sergio then penetrates missionary style; no resistance here.  Filming from below, this collaboration is balls deep & pleasure to watch.  Sergio starts stroking himself & its not long, except his cock, before he starts blowing "his best" all over his stomach.  Sergio pulls out, however just enough to fill hole he created; got to love "take your creamin' guy to work day."

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Creamin Fit Fuckers 4!

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Max Born & Steve Paradi are here at to "tie" one on.  These two best fuckers know what it means to go "mano mano" as they collaborate at office.  Just because Steve makes one mistake doesn not mean his mouth can not make it up to Max.  Pulling out Max's large rod, Steve sucks with true sense of repentance; going deep & sucking strong, Steve offers up more than his mouth; he'll be bottom today.  Well shit, looks like Steve's sex stick is as big as his boss'.  As Max sucks head, Steve is moaning & groaning.  Moving to couch, Steve has another mouthful of Max before bending over & showing his "mea culpa;" what gorgeous "hind end-istant." Max plunges in deep & starts nice fast rhythm as bottom grunts.  Spreading his cheeks wide, Max has tight grip on his partner as he slaps Steve's asshole.  Max turns Steve over for some face to face fuck.  The bottom grabs his dick & tugs happily; wonder if he made that mistake on purpose? the more Steve jerks, deeper Max penetrates.  The camera picks up super shot of Steve's hot bushy body as he is mounted.  With both of them moaning, "yeah," its not long before Steve sends out his copious apology & is reciprocated with hot cum all over his hairy hole.  I am sure Steve has learned his lesson; he now knows Max can handle any of his needs.  

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Creamin Fit Fuckers 2!

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Neo Paris is in his office "managing" his penis while looking at porn.  In walks Bricks Austin.  "You sucking me," is all Bricks says to get Neo "on job." Swallowing deep, Neo definitely is an adept team player.  Bricks face fucks his coworker & then strips.  Teasing with his tool, Bricks is all about getting it all in there, orally & annually. shows us what we really want, two hot fuckers who appreciate "prety job." By time Neo hops up on desk to be serviced, his legs are spread wide; Bricks has gotten memo & it won not be long before Bricks is sending his reply.  Bricks spins Neo off desk & around, spits on his penis & goes all in.  this two hot fuckers are also very encouraging of one another as they growl & slap.  As top pounds away, Neo yells, "come on baby," while his hard sex stick "thumbs up" beneath desk.  the two go cock-to-ass as camera shows from below; they must have worked on this type of "project" before.  The moaning only intensifies as they try out another piece of office furniture to fuck up against; I'd say Bricks has real skill in "filing" things away.  Returning to desk, missionary style, Neo is Many than happy to spread his cheeks farther for his partner.  Within several minutes, Bricks jerks himself to apogee & blows "white out" all over his torso.  Bricks keeps fucking his "assistant" until he pulls out just in time to send "reply" to Neo, message sent & received.  

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Creamin Fit Fuckers 3!

live gay porn

Tomm is feeding Max Born few numbers, however he'd like to be "feeding" him something else.  These "born to fuck" men are on  For this vid we'll see how Tomm goes from feeding to breeding his "assistant." Its not long before numbers are not only thing getting bigger; these men have incredible uncut dicks to share.  The pair undress for success.  Both Tomm & Max have such hot muscular bodies; getting "hands on," they grope & groan as they "research" one another.  With their penises out & up, Max is 1'st to taste; working Tomm's head definitely has its advantages.  Tomm grabs Max's mouth to direct his prot?g?.  Overseeing every inch, Tomm stands & face fucks Max before taking an account of Max's meat.  All "boned up" on their work, they trade off one more time before Tomm bends Max over desk to rim; Max's moans encourages further research.  Tomm slides in & slowly begins to hammer in & out, task at hand.  As photocamera movies from below, bottom's love stick is hard & true.  Tomm takes Max on all fours & two continue their "collaboration." Within several minutes, both are on edge; Tomm pulls out just in time to give his "final approval" all over Max's hole.  Max then stands & gives his all to Tomm's chin & chest, "assignment complete." Shit, overseeing their work is so labor intensive & "draining" I say we all take long lunch.  

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Gay Bareback

Creamin Fit Fuckers 1!

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Angelo's mens's mens; wearing lavender shirt does nothing to diminish his cocky presence.  When Carl comes in to get document signed, Angelo lays down law, "if you want my signature, you must making oral sex me." Carl, not one to hold his tongue, is more than happy to offer up bit of oral & anal.  These two hot supermodels show great teamwork in this hot movie.  Both dude have hugest penises & Carl's hole is "treasure" to explore.  Demonstrating his great "depth" in sucking, Carl takes on Angelo's monster cock like true professional.  & when reciprocity falls upon Angelo's lips, his expertise in "big deals" comes through.  The two strip down, grope & suck one last time before Angelo bends Carl over couch.  With clear view of Carl's "cavern," Angelo spits on his finger & goes in deep, followed by his nice thick rod.  No complaints from "lads-agement" & two get into nice rhythm.  Watching from below as Angelo pumps in & out is as hot as above view, as he smacks & attacks Carl's hole.  The two of them move to floor to "spread" their work out; Carl's hard dick twitches with each thrust from behind.  Both close, its Carl who unleashes first sperm, splattering over his shoulder.  Not long after, Angelo wets Carl's "whistle" with thick helping of "your ass is mine."

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Bareback big size Guns: Chad Brock & Drew Driver!

gay porn thumbs

The scene starts out with Chad Brock & Drew Drive locking lips, Drew sucking on Brock's nipples & hard dick poking out of his jeans.  After some face fucking, Chad bends over bench with Drew eating his hind end while jerking himself.  than Drew wants so making oral sex few more cock & crawls under Brock still leaning on bench.  finger or two now in Brock's ass while sucking his penis & we got excellent shot of Brock's geishe & asshole.  After getting both guy heated up, its time for Brock to prime & pump Drew's ass.  Drew's turn on bench with several great shots from cameraman underneath action as Brock drives his penis deep in Drew's ass.  From doggy style to missionary & back, these two guy keep cameraman hopping.  Brock sucks every over Drews ass then shoves this back in to finish off before Drew sucks last drop & cleans up Brock's dick.  

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bareback huge Guns: Jayson Park & rod Disco!

gay sex experience

When it comes to power bottoms & swee little pigs, there are few likes of Jayson Park.  In this video clip, Jayson spends time in dungeon with basket of meat Disco schooling him on how to be an aggressive top daddy.  Regarding hard dicks, whether its in his mouth or up his back, Jayson is one hungry power bottom & little soldier is about to find that out.  From sucking cock to 69'ing, eating ass to pounding ass, Jayson runs lizard through gambit.  "Fuck that ass boy"...  "give this to me"...  "fuck yeah"...  "fuck my ass." Sit back, grab lube & get hold of your cock studs, this is gonna be wild ride!

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Antonio Biaggi, Dick Disco & Drew Driver!

amateur gay sex

Bareback huge Guns is latest release from HDK & features few of best bareback big guns in business.  Just way you want it! How hard & primal is your bare cravings? In this scene, Hot Desert Knights brings you dungeon of depravity & sinful raw sex.  Antonio Biaggi with his huge cock & bull balls fucks tool Disco & Drew Driver in hot threesome including "manwich." view as uncaged whores & condoms free large Guns take advantage of this private dungeon & fill five rough scenes with primal sexy fury of wild animals!

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Gay Bareback

Champ Robinson & Kriss Aston!

twink gay sex

Champ Robinson with his big size black "night stick" & Kriss Aston are in dungeon for this scene.  With Kriss bent over bench, Champ plows his ass from behind while standing.  The cameraman get's us some great shots of action from below.  After riding Champs cock while sitting in chair, Kriss hops off & unloads all over Champs chest.  Champ isn not done though & bends Kriss back over to fuck him several more & then delivers an explosive cumshot on Kriss back.  then Champ shoves his dick back in to finish it off.  

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Gay bare-back

HDKRaw - Jayson Park Fucks Drew Sumrok!

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Its 1'st here on HDK! Our favorite little "piggy bottom stud" becomes "full blown hog!" Jayson Park tops in his 1'st no condoms scene for HDK & coaches Drew Sumrok on how to be good little boy.  Starting out with some cock sucking lessons, Jayson holds back on Drew's head teaching him on to be "pretty boy"...  "all way down, there ya go, c'mon boy, fuckin' enjoy it" we hear Jayson telling Drew.  "Gonna be fucking your back," yeah, "thats gonna be your fuckin' ass", "good boy, c'mon c'mon" as Jayson lays back to give Drew access to his butt for few ass blow.  DAMN I am ready to blow already & they're just getting started!! Drew now get's to face fuck Jayson laying back on bench while twisting on his nipples.  Jayson breaks it up & dudes handles Drew throwing him up on bench & starts rimming Drew's hind end & then moment me and him've all been waiting for.  Jayson drives his love stick into Drew's butt, no easing this in, no steady as she goes, just WHAM & drives his cock deep in Drew's ass.  Listen to sound of Jayson pounding Drew's ass...  "FWAP FWAP FWAP" & Drew's grunts & groans "fuck yeah, yeah, fuck." Watching Jayson put Drew through ringer you definitely get idea this isn not first time Jayson has topped stud, however its first on camera for HDK & he's one formidable top! Jayson pulls out to blow his cum all over Drew's asshole & than shoves it back in to finish cumming before he leans down to lick it up & clean Drew's hind end & then takes Drew's sex cream in his mouth & across face.  This is one intense video clip you won not want to miss.  

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HDKRaw - Coach Austin & Jake Norris!

gay colleges

Here on HDK we have Coach Austin barebacking Jake Norris.  This scene has lots of sucking, fucking & creampie not to be missed.  HDK delivers finest top models doing their best at what they do best.  Matter of fact, Jake does his best, three times! 'man butter' along, as you look with total "assess." The coach begins things, by bringing his "A game" to Jake's rod.  Sucking shaft, & not forgetting to spend some quality time on head, Jake is ready to go, fast.  Sliding into sling, Coach Austin attends to more of Jake's snake.  "Yeah, grab my gonads" moans Jake as he is orally aroused.  The photocamera pans behind both of supermodels, so we can really appreciate what it takes to be "fucking" excellent.  

Both these boys are so cute, muscular & well equipped to handle anything "laid" before them.  Jake then positions him-self, & his hole in sling, ready to be fucked.  From side, as Coach slides in, both immediately grunt & moan; Jake begs, "fuck me." Yanking his chains, Coach Austin seems to have found just right rhythm & technique as he fucks.  Working on coaches nipples, Jake also jerks himself; coach goes scrotum deep, "fill it up" moans Jake.  

The two slurp & slap body parts together as they feel it, deep.  "Fuck me faster & hard," grunts Jake as he spews load onto his stomach; coach continues to pound.  From below, Jake's hole is receiving all of coach's attention.  Jake then explodes again, & again within minutes.  I don not know what special abilities coach is using, however sign me up for his team! Its now Coach Austin's turn; he takes few minutes away from camera to got close, & than shoves his dick back up Jake's hind end.  Knocking on Jake's back door, hard, coach delivers an explosive jizz inside his partner.  Spreading Jake's cheeks, coach even goes back in, orally, to clean Jake up, & down.  

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HDKRaw - Clark Longhammer and Mason Garrett!

gay sex masterbation

Clark Longhammer & Mason Garrett are getting fuck loud & proud in smelly locker-room.  In this vid, these two are animals after each other; Mason doesn not even bother to pull down Clark's jock strap before he swallows his partner.  

"Give me those fucking pits," demands Clark; both go face deep into sweet sweaty manly scent.  He then bends Mason over, spits & eats deep.  Grabbing Mason's shins for leverage, Clark is all about hole.  On fuck bench, Clark is sucking & spreading Mason wide.  He than claims Mason's hole as his own & works toward marking his territory.  

As Clark takes possession of Mason's canal, he is balls deep & complimenting his partner on, "taking that male genitalia well." Mason is enthralled with each thrust of this pounding.  Being great bottom, only thing Mason keeps saying is, "yeah." Bouncing back onto Clark's dick, Mason is having fuck of his life.  Owning Mason's asshole, Clark reminds his partner who's in charge, "feel my coconuts slapping against your ass?" Mason replies, "yeah" & two keep going.  

the pair move to sling; chains & leather bounce as Clark plunges back in to that, "sweet hole." The bottom is moaning on "hole" new level as Clark pounds & demands, "fucking take it." Clark then pulls out in time to spray his partner & reenter.  Mason cums next, tugging feverishly on his cock as he is finger fucked by Clark; "fucking A, gonna finish what you started boy" remarks Clark.  Palpating Mason's prostate, he sucks loads every over himself & is rewarded with his own sex cream, courtesy of Clark.  The two then congratulate each other; Mason goes into spasms as Clark licks & sucks again, head to head.  

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Gay Bareback

Jack Brave & Jayson Park!

gay sex store

Tongue fucking before true fun begins; Jayson Park is bottoming today for Jack Brave.  At, we've got sweaty hot fuckers who bareback until they blow.  Jack says, "you can take this" as he "jack"hammers his partner.  By time they're finished, Jayson is glazed love donut.  

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