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Show Me Your Hole - Byron Saint -amp; Christian Mitchell!

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The accessories are black: black boots, black jock strap & black-gloved hands demanding entrance to Christian Mitchell's hole.  Byron Saint is fuckers on other end of black gloves.  Christian emits continuous low-pitched growls & gurgles as Byron's hand inches forward & recedes again.  Sometimes hand is fist, sometimes this is flat palm, sometimes its five digits angled into cone.  Now two hands: Byron's palms are pressed together at entrance to Christian's hole, sliding in opposite directions.  One palm slides in as other slides out.  Tendons along Byron's forearms stand out as his arm works hand, now rotating, then plunging.  Christian howls as full fist breaches his hole.  The cheeks of his butt glisten with lube.  He get's moment of rest from ongoing punishment when Byron strips.  Now we can see Byron's long, limber muscles flex & contract as he works on Christian's butt.  Byron's abs cast parallel shadows onto his torso.  He grabs his cock & strokes it while keeping other hand at work on Christian's hole.  On command, Christian rolls over on his back.  His hairy chest & belly roll into view just as high arcs of Byron's sex cream fly across his body.

The Trustees - Leo Forte -amp; Brian Bonds!

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Leo Forte looks wild in his security guard uniform & spectacles, however his presence is menacing for prisoner Brian Bonds, who is about to undergo 'rehabilitation.' Brian is naked, with his hands tied behind him & an electrical collar around his neck.  His resistance is met with sudden punch to solar plexus with Leo's nightstick that knocks wind out of him.  Leo remains calm, cool & smiling as he removes his shirt.  He fashions an elaborate rope harness that enhances musculature of Brian's hairy pecs.  Leo hoists Brian into air, face downward, stopping when Brian's mouth is in perfect height for face-fuck.  Brian gasps & drools copious volumes of saliva as Leo feeds him inch after inch of hard love stick, not stopping until Brian has swallowed everything however his balls.  few more pelvic thrusts are all thats needed to trigger release of Leo's spooge, which flies out onto Brian's head.  Leo leaves, telling Brian he's not through with him yet.

Show Me Your Hole - Tony Buff -amp; Kyle Wood!

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Kyle Wood, or The Pig as he is known in Tony Buff's pack of obscene pups, is naked.  His smooth body seems exceptionally pale in dark hotel room.  He's kneeling on table, rocking back & forth as he plays with his hole.  Tony Buff is beside his collared boy, pulling on gloves.  He drizzles lube onto The Pig's taint & it runs down to his hole & puddles there.  Pushing The Pig's fingers out of way, Tony uses both thumbs to stretch & separate walls of The Pig's hole.  Configuring his fingers into cone, Tony presses The Pig's sphincter muscles until they release to allow passage of his fist.  The Pig arches his back & rears up on his knees.  Grabbing his dick allows The Pig to summon greater pleasure & he moves his hand back & forth until his love stick tingles with approaching orgams.  The Pig's seed shoots across table as Tony's fist claims another inch.  The Pig flips over, still stroking his love stick as Tony eases his fist out, massaging The Pig 's stretched hole until it reveals red flower within.  Tony stands & quickly unrolls condom onto his rod.  Entry to The Pig's hole is now effortless.  The Pig works to coax second orgasmus from his nuts as Tony pulls out & shoots streams of jism across The Pig's exhausted body.

The Trustees - Race Cooper -amp; Dirk Caber!

gay pissing fetish
Suspected of plots against state, Race Cooper has been arrested & targeted for body search.  Interrogator Dirk Caber orders Race to strip & bend over an examining table.  Caber's hands leave no square inch of Race's flawless, muscled torso unexplored.  Grabbing pair of black laytex gloves, he says there will be cavity search.  Race submits as Dirk's finger breaches his sphincter.  When number of fingers increases, along with depth of penetration, Race begins to cry out in distress.  Dirk praises, 'good boy,' as anal intrusion progresses beyond cavity search to full alternating left hand right hand fist-fuck.  Race get's no mercy; Dirk dips his gloved hand into waste container where lube is kept & continues search.  After Dirk pronounces 'all clear,' he hands Race jar, ordering him to produce sex cream sample.  While Race masturbates for his captor, Dirk plays with his knobs & punches him, waiting for inevitable ejaculation, than grabbing Race's throbbing sex stick to collect sample.

in Arms Length - Simon Cox -amp; Eddie Moreno -amp; Rob Edwards!

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Eddie & Rob have Simon strapped in sling as they fist him

Big On The Inside - Nick Piston -amp; Peter Mitchum!

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Nick & Peter try to one-up each other with bigger anal feats

The Trustees - Preston Steel -amp; Draven Torres!

gay pissing fetish
Punk Draven Torres is caught tagging wall by watchman Preston Steel.  Preston cuffs Draven's hands behind his back & tells him he's being taken to the Center.  Draven's attitude immediately changes from one of cockiness to one of fear.  He'll do anything to change Preston's mind, even blowing his sex stick.  it takes Preston about three seconds to unzip & pull his short sword out.  Draven's throat is deep, however Preston wants to add some humiliation.  Grabbing 6-inch spikes of Draven's Mohawk, Preston spits in his face & rams Draven's throat until his airway is plugged.  Draven chokes & gags.  Preston slaps him around with his hands & his cock, than cums in his face.  Draven thinks he's off hook, however he get's hauled away to The Center.

At Arms Length - Blake Harper -amp; Boyd Thomas -amp; Jackson Price!

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Jackson takes dicks, dildo & even fist from Blake & Boyd

The Trustees - Dirk Caber -amp; Jessie Colter!

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Jessie Colter hangs from ceiling by his ankles, like side beef.  He's erect, naked below waist however encased in straitjacket above.  Uniformed interrogator Dirk Caber calls him malefactor.  Caber looks sizzling with full beard flecked with gray.  He approaches his helpless prisoner & drives his fists into him like human punching bag.  then Dirk fondles exposed flesh, running his hands along Jessie's thighs, squeezing his buns & punish him.  Jessie cries out however his penis get's harder.  Dirk grabs an instrument that delivers electric shocks & runs it over Jessie's bare skin -- even his cock & balls -- until Jessie's loud lament echoes through hotel room.  Dirk takes off straitjacket & sets Jessie on his feet, tickling him & using another instruments that deliver sensations of pain mixed with pleasure.  Satisfied there's nothing to learn from Jessie for now, Dirk rewards him by sucking his love stick & jacking him off to orgasm, making sure to delay climax as one final bit of erotic torture.

Backyard studs - Race Cooper -amp; Preston Steel!

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Race Cooper & Preston Steel are making out in Sword Swallower's tent.  They are contrast in body types, Race being smooth, muscular & color of dark chocolate; Preston being pale, hairy & built more like runner.  Their crossed arms make black-and-white 'X' across their naked torsos as they stroke each other's hard ons.  They are about to enter kinky zone.  Letting go of their rods, they reach across to small table where lube & an array of sounding rods are laid out.  In perfect unison, they slide shafts of surgical steel in to shafts of their penises.  They praise each another while their moans of pleasure rise.  They lean in for kiss, setting sounding cocks aside to seriously blowing face while rapidly jacking their rods, which are eager to relieve pressure by discharging massive amounts of jism.  Preston cums first, scoops his sex cream into his mouth, then bites on Race's erect nipples until Race shoots.

Show Me Your Hole - Leo Forte -amp; Zack Taylor!

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Leo gives Zack's patriot pigboy ass Five Fingered Salute!

Backyard twinks - Leo Forte -amp; Shay Michaels!

gay sportswear fetish
Leo Forte takes Wild guys Shay Michaels out of his cage, on chain, for few 'punch fuck prostate with electro stimulation.' Shay is all fur, beef & muscle & he allows Leo to knead, punish & bite his furry buns.  Taking it up level, Leo rubs his bristly scalp against Shay's taint & hole.  Grunting & swaying like beast in heat, Shay lets Leo shove brass butt plug into him.  Nasty lads that he is, Leo pulls out plug, sucks it, & shoves it back in, snugging it into place.  Its like sedative.  Shay flops onto his back & Leo sticks wickedly curved sounding rod into his cock.  With his red neckerchief & unzipped black jeans held up by suspenders, Leo looks ready to hit midway with megaphone.  Instead, he hits Shay with double electric charge attached to sound & butt plug.  Leo's response to Wild Man's cries is 'Lets turn up that juice.' Shay's groans are an aphrodisiac to Leo, making his eyebrows arch, his eyes twinkle & his grin more fiendish.  When Shay's toes begin to twitch & his moans grow to orgasmic pitch, Leo knows destination has been reached, so he removes electrodes & tenderly strokes out sperm that couldn not escape Shay's sex stick.

At Arms Length - Eddie Moreno -amp; Jackson Price -amp; Rob Edwards!

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Rob holds Eddie's legs spread as Jackson works his fist in

Call To Arms - Batboy!

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Batboy is back again--only this time he's out to prove that he doesn not need another mens to give him what he needs.  He can take care of his own wants, thank you, & he shows this by fisting himself! With his butt up in air, he works his own hand up into his canal over & over.  He continues by grabbing baseball bat & working it in & out of his gaping butthole until he's taken almost entire length!

Hoodies - Brian Bonds -amp; Race Cooper!

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Sometimes men just needs someone to blowing his love stick & get him off quick.  Race Coopers rod is dripping long strands of saliva & pre-cum thanks to mouth of Brian Bonds, who is kneeling before Races awesomely muscular physique.  Races hand on Brians neck guides his sucking & forces that hugest, black cock deeper into Brians throat.  When Brians jaws need break, he licks Races nutsack, cradling nads in his tongue.  Race shudders & moans, squeezing big semen of sex cream onto Brians face & mouth.

Backyard Boys - Preston Steel -amp; Logan Stevens!

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Preston Steel, aka Meatbag, is drop-dead tired at end of day.  The top of his coveralls flaps down as he swings his legs onto Logan Stevens' lap for foot massage.  We see pink nipple size of dime & intricately patterned chest hair that swirls sexily up to his neck & shoulders.  Logan knows thing or two about feet, like which trigger points to press to give boy an erection & sensuous benefits of sucking toes.  Working his tongue around & between Meatbag's toes & pressing hard into his arch gives Meatbag boner, & he wonders if Logan's sucking skills extend to love stick.  Off come coveralls to expose juicy fat panis with thick bush.  Logan peels off his tattered shirt & pushes his pants down as his knees hit ground.  Jacking his own rooster, Logan sucks & slurps until Meatbag's penis is buried in his throat.  The clenching of his throat muscles around head of Meatbag's dick quickly produces an orgsm that bastes Logan's entire face with ejaculate.

Code Of Conduct 02 - Deliverance - Steve Pierce -amp; Tom Chase!

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Recruit Steve Pierce is getting special training from his Commanding Officer Tom Chase.  Tom makes sure Steve is always ready to accommodate his big dick by making sure his hole is good & stretched...with finally hard penis-slamming.

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