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MEMBER BONUS - Addicted - Alex Marte -amp; Damien Crosse!

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Muscle studs Damien Crosse & Alex Marte spend an entire afternoon fuck each other on rooftop in downtown Madrid, out in open & under sun with whole city watching -- including Francesco D'Macho, who get's close-up See with pair of binoculars! These men love pron, & both are experts in art of pleasure.  If you are fan of hairy bodies & Olympian muscles, this switch-hit scene is can match.  Damien, one of greatest porn stars of our time, never looked better with his dark handsome Cuban looks, & Alex Marte may very well be top bodybuilder in porn today! some back story of this clip -- since it was shot out in public, Spanish police actually raided set during filming, responding to complaints from all across city! however police in Spain are cool guys -- rather than stop shoot, they just asked actors to hurry up with their cum shots! Damien & Alex were so turned on by these two straight policemen that they blew biggest loads of their careers!

Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation - Jack King -amp; Vance Crawford!

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Vance Crawford & Jack King cool off by spraying each other with garden hose.  Their horseplay turns to wrestling, & trying to strip each other.  surge of sexual energy & aggressiveness leaves them both naked, & covered with lawn debris.  They have crossed point of no return, when they know they're gonna fuck.  however when & where? That question is answered when we next see them in barn with Jack is offering his penis to Vance.  Jack has short black hair & dark eyes.  Vance has nice agina & large balls.  Vance plays with them before grabbing hold of, & sucking, Jack's rod.  As good as Vance's mouth feels, Jack wants his ass.  bale of hay & horse blanket later, Jack is jamming his love stick deep in to Vance's hole.  The missionary position gives way to sit-fuck that showcases Vance's colorful ink sleeve & beautifully shaped asshole.  the sun is setting & sweat is rolling off their bodies when they jizz -- almost simultaneously -- onto Vance's chest & abs.

Cabin Fever - part 1 - Micah Brandt -amp; Spencer Fox!

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Spencer Fox & Micah Brandt flirt shamelessly while playing cards, than wisely decide to ditch game for more rewarding past time.  Spencer strips down & Micah latches onto his huge fat cock mouth-1'st.  He sucks huge meat pole with an expertise that surprises them both even as Spencer towers over him face fucking his deep throat.  The men than switch places so Spencer can work on Micah's stick, milking it with tight lips before he swabs his ball sac with skilled tongue.  Spencer's cock worms it way up Micah's back & he fucks his horny partner fast & hard.  The guy's balls swing madly back & forth as two fuck nonstop in different configurations.  Micah nears his threshold of excitement whimpering with ecstasy; its just too good; it feels too good! Neither lads wants to stop however all thrust, every poke pushes them farther over edge until they both end up satisfied with strings of Spencer's spooge dripping off Micah's face.

Plays Together - Ryan Rose -amp; Lance Luciano!

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Dawn finds Ryan Rose & Lance Luciano asleep in each other's arms in tangle of snow-white sheets.  They awake overcome with lust for each another's flawless, smooth & muscular bodies.  After wake-up kiss, Ryan uses his mouth to attend to Lance's morning wood.  While basking in attention to his cock & balls, Lance massages Ryan's nuts & hole.  They swivel head-to-toe so they can both blowing & be sucked.  Ryan is on bottom & when he cranes his neck to swallow Lance's cock, his nose presses against Lance's balls until they seem to move on their own.  Besides his good looks & gymnasts body, Lance is blessed with portly cock, which he uses to make Ryan's day.  Grabbing nipple in one hand & thrusting his tongue in nearest ear, Lance has Ryan at his mercy.  Their fucking makes mattress rock.  They flip over to missionary position, swapping roles at same time so that now its Ryan who plunders Lance's hole.  Ryan breaks out into an all-over sweat.  He grinds his cock into Lance at every angle until they both erupt in blizzard of white load across Lance's torso.

Hot For You - Joey Cooper -amp; Liam Magnuson!

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Smooth brunet Joey Cooper demands relief, & he spells it F-U-C-K-M-E.  His face is deeply buried in crevice of Liam Magnuson's buns & his left arm snakes around to Jack Liam's hard penis.  Joey get's kiss for his efforts, then Liam turns, for Joey to service his front.  Liam is broad-shouldered blond with dusting of hair on his chest & closely trimmed pubes and, for moment, he's content to experience having Joey's throat constrict around head of his rod.  Cute Joey busies him-self with work of sucking & stroking himself.  While his lips move up & down, his tongue snakes out to curl around Liam's shaft.  Liam wants few of what Joey's having so Joey lays across couch, face-up, & they 69.  Being uppermost allows Liam to keep drilling Joey's willing face.  When Joey's jaws need break, he pulls back & drives his toungue into Liam's tasty hole.  Its not long before Joey signals that his willing hole is ready & Liam is fast to drill Joey's backside.  Liam fucks Joey upside-down, with Joey bracing his back against couch to better support shoulder stand.  Liam breaks out into sweat & they change positions twice while continuing to fuck, leading to them cumming at same time.

Plays Together - Lance Luciano -amp; Liam Magnuson -amp; Darius Ferdynand!

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For Liam Magnuson, being masseur is about flesh contact.  Darius Ferdynand is on his table, & Darius' rippling muscles invite touch.  Drizzling oil onto Darius, Liam massages leg, starting with heel.  Reaching thigh, he oils Darius's crack, spreading buns to massage his balls & taint.  than Liam drives his tongue in to hole.  Darius comes to life.  He pulls Liam forward to suck him while Liam jackhammers Darius' hole with finger.  Liam's broad, smooth chest tapers to narrow waist & washboard abs.  He climbs on table & mounts Darius like beast, sliding his tongue between Darius' lips as he enters him.  Darius arches his spine & rears back.  Now he takes charge, straddling Liam's waist to fuck his face.  Darius' ass finds Liam's cock again, exploiting his position to ensure his prostate is pounded from all angle.  His rocks slap Liam's hard stomach & his toes grip table.  Lance Luciano is showering in next room & sound of fucking makes his dick throb.  He emerges to view standing just outside door, massaging his jutting pecs & masturbating.  He climaxes on floor while Darius & Liam coat each other's torsos in spooge.

MEMBER BONUS - Suited For porno - Marc Dylan -amp; Steve Vex!

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All suited up & horny as hell, Steve Vex & Marc Dylan get things moving fast.  Both lad are ready for some carnal expenditures so as primary agent, Steve begins by devouring his partner's huge throbbing asset.  He soon demands return on his investment & boy trade places with Marc deepthroating Steve's cock down to base.  Another turnover ensues & Steve has Marc shivering with excitement as he doing oral him some more & eats out his furry hind end.  Now ready for intensive anal takeover, Steve stretches Marc's cheeks apart & screws him with his power pole.  He continues to fuck non-stop as Marc lays his muscled body down, rocking back & forth with every jab.  Marc grabs ahold of his erect male genitalia & jerks himself off until he shoots his wad.  Steve then pulls out & cums, mixing his spooge with Marc's hefty deposit & both feel satisfied & completely liquidated.

Plays Together - Connor Maguire -amp; Ray Diaz -amp; Ryan Rose!

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hot latino bottom, Ray Diaz, & Connor Maguire are making out, making sexual mischief.  Ray plays hide & seek with this; 'It' being Connor's penis, which is too not small & hard not to spot.  Ray sucks it, running his hands through hair on Connor's chest.  Ray's feathers hole makes Connor harder, & need to taste it wins out over need to let Ray keep sucking him.  Connor gives oral attention to Ray's balls, too, before sidling up to him from behind, ready to fuck.  Ray emits spontaneous, jaw-dropping gasp when Connor slides it into him.  By time Ray flips onto his back they have attracted an audience.  Ryan Rose, dressed in towel & visibly eager for action, is watching & waiting around corner.  Ryan get's step closer to being invited to join them when he drops towel, showing hard dick ready to rock & roll.  Connor gives him nod.  Ray looks spectacular with cock in his ass, & he welcomes having cock in his mouth at same time.  Ryan provides meat in his mouth while Connor continues plowing Ray's ass.  As they approach climax, Ryan invites everyone to jiz on him, kneeling on floor so that Ray & Connor can direct their sperm onto his neck, chest & handsome face.

Hot For You - Devin Dixon -amp; Jace Chambers!

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Jace Chambers & Devin Dixon are making out naked on couch.  Jace has tribal tattoo on his right pec & an hourglass of fur up to his pecs & down to his bush.  Devin is darker, slim & mostly smooth, with pretty bushy legs, hirsute hole & thin triangle of hair between his nipples.  After make out session, he turns his attention to sucking Jace's veiny love stick.  Then he straddles back of couch & fucks Jace's face while Jace squeezes & tugs Devin's bag.  Devin moves forward, offering Jace his hole to tongue, priming it with thumb for fuck to come.  Devin bucks back enthusiastically into Jace's thrusts, gripping upholstery with one hand & jacking himself with other.  than he flips onto his back, balancing himself across arm of couch.  Jace holds Devin by one ankle while delivering powerful thrusts that ultimately send them both over edge, leaving Devin's chest sprinkled with jism, which Devin eats & then feeds to Jace.

Hot For You - Isaac Hardy -amp; Jake Parker!

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Isaac Hardy & Jake Parker convey impression of friends about to have sex together for 1st time.  They kiss slowly & tenderly, with lots of smiles while tentatively undressing each other.  When Jake's shirt comes off, Isaac is quick to run his hands over Jake's smooth chest.  Pants drop to floor.  The pouch of Isaac's tighty whities is so filled hard flesh, you think it might burst.  They chew each other's lips, not reaching below yet however jousting with their engorged meat.  Isaac sits to blow Jake's love stick, & long viscous strand of pre semen drips glistening to floor.  The fellas are trim & clean-cut.  Isaac has scattered dark chest hair, feathers legs & yummy treasure trail that lead to thick, dark pubes.  Jake is blond & smooth; he spends lot of time flicking his tongue rapidly against dark center of Isaac's hole, followed by fingering him with one, then 2 fingers.  Isaac's panting grows more intense as his hole prepares to welcome his buddy in.  The penetration is smooth, slow & exhilarating as Jake's fat rod slides into Isaac's flawlessly smooth ass, delivering every inch of pleasure.  The intensity grows as they fuck excitedly until Jake shoots hot loads.  Isaac then covers his torso with spooge, & Jake feeds it to him.

Plays Together - Connor Maguire -amp; Ryan Rose -amp; Lance Luciano -amp; Darius Ferdynand!

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The heat ratchets up when Connor Maguire & Lance Luciano lift Darius Ferdynand bodily & lower his hole onto Ryan Rose's waiting cock.  Up & down, up & down.  Ryan sweetens fuck by reaching around to stroke Darius' cock.  With his hole fully warmed up, Darius now sits on Ryan's cock.  Connor comes up behind & adds second penis, to make it D.P.  Lance's fat meat finds home in Ryan's throat.  They separate later for their sex potion shots.  With one man squeezing his nuts & another squeezing his nipples, Ryan's love juice shot flies across room.

Sit Tight 2 - Spencer Fox -amp; Jed Athens!

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Exuberance zips into overdrive as erotic Spencer Fox get's it on with rock solid Jed Athens.  Their hot kissing session steams up image window next to oversize tub thats home to their high spirited sport fuck.  Spencer worships Jed's meat & savors his lengthy shaft & tight balls.  His love stick couldn not be harder with anticipation as he settles his granite butt down on Jed's penis.  He rides so hard in that sweet saddle you'd think his steely pipe would crack clear off.  Before that can happen, Spencer & Jed switch their roles, & Spencer shows what his strapping meat stick can do when its welcomed up eager hole love Jed's.  Its so intense tightly clasped pair launch mutual jack-off that lets their cream erupt.

Bucks County 1 - in to The Wild - Connor Maguire -amp; Donnie Dean!

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Country boy Connor Maguire is feeling frisky, so he finds quiet place in barn to jack off.  His body is hard & firm, & he has sprinkling of reddish hair across his pecs & down his tummy that lead to his super hard cock.  There's an old truck in barn, & pretty Donnie Dean is snoozing in front seat.  He wakes up when he hears Connor & he emerges from his nap ready to making blowjob.  Donnie's hard-bodied enthusiasm is infectious.  Its tossup which is hotter -- his mouth or his hole -- & lucky Connor doesn not have to made up his mind because he get's them both.  After getting his cock sucked, Connor delivers an expert rim job to Donnie's hirsute hole while he's laying back, legs spread on hood of an old pickup.  After its primed & ready Connor goes to down on Donnie's hole with his dick, ramming his butt over fender of truck & on tractor.  Pleasured by intense pounding, Donnie squeezes & jerks his love stick jism squirts out, coating hairs on his chest.  Connor's major loads quickly follows.

Bucks County 1 - Into The cute - Connor Maguire -amp; Woody Fox!

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Handsome Woody Fox & All-American Connor Maguire sneak away from barbeque for several alone time.  Connor grabs Woody's hand & they run off to shady spot behind house for dessert.  Woody immediately goes for Connor's love stick, gripping base of it in his fist & inhaling rest.  His free hand explores Connor's broad chest.  Connor pulls Woody to his feet to making oral sex love stick juices off his tongue & blow him in return.  The veins in Woody's penis throb as Connor's head mounds with determination until, with aid of some spit, he is able to swallow this every.  They pause for deep passionate mackin', & Woody drops again to his knees & swirls his tongue around head of Connor's cock while jerking rapidly with his fist, until Connor's breath comes short, his chest heaves & he shoots quiver semen across sparse hairs of Woody's chest.  Woody then grabs his own sex stick & sprays Connor's chest with hot jism.

Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation - Ryan Rose -amp; Liam Magnuson!

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Delayed gratification makes for hotter sex.  After day hiking, Liam Magnuson & Ryan Rose are raring to go.  They stand shirtless, nose-to-nose & navel-to-navel, their skin burnished by sun.  Both these mans are made out of muscle.  Ryan is dark & smooth.  Liam is blond & freckled, with pelt of barely visible hair covering his chest.  His shorts ride low, exposing tantalizing view of his crack & love lube gutters that look carved.  They pick an empty livestock corral.  Liam takes lead, briefly sucking Ryan, then taking time to feast on moist center of Ryan's buns.  He pauses now & then to making oral sex Ryan's testicles, too.  Ryan bends low & grabs wooden rail for support when Liam spears him from behind.  Liam goes easy at 1-st, than he grasps Ryan slams him with all speed & ferocity he can muster.  The muscles of both lad ripple & bulge.  When Ryan needs break, he blows Liam's love stick & balls for relief, then he get's on his back & fuck resumes until their sweat pours down like rain.  Ryan makes bottoming an aerobic activity that eventually brings Liam to gushing orgasm all over Ryan's chest.  Liam holds Ryan in his arms, massaging his chest until Ryan sucks huge, viscous jizz.

Cabin Fever - Part 1 - Chris Tyler -amp; Boston Miles!

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How can Boston Miles be serious about shooting round of pool when Chris Tyler is being tease playing with different set of sticks & balls? Fed up with his buddy's horsing around, Boston challenges Chris to more aggressive confrontation.  Both studs are anxious to make sexual contact & they circle each other like hungry panthers.  Boston gobbles up Chris's meaty uncut pole sliding it easily between his lips.  Boston mouths heavy ball sack, & rims Chris's hirsute manhole.  Chris pants excitedly & than makes his move to nurse on Boston's boss and his two helpers.  Its not long before Chris leans against pool table & lifts one leg up to expose his chocolate eye.  Chris's cheekiness draws attention of Boston's big bat & nice bruiser fucks his partner aggressively, ramming in & out in red-line pace.  They gyrate into different positions still fuck until they finish laying side-by-side jerking off until each mens produces blast of juicy jizz.

Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation - Joey Cooper -amp; Jason Goodman!

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Jason Goodman & Joey Cooper are feeling that hot surge in their loins that comes when you need to bust nut with boy you're with.  An old tractor looks inviting.  They nuzzle like couple of young colts.  Jason unbuttons his jeans & Joey takes over, giving Jason's sex stick & balls an oral workout.  Joey is cute collegiate type -- clean-cut, with dark wavy hair, no tattoos or piercings.  Jason is more linebacker type, with diamond guy & few body ink.  Jason lies along biggest tire of tractor, his spine arched, his nipples & cock upright while Joey blows him.  Come time to swap, Jason sucks Joey, then Joey lies belly-down over tire for Jason to eat his ass.  That same tire provides ballast when Jason sinks his love stick in Joey's tight white hole.  Joey is transported to 'fuck me' state of consciousness, in which world is reduced to dick & ass.  They find bench for Joey to lie on, & Jason fucks & sucks him at same time.  Joey spits in his hand & starts jacking his way to orgam, cumming in high arcs just as Jason pulls out of his ass & covers Joey's pubes with his spunk.

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