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Working It Out!

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As Ricky lends hand to help Mark as he struggles to lift himself up from weight bench, Ricky's biggest hand almost reaches over sides of Mark's small waist.  As Ricky looks down at Mark, his thought bubble says "lunch" & he decides it time for Mark to eat.  He takes Mark by head & grinds it all over his package.  Shucking his shorts, hauling his dong, he grabs Mark by hair & uses his mouth, ordering him to open wider & go deeper until he finally holds his head & thrusts that big dick in to his face, pulling out only to caning big dick across his cheeks, force feeding more basket of meat then he ever thought he could swallow.  After dragging him over to chair, Mark's mouth strains to engulf still hungry pole.  Ricky yanks down Mark's pants, spreads his butt cheeks goes deep sea diving with his tongue in Mark's tight, pink hole, eating away love mans possessed.  While he slurps on that hole, Ricky's cock throbs hand free in anticipation...and that penis will not be visible for long.

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Packing is operative for encounter today in every facet of its meaning.  Austin was packing his luggage for his trip home when Sean walked in, spied "plumber's crack" in Austin's shorts & gave them fast tug down, hoping for peek & what looked like quite tight round hind end.  Hard to find underwear to fit his big meat without cutting off blood supply, Austin was going commando & when he turned around, his nine inch bone was standing at full mast & ready for inspection.  Sean first opened his mouth wide, grabbed fat basket of meat & dropped to his knees, started with flick on tongue on flaring head of Austin's cock; he worked his way down long shaft, following veins like road map.  Looking down at Sean, Austin smirked like King of Jungle, seeing how his love stick extended beyond perimeter Sean's head.  Sean ripped out his own throbber & began to fist this furiously as he attempted to swallow Austin's cock down to hilt.  Pulling Sean to his feet, Austin for Sean naked & as he laid his cock over Sean's just to prove who is top dog, he slipped Sean kiss then had another idea where tongue needed to go next.

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Dude Wheres My Pants!

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Mario doesn not have to reach very far south to give that big ole sclong fondle under any circumstances, however sitting there & seeing Hunter's purty 'lil butt cheeks outlined in his tight fitting undies, circumstances became very clear, & so did both of their bulges.  When Hunter turned around, Mario pulled down undies, unbuttoned shirt & quickly engulfed Hunter's bone while Hunter stripped out of rest of his clothes before guiding Mario's head up & down on pole that was growing by lick.  Mario licked his way up & down every square inch of Hunter's girthy, meat stick meat until Hunter pulled him up, stuck his tongue in Mario's throat & hauled out Mario's cuban sausage.  With gasp as he laid his eyes & hands on Mario's enourmous beef, & with thud, he landed on his knees & began to feast on large Cuban missile, stopping only when Mario pulled his head away for few remedial tonsil hockey now & than.  Mario enjoyed Download as Hunter's lizard throbbed as he fed him more love stick before he bent over initiated 69 until his pulsating sex stick, & Hunter's puckering hole, told them both it was time to initiate something else.

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An Haley at the Stable!

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Adam closed door as he reached over & faced Ann.  Angel went in for tongue wrestling & took off Adam's t-shirt at same time.  Sandra was soon shirtless as well as they explored every inch of each other's strong furry pecs.  As their hands wandered south, they found each other not just with full hard ons, however kind of pulsing that is visible even through fabric.  Angel removes Adam's shorts & dove his large strong hands inside back of Adam's boxer briefs, massaging Adam's firm, round asshole cheeks before liberating from Adam cock so hard, it pointed hands free in ceiling.  Angel knew just what to do; hit ground & give rooster commanding that much blood expert oral service it required.  As Angel continued his penis feast, he unbuttoned his jeans & his fat overstuffed chorizo of love stick exploded over top of his waistband.  Losing his jeans on his way up, their big hills crossed before Adam slid to his knees & swallowed almost all inch of Angel while never breaking his gaze.  His rod began to leak even as he struggled to take it all in his mouth as Nadia slid to floor & initiated 69 that was hot enough to be called one-thirty-eight.  As he inhaled Adam down to balls, he looked at awaiting curves of Adam's ass & they would not be waiting for long.

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Make It quick I Got Half Hour!

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Joey told Jadyn to come over & he barely got in front door before Joey started opening Jadyn's pants to unleash beast of his desire.  In frenzy, Jadyn's jeans were down, shirt was off & that thick schlong was up.  Those slim guys will surprise you sometimes & Jadyn's surprise was not just big, it was eight inches plus, thick as wrist, is covered in criss cross of veins that kept it rock hard from first moment we saw it.  Joey leaned over & starting at top, he circled his tongue around head, tounging down shaft down to Jadyn's matching large balls before he got himself out his shirt & pants, slid to floor & starting up into Jadyn's eye, he kept swallowing till he mastered his pole.  Taking one look at aforementioned vista that is Joey's butt now framed in white straps of his jock, this was Jadyn who was now hungry & proceeds to feast on Joey's hole like fuckers who hadn not eaten in week before flipping Joey on his back & having that meat for dessert.  Finally coming up for gasp of air, Jadyn asked Joey if he was ready to be fucked & he didn not have to be asked twice.  

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Battle of the Bulge!

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There's box of Magnum XL on side table & Ryan ponders why hell anyone would need Magnum XL when Magnum's fit him just fine.  Chris laughs & tells him he has really large penis.  So, they decide to compare as they take off their clothes & start getting their cocks hard.  Ryan starts wanking his growing beef as his biggest set of balls bounce up & down.  "Dang, you got me beat!" he awes as Chris' cock just get's larger & larger.  Soon they're both hard & stroking each another's dicks.  Chris can not help however wonder what this str8 boy's love stick tastes like as he goes down to search out.  He inhales Ryan's schlong with ease as Ryan gasps & moans in appreciation.  Ryan piggies Chris' head on that hard tool, finally getting attention it needed.  Chris then get's up & lies back on chaise & points his meaty penis at Ryan.  Ryan get's on his knees ans opens wide, "Damn, I didn not know they came in this size" he says before going down on Chris' hard sausage.  Chris just watches as Ryan does his best to accommodate every inch he can in that mouth of his.  Ryan's already in position between Chris' legs so he decides he might as well got several hind end on his sausage.  He picks up Chris' leg & slides that sausage inside that hind end.  Chris moans & begs for it as Ryan starts to fuck his tight ass.  He pounds that ass missionary for while before they switch it up.  Chris bends Ryan over & fingers that ass bit before sliding his Cuban cock inside that hind end.  Ryan moans as his hind end slowly opens up & takes that ram rod deep.  Chris fucks him doggy as his bag riding crop away at that straight back.  Chris than get's Ryan on his back & gives this to him missionary.  This get's that little soldier even deeper inside that ass.  Its hitting Ryan's prostate & this isn not long before that boner sucks its thick semen all over Ryan's smooth navel.  Chris isn not far behind as he pulls out & shoots his own batch of leche all over an already glazed Ryan.

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Heavy Hitters!

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Isaac & Mario return from game & made them-selves in home as they figure out plans for night.  Isaac removes his shirt as he says he may go for brew later.  Mario can not help however notice his defined pecs & abs & tells Isaac he's looking good as he pulls off his own shirt.  That just leads to make out session as they both strip down to their underwear.  Mario goes down to check out Isaac's mens meat as he pulls off his undies & get's to work on that prick.  Isaac moans as Mario takes down his boner to base.  After while Isaac feels he needs to return favor as he switches places with Mario.  "Holy Shit' he takes breath 'its huge!" Isaac opens wide & takes Mario's schlong as far as he can.  Mario just moans as he watches Isaac go to town on his wide uncut cock.  Isaac swirls his tongue on head of that fat baby-maker, taking his time as he devours every inch Mario's giving him.  From there they maneuver into hot 69 so they can each get all rooster they could want.  All this oral just get's Mario's love stick ready for several hind end.  He suits up & sits back as Isaac slowly impales himself on his penis.  Isaac takes it like champ as he slides that tight ass all way down until Mario's scrotum are up against his ass.  He starts to ride that bone as his eyes roll back in ecstasy.  He loves that huge staff of life up his hind end as he starts to bounce on that phallic harder.  "Thats big!" he says over & over as Mario's penis stretches his butt wide open.  Mario then bends Isaac over & fucks him doggy as Isaac just groans & begs for more.  Mario's dick is buried deep inside that ass & Isaac can not seem to get enough.  Missionary is next as Mario get's right back to tappin' that hind end with Isaac still struggling to accommodate his plump sex stick.  That stocky little soldier does trick as they both near climax.  Mario pulls out & sits above Isaac's head & jacks his thick semen all over Isaac's chest as Isaac blows his own wad all over his happy trail.  

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Supersized X 2!

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Evan is listening to his music when Ayden comes in with change of plans.  He starts rubbing his penis & balls as his mind lands in gutter.  Oh Goody! He bends over & kisses Evan as they begin to make out.  They kiss passionately as they remove their clothes.  one time down to their undies, Ayden lies back & watches as Evan goes to work on his overblown johnson.  Once he's had his fill he sits back so Ayden can go to work on his.  Ayden swirls his tongue around Evan's boner as Evan moans.  however wait-there's more.  He then turns Evan around & puts that tongue to use getting that smooth hole ready for fucking he intends to give it.  He grinds his tongue up into that sweet back & starts to play with that hole with his fingers.  He slowly fingers that butt before going right back down to lick & suck it some more.

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Right on the Money!

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Tony is chillin' waiting for his chick to show up & get's phone call he didn not want.  Its his girlfriend blowin' him off again.  "What am I supposed to do with all this?" he says as he takes hold of his enlarging penus.  Well, he's not waiting any longer to take care of his needs as he pulls his long rod out of his fly.  He starts to fondle his boner as it get's bigger by second.  Figuring he may as well get comfortable, Tony stands & loses his jeans as he continues to stroke with his fat penis thats already reaching its 9" potential.  He takes off his shirt & reveals his sculpted abs.  Someone's been busy since we last saw him.  He drops his briefs as well so he can better pleasure himself.  Tony's dick is rock hard by now as he lubes up & wanks his sausage.  His nuts are as smooth as rest of him & he makes sure to not make them feel left out.  His dudes meat likes attention its finally getting & Tony isn not about to hurry things.  He sits back on chair so that he must continue to work his fuck stick.  He double-fists his love stick, imagining its his sex kitten's clam on his thick beef.  He spreads his massive thighs wide giving us spectacular view of his trouser snake, not small balls & that hairy hind end crack.  He slides finger south running this along his ass as he plays with that tight hole making his cock pulse.  Tony then moves over to chaise where he get's comfortable enough to bring himself to get off.  He slowly strokes his lizard for some before picking up pace.  His full coconuts begin to pull up around base of his thick shaft & it isn not long before Tony is ready to deliver.  He works his fist faster on head of his penis as his sausage explodes sending his thick jiz splattering against his hot abs & chest.  Quite money shot from our Tony Dinero.  

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Johnsons Johnson!

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Kip's on phone chatting with his girl trying to get her to come over for bit however she can not & he's left somewhat hot under belt.  He goes back in & decides to handle this himself.  He starts to caress his broad chest & big biceps with one hand while other one heads straight south to his growing rod.  As his shirt comes off we get our 1 st glimpse at this smooth wonderland.  Kip's chest & abs are nicely defined & we can tell he spends this share of hours at gym.  He drops his shorts & is left in best underwear that are doing their best to contain his hard dick thats already found fly on them & making its escape.  He pulls out his fat boner & heavy balls through that fly as he starts to stroke that pole, giving it attention it needs.  Kip tosses his hair back as his phallic pulses in his hand.  Kip is smooth vision.  He's left all locks on his head however rest of him is tongue's paradise.  He even keeps his pubes trimmed so short they're barely there.  Kip lies back on chaise & continues to stroke his thick dick.

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Ohhhh-Pen Up!

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Valentin is giving Casey shoulder rub when things get bit more intimate.  He goes in for tongue wrestling as his hand dives south to grope at his rooster.  Valentin takes off Casey's tee shirt; kissing Casey as his hands play his chiseled pecs, abs & growing penus.  Valentin helps Casey out of his jeans & once his meat comes in to Check he goes for it.  He inhales Casey's penis to hilt as he starts sucking his penis.  Valentin than stands & lets Casey do honors.  As he pulls down his shorts, Valentin's love stick flings out; almost slapping Casey in face.  "Oh shit, thats big!" Casey says in astonishment as he goes to work on that hugest uncircumsized dick.  He sucks on Valentin's smooth balls & does his best to swallow as much of that sex stick down his throat.  Valentin lets him have his fun before wanting to pay more attention to Casey's hot butt.  He bends him over as he fingers & licks that hind end making it nice wet & hungry for some penis.  Valentin lays Casey on his back & lies beside him holding Casey's leg up as he starts to slowly insert his girthy sex stick inside.  Casey groans as he get's his tight hole stretched wide open.  Valentin rails that hot ass until Casey's ass loosens up & takes his basket of meat deep.  What comes around goes around & soon Casey got's Valentin on all four so he can pound his Soviet asshole doggy style.  Valentin just bucks back wanting more of that rod up inside him.  Casey than moves party over to chair where he sits back & has Valentin ride him in reverse cowgirl position.  He takes that cock with ease as Casey gives him reach around & jacks his corpulent uncut penis.  Valentin bounces on that penis harder & faster as it hits his g-spot just right.  That sends him over edge as he shoots his jizz while taking Casey's hard meat.  Casey then pulls out & shoots his own cum all over himself as Valentin plays & caresses his chest & shoulders.  We have feeling his ex gf's gonna love watching this episode.  

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A dudes Behaving Bradley!

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Bretts chilling outside watching some porno on his phone when his cock starts to pop tent in his loose fitting gym shorts.  Maybe its time he takes party inside as he decides to give his penis attention it deserves.  He fondles his boner that by now is hard & clearly visible in his shorts.  As he removes his shorts, Bretts love stick quickly comes into view as it continues to grow by second.  Brett strokes his thick penis dry as it finally reaches its maximum length just over 8" & deliciously thick.  Bretts naturally lean & defined.  He is mostly smooth except for several fur on his chest & happy trail.  He works his large meat taking turns on it with both of his hands as it stands at attention.  Scott than decides to get comfortable as he lies back on chaise; spreads his legs apart & continues pleasing his thick rod.  As he does, he slips finger just below his heavy balls to play with that tight hole.  He slowly teases his hole for some before sliding finger tip inside making his cock pulse.  His prick is aching & rock hard by now as Brett starts to play with that hot ass of his.  Soon he's got several fingers teasing that furry hole as his dick throbs in appreciation.  Brett goes back to focusing on his rock hard penis that by now is standing straight up in attention.  He slowly fists it as he bites his lower lip totally caught up in moment.  The sensation has Bretts balls beginning to pull up tight around base of his fat dick getting ready to release their cargo.  Brett grabs them with his free hand & tugs them down away from his cock heightening his sensation as his stroking get's him closer & closer to cumming.  Bretts hand picks up pace & as he fondles with his smooth nut sack his cock blows.  He shoots his thick sperm all over his smooth abs & navel.  

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The Package!

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Tristan knocks on door wanting to give El Maximus package accidentally left at his condo.  When door opens, he's greeted by El Maximus who has his own package sticking out of his fly as Tristan lets himself in.  "Put that package right there,' he smiles 'this is your package!" Tristan doesn not need to be told twice as he falls to his knees & wraps his lips around that monster dick.  It get's harder by second as Tristan struggles to take as much of it as possible.  They move party to couch where Tristan continues slobbering on that uncut cock sliding it down his throat.  El Maximus just lays back & watches as his girthy schlong disappears into Tristan's eager mouth.  Tristan then get's put on his knees so that he must get his skull fucked for while as El Maximus get's ready for that butt.  He get's Tristan to his feet & strips off his pants to see that sweet ass again.  He smacks that ass as Tristan assures him he could discipline him harder.  El Maximus then sits back as Tristan straddles his girthy pole & impales himself right on it.  He holds that tiny back in place as he shoves that gross penis right inside.  Tristan's ass welcomes him in taking all of it to hilt.  Do not try this at home, Tristan is clearly professional.  Tristan moans as he got's that hot hind end stuffed as El Maximus starts to slam that cock deeper & deeper.  Missionary is next as Tristan get's on his back for more fucking.  El Maximus fucks him deep & hard making Tristan blow his nut all over his alabaster navel.  He then pulls his fat python out & unloads his own batch all over one love juice-covered however extremely satisfied, Tristan.  

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Morning Would!

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Van is taking nap on couch; however his lizard isn not.  He wakes up to find hard-on in his loose fitting shorts.  He grabs his sausage through his shorts as he starts to tease his hard-on-dick.  His packet strains against his shorts as you see its big outline wanting to be set free.  He jerks it with both hands enjoying sensation of fabric against his throbbing cock.  He pulls his shorts down as his uncircumsized dick finally comes into view.  He is rigid in seconds as he kicks off his shorts.  He spreads his thick thighs giving his huge balls room to breathe as he smacks his fat staff of life.  Van's uncircumsized rod is rock hard & at attention you could see why several would think twice before letting him put it anywhere.  He double-fists his big rod as it throbs at his touch.  He sits up as he continues to stroke his male genitalia.  His big testicles are smooth & bounce freely as he works his horse cock harder.  Van is naturally smooth & has light fur that starts with happy trail that leads south to bigger pastures.  His light fuzz covers his crotch & his inner thigh then dissipates as you reach those best thighs.  As he jerks his meat, Van tugs & slaps his low hangers making his cock fully erect.  He moves party to chair where he keeps stroking & slapping that fat rod of his as he get's closer to climax.  He works that cock & all its sweet spots & as he get's close he stands up to give us better view of fireworks.  He moans as his balls finally give up their thick cargo.  His busts his creamy nut as it splatters every over glass top below.  Whew.

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Nip this in the Butt!

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Damian fell asleep on sofa in his cute orange undies.  Joe comes out to have few breakfast & discovers him instead.  Hmmm.  That ass looks irresistible as Joe kneels behind him; pulls them down; spreads that cinnamon hind end apart & slips his tongue in this site.  Damian moans as Joe does his magic.  "You got such pretty ass." Damian get's up as Joe strips his briefs off altogether & bends him over for more.  Damian arches his back giving Joe all hotel room he needs to eat that hind end out nice & deep as Joe tugs on Damian's meat.  Damian figures he could use that mouth on his penis too as he sits on couch's arm rest & sees as Joe starts to suck his hard penis.  Joe takes his time savoring Damian's panis.  Joe pulls out his thick dick & starts to stroke it making Damian's mouth start to water.  He leans forward as they get into hot sixty-nine as Joe sucks on Damian's prick & Damian get's to bob his head up & down on Joe's.  Joe's fingers soon start to explore that tight asshole & that dick of his knows what it wants.  Joe suits up & sits back as Damian straddles & impales himself on that meat.  He grunts as he takes that banana with Joe slamming it up inside him.  He get's up & repositions himself into reverse cowgirl giving us better Look of his hot hind end getting stretched by Joe who starts pounding that hole even harder.  From there Joe get's him to stand fucking him dogy for while before finally wrapping things up on ground.  Joe lies behind Damian & fucks his nasty ass deeper & harder as Damian jerks his penis.  Joe rails away in to that hole & it sends Damian over edge as he blasts his semen every over his sun-kissed abs.  Joes is next as he pulls out & shoots huge wad every over Damian's sauce covered dick & asshole.  

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Eating Milanese!

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Luke is relaxin' on couch searching for penis on his phone when Dominic walks in.  When Luke explains to him what he's doing, Dominic grins & says "Well, you have one right here." Now there's an invitation you don not hear every day.  Luke begins to feel Dominic's smooth abs as they begin to make out.  They slowly undress each other as Luke pulls down Dominic's underwear & then starts to inhale on his rock hard boss and his two helpers.  Dominic moans as he get's that meat worshipped.  Luke enjoys that meat taking it deep into his throat.  Dominic than kneels to return favor as he removes Luke's jeans off.  Dominic nurses on that thick little soldier & playfully slaps his face with it.  Luke holds his meaty meat stick in base while Dominic goes up & down on his meat stick like he's bobbing for apples.  Luke isn not done with Dominic's penis so he goes back down on it for bit before Dominic bends him over to get some of that ass.  He slides his tongue deep in the site that hole as Luke writhes in ecstasy.  Dominic's fat cock slides into Luke's smooth back as he starts to bang him.  Dominic then puts Luke on his back; holding those legs in air as he slides back in for more.  Luke plays with his cock as he watches Dominic fuck him.  Dominic then sits back on chair as Luke straddles him & impales him-self on that packet.  He starts to ride him in reverse cowgirl as Dominic helps bounce him on his basket of meat.  "Awww yeah" Dominic groans as Luke grinds that hot ass down on his member.  Luke's riding that sex stick faster & it sends them both over edge.  They dismount & sit side by side to jack themselves off.  Dominic is first to jelly as he drenches his abs & chest.  Luke follows suit as he too explodes all over himself.

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got sex cream Off!

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Aiden is flipping through an issue of Maxim when his rod starts to stir at lovely shot of brunette with big pair of titties in barely there bikini.  He puts magazine down on couch & stands up to make himself more comfortable.  His hand slips into his shorts after taking off his t-shirt as he slowly start to tease his growing meat.  He undoes his shorts & slowly drops them showing off his beautiful hind end thats framed beautifully in tight white jock strap.  Feast your eyes, gentlemen.  This is as close as you're gonna get! Aiden is naturally smooth & every inch of him is tongue-friendly.  His hand has done its work at waking beast & by now Aiden has run out of jock for his love stick.  He hauls it out & starts to jerk his monster love stick.  He spits on his rod as he double fists his impressive meat.  His balls are smooth & pulled up tight around base of his love stick as he dangles his junk just above our camera's lens.  Aiden then get's on his knees & bends forward giving us yet another eyeful of that sweet back.  His pink hole puckered tight as he strokes his hard boss and his two helpers underhand.  He knows exactly what you want & this subtle exhibtionist has no problem showing you all he's working with.  Aiden than flips over & lies back to stroke that cock.  He spreads his thick thighs apart as he focuses on his throbbing cock.  As he nears climax, Aiden stands over coffee table & strokes his meat faster.  That does trick as Aiden goes over edge.  Apply splatter goggles in ...3...2...  He aims south & unloads huge sex cream in his balls; repeatedly drenching glass top with thick glaze coat after another.  DAMN! Someone was tad backed up.  lol Well we can thank this hung ladies guys for what has to be one of our hottest dollars shots to date.  ...OK, who wants to go 1'st?

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