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high school Boy Physicals – Jacob fucks the nurse!

gay nurse

Jacob fucks nurse on College twink Physicals

I bent over exam table as Jacob pressed his throbbing rod against my ass.  I felt him slip in to my tight hole.  His hard jackhammer was pushing me open as inch after inch was slowly being buried in my back.  Once he was fully inside me he began to rock back & forth.  His johnson was hitting my prostate & it was making me precum.  I turned over & had him resume his assault on my hole.  He was fucking my hole hard by now & than with one last thrust he began to quiver as he shoot into condom deep in my asshole.  I removed condom & save it as sample for future study.

gay nurse

Oh yeah! Take it in bitch!

gay medical exams

Jacob moaning before ejaculating inside nurses ass



high school Boy Physicals – Ryan!

gay medical exams

man Gets Physical

It had been long day at doctor's office for Nurse Powers.  The good doctor was out sick so Nurse Powers stepped in & saw most of his patients that day.   His last patient of day was beautiful Ryan.  Nurse Powers took one look in this hot twink & was glad he hadn not told receptionist to cancel this appointment.

Ryan was in for regular physical so Nurse Powers take his vital signs, checked his height & had him strip down.  At first Ryan seemed little apprehensive getting naked in front of male nurse, however it didn not after few routine tests he started to relax.  Powers had him lay back on exam table & told him he needed to feel his coconuts to check for hernia.  Ryan relaxed & let pretty nurse rub his nuts & really check him out.  He might not have admitted it right then, however it felt for true good.

gay nurse

Male Nurse Gives Head

Nurse Powers told him that he was going lean in for closer look, however instead as he leaned in he took Ryan's delicious dick in his mouth & started to blowing it.  Ryan looked down in shock as nurse started sucking his penis.  He thought about jumping up & running out of exam flat, however it felt so good Ryan didn not want him to stop.  Ryan had never gotten gay blowjob before so he had no idea what he was missing.
The good nurse licked his shaft, played with is balls & sucked his love stick better than he had ever sucked it before.  Ryan was so turned on his love stick was rock hard & he felt himself getting close to cumming.  As nurse leaned up to take break Ryan grabbed his short sword & jacked it hard, stroking his shaft with authority & he exploded, cumming like volcano.  Nurse Power's looked on & enjoyed show as Ryan decorated his fit body with his sticky jizz.  When he was done cumming Powers helped Ryan get cleaned up, he was given clean bill of health & left office with smile.

Nurse Powers told him that he was going lean in for closer look, however instead as he leaned in he took Ryan's gorgeous rod in his mouth & started to blow it.  Ryan looked down in shock as nurse started sucking his rod. He thought about jumping up & running out of exam room, however it felt so nice Ryan didn not wanna him to stop.  Ryan had never gotten gay blowjob before so he had no idea what he was missing.

The good nurse licked his shaft, played with is nuts & sucked his penus better than he had ever sucked this before.  Ryan was so turned on his penis was rock hard & he felt himself getting close to cumming.  As nurse leaned up to take break Ryan grabbed his johnson & jacked this hard, strocking his shaft with authority & he exploded, cumming like volcano.  Nurse Power's looked on & enjoyed show as Ryan decorated his fit body with his sticky load.  When he was done cumming Powers helped Ryan get cleaned up, he was given clean bill of health & left office with smile.

gay doctor

Gay Medical blowjob

College Boy Physicals – Alex!

gay nurse

Alex at College Boy Physicals says,

Hi my name is Alex & I have been experiencing few really bad pains in my wrist.  friend of mine told me that I may have carpool tunnel syndrome & that I should visit clinic to see if one of doctors must help me out.  I was escorted into one of exams room waiting to see doctor.  The door open & doctor enters introducing himself as Dr.  Toppinbotom, I thought what strange name & he asked me few basic questions & than he started listening to my heart, & than my blood pressure & did every basic stuff that I was familiar with.  He took my weight & checked my nose & throat.  I told him I just got over cold few weeks ago so he felt around my throat for any swelling however everything seem to be in order & everything checked out.  The doc then lowered exam table & had me lay down as he unbutton my pants.  I wasn not expecting him to check “down there” as he placed his hands under my waistband of my undies to examine my lower stomach area & base of my member.  It kind of felt good in away however bit surprising since I came in for him to check my hand, however whatever…I let him do his treatment & thought it was part of basic exam.  The doc told me that this was different type of clinic & started to stroke & suck my cock…I know I heard stories about this clinic however I didn not expect him to making oral sex my cock.  (MORE)

gay medical exams

Since my hand hurt so much, I hadn not jerk off or had pron for some time so this was relief that I felt his hot tongue tease my love stick head & I felt my rod swell up in his hot moist mouth.  The doc really knows how to sucking dick cos I wasn not sure if I should love juice however for some reason, doc was really teasing my short sword.  Everytime I felt like cumming, doc would slow down…then he would speed up & I felt my penis throbb wanting to bust my nut really bad.  He continued to suck on my dick teasing me, then he started stroking my cock.  I never had anyone stroke & suck my penis love this before & never have came when somebody serviced me.  however this doc really knew his technique & as he stroked my penis up & down, I couldn not help it however to bust my jizz peeing hot jets of love lube out of my dick! After exam, doc told me to come back for additional testing.  I can not wait to see doc again! (MORE)

gay nurse

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College Boy Physicals – Brendon!

gay nurse

Muscular guy

Last week wrestling coach came into College Boy Physicals offices & made few appointments for lads to come in & get their annual physicals.  The first of those guys, Brendon, came in today.  Brendon is very strong, fit & has some serious muscles.  When he took his shirt off pretty Doctor got little short of breath.

Things started out as per normal with Doctor giving good exam.  He checked his lungs & heart.  Took his blood pressure & checked his pulse.  He then had Brendon strip fully nude & lay down so that he could take his temperature.  The Doctor likes to be accurate so he does rectal temperature.  While he was down there taking temperature beautiful Doctor made sure to give Brendon's balls good check.  He held them, massaged them & checked them out.

gay doctor

homosex Handjob

Brendon moaned little bit as he got rubbed & that was all Doctor needed to hear.  He grabbed Brendon's cock & started to stroke.  Brendon just laid back & let Doctor work, enjoying gay handjob as he got stroked.  The Doctor really went to town & stroked harder & harder.  He worked that shaft love pro he is.  Bendon started moaning louder & and louder, moving his hips & grinding into doctor's hands as he jacked him off.  

The Doctor continued pulling on his dick, working that shaft & he was so skilled that Brendon could feel his nads start to tingle & knew he was getting close.  He told Doctor he was close to cumming which made Doc stroke faster.  Brendon exploded, cumming so hard he erupted like fountain & sending hot semen all over his belly & Doctor's hands.  Brendon was given clean bill of health & was free to start wrestling season.

gay doctor

gay Cumshot

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College Boy Physicals – Diesel!

gay medical exams

The doctor at college Boy Physicals says,

My first patient of day & it was for real tall twink.  He watch very familiar so when I introduced myself I found out his name was Diesel.  Diesel is one of popular dancers from adult website called & he was told by folks at broke straight studs that he needed to get physical exam.  Its been while since Diesel had an exam as I was asking him questions about his health & his last time he went to see doctor for physicals.  Being 22 years old & not having an exam for over 6 years, Diesel was due for an extensive physical.  (MORE)

gay doctor

Being fan of his I couldn not wait to start exam.  I first started out with basics & checked his throat & than listen to his heart & then it was time to check his genitals.  I had Diesel remove his underwear & I checked around his jackhammer & palpated his shaft bit.  I felt his little soldier twitch in my hands as I was feeling up & down his staff of life.  I can tell Diesel has biggest dick & I was making sure to take my time & really give his love stick thorough exam.  I then moved my hands down to his testicles & feel each one.  I than proceeded to phase one of exam which was oral exam.  Once semi-hard, I took his penis in to my hands then leaned over & proceeded to blowing his big cockhead.  Once I placed his cock into my mouth I can feel is organ swell in my throat as I was slurping on his dick as this grew.  The more I sucked harder fatter it got.  His sex stick throbbed in my throat & I was enjoying each moment of his sex stick as I sucked & stroked his sex stick.  By this time, Diesel was ready for stage 2 of exam & that was to introduce him to electro.  (MORE)

gay nurse

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College Boy Physicals – Shane And Austin!

gay nurse

Shane at College Boy Physicals says,

I was sent by Dr.  Toppinbottom to go get Shane, because he was next to get physical from list that our new couch had given him.  Shane had just changed & was getting ready to go practice when I told him that he was next.  He asked me how my physical went & I just said that it was lot of hands on, & he asked if I would go with him to clinic.  We walked over to clinic & I took him right in to exam room where I had gone.  The Doc followed us right into hotel room & he picked up Shane's folder & started taking look at notes that previous doctor had left.  He asked Shane if he had heard any rumors about what goes on at clinic & he just said no.  than, Doc asked Shane if he had any issues that they should address, & with-out giving any real details he commented that last time he was in he was unable to give sample.  By sample I knew that they tried to get expulsion sample from him & he wasn not able to get off, I wonder if Doc gave him head.  With that Dr.  Toppinbottom explained what was going to happen, & then he started with listening to Shane's heart & lungs.  He followed that up with taking his weight, looking into his eyes, & then he started to palpate his lower abdominal area.  (MORE)

gay nurse

The closer that he got to Shane's dick & exposing it for me to see, more that I happened to get turned on.  Dr.  Toppinbottom asked him to take off his swim gear, & Shane did this single move to take them off without getting down from exam table.  Using his hands Doc took closer look at Shane's package & then he looked at me.  He said that since I was staying in room that I could become useful in getting Shane hard for endurance test.  Right away, I knew that Doc wanted me to give him oral.  I got up from chair & took Shane's penus in my mouth.  As I started to give him head, he seemed to like it, because he made comment & moaned little bit.  The more that I sucked whole thing harder Shane's penis got making it easier to blow.  While I gave him head I also played with myself to turn me on.  Dr.  Toppinbottom said that he wanted us to take break & to have Shane move on to doing his endurance test, however just when I thought that my job was done.  The Doc said that it was going to be nice endurance test.  (MORE)

gay nurse

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College Boy Physicals – Diesel 2!

gay nurse

College Boy Physicals says,

This time I wanted to continue test on my new patient diesel, after I did sausage sucking test & electrostimulation endurance test, it was time for anal exam.  I took off my shirt & kissed him on his nipple & I continued down his stomach & started sucking his penis again.  diesel got rock hard & his basket of meat was ready for next test.  After I sucked his engorged dick, I had diesel starting to blowing mine for while.  (MORE)

gay doctor

I traded spots with diesel & I got up on exam table & I had diesel making blowjob my cock.  He's for real good at it & my short sword got really hard & dripping pre-flow.  I was really feeling good & as he was sucking my cock, I felt his tongue circle head of my dick teasing sensitive part of my dick.  His manly hands wrapped around base of my rod & him slurping on my throbbing cock was feeling really good at this point.  I could have came right than there, however I held off because I wanted to have his big penis up my butt.  (MORE)

gay doctor

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college Boy Physicals – Ashton 2!

gay nurse

The doctor at university Boy Physicals says,

I return to exam room where I left Ashton.  I told him to go across campus & take shower & freshen up for his next series of experiments.  Ashton was back in my office trying to re-new his prescription for his pills & although he thinks he's trying to take advantage of us Doctors, we realize game he's playing so we are making it very, very difficult for Ashton & pushing him to his limits.  If he wants these pills, he's going to have to work for them & put up with my experiments.  (MORE)

gay doctor

I enter exam room & I see Ashton is all freshened up & ready for next assault.  I knew his heart was in good working condition, however this time I checked his blood pressure & it was normal & everything seem to be in working order for boy his age.  I removed his underwear & inspected his love stick, this time I placed new electro attachment onto his love stick.  These were long sticky pads that I placed on his cock & I wanted to see how much endurance he must take by electrostimulating his basket of meat with these new attachments we designed.  (MORE)

gay nurse

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College Boy Physicals – Topinbottom And James!

gay nurse

Dr.  Topinbottom at College Boy Physicals says,

I was checking out my new office when Dr.  James entered room.  I think he was bit startled & didnt not think I was here in new series of clinic.  I took this opportunity to introduce myself as when he started I had been out of office on some personal time.  (MORE)

gay nurse

After receiving bit of personal history from Dr.  James & how his brother spoke highly of office, I asked to see what his bedside demeanor was like.  Almost “pop” quiz, sort of speak.  I told Dr.  James to treat me as if I was patient in my own office, he started off with regular diagnostics.  He inquired as to how I was feeling & if I had any concerns, I off course said stress, who isn not stressed when they just moved offices.  (MORE)

gay nurse

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College Boy Physicals – Issac!

gay doctor

The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today I meet new patient & his name is Issac.  He's freshmen here in college coming in for sports physical.  Issac is thick big-boned country boy easy on eyes.  As I walk into room, he's waiting there for me to start exam.  Since this is basic sports exam, I have him take off his shirt & I start with listening to his heart.  To my surprise he has great beating heart & I listen to his lungs & he doesn not smoke.  Issac is about 5'9 at 21 years old & seems to be in good health for his age.  I looked in his eyes, nose & throat & took his blood pressure which was normal.  I had him remove his pants & just wearing his undies, I told him to get up on scale & I weighed him & his weight was 181lbs.  He had nice toned however you can tell he played football.  (MORE)

gay nurse

I had him hope back onto exam table & as he was standing, I did “turn your head & cough” exam.  He lowered his undies as I placed my hands & figure onto his scrotum & I placed my finger in to his pelvis as I asked him to cough, I did this to both sides & he did not have any hernias.  I with his shorts off, I had him bend over table as I took his temperature.  I lubed up thermometer & inserted into his back.  His temp is bit high..but nothing to worry about.  I think proceeded to tell him that we are started to give prostrate exams early on to younger guys.  Being that we now see early signs of prostrate cancer, we are now recommended to examine prostrate.  Since Issac was bent over table, I lubed my finger & placed it into his tight rectum feeling his prostrate.  I then reach around & examined him baby-maker once again for any fluids dripping from his dick.  As I was doing this, he started getting erect.  I took my finger out of his tight asshole & had him lay back onto table as I explained to him we are going to take sperm sample from him.  (MORE)

gay nurse

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university Boy Physicals – Santiago!

gay medical exams

Santiago meets our doctor

Santiago is typical tall, dark, & handsome fellow any doctor would bend over backwards to treat at clinic.  He came in today complaining about horrible sore throat that hurt even when he swallowed along with slight fever.  He wanted miracle cure because he has fotball game this Friday & needs to perform to best of his ability.  The doc went through usual steps & had him get down to his boxer briefs while he checked his heart & lungs along with his throat.  He thought of good way to give him relief he needed that would get him back to shape in no time.

gay doctor

Doctor getting his dick licked

The doctor had him get on his knees while he disrobed & shoved his love stick in Santiago's open mouth.  He's going to take every drop of gravy he had to give.  He bobbed up & down fast working over his head & running his tongue down his shaft & around his balls.  the doc had Santiago moaning & groaning from great oral service he was providing.

gay doctor

The doc ready to explode in Santiagos mouth



College Boy Physicals – Daniel!

gay nurse

The doctor at college Boy Physicals says,

it is bit of hectic day today in clinic.  Besides moving our clinic to new & larger location, we have been seeing many students this past few days.  The next patient is young 18 year college boy named Aaron.  Aaron just started with school however is moving onto college out of United States attending music program.  Since he's going out of country, new college informed him he needs to have exam before entering there school.  Aaron seems to be healthy fresh mans so I did basic exam on him.  I asked him few questions prior to exam & then told him to remove his shirt & I listen to his vital signs such as his heart, took his blood pressure & took his wieght.  (MORE)

gay nurse

After doing his vital signs & everything seems to be in excellent working order.  Aaron had on just pair of undies on.  I had him get onto exam table & had him remove his undies & I lowered exam table.  I instructed Aaron to get on his hands & knees as I took anal thermometer & placed this in to his young tight hole.  I inserted thermometer & Aaron felt bit uncomfortable with this exam, he has never had his temperature taken this way & as he was being treated he had asked me if this is normal routine for his exam.  I assured him that his exam is basic & told him that I am type of doctor that loves to give all his patients good thorough exam before giving them clean bill of health.  (MORE)

gay doctor

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high school lads Physical – Jordan!

gay nurse

gay Medical Exam

Jordan had just transferred into school from out of state & he was having several serious trouble sleeping, having headaches & having issues concentrating.  He thought it was just stress from move, however he decided with midterms coming up he better come to doctor & get check up to make sure everything was nice – he had no idea what hot, hard-core time he was in for.  He strolled into office & good, perfect doctor look him up & down like he was fresh meat coming down hall.

Jordan was lead in to exam room where he took off his shirt & waited.  The doctor came in & gave him quick looking over.  He checked his heart & lungs, then took his blood pressure & told him that he looked like he was in nice shape.  The doc wasn not lying about that.  Jordan is fit, tight & has few hot tattoos.  He is just right amount of nice twink & bad guy to get your dick hard.

gay medical exams

Gay Handjob

The doctor told him to go ahead & strip so Holly did.  He is hung, looks great naked & is relaxed.  the doctor took his rectal temperature & saw that he didn not have fever.  After some more tests he realized that what Laura really needed as top-notch orgsm.  the doctor slowly started rubbing Jordan's penis.  Jordan didn not protest, he just relaxed & let doctor work.  As doc stroked his rod & massaged his balls Holly got rock hard.  He moaned with pleasure & arched his back & it turned doctor on so much he decided to see how far he could push this.

He lubed up finger & slowly eased it into Jordan's ass.  Jordan was so turned on he pushed doctor's hands away, gripped his sausage & started to stroke faster & harder.  The doctor finger fucked his ass while massaging his balls.  Jordan exploded, cumming so hard his body started shaking.  After coating his chest & tight abs with hot jism he relaxed & caught his breath.  He felt better than he had in weeks.

gay doctor

Gay Cumshot


college boy Physicals – Erick!

gay doctor

College man Gets Pysical

Erik rolled in to College Boy Physicals office to get checked out.  He said he was having some anal pain.  The doctor asked Erick if he knew what caused pain & nearly fainted when Erick told him that he recently got fucked in butt by two black guys with massive penises & he hasn not walked right since.  The good doctor promised to help him & started his exam.

The doctor wanted to get into some wild stuff with Erick, however he needed to take it little slow & see what Erick was up for.  The doctor had Erick strip down to his underwear than went to work.  He listened to his heart & lungs then checked every his vital signs & his belly.  Everything was checking out so far so he had Erick stand up, pull off his underwear & get on all fours.  Erick's asshole is nice & tight as he bends over on exam table & spreads himself open.  The good doctor grabs an anal speculum & lubes it up.

gay doctor

Gay Anal Toying

He slowly inserts tool into Erick ass.  Erick makes little noise that doctor 1st thinks is pain then realizes is him moaning with pleasure.  He take look & saw that Erick was getting hard & had drip of pre-load on head of his love stick.  He pulled vibrator out & slid two fingers into Erick's ass than reached down & started stroking his sex stick.  Erick started moaning loudly & bucking his hips.  He loved how it felt having doctor jack him off.

The doc had Erick roll back over onto his back so he could for real drive his fingers into him & stroke his cock hard & fast.  The doc knows what he is doing & has jerked lot of college boys off.  Erick was so turned on that he only took him few minutes & doc's skillful hands made him jiz & shoot sex juice like geyser erupting.

gay doctor

Jerking Off high school Guys


College Boy Physicals – Ashton!

gay nurse

Ashton at College guys Physicals says,

I walked in exam room & to my surprise I see Ashton waiting for me once again.  I couldn not believe my eyes when I saw him, I thought me and him've seen last of him after what Dr.  Topinbotom has done with him however I guess I was wrong.  Of course Ashton was asking for his refill for his medication so Doctor PhingerPhuk told him he's going to have to work for his prescription.  (Many)

gay medical exams

Dr.PhingerPhuk has Ashton remove his shirt & listen to his heart & then weighed him & then felt around his lower abdomen.  He then had Ashton remove his pants & was wearing black jockstrap.  Since this was Ashton's 4th visit he knew how to work doctor's over & get on there good side so Ashton teased Doc with his new jockstrap.  The doctor then administered new vapor which made Ashton big size dizzy & sleepy.  That allowed Dr.PhingerPhuk to place Ashton's legs onto stirrups & open up his ass & start placing in new experimental sextoy called Assinator.  Ashton come back to reality as Doctor was inserting large Assinator in to his tight rectum.  The doctor gave Ashton More vapors & he became dizzy & sleepy once again as doctor inserted Assinator deeper into Ashton's tight hole & was pumping him with electronic adult toy.  I increased power to Assinator, as Ashton was taking dildo deeper into his ass, as for all patients, Ashton was 1'st to take whole Assinator into his rectum.  The doctor pump toy in & out of his butt, while playing with his baby-maker.  Ashton didn not get that hard however he was enjoying torment that doc was doing to his ass, going deeper & buzzing of dildo increased making Ashton feel hornier & hornier.  (MORE)

gay nurse

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College Boy Physicals – Parker Electro Exam!

gay medical exams

The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Parker returned because he was recommended by Dr.  Topinbotom & Dr.  James to see Dr.  lizard who is specialist in area of hernias in genital region.  Parker is still in pain & since he's been here before we cut to chase & Dr.  James gives me summary of why he's back & every his vitals.  (MORE)

gay medical exams

I asked patient to take off his shirt & I quickly listen to his heart & I had patient lay down on exam table as I examined his lower abdomin as Dr.  James looked on.  I asked Dr.  James to unbotton his jeans as I placed on my gloves to further examine is genitals.  As I felt around, everything seems normal.  I asked Parker to stand up & remove his pants & undies as I examined his johnson.  Parker has really hot body however most of all he had for real nice sausage & I was taking my time in feeling his packet & thoroughly examining his member.  Both Dr.  James & I kept on fondling his banana & taking turns holding it & feeling his johnson.  The patient started getting hard which is normal for boy his age & having both Doctors feeling his penis.  As he was getting hard I stroked his dick & instructed Dr.  James to making oral sex his cock as I observed patient.  This also gave me an opportunity to work with our new intern Dr.  James & how he picked up his new examining skills.  Both our patient & Dr.James were doing great.  Dr.James continued sucking Parkers dick as I held base & instructed my new intern to continue to blow.  (MORE)

gay medical exams

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College Boy Physicals – Rex!

gay doctor

gay doctor

The doctor in College Boy Physicals says,

Today I got visit from Rex.  Rex was one of lads that came into my office for lava donation.  He was complaining he didn not feel so well & had some complaints about his stomach not feeling well.  I had him sit on exam table as I went through his vital signs.  He seem to look fine however who knows with guys his age.  Since I didn not have to rush through & deal with guys donating there jiz I had time to properly & thoroughly give Rex an exam.  After taking his blood pressure & listening to his heart.

than starting feeling his chest area working my way down to his upper abdomen & then lower abdomen.  I then placed my fingers underneath waistband of his undies feeling base of his cock.  I had him remove his undies as I thoroughly examined his genitals.  As my memory served me right, Rex had raging hard & had very nice sex stick.  I got closer look by inserting my mouth onto his penis & sucked his boy penis.  Rex has really nice penis & I for true enjoyed feeling his hard throbbing penis in my mouth.  Rex only being 18, had love stick that was hard as hammer.  Rex is also very sensitive & cums very quick so I have to be careful not to make him sex juice so fast.  I like teasing him & keeping him on edge as I teased his frenum with tip of my tongue.  I was driving Rex crazy & I know he was dying to love juice as I kept him on edge of his climax.  Rex is really hot, smoothed toned body with killer rod that I couldn not get enough of.

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