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Living Dream - Cody Cummings -amp; Anderson Lovell!

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His mind was like an empty swimming pool that afternoon.  He knew if he could find source from which to fill it, new world of wonderful sensations would open up.  however until he did, Anderson Lovell would lay in bed, filling emptiness with magnificent fantasies about one for whom he'd lusted for so long: Cody Cummings.

Although it felt good to rub his hard love stick & imagine, Anderson wanted to go much deeper.  He had heard stories where Zen masters had learned to trick their own brains in to believing fantasy bad become reality.  Anderson knew if he could harness whatever ancient technique these old sages used, he could manifest Cody to appear right there with him, seeming as true as pillows upon which he rested his delicate head, covered in tousled, auburn hair.  

He felt love getting up for moment to see if overcast sky had allowed every light to peek through.  When he looked out toward garden, plain as day, he saw fuckers standing nude, apart from his white sneakers, with his back to Anderson.  Of course sight was unexpected, however Anderson was not alarmed at all.  As he looked, mans slowly turned.  It was him.  it was Cody Cummings, naked in Anderson's garden.  Was he dreaming? How could it be? Anderson opened door & walked outside to where he had seen what he thought must be living dream.  He lost sight of pic for moment, then saw him again, standing bit further up hill.  As he headed toward Cody this time, Anderson felt suddenly tired & slightly dizzy.  He stopped to gain his composure however as he did, he felt strong hands touch his back & warm breath on his neck.  He knew it must be real, it must really be Cody, here in garden with him.  Anderson realized his eyes were shut.  the moment he opened them, it was if he had roused from dream.  He was alone again.  

Confused & bit disoriented, he walked with racing thoughts back to his room & laid on bed.  Moments later photoshot of Cody appeared again, this time walking into Anderson's room, toward him on bed.  Anderson didnt not move.  He let this Cody come to him & touch him.  This still nude Cody bent down & sensuously kissed Anderson's neck.  The next half hour or so seemed to float by in only matter of brief moments, however Anderson remembered everything.  He remembered way Cody's hard cock felt sliding between his lips, going deep, all way to back of his mouth.  He remembered way Cody's warm hand felt as it tucked its way under elastic of Anderson's underwear & gripped his throbbing boner.  He still knew melting-sensation he had as Cody jerked his boner.  He could still taste sexy flavor of Cody's inviting lips.  however had it for real happened? Or had Anderson found way to erase very line between fantasy & reality?


Tangerine Touch - Cody Cummings!

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This is Next Door Stallion himself, giving you an important message about his current status.  He's welcoming you up to this juicy tangerine-soaked city loft to break you off little insight into whats going down.  

Cody Cummings loves to sometimes made his solo scenes bit more intimate than others.  This is one of those times you'll see sincerity in dudes's eyes, & also serious fatness in his tool.  Join Cody as he talks little & then relaxes on couch for tantalizing stroke session.  His mammoth rod is fully charged & extra sensitive.  Every touch & every tug is sensuous adventure for just you & Cody to experience.  expulsion along.  See Cody work himself up to seriously hot point of pure ecstasy.  


The Hole Encounter - Cody Cummings -amp; Billy London!

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all Cody Cummings is trying to do is took simple champagne fountain after his work-out.  Not looking for any trouble or entanglements.  however Billy London has other ideas.  While he didn not follow Cody in to locker appartment specifically, he's been known to try his luck there once or 2 times before, & wouldn not you know it- today he's struck paydirt.  He & Cody make eye contact as he enters stall & he suspects that Cody is willing, so he taps on hole, demanding Cody's cock, & after short time deliberating, Cody obliges.  Billy guides penis through hole & into his waiting mouth, as Cody emits satisfied moan, low & rumbling.  He fucks Billy's mouth like that for while, before Billy comes out to meet face to face.  Billy has his cock in his hand as he opens door, & Cody licks his palm & begins to stroke in earnest as Billy does same, losing his sex cream in an unexpected spurt as Cody follows suit & blasts floor with sperm of his own, before both mens go their separate ways.  Not sure who has to clean up locker room however they're not going to be too happy.  


Smooth Pleasure - Cody Cummings!

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We find Cody Cummings just entering his bedroom for nice yank.  Cody's returning from game of flag football, & is certainly ready for several pleasurable relaxing.  His sexy muscles are tense from strenuous activity on field.

He takes off his shoes & socks, squeezing & rubbing his feet bit to release some tension.  He takes his shorts off next, revealing pair of red briefs.  Popping his hardening cock out bottom of underwear, Cody lets out sensuous sigh, enjoying sensation of being alone...with you, that is.  Join Next Door Stallion as he continues his adult after-game ritual.  His mammoth love stick grows to otherworldly proportions as he lets his body melt under his own touch.  See him wank his pulsating meat beast, then erupt love you've scarcely before seen.


erotic Encounter - Cody Cummings -amp; Ezra Taylor!

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Even taking into account peaceful setting of massage table, one can sense chemistry & intensity pulsating between Cody Cummings & masseur Ezra Taylor.  As Cody lay on his stomach, stretched out & relaxing on massage table, Ezra slowly runs his hands over Cody's calves & up his thighs.  Kneading into Cody's back & slowly inching towel off of his ass, Ezra drops his head & dives in, pulling Cody's cock through his legs & nibbling on head, while Cody moans & giggles little at sensation.  Cody flips over to reveal his manhood standing full attention, & Ezra takes this down his throat full on & proper.  Cody then lays Ezra on table & fucks his mouth, while running his hands all down Ezra's body as Ezra slurps & gags on Cody's member, stroking himself off as he tongues Cody's balls.  Cody is ready to explode however 1 st he wants Ezra to drop his sex cream, so he watches Ezra stroke & pull until he gives way, & than, satisfied, Cody lets his sex cream fly, blasting Ezra in sticky mess.


Summer Solo - Cody Cummings!

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While Cody Cummings bones up on several reading by pool, urge overtakes him to ditch book & loosen up little.  Unfastening his fly, he runs his hands down his sun kissed chest & continues down his side, slipping his board shorts down his legs until they fall off & he is naked as jaybird, save for his shades.  Letting warmth of pool side sun warm him to his core, he moves inside to get down to business with little more privacy.  Leaning against door jamb, Cody's breathing picks up as he rubs & strokes himself, his cock now fully hard & ready to burst.  Trying to keep it from gushing, Cody rubs his chest & his abs, his cock throbbing in window light, until he cann't hold it back any longer, so he lays back on big bed & fires his load all over himself in exasperated contentment.


The Erect Director - Cody Cummings -amp; Tex Ranger -amp; James Diesel!

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Cody Cummings isn not just performer, he's also talented artist BEHIND camera! Today he's pulled out his camcorder to shoot some of his own material.  This is very exclusive look at Cody director.

He's Presented in two very hot lads, James Diesel & Tex Ranger, to perform in his film.  When it comes to making action hot, Cody has enough experience 'under his belt' to ensure final product will be amazing.  Check him as he shows guys exactly how to position themselves in order to make sucking & fucking really pop.  however as Tex services James's fat, hard dick, Cody's own big baby-maker begins to plumpen.  Soon director is becoming episode of scene himself as Cody get's in tight for shot & to stick his dong into Tex's mouth.  James doesn not mind sharing mouth with illustrious Cody.  & while Cody's down there, he's using his own hand to position James's tool so Tex can really do some nice ball work.  When its time for hard fucking, you'll see Tex go deep inside James, with Cody him-self using his own body to properly thrust Tex's hips.  This is very different scene that will have you craving more from this cinematic artiste!


Strict Enforcement - Cody Cummings -amp; Max McQueen!

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Officer Cody Cummings sees lot on his beat.  Making sure streets are safe for Joe Public is often no picnic.  Thats why hard working lads of law needs to blow off steam once in while.  Thats why Officer Cummings has decided to stop in at known porno house to do few poking around.  

Upon entering, Cody finds several folks talking in kitchen.  He finds out one of them, Max McQueen is in charge of property for week.  Officer Cummings likes shape of Max's mouth, so he orders him to take him to private room to discuss how things will proceed.  After taking some time to understand exactly what kind of activity Max engages in at house, i.e.  sucking rod, getting fucked, etc., Cody gives him 2 options.  Max can either receive citation & possibly end up downtown in cuffs, or he can lay down & accept Officer Cummings's huggest, hard member in his mouth.  Max has no problem going with second option.  In fact, as he tells nice police mens, he's probably going to like it...a lot.  Officer Cummings runs tight ship when he's on duty & nobody get's off easy.  He's doling out stiff consequences to Max, & making sure he get's his point across.  Watch him go from slowly dipping his thick dick into this sweet boy's mouth, to face fucking kid like no-nonsense enforcer.  Cody's not letting this tool fiend off hook until officer get's off himself.  


Dressed To Thrill - Cody Cummings!

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Cody Cummings is always looking for way to spice it up, & here he dives deep in to his closet & pulls out look for ages.  Clad in pumpkin orange plaid & matching accoutrements, he works his way down to flesh slowly, showcasing each & every piece of his carefully selected ensemble.  He unbuttons his shirt & rolls up his sleeves, unzipping his fly & unleashing his waiting dick, hungry & ready for attention.  He sits back & peels off his socks, then spreads his legs wide & works his fingers around his stiffened shaft, squeezing head until one moist drop of pre-sperm emits at its tip.  Exhaling in fevered rush, he stands up & leans against window, working his penis all while, until he can no longer keep its surge from shooting out all over floor.


boy of Desire - Cody Cummings -amp; Tanner Moore!

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Sometimes Cody Cummings yearns for certain type of guy.  & on occasion, when that very specific desire is met, Cody pushes his boundaries even further than usual, letting lines blur together.  Tanner Moore is rubbing his pulsating rise in the Levi's back & forth along crack of Cody's perfect ass while pumping his hips up & down, using his whole body to intensify friction.  The passion & thick, sexual energy forces pre sperm to drip from Tanner's cock & stick to Cody's lower back.  

Tanner Moore is what Cody calls 'grown-ass mans.' That means Cody can tell Tanner is bringing several serious sexual power to table.  Tanner is type of lad thats down for anything, however knows exactly what he likes.  Cody can tell.  When an incredible cock like Cody's comes out, Tanner's gotta start out by milking it.  Its large, fat dong, perfect for Tanner's style of passionate jerking.  & he's finding out that it tastes as good as it looks.  Watch Cody dip his enormous beef into Tanner's eager mouth.  & see Tanner bob deep & hard on Cody's biggest piece.  then, you'll be mesmerized when you see what Cody allows his new pal to do.  After amazingly cute lizard rubbing on Cody's ass, watch Tanner blow his warm, thick semen all over his back!


Private Prep - Cody Cummings!

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Cody Cummings has removed all pretenses here, & is giving you glimpse into his pre-scene ritual, as he prepares his body & skin for filming.  Rubbing lotion into his arms & down his stomach, he uses just enough to achieve desired shimmer, then he hops up onto bed & begins main part.  Slowly he works his sex stick in to stiffened state of attention, then eases his head back against pillow as he starts to stroke.  Laying on his back & thrusting his penis in to air, he has massaged himself to verge of explosion, before sliding up onto his knees to shoot his load all over bedspread.  simple.  Straight-forward.  Just unadulterated, unfiltered Cody for your enjoyment.  


Having Blast - Cody Cummings!

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As he prepares his gear for game of outdoor paintball with several friends, Cody Cummings focuses his mind.  He takes art of war seriously, & paintballing is one of its finest expressions.  however when he get's call from his buddies, telling him they're running late, Cody finds himself with some time to kill.

There's just enough time to rub one off before boys get here & teams take course.  Good thing too; Cody didn not think he had time to jack off before leaving house this morning, & when he doesn not, he sometimes get's shakes.  Yes, nice auto-tug job is exactly what he needs to stay in his A-game mindset.  Join Cody in locker flat as he squeezes & strokes his fat sex stick.  All anticipation of game has Cody dripping lots of warm, sticky pre jelly.  His dangerous sausage is like gun ready to blast serious loads.  Watch Cody strip down so you can enjoy his incredible body.  than see him jack that nice cock until he drains those eager balls.


New Boundaries - Cody Cummings -amp; Kyle Lawrence!

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Newbie Kyle Lawrence waits in bathroom alone, somewhat nervous regarding Cody's intentions.  Quiet & shy, however willing nonetheless, he says nothing as Cody enters.  Cody pulls out his penis to test Kyle, wanting to see how he'll repsond to having Cody's meat so close to him.  Its so close that Kyle can practically taste it, so he does: opening his mouth wide as Cody jams half his shaft down Kyle's throat.  Kyle rubs his dick through his pants, unzipping his fly & pulling out his dick, growing more & more firm by second.  Cody strokes his own sex stick with tip of its head between Kyle's lips, as he teases it with his tongue.  Cody throws his head back in pleasure as Kyle gags on every inch, each of them mere moments away from explosion, as Kyle goes first & then Cody follows with blast of hot cum every over Kyle's chest.  & it might be first time Kyle's been covered in another mans's gravy, however if Cody has his way, it won not be last.


Slow -amp; Steady - Cody Cummings -amp; Madison Chandler!

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Madison Chandler sits in chair with legs spread, her bare feet dangling off edge of cushion.  Cody Cummings watches from across room, making his way over & running his hand from her toes up to her neck, pausing to slide two fingers between her legs, feeling warmth on his skin as she begins to breathe gross.  Cody undresses her slowly as she slides hand into his pants, pulling his cock out & stroking it against her stomach as he runs his hands up & down her body.  Climbing on top of him, she makes her way down to his dick, licking shaft & making her way to head as she straddles & sits on his face.  Cody plunges his tongue deep inside of her as she gags on his meat, & then Cody rolls her over, penetrates & works his hips back & forth slowly, taking his time to throb & pulse inside her.  She guides shaft in & out as bead of sweat falls of tip of his nose, & she begs him to go harder, so he does, thrusting as fast as he can while she works herself with her fingers, cumming out before he pulls out & busts his nut all over her waiting fresh meat face.


Straight for the Goods - Cody Cummings -amp; Preston Burgess!

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Cody Cummings is getting very comfortable as he lounges, rubbing his swelling dick.  He lays back, caressing his most sensitive areas, imagining your very hands exploring his perfect body.  Then, young mans steps into view.  His name is Preston Burgess & he's come for only one thing.  He wants Next Door Stallion's hot, meaty emission.  He wants it on his face & in his mouth, covering him like as if he were Pollock canvas.

He starts very cautiously, lightly running his hands over Cody's stomach & chest.  He kisses softly, working his way toward growing down further.  than he unties Cody's draw-string underwear & pulls out chubby beast.  His lips wrap around it & his mouth blows.  He must scarcely believe how beautiful it tastes & feels on his tongue.  Cody takes Preston by neck & works his head into fervent bobbing motion.  then Cody lays him down for face fucking in which Preston allows pretty cock to slide deep down his throat.  Watch Preston pleasure himself while taking Cody's fat phallic in this very sensual, extremely erotic encounter.


Aiming to Please - Cody Cummings!

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Here's one for newer fans, & faithfuls alike.  Cody Cummings is pulling things back little bit this time, tailoring this very special solo for some newbies that have lately been interacting on his cam shows.  He's explaining some very specific, very erogenous areas on his body, & exactly how he likes them touched.  

For those Cody fans that know his story & have witnessed his incredible evolution, this is an amazing opportunity to enjoy your favorite things about Next Door Stallion.  From his notorious midsection rubbing, to his signature hand lick, its everything you know & love.  For those who have more recently sex potion to know dynamic mans, here's great clip to learn Cody's hot spots.  See him lick & bite inside of his bicep, watch him squeeze warm precum slowly out of his rock hard, behemoth rod.  & course you'll witness few signature hand licks as he jerks that incredible lizard.  


Mornin spicy - Cody Cummings -amp; Axel Wolf!

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As Axel Wolf sleeps on bed, Cody Cummings is just waking up.  little dissheveled from night before, he takes stock of his surroundings & recognizes morning urge to start day off right, so while Axel sleeps away, Cody whips out his rooster & pulls up several porno for his morning wood.  Little does he know, Axel has woken up, & his spying on Cody out of corner of his eye, rubbing himself as he lay on his stomach.  Watching him grind his crotch into bed just makes Cody even hotter.  As Alex's ass gyrates back & forth on bed, it becomes apparent that he is no longer asleep, & so Cody joins him on bed as Alex half-rises.  With his face now directly in line with Cody's penis, he nibbles on head & begins to took it in to his mouth.  Cody is on his back as Axel boobs up & down, stroking his own dick as he teases & taunts Cody to brink of explosion, before he rolls back over & both mens took turns gushing bed with creamy morning cum.


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