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A Helping Hand!

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With awkwardness of kid showing his buddy Hustler he stole from his dad before someone came home & caught them, AJ plays that video he mentioned earlier for Shane & Shane immediately starts rubbing his own package, looking at both screen & AJ, who took off his t-shirt to reveals strong chest, well worked arms & abs complete with etched cum gutters flaring out of his jeans.  As they both get down to their underwear, its AJ now stealing glances at Shane's crotch.  Now both naked & at attention, AJ leans back & closes his eyes as Shane reaches over & helps him stroke than quickly leans over & begin to slurp on AJ's meat.  AJ looks down in amazement, massaging Shane's back & neck as Shane licks & blows every inch of AJ's bone & balls before AJ straddles him & gives him fast skull fuck before moving Shane to his knees.  Deep throating every inch of AJ's pole, Shane pulled it out of his mouth & stroked it, & as they locked eyes, they both knew where they sex stick was going next.

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Nice Ink man!

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Even as he sat on couch, mass that makes up Cooper's muscled arms left more skin exposed than was covered by fabric, leaving dark ink of his latest tat in full view & perfect ice breaker for Andrew.  As Andrew's fingertip every so lightly hovered over new tribal tattoo, Cooper removed his shirt to display marking on his other arm.  As Andrew reached over, his hand came in for landing on Cooper's huggest pec & in move that took everyone by surprise; Cooper's tongue came in for landing somewhere around Andrew's tonsils.  Breaking kiss to stand up, Cooper opened his pants, pulled down his undies to reveal his heavy, girthy, uncircumsized veiny throbber that was rock hard by time he put his hand on back of Andrew's head.  Andrew stripped off his shirt & Cooper sat back down & as Andrew's head bobbed up & down on Cooper's bone, Andrew rubbed bulge in his red jock.  Andrew got up, pushed fabric of punch to side to let his own rod breathe as Coopers took hint, bait & that penis in his mouth.  As Cooper stroked his own still hard tool, his powerful gaze commanding Andrew's attention as he looked up in to Andrew's very wide eyes & sucked away with conviction of guy hell bent on doing something right.  Next, he bent Andrew over on couch, straddled him, spread those cheeks wide & found an additional place to put his tongue.

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Blue Ball Special!

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Santos comes in totally frustrated about not being able to get laid because his ex gfs are all on rag.  Fortunately, Logan doesn not have that to worry about as he moves in to offer some much needed relief.  They start to kiss as Logan pulls off Santos' house wife beater.  Santos has ink on his compact, defined frame.  He's naturally smooth & has tribal tattoo on his chest as well as event of Chinese characters running down his delicious, abs we're sure translate into "You know you want this!" Logan pulls off Santo's briefs to free his rock hard penis.  He sucks on his dick for bit before standing up to let Santos return favor.  Logan's dick is growing by second as Santos wraps those full lips around it.  Santos swallows every inch of it as Logan watches his member disappear.  Logan then get's on his knees as he get's more of Santos' cock.  He nurses on this love stick getting it rock hard so he can put it to better use.  Soon Santos is more than ready to upgrade to that hot asshole Logan has for him.

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Just Little quirky!

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We expected if anything, is Kip would be thinking of his gf while he let Hunter blow him however what went into Hunter's mouth was not Kip's tip, however his tongue.  He reached over, pulled Hunter near & proceeded to passionately tongue wrestling him complete with running his fingers through his hair, feeling his smooth, tight body & spreading his legs as Hunter's hands explored bulge you could see from across room.  As Kip got up, he opened his jeans & Hunter got on his knees, licked down Kip's six-pack, lowered his underwear & began to feast on that rapidly growing tower.  With his hand on back of Hunter's head, he moved that hungry mouth up & down his cock until Hunter took all 8" to base, stopping only for few remedial ball licking before returning to main event.  They took seat on sofa & before Hunter had Kip's packet back in his mouth, Kip's hand reached over to Hunter's belly & quickly moved to package that was even bigger than his own.  Hunter's sex stick spilled out as Kip opened those pants & wrapped those perfect lips on throbbing pink head of Hunter's sex stick.  He smacked Hunter's dong on his tongue as he slid to his knees & looked up into Hunter's eyes.  Seeing untouched, inviting curves of Kip's asshole, Hunter gave that hole deep tongue drilling chorus of moans emanating from Kip as he discovered his ass was more than just decorative, however source of pleasure he had never dreamed of & I am sure Hunter never dreamed of what happens next.

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The Survey!

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Isaac lowered him-self like crane onto waiting tower of dong & with steady pressure downwards, kept going until all nine inches was inside.  Alexander reached under Isaac's butt cheeks to keep up & down motion escalating until Isaac turned to side, put on leg on ground to steady himself for second session of pounding, creaking of sofa & moans from his mouth offering testimony of deeper excavation taking place.  Turn about being fair play, Alexander raised up one leg, looked back at Isaac & with wink, took this right in stink as Isaac pressed forward, grabbed onto Alexander's head for leverage & fucked away at eager hole as Alexander's love stick grew again & his heavy nuts swung back & forth until he grabbed Isaac for another deep kiss, then switched places with him.  "Do you like that meat stick" Alexander questioned, those Isaac's now tight nut sack & drooling dong said yes even better than his lips, though best reply of all were ropes of sex cream that soon shot out of his boner & landed on that nasty, dark treasure trail.  In flash, Alexander pulled out, degloved & fired off his own sex cream, first blast hitting his shoulder & rest covering his belly.  We learned something today when this cums to cases love this, can 'flipping out' be petty thing? Survey says...fucking yes!

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Fappin & Fuckin!

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Jack is home & get's horned up.  So he takes out his meat & starts to jerk off.  He lubes up that sweet bone & get's it rock hard hoping to get few relief.  Casey comes out of his room & walks in on him & offers to help him out.  Jack drops his pants & spreads those thick thighs wide as Casey goes down on his hard schlong.  Casey swallows that bone til his nose hits Jack's pubes wanting every inch of it.  Jack loves it & helps bob Casey's head on his pulsing rod.  Casey get's on his knees as Jack stands up to give Casey better access to that schlong.  Jack fucks his face as Casey get's naked.  Once he does he get's on chair & lets Jack return favor.  Jack get's to work sucking that uncut cock as he strokes his own.  Casey's getting hornier by minute & is soon bent over that same chair as Jack fingers his tight ass.  Jack's cock needs some of that.  He sits back on couch & has Casey sit on his meat.  Casey grimaces as he takes that hard bone up that back.  Jack can not get enough as he pumps that cock up in to that hole.  From there, Jack get's Casey bent over chair again & get's back to slamming that back doggy style.  Casey just whimpers as Jack buries his short sword even deeper.  He fucks that butt harder & deeper & soon he's ready to bust his nut.  He pulls out & jacks that hard mens meat off all over Casey's back.  Once he's done he get's up & goes to shower leaving Casey with boner & glazed back.  Casey slowly picks up Jack's underwear & claims it as his own.

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Water Sport!

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Kip finally returns to his apartment after day at beach.  He throws his beach towel on couch & starts to feel himself up.  all that heat & half naked girls on South Beach got his basket of meat stirring.  He slowly pulls up his tee showing off his naturally smooth & defined abs & chest.  He has classic features & long hair that just add to his charm.  His hands work their way down as they start to pull on his basket of meat that is starting to tent his shorts.  He undoes them & as they slide off he's left in pretty black jock strap that makes his butt look devine.  Its off to wash off salt & sweat as he strips nake & get's in shower.  He laters up his larger than life frame as water & suds cascade down his defined body, his corpulent penis & huge low hanging balls.  He starts to fondle that phallic as he washes it & its hard as rock in no time.  me and him can see why he was so popular at ExtraBigDicks.  He grips his boner firmly at base as he strokes it with other as he finishes rinsing it off.  He goes back to bedroom to end what he started.  His cock & large balls are clean & ready for some fun as he get's that bone hard again.  He lubes up & starts jacking for cameras.  He bites his lower lip as he loses him-self in sensation he's getting jerking his weighty sex stick.  Everything about Kip is large.  His stature, his large thighs & broad shoulders all come together to made one hot str8 boy.  Kip sits back on couch & takes his time playing with his penis that by now is pulsing.  Kip then get's on his knees & bends over to show off that yummy ass of his we can look at however can not touch.  His smooth hole is just ready to be eaten; however just slightly out of reach.  Kips nuts are on overdrive with all this attention & he's ready to bust his nut.  He sits back & goes for it stroking his thick lizard faster until it explodes.  Volley after volley of thick load splatter all over couch & his chest leaving him wonderfully glazed mess.

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Oral Fixation!

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Alex is seconds from lighting up cig when Vance catches him in act.  "Hey you don not wanna do that, I thought you were quitting', he teases 'if you wanna something to smoke I got something for you".  Vance grabs his package as his visibly hard bone comes in to Look.  Alex is on his knees in no time as Vance feeds him his fat ram rod.  He sticks it all way down Alex' throat as he starts to fuck his face.  Alex can not help however choke on Vance's hard-on as he get's that head bobbed up & down on that sex stick.  Alex than get's up & loses his pants before moving over to chaise to let Vance return favor.  Vance chokes almost immediately on Alex' thick love stick as he tries his best to swallow it.  "Its so thick its making my eyes water".  Alex makes best of it as he orders Vance to suck on his meaty balls.  Alex than wants to taste that breeder ass as he get's Vance on all four before sliding his tongue up inside that hairy hind end.  Vance grinds Alex' face deep inside that ass; wanting that tongue as deep as he can up inside his hot hole.  

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The Joker is Wild!

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A sea of pussy awaits The Joker as he gathers couple of adult mags open to their centerfolds with hot chick baring every.  "Look at that fat ass cunt" he grimaces as he starts to play with his enlarging crotch.  His meat isn not wasting any time & soon enough The Joker needs to get up & lose his pants to give it more breathing room.  He drops his jeans as we get better view of tent in his boxers.  The Joker keeps playing with his cock & balls until his cock is pulsating at full erection.  The Joker is pretty one, naturally smooth with subtle definition with an interesting tattoo of Joker on his chest.  He finally pulls out his fat uncut hard on through his fly as we get our first glimpse at his fat hooded side-kick.  His thick 8" penis is complete erect & still has enough foreskin to cover most of its head.  He peels it back as he starts to give that cock what it needs.  His underwear are next to hit ground as The Joker continues stroking to bevy of cunt laid out before him.  The camera gives us an over-the-shoulder shot as he jacks that cock slowly.  

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Bangers & Mash!

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Paul takes charge as he begins to make out with Leo passionately.  His hands begin to explore Leo's crotch as their shirts come off.  We get quick view at Leo's erotic abs as Paul licks his way past them, unbuckling his pants & going right to work.  Leo's fat uncircumsized cock is growing by second as Paul expertly works it down his throat Leo's appreciative however he wants few too.  He undoes Paul's jeans, & begins to work his growing boner through his briefs.  Once he's ready he hauls out Paul's thick dick.  GOSTOSO! This 20 yr old boy is hung like horse.  Leo's mouth stretches wide as he does his best to accommodate every fat inch of Paul's meat.  Paul's awe struck of this sexy Brazilian's oral skills.  however wait there's more as they maneuver in to hot 69 to keep it going.  Leo is all over Paul's tool when he decides he needs to sample more than just his dick.  Paul is too busy moaning to say no.  He puts Paul on his belly before going back down on him.  He greedily laps at his smooth hind end & sends Paul into frenzy.  Paul's smooth back soon wants lot more than proper rim job.

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Pulling One Off!

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Jack is outside tossing ball around when he decides he needs to cool off.  He peels off his t-shirt & wipes his chiseled chest & abs with towel.  This boy just keeps getting better.  He starts to pull on prick through his loose-fitting shorts & figures he should probably take this session indoors.  once he get's inside his hands start to roam all over his perfect body.  He licks his full lips & closes his eyes as he revels in sensation.  He is naturally with little fur & shows off his physique for us as his banana continues to grow now clearly visible straining against his shorts.  He finally loses his shorts & all of him is in view.  His quads are limpressive & as smooth as rest of him.  He starts to wank his dick as he moans softly.  the camera heads south & gives us stellar view of this sweet titan.  Those meaty legs holding up chiseled torso that tapers down from his broad shoulders & beefy pecs into his tight lean waist.  His features are reminiscent of an era long gone when beefcake was all rage.  There isn not bad angle on this modern day god.  Jack sits back & keeps working on that love stick as he spreads his legs at first before putting his feet up on chair to give us peek at that sweet ass.  Take minute to took it all in, dudes because thats as close as any of us will ever get.  His penis is rock hard as he strokes that basket of meat with one hand & tugs at those balls with another.  Jack then stands up & teases us some more as he cups that stellar ass of his & shows off that forbidden fruit.  All attention on his cock has his smooth nuts pulling up tight & ready to deliver.  He turns around & squares off before chair as his abs & pecs start to tense.  He grunts & groans as his cumming sends his creamy loads splattering all over chair below.  He continues stroking that hard cock until every last drop of sperm has left his cock.  What mess.  Clean up, anyone?

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Nervous Jitters!

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Aiden completes his paperwork & get's familiar feeling in his balls as he begins to view some pornography on office computer.  How convenient.  He starts to grope his enlarging cock as it starts to tent his crotch.  Aiden sits back as his hands start to explore his smooth chest & nips.  He licks his finger as he starts to play with his nipple with one hand then giving other one same TLC as well.  He strips his shirt off as his hands head down to fondle his growing dick.  He slowly does strip tease as his belt comes off next.  His hands find their way back to his crotch as he undoes his pinstriped shorts & slips out of them.  He starts to rub his growing penis through his boxer briefs for bit before pulling it out & giving it breathing room it needs.  He rubs his banana as it throbs in his hand.  He watches action onscreen as he feels his body with one hand & pleasures himself with other.  Aiden is naturally smooth & keeps his pubes trimmed neatly.  Aiden kneels on ground as he continues to work his short sword & he isn not there for long.  He lays back on rug, spreads his legs apart as he sticks finger into that tight hole.  His head falls back in ecstasy as he fingers himself & strokes his now raging love stick.  His fist becomes blur as he pounds his rod faster & faster wanting to shoot his jizz all over himself.  His breathing starts to labor as his balls pull up tight around his shaft.  He grunts as his penis gives up its bounty.  Spent & dripping, Aiden slowly nods off.  Zzzzzz

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Rock, Paper.. Start Sucking!

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Dylan Drive is finally on & we're glad to have him welcome Peter Carney.  Dylan & Peter are playing good old fashioned game of Rock, Paper, Sci-blow IT! When Dylan triumphs & hauls out his dick to claim his reward.  Peter doesn not waste anytime as he wraps his lips around Dylan's thick uncut rod.  Dylan groans as he get's that sex stick worshiped.  He strips off his clothes as Peter continues to service his meat.  Peter eventually get's up so that he can get several help on his own boner thats been straining to get out of his jeans.  Dylan pulls down his pants & briefs & starts to return favor.  He slowly sucks on Peter's sex stick as is grows 'til its completely hard inside that warm mouth.  "You like that?" he coos as he starts to fuck Dylan's face.  They take party south, as they maneuver into hot 69, getting all cock they want.  Peter then sits back on chair & watches as Dylan sits on his cock.  Dylan starts to ride that member as his own boner bounces in air like trampoline.  Peter grinds that hind end around on his dick wanting to get it in as deep as he can.  Peter then bends Dylan over & slides that cock in dogy style as Dylan begs him for more.  His balls slap away at that hole as Dylan orders him not to stop.  Missionary is next as Peter get's Dylan on futon.  He spreads those smooth thighs apart & fucks that wild ass few more.  His butt rises & falls as he buries that short sword over & over into Dylan.  Dylan moans as he sends his own cum shooting all over his cock & happy trail.  Peter isn not far behind as he pulls out & shoots his thick load every over Dylan's smooth chest & abs.  

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I Wonder..!

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Cairo Newport is fresh face on this week & at 18 he's hit ground running, beginning New Year with this, his 1'st ever, sex shoot.  Cairo calls to confirm his job interview tomorrow & once he does he finds out he'll be re-interviewed by same guy that did his initial one.  His mind & hand starts to wander wondering how thick that hot men dick must be.  His own love stick starts to come to life as he wonders what this would be love to take this inside him.  He undoes his pants & pulls them down bit; strips off his sweater & tee & starts to massage his johnson through his underwear.  His meat is rock hard as he finally strips out of his underwear giving his meat freedom it needs.  He kicks them off & spreads his smooth thighs as he starts to stroke his cock with one hand then his huggest nuts with other.  His balls are full & he's going to be taking care of that sooner than later as his fingers find their way to his sweat hind end.  The thought of that interview tomorrow has Cairo horned up as he begins to finger that hungry hole.  He lubes his sex stick & hole up & goes right back to finger-fucking his tight asshole.  He get's comfortable as he lifts both legs in air & uses both hands to pry open his hot hole.  He moans as he slides 4 fingers inside that hot hind end.  His dick is throbbing as he get's that ass stuffed.  He stands up & jerks that cock still thinking about giving up that hole to his potential boss.  He then get's back on couch & fingers that hole harder as he jerks faster.  His balls pull tight around base of his meat as he get's lost in fantasy of being bent over that interview desk.  That does trick as Cairo's jizz starts to fly, splattering all over his smooth abs & navel.  Whew.  He's definitely gonna nail this interview tomorrow; or with any luck just opposite.

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Cocked & Loaded!

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Mikey is relaxing watching few erotic depiction on his computer & needs to release few stress.  He starts to play with his growing rod through his jeans as he watches every that crotch getting pounded.  He loses his tee as he starts to get comfortable.  His hands caress his naturally smooth & defined chest.  Mikey drops his jeans next, showing us he's naturally smooth with just hair on his thighs & calves.  He slides his hands down into his baggie boxers & starts to stroke his beef.  The boxers are short lived as Mikey strips down to his birthday suit to take matters into hand.  He starts to stroke his uncircumsized pole as his smooth nuts flop around in tune.  Mikey is gettin into it as he talks to girls onscreen while his penis just get's harder & harder.  He stands to give us better view as he straddles camera to play with that lizard few more.  His nuts are up close to his shaft as he jacks his pocket rocket.  As he does we can see his smooth abs contracting just beneath his skin as he bends & moves his penis around.  Mikey than get's comfortable sitting back in chair & spreading his legs open.  He strokes his dick with both hands as he lubes it up.  Mikey then gives us peek at that hot butt we can not have.  He spreads that smooth butt to reveal his fuzzy hole.  Thats where all hair went.  Mmmm...  Nice.  Mikey pushes his meat back towards us showing off all he has to offer.  Mikey then flips over & get's to work jerking his cock.  all this excitement has him close to climax & he's not waiting much longer.  His hands play with his packet & balls as he picks up pace.  His eyebrows furl as he moans & grunts pumping his thick cum all over his smooth navel.  Poor Mikey's spent as he closes his eyes & catches his breath.  Clean up, anyone?

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Shave One for Me!

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AJ's wrapping it up in bathroom after showering & shaving when Cairo walks in to see what he's up to.  "What are you up to today?" asks AJ as he towels off.  "Sucking your boss and his two helpers!" Cairo responds.  AJ doesn not have to be told twice as he drops his towel & gives people what they want.  Cairo get's on his knees & get's to work sucking on AJ's dick as this get's harder by second.  AJ is soon fucking that pretty mouth of his wanting to get that penis in as far as possible.  AJ smacks his dick on Cairo's face, teasing him before shoving his dick in for more.  Cairo get's up & starts to take his own clothes off as they make out.  Cairo finally get's out of his jeans & as soon as his penis comes out, AJ is every over it.  He gladly returns favor as he shoves Cairo's penis down his throat.  He strokes & teases this as he laps those nuts & get's right back on that dick.  AJ then sits back on couch & has Cairo straddle him & take his love stick in reverse cowgirl position.  Cairo gladly impales himself on it & starts to ride his cock like pro.  AJ moans as he get's that johnson ridden helping Cairo as he bucks up into that ass even harder.  They move party over to chair where AJ get's Cairo on his back & fucks that ass some more missionary.  Cairo jerks his hard love stick watching AJ fucking his tight hind end.  They can not get enough of each other as AJ lays behind Cairo & holds one leg up & get's right back in that hind end railing him harder & deeper.  That tight back soon has AJ's nuts ready to blow & as he fucks that hole harder it sends Cairo over edge.  Cairo shoots his big cum all over his smooth chest & abs.  AJ's right behind him as he pulls out & kneels over Cairo & adds even more thick jizz to sperm soaked Cairo.  

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Hes Hot!

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Joey & Hunter are browsing skin mag looking at all naked beefcake.  "He's so hot in that image he has me hard" says Hunter as Joey confesses that Hunter's one that has him hard.  Thats all incentive Hunter needs as he lays back; undoes his jeans & lets Joey do rest.  Joey takes off those pants setting Hunter's fat cock free & get's to work sucking on that huge pole.  He holds it with one hand as he stuffs as much of it as he can down his throat.  Hunter dares him to take more of this as he forces his head even farther down his throat.  Hunter's meat is rock hard as Joey licks & savors every delicious inch of it.  The start to kiss as each strips other's clothes off.  Once Joey's butt naked Hunter bends him over & starts to explore that hot butt he'll soon own.  He spreads that ass apart as he licks at his tight hole.  He slips his fingers inside that ass as Joey squirms & moans his approval.  "You like those fingers?" Hunter taunts as he finger fucks that smooth hole.  Hunter than get's to work sucking on Joey's dick returning favor for few before moving into hot 69.  They now have all dick they want at their disposal.  As Hunter's sucking that boner he goes right back to fingering that ass as he get's his love stick sucked.  He slides his tongue in getting that hole ready for proper fuck.  He then bends Joey over & takes that ass doggy style.  Joey bucks back as he get's that hot hole crammed full of sex stick.  He can not help however masturbate his own boner as Hunter plumps that hole.  Hunter then sits back & has Joey ride that male genitalia taking every inch of it deep inside his swet hole.  then party heads horizontal as Hunter takes that ass lying behind Joey.  That makes Joey bust his nut all over himself.  "You ready for my semen?" Hunter coos as he jerks his meat off with Joey's face just below it.  Joey opens wide as Hunter sprays his thick hot milk sending it splattering all over Joey's smooth chest, face & open mouth.  Mmmm, Mmmm, Gooooood!

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