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Broke College guys – College Boy Threesome!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke school lads.  I am hanging out with Reigner who is twenty years old & Matt who is twenty-2 years old.  the mens were playing basketball & Reigner beat Matt in game, however Matt is lacrosse player, however that really isn not an excuse for losing.  It might be because Reigner kept really close to him on defense.  He wanted more than to play basketball with him, I know I watched them from window for awhile.
I asked Reigner how he liked hanging out with Eric last time he was here, & he said he enjoyed playing with Eric.  He says that Matt is hot as hell though & he is all over that.  I knew that this would be love shooting fish in barrel & I offered five hundred for him to get busy with Matt.  Matt states that his tuition is eight hundred & after sighing & bitching bit I agreed.  I am always trying to help needy in college.

After agreeing they began to tongue wrestling & fondle each other.  These guys look so great together they are on fire.  As they are kissing on couch I happen to catch Eric on outside patio looking in an stroking his dick.  Matt & Reigner haven not noticed him yet, & they continue to kiss & Reigner works his way down Matts hot body.  Reigner slips Matts pants down & begins to lick, kiss & making oral sex on Matts baby-maker.   Eric has his penis out & in his hand watching this action as he leans against window for better view.  As Reigner sucks on Matts ram rod he plays with his own penis.  I notice Matt moving away from window to sneak inside with guys.  He tells them this looks like fun & they agree to have him join them saying more merrier.  He jumps right in & all three guys are kissing together.  

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Broke College studs – Aiden And Jordon!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College lads.  I am out by pool hanging out with Jordan & Aiden.  They didn not even give me time of day, they just began to mackin' & touch while I filmed.  I am not sure if I am happy or disappointed in not being able to chat them into getting dirty for cash.  They started by kissing each other & those guys sure can kiss.  They make French jealous with zest & gusto at which they deep kiss.  They didnt not leave their hands out of action, as they kissed those hands roamed all over each other's toned, hot bodies.

It was Aiden who made first move & had his hands & lips every over Jordan's body working his way down to his cock which he began to making blowjob.  Jordan liked what he was doing & put his hands on Aiden's head to help him go down deeper & faster.  I don not think that Aiden for true needed all that help, however it was hot to watch.  He soon moved up to kiss Jordan again as he jerked on his penis.  That sex stick got hard fast & it was throbbing with need when Jordan moved over to deep kiss Aiden & work his way down his body to his already hardening cock.  

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Broke school lads – Donovan And Landon!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College lads.   I have Donovan & Landon with me at house.  They would be out partying, however since Donovan is only eighteen he can not go out to clubs yet, so Landon has stayed home with him.  The weekend was pretty wild & Landon loves hanging out with mans in house.  Landon & Donvan are both homosex, Landon is not relationship material he states, & Donvan is in relationship & his bf knows he is here, & get this he is celebrating his one year anniversary with us here.  I moved conversation back to college & found out Donvan is going to college for photography & of course he doesn not have enough money for tuition.  I offered them $300.00 to screw around & they turned that down, they worked me up to $1000.00 & I agree.

As soon as bucks was arranged these two boys went right to town.   It was Landon that took control at 1'st & once Donovan's pants were off eh began to making oral sex & fondle his dick.  then Landon began to unbutton his shirt while Donovan began to kiss his chest & work his way into his pants.  As soon as Landon's hard member popped out Donovan went right to this & began to blow that hard meat stick, & fondle his balls at same time.  Landon steps out of his pants as Donvan takes his shirt off.  Landon sits back on couch & Donvan get's his sex stick sucked, gobbled & deep throated.  He moans in pleasure as Landon works his magic on that penis.  Landon get's him to turn around & he begins to rim that hot back of Donovan's.  Donvan keeps his hand on his banana so that he must continue to stroke it.  

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Broke College guys – Justin And Danny!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College guys.  I walked in on wild conversation about stud that died in Mexico from being fucked by donkey.  It seems donkey slipped & fell on him, however we all agreed that we didn not feel sorry for him.  I found out that Danny is go-go dancer, & his wife is ok with this.   Justin is on layover & stopped by to see us.  They both need money so you know where this is leading.  I offered them $600.00 each to fool around with each another.  They laughed at me & came back with an offer of nine-hundred dollars.  I agreed, its lot, however I want to see these guys fuck.  I offered an extra hundred if Danny bottoms for first time.  They agreed & I let them get started.

it starts out slowly with them both fondling each other, then Justin begins to get serious & grabs Danny's cock & sucks that rooster into his mouth making Danny moan with pleasure & grab Justin's hair.  You can tell that Justin isn not afraid to gobble hard penus & he has some serious cock sucking techniques that we could all learn from.  He pops that member in & out quick making Danny yelp.  then it is Justin's turn to have his cock sucked, & as Danny takes that penis into his mouth he jerks on his own hard phallic.  Justin is starting to moan & groan as Danny blows on his hard cock.  These twinks are now both rock hard & Justin is ready to lay open Danny's swee tight hind end for first time.  

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Broke school guys – Jake And Aiden!

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I found Jake & Aiden on back porch rummaging through my stash of porn.  I was bit shocked then realized where I was & shock wore off pretty quickly.  You probably recognize Jake from videos that he has made for some great mpeg companies.  Aiden however is an amateur from Ohio that got stuck down here after job didn not pan out.

Since Aiden is broke & Jake hasn not been laid in about 2 weeks I felt it was perfekt opportunity to get them to fool around for us on film.  I just told them to fool around.  They both grabbed their dicks & it was interesting to see that they didnt not even have undies on.   They even take some of my jack off lube & as they checked out pics in playboys they began to wank off those rods of theirs.  

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Broke College studs – Fourway!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke university guys.  As you might have noticed living room is trashed, it is amazing amount of trash group of boys can make when they get busy.   They have been hanging out watching tube & having petty time.  I decided to Check in on them & see what kind of trouble I could get them into.  Blake is with us again, Tristan is next to him along with Branson on other couch.  Billy sneaks in as well.  He is always late, & tells me he is interested in finding some more USD for university.  I started talking to guys & when I got to Billy I asked him if he finally told his gf knew what he was doing for cash yet, & he surprised us all by telling us he finally told her.  She said awesome! That is nice exciting.  She asked if he take this up ass, & he told her there isn not enough money for him to bottom in world.  I told him I had to differ & we should or will find out sometime I guess.  She is pretty excited & wants picture or two of action sometime.   We will have to set her up with few shots & make her day.  

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Broke school boys – Aaron & Reigner!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College lads.  I am sitting here with Aaron & Reigner.  Aaron is nineteen & spent summer just fuck around not working at all.  Reigner is twenty & states that he knows Aaron from college bookstore.  They both are pretty broke & in need of tuition money.  I explained to Reigner that I pay few cash for odd jobs.  I love Reigner he was easy.   He showed me his dick for thirty bucks.  I like way this is heading.   He just whipped that dick out of his Calvin Klein undies.  then I offered hundred euros to blow each other.  I am fresh sure that Reigner would have been ok with it, however as usual Aaron shoots me down.   He states that he would do it for $300.00.  Reigner agrees that would work for him too.

They begin kissing & this is Aaron who makes first move & helps Reigner out of his undies.  He just pulls them down he didnt not work them all way off.  He sucks that penis & Reigner moans in delight.   than he rolls off & Aaron returns favor helping him out of his shorts & then reaches into his underwear to grab his semi hard love stick.   He begins to making oral sex on that jackhammer & Aaron leans back & just enjoys that tongue & mouth on his hard packet.  

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Broke College guys – Caiden & Branson!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys.  It is relaxing Sunday here, & twinks are hanging out after major party at house.  I know that they both could use some cash.   Branson is heading to L.A.  for awhile & he will definitely need few cash & Caiden has ticket that he has to pay.  So I offered them $600.00 to do what they were aching to do anyway.  I told them they could do whatever they wanted sucking, fucking or whatever.
They agreed & they began to kiss, however if you notice Caiden already has his hands on Branson, & in blink of an eye Branson was naked & standing before Caiden.

Caiden grabs his cock & begins to masturbate on it slow at first, however then Branson is taking his Caiden's shirt off & kneeling before him to help him get his pants off.  As those pants slide off we see that Caiden is already pretty hard & ready for Branson to blow on his hard ram rod.  Branson begins to slide up & down on that penis as Caiden moans, his hand jerks that cock as well making Caiden one happy mother.  Caiden than grabs back of Branson's head helps him to gobble up that hard banana.  I don not think Branson needed help he was totally into Caiden's hard love stick, however it sure did make watching hotter.  

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Broke College studs – Fourway Oral Fun!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke high school guys.  I am hanging out with Cameron, Sean, Jimmy, & Tucker.  I found them in living appartment hanging out after night of debauchery.   Cameron is ill from his sinuses poor baby; he should just bang & work this out.  We spent some time discussing first times & I was shocked at all wild ages these guys had lost their cherries.  It was bit shocking, however bit of turn on.

I know all these boys are in college, so after bit I offer them some green to do round of blowjobs for cameras.  I ended up paying them $500.00 each to blow each another.  It was Jimmy that dropped his pants first, then Sean slowly peels off his swim togs & showed us his package.  He showed off his Prince Albert, & I had to ask him questions about it.  then Tucker stood up & slid his pants off & showed us his little soldier.  then last, however not least was Cameron.  The studs were laughing & calling his dick small, however I've seen that love stick & they are in for biggest surprise.  As Cameron began round of sucking dicks we all commented on how cute Cameron's ass was.  While Cameron sucked & jerked on Tucker everyone was doing their own jerking.   Cameron moves on down line to suck on Jimmy, & Jimmy really enjoys how Cameron is sucking on his love stick.  I didn not let him stay long, I sent him on to Sean's staff of life & he began sucking shit out of it.  

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Broke College guys – Jake And Zack!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke university lads.  You will be excited to see that we have some popular guys with us here at Broke College lads.  Today we have Jake Woods & Zack Randall with us.   Zack just came back from Nepal & he is trying to get back into college groove & he is finding that he isn not set up cash wise for school.   Jake has been hanging out with us lot & he states that he has few movies coming out that we should look forward to.  You know with these famous faces it wouldn not be hard to get these boys to get pretty with each other.  It did cost me bit of coin to get them to blow each other.  Jake upped price to five hundred money for blowjob, bit pricey, however how many times do we get famous fellas in house.

These fellas went on & began tearing into each other.  Zack started by standing up after Jake took his shorts off to soul kiss him.  They had some really great long French kisses before Zack moved down to begin sucking on Jake's boss and his two helpers.  That cock went hard almost immediately for Zack's great penis sucking skills.  Jake is moaning like mad & he says that Jake is doing great job oh yeah! Zack is one of those great penis suckers that love to use their hands as well as their mouth.  What is for real impressive is that Zack leaves on his glasses while he blows that sausage.  

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Broke College lads – Caleb, Landon & Eric!

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It is early in am as I catch guys in bed still sleeping.  I found them in bed & I am trying to get them out of bed.  It was hard as hell to get them out of bed, they didnt not want to go out & weed garden.  I kept at them though & told them if they wanted me to leave them alone they had to perform for me.  I offered them 1-st $500.00 & then $800.00 to wake up & have some porn.

That got their attention, & they told me to leave for day as well & I agreed.  After they removed blankets I realized that they were already half naked & Landon was hard as rock.  The guys began to attack Eric in middle with kisses & soft touches.  You can tell that he is enjoying attention & his hands begin to wander as well.  Then Eric moves to making oral sex on Caleb's cock while Landon blows on his.   This is great shot & one that you won not wanna to miss; I know it turned me on.  Landon even mentions that Eric has porcine love stick & he likes to lick & sucking on that biggest thick dick.  

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Broke College twinks – Blake & Aaron!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College guys.  I found guys playing some pool just lounging around with nothing else to do.  The bad part is that they both really blow at playing this game.  I decided to play version of strip pool with them.   It was working out great I had them both shirtless in no time.  This was getting better & better, I soon had Aaron naked & jerking on his dick for just few misses with cue.  Blake however was doing ok, he still had his shorts & I owed him $200.00.  

However things are changing & Blake got cocky & lost his shorts.   Blake is still cocky even after Aaron misses his shot & has to kneel down & making oral sex on his packet.  Blake ups ante, & when he misses shot he has to suck Aaron's dick until I am satisfied.  (MORE)

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Broke College studs – Justin And Kenneth!

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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College guys.  They are hanging out in my living room watching game & having few cocktails.  Justin is 27 & he is side saddle queen.  Kenneth is twenty five & queer, however bit curious about hottie girls.  He says when he has bit too much to drink they took advantage of him.  After Kenneth loses his butt to Justin in baseball sporting bet I offer them both cold grand to fuck each other.  Justin is way ahead with this offer, he get's his check & Kenneth's up for fuck good looking guy.

They were both down for this & began to kiss & fondle each other.  In fact, this didn not take much prompting from me at all.  These fellas were on each other immediately kissing & fondling each other.  Kenneth was all over Justin first licking his find body, teasing his nipples & working his way down & into his undies.  Once those undies were off Kenneth went right to work on Justin's tool.  After he licks & sucks that cock until it is rock hard, Justin takes over.  Her works that white belt of Kenneth's until it is open & those jeans are flying off leaving him in his beautiful undies his semi-hard cock bulging.   Justin reaches in & grabs that love stick & strokes it as he teases Kenneth's fine little body.  Justin get's into it & for real goes to town on that hard cock of Ken's.  He must not stop deep throating it which makes Kenneth's boss and his two helpers grow & he lies back on couch moaning & panting as Justin begins to finger his hot chocolate eye.  

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Broke high school studs – Jaydin, Kaydin, And Jasper!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College studs.  I am sitting here with Jaydin & he brought along his friend Kaydin who is just eighteen & never been with guy before.  He met Jaydin in club & his friends told them he was hottie & his body was tight.  These studs are so cute, & Kaydin states that he is here for curiosity more than tuition money.  He didn not for real know what we did & I had to fill him in.  He thought that it sounded beautiful good & then we got into money chapter.  I offered $200.00 for him & Jaydin to fool around.  Jaydin shot me down, & then I offered $500.00 for each of them to fuck around.  than I told them about my friend hanging around upstairs & that if they added him to mix I'd pay them $800.00.   They decided on $850.00 & I agreed, I knew what was waiting upstairs & it would be definitely worth it to see these guys & Jasper fucking.

Jasper was bit shocked when he realized that I had brought two mens to fuck with him instead of one.  I explained that they came in sets.  They were bit shocked that he was hanging there semi naked & blind-folded ready for them to take over & do whatever they wanted with his body.  They just jumped right on Jasper & began to devour his rod & fondle his hot body.  All he could do was moan & move back & forth in his bondage.  He is kinky mother so Jasper enjoyed it all, he had no idea that Kaydin had never had lad before, & as he was sucking on his sex stick he demanded that he blowing on his balls as well.   That got Jaydin's attention & he kneeled down to begin sharing that sausage with Kaydin.  I don not even think they noticed that Jasper had cock piercing or if they did they didn not care, they were too busy sucking on his cock.  

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Broke college Boys – Richie And Sean!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College guys.  I am hanging out with couple of our new friends.  Sean & Richie.  We met Richie through Jake & he came out to see what kind of trouble he could get into at house.  Jake told us that Richie was great man, & fun to hang out & party with.  Richie is 22 from Miami Beach, Florida & has been in few adult videoclips.  He admitted to me that sometimes it is about money & sometimes it is about having fun.  Richie is bi sex & goes both ways.  

Sean is hanging out with us as well, & he says that he is gayish, that he isn not always sure he is gay.  He has slept with girl or two in his time.  it wasn not big jump from talking about sexuality & stuff, to asking them to blow each other.  I started with $500.00, however they bumped it up to $800.00 to see them blow each other.  They both agreed & it was on.  

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Broke College lads – Spa Circle Jerk!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College studs.  I found Danny & Chris hanging out in hot tub.  I thought they were both overdressed for hot tub, however they waited for me to offer them money to strip down & get naked in tub.  As I look up Blake & Caleb show up.  I chat them into gettin naked for us for $100.00.  Soon we have hot tub full of naked studs & what excellent site it truly is.  With all that meat just hanging out there, I had to see if I could get them to do something with it.  I offer them all hundred & fifty cash to jack off.  After they agree & begin to jerk on their cocks few more twinks arrive in our hot tub party.   Jaydin, Caiden, & Rusty jump in to hot tub.

They soon found xxx dildo in pool & we played around with purple monster bit before I let them know that I was interested in jacking off, however if they did anything else that was ok as well.  It didn not took them long to get in to mood & Danny hops on to Chris's penis sucking on it until he is rock hard, then he moves down line to work on Rusty's hard penus.  Everyone takes this cue & it isn not long until all these boys were sucking or being sucked on.  As I turn around I see that Rusty has begun to shove purple monster in to Chris's tight back.  Chris continues to play with purple eel & stuffs it farther in to his ass.  As I move around again I see that Rusty is sucking on Danny's hard panis.  Caleb is being sucked on by Blake & Jaydin is sucking Caiden's cock.  

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Broke college studs – Eric And Zeke!

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke college studs.  I am hanging out with Eric & Zeke.  This is his friend's house & he is letting him hang out with him for awhile.  Zeke is taking psychology & he needs to end 8 years of university to get his full degree.  He is stripping right now to pay for school, & when I asked him if he makes tuition by dancing.  He states not during off season.  He states he isn not making tuition, so I offered him some euros for tuition for you know it, having prety time with Eric.

I offered them 2 hundred dollars to blow each other, however Eric balked because I had paid him three hundred & fifty to do same thing other night.  I upped it to $350.00 & they agreed.  I than offered those boys $800.00 to fuck each other & they agreed.  They started out kissing & it was hot hot, however I was chomping at bit waiting for them to begin to fondle & strip each other.   I didn not have to wait too much, it was not long until they were teasing each other's nipples, & stroking those cocks inside their pants.  I liked how these two began, even fondling & touching they were taking their time making good feelings last & I like that.  It was Eric that made first move & he stripped off Zeke's pants & began to lick on his dick as he pulled it out of his black undies.  Zeke wasn not complaining he had Eric's head in his hands helping him to gobble up most of that hard cock.  Zeke leans back & lets out moan telling us that Eric is doing great job sucking on his hard love stick.  

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