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Boy Gusher – Justin And Jayden!

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Last video it was Justin who learned benefit of having gay lad suck his dick, now we will see if that straight boy can mimic what his partner just did.  Can Justin blowing hard packet.  After having his sex stick jerked & sucked by an experienced lads & cumming buckets I think he is ready.  As you must see he is ready to do his bit to make Jayden's love stick rock hard & throbbing with pleasure.  He jumps on board naked & begins to kiss him moving down to stuff his hand in to his pants & plays bit.  When he is ready he pulls off his jeans & licks his dick inside his undies like true cheater.

He must have learned something from Jayden cos he is really teasing Jayden's penis in his undies before he pulls down his undies & begins to slowly tease his penis with his toungue & mouth, way he is starting I wonder if he is truly straight guy or not.  I wonder if he has had few experience with that before.  After you watch him deep throat that cock few times you'll be wondering same thing yourself.  He rocks that love stick with his mouth slow & fast & then slow again like he is riding waves of sexual ocean.  Justin has Jayden moaning & groaning with his constant jerking & slurping action on his hard love stick.  It won not take much of this before he explodes his jizz sex cream all over Justin's face & hands.  He finally erupts heavy load while Justin continues to wank on it watching that jizz slick down his hands.  He slides up to finish up with French kiss that tastes like sticky sex cream.

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Boy Gusher – Diesel And Tyler!

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Tyler makes my day over & over again.  He knows that I love to capture guys stroking, jerking & sucking on each other, so he brings Diesal over to house & got's him nude in my ruckus room.  I think my eyes bout left their sockets when I saw size of meat that Diesal was packing.  Holy fuck! Take look at that thick, rock hard jackhammer.  Tyler has hard time gettin his mouth all way around this so he can suck it while he jerks on it.  At first Diesal looks uncomfortable with me & my camera there watching as Tyler blows on his love stick.  Then he stops thinking about videocamera & focuses on what Tyler is doing & he is in 7th heaven.  Tyler is king of deep throating & he shows Diesal exactly what he can do with his mouth, before he goes back to jerking & stroking on his penus.  

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Boy Gusher – Donatelo and Luigi!

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Donatelo & Luigi on

This update has wow factor that you must not miss.  There really isn not time to introduce Donatelo & Luigi.  They just jump into bed & begin to kiss, touch, & fondle.  In matter of moments they are stripping each other down & going for those cocks.  Donatelo jumps onto Luigi's rod like white on rice, his hands gripping that fine back as he deep throats his meaty stick over & over again making Luigi rock hard & sweet as hell.  He flips Donatelo over & licks down his treasure trail to his dick.  He stuffs that dick into his mouth & sucks & jerks on it.  He is so into it that he reaches down to jerk his own hard beef as he gobbles that dick of Donatello's.  At this point all you can hear are soft moans coming out of Donatelo's mouth as Luigi gobbles that baby-maker.

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In this episode, someones getting fucked!!!


Boy Gusher – Binx!

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Binx is hot boy who loves to jerk off, ad he loves having his cock stroked.  He was hanging out in bed when his roommate came in with camera & started looking at him & filming him.  As Binx pulled back his blanket he showed off her hot little boxers & killer body.

He starts rubbing his cock through his underwear, however his roommate has other things in mind.  He set camera down so it was aimed at Binx & his fine body than he pulled Binx's boxers down & started teasing his sex stick.  Binx laid back like king & let him tease that rod.  He put little lube on his hand, gripped that cock & started stroking him.  Binx lets out little moan as he starts getting rock hard.  His roommate likes giving a homosexual handjob & is very skilled at it.

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Binx was so hard he knew he wasn not going to be able to hold out for very long, however he wanted to enjoy moment as much as possible so he relaxed himself & just let waves of pleasure crash over him as his cock got stroked faster & faster.

His roommate could feel Binx about to burst so he tightened his grip & with his free hand he reached down & started massaging his balls. The feel of that hand rubbing is testicles while he got stroked sent him over edge & he came hard.  He shot his hot loads all over his body & let his roommate continue to stroke him until he had milked every last drop out of him.

Boy Gusher – Mikey & Eric Pt 2!

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Two studs Kissing

We saw these two hot studs in action in previous update of Boy Gusher, however their scene was so amazing & cum drenched that we had to spread it out over second update.  If you remember correctly previously Eric stroked Mikey's long cock until he was rock hard then erupted all over place.

Now it is Eric's turn to bust nut.  As Mikey comes down from his intense getting off two mans kiss & rub on each other.  Mike drags his tongue down Eric's body & wraps his mouth around Eric's amazing dick.  Eric is already hard so he just lays back & enjoys ride as Mikey gives him some amazing head.

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Mike pulls his mouth off penis, grips it & starts to stroke.  He works his hand up & down that shaft, making Eric moan with pleasure.  Mikey kisses Eric passionately while he strokes his sex stick.  Mikey has several mad gay handjob skills.  He slides behind Eric, wraps both hands around him & continues to pound on his pud.

Eric is so lost in pleasure he must not even talk, he just gasps for air & moans as Mikey builds up speed stroking his tool.  When Eric get's close Mikey grips his dick tightly & tugs on it hard causing Eric to sex cream with such intensity that his entire body shakes & his hot sticky sex cream explodes like missile fired from silo, soaking his abs & chest.  Mikey continues to stroke, using his strong hands to milk all last drop of that sperm from Eric quivering nut sack.  Now that is how two mens should spend an afternoon together.

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Boy Gusher – Shane!

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Shane is kind of guy who for real can go with flow.  He came in to get nice rubdown to relax him & ended up getting whole lot more than he bargained for however he loved every second of it.   At first he just stripped down to his underwear & showed off his hot body.  Shane is good looking & has great sex stick so he has nothing to be ashamed of.

As Mr.  Hand moved in he started rubbing his body and tweaking his nipples.  At first Shane thought it was little odd that he was doing that, however it felt good so he went with flow.  He rubbed through his underwear & told Shane he should take them off.  Shane pulled them off & his dick sprang out love lion being released from dungeon.  Mr.  Hand put some oil on Shane's chest & rubbed it in than slid down and oiled up his rod.

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Mr.  Hand stroked Shane's meat stick until he was rock hard then he grabbed several string & tied Shane down to bed with it.  The feeling of being restrained while total stranger jacked him off really had Shane turned on.

Mr.  Hand worked his way down & massaged Shane's balls while he stroked his sex stick.  He built up speeds jacking that cock & had Shane moaning with pleasure as his entire body started to shake.  As Shane got close Mr.Hand gripped his little soldier hard & yanked on it with all he has.  Shane erupted like volcano & sent hot spunk flying all over place.  It was best massage ever!

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Boy Gusher – Dexter!

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Dexter is back with me, it seems he likes to be filmed while his dick is played with.  That is ok with me, & I was happy to have him back to capture on camera once again.  I just love playing with this boys penis in his white undies.  It is very wonderful feeling as his dick begins to get hard & I must feel it in his undies.   As it begins to poke its way out of his underwear I pull them down & begin to wank on that stiff rod.  I than add few lube & begin to stroke & masturbate on his dick as he moans his approval.   You can tell by look on his face that he is really enjoying how I am stroking his dick.  I really think my hands were made for jerking on stiff sex stick, just look how perfectly they fit around Dexter's hard dick.

Dexter likes it to.  He just leans back as I continue to stroke his cock, he pulls his leg up to work his pelvis as I stroke his rod, he actually begins to fuck my hand.  I alternate between jerking on his entire dick & than just his head driving him insane.  I really begin to stroke shit out of that tool ad he is moaning like mad, I am not sure how much of this he can handle.  When I start using two hands on his rod he about explodes his load right there & than.  He likes that two handed fisting so I continue to use two hands as he moans & states he is going to eruption.  He explodes his sex cream all over his stomach, chest & it almost fills up his belly button.  

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Boy Gusher – Mark & Jacob!

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I went into kitchen to grab snack late one night after I had party & I found Mark & Jacob grabbing their own bit of snack.  I rushed back & grabbed my camera & used this to capture these two hotties as they played around in kitchen.  They played around bit in their underwear, however studs being twinks they got hard quickly & needed some relief.  I loved how tight these mans' asses looked in their underwear & was little sorry when Mark shed his underwear.  That is when Jacob grabbed several lube & began to wank on Mark's penis.  Mark is vocal stud & tells him how great it is & to masturbate on it more.  Jacob is doing great job because mark's penis is getting good hard & his head is engorged.  Jacob grabs New lube & continues to masturbate on that stick as Mark moans his pleasure to world & my camera.   He jumps up on counter & Jacob continues to wank that jackhammer until he moans loudly.  It doesn not took much of this jerking & stroking before Mark explodes his heavy cum on Jacob's chest.  

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Boy Gusher – Diego!

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I really do think that those magazine sales people that come by are scammers.  I find it hard to believe that they travel state to state raising EUR for college.  If they are, then why aren not they in university? I still usually buy something so they have semi petty day that has to be rough job.  When Diego came by selling his magazines, I had more than subscription in mind.  I told him if he came in & spent some time with me, that I'd buy few subscriptions.   It didn not take him long to agree.  He lay down on my couch; I turned recorder on & went to work.  I got him out of his shorts, & began to play with his penis in his Hanes undies.

I got that cock hard in his undies, & it looked so great that I didn not want to pull it out.  I let it sit there for bit, & when I did pull off his undies I realized what fantastic penis this fresh meat guy has.  That is when I began to pay attention to that hard stick & I began rubbing & stroking it really playing with it.  I moved fast into jerking that hard banana, I couldn not wait to see 'ball-bearing oil' spill out of it as this came.  I could tell he was enjoying it, however he was quiet one & didnt not say too much as I milked that penis of every drop that he had inside.  He did laugh at end & I guess that was something, however now I want to try jerking him off again sometime & see if I can make him moan like bitch.  

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Boy Gusher – Tyler And Ethan!

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What can I say, I know nastiest guys around.  I met these guyz online & you might have recognized Tyler from previous updates.  I asked them if they wanted to get together for some after hours fun & they met me at local hotel.  Ethan went right to work on Tyler's pants & chest.  He fondled him & played with that jackhammer in his pants until it was hard & he had to get those shorts off.  The bulge in those white undies was quite sight to see.  Tyler just lies back & enjoys pleasure that Ethan is giving him.  As I watched I wondered when Tyler would jump up & latch on to Ethan & as I was thinking that he did just that.  He helped him out of his shirt & than bean to unbuckle his pants & stick his hand in this site to play with his rod.  He took it out quickly though to help him take off his jeans.

Now I have studs just where I want them in room in just their undies.  Tyler goes right to work on that love stick & begins to nibble at it from outside his undies.  He soon has them peeled down bit & his mouth is sucking on that love stick.  then he pushes Tyler over on bed & begins to making blowjob on his hard cock for true.  He helps Ethan out of his undies & then Ethan helps Tyler out of his undies by licking & sucking on his male genitalia as he squeezes his package from outside his undies.   As Tyler begins to moan Ethan helps him out of his undies slowly, however surely as he gobbles that hard panis.  Ethan soon kneels next to Tyler so that Tyler can sucking on his banana as Ethan jerks on Tyler's meat.  Tyler really looks like he is enjoying his rooster as he continues to stuff it deep in his mouth over & over again.  It isn not long until these two go in to sideways sixty-nine position where they must both making oral sex & finger each other.  

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Boy Gusher – Jacob And Dakota!

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I think that Jacob brought Dakota over with him, because he knows what I like to do when I find sleeping guys, however when these two called me on phone & said they were too drunk to drive home of course I said yes.   I didn not wanna either boy to be driving around drunk at night.  I quickly drove over to club & picked them up & drove them home.  I noticed however that Jacob didn not seem all that drunk, however hey he was smart enough not to drive after drinking.  When we got to house, boys chatted bit with me thanking me & I showed them to their guest room & they promptly got naked & went to bed.  I waited until they were both sound asleep & snuck in to see them in bed.

Of course, I couldn not take my eyes off these sleeping angels & my hand had mind of its own & snuck on in & began to rub those penises.   I started with Jacob; I had sneaky feeling that is why he asked me to come get them.  As soon as I pulled covers back & began to stroke his cock in his underwear I knew he wasn not asleep & he began to moan & even had his own hand inside paying with his cock while I did.  Dakota was awake by this time & playing with his own package.  He took turns playing with his cock & learning over to jerk & stroke on Jacob.  

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Boy Gusher – Koz!

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Stroke His phallic

Koz is one bad mother man with tight, muscular body & tats that cover most of it.  He has been around block few times & even done little time behind bars so he is no stranger to touch of another studs.  As matter of fact, he doesn not brag about it to his buddy's however Koz actually really likes having other guy's jack him off.

On this afternoon he came into Boy Gusher & wasted no time stripping off his clothes & showing off his amazing body.  He sat down on couch & started rubbing his penis.  It felt really good.  Koz is major exhibitionist who loves to be watched as he strokes himself or has porn so having photocamera on him as he pulled on his johnson really got him worked up.

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As Mr.  Hand moved in & started rubbing his balls Koz took his hands away & let fuckers work his magic.  Hand knows how to jack boy off and is very skilled.  Lets just say if he ever decided to be race car driver he would have no trouble handling stick shift.  Hand rubbed Koz's nuts with one hand while slowly stroking his lizard with another.  Koz loved how it felt so much he got up on his knees so his balls could hang & be cupped in Mr.  Hand's palm.

Koz pinched his nozzles as Hand stroked him, working his shaft like this was piston on car.  He jacked him fast, hard & with authority.  Koz was out of breath as he panted & moaned, thrusting his his hips with motion of jerking off.  As he hit wall & came wave of pleasure knocked him back, he thrust his hips out & let Mr.  Hand drain every last drop of hot spunk out of his rod.

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Milk Him Dry


Boy Gusher – Blake!

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Blake Rubs His love stick

Boy Gusher had tough case on their hands this week.  As we all know, Boy Gusher finds hot mans, brings than in & get's them off.  Blake said he was up for it, however he was tough straight nut to crack.  At 1-st he said he wasn not going to do anything homo-sexual, however then once he realized everyone was cool he relaxed little bit, took off his clothes & sat on futon in his boxers.

He started rubbing his cock through his underwear & felt his penis start to get hard as he teased himself.  He finally let himself go & pulled off his boxers, laid down on futon & started stroking his penis.  He was pulling hard & fast on his tool & was looking great as he did it.  He was starting to for true get into it & one of fellas on crew was so turned on that he walked over, grabbed Blake's cock & started stroking it.

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Blakes First gai handjob

Blake was not sure how to feel at first, this was first time he had ever had guy stroke his penis.  this felt so beautiful that he just laid back & enjoyed ride as folk massaged his balls & stroked his dick.  He worked that basket of meat like it was churning butter.

As Blake got close to cumming guy stroking him grabbed base of his staff of life & pushed down on his sex stick while gripping it hard & stroking it fast.  Blake exploded, sending hot love juice all over his appartment belly & tight body.  Until now Blake had never had twink stroke him off before, however he ended up having good time so I have feeling this won not be his last gay handjob.

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Boy Gusher – Tony And Mr. Hand!

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It isn not what you think this stud is really Mr.  Hand & he is going to have some fun with my buddy Tony.  Mr.  Hand is close friend who doesn not want his true name known, so we will continue to call him Mr.  Hand.  He knows every about my little fetish of playing with fresh meat cute studs & although he is straight he became really interested.  I offered him chance to try it out for himself, & after months of listening to my stories he decided to try it out.  I called up Tony one of my kinky friends & he came over to give Mr.  Hand true hands on experience of his own.

Tony is cute blond with nice abs & great personality.  He was cute laid back when Mr.  Hand showed up nervous & bit nervous.  Tony did his best with smiles & body language to make him more comfortable.  It didn not take him to long though to pull off Tony's pants & begin to rub his sex stick in his green undies.  He rubs & licks at his sex stick in those undies & he pulls them off continuing to suck & play with that hardening staff of life.  Mr.  Hand soon has Tony's entire cock in his mouth & he begins to bob up & down on that fuck stick deep throating it like mad lads.  I think he is hiding in closet after watching him work that ram rod.  He takes it out & jerks on it bit making love stick pulsate with need & Tony moans out his pleasure as Mr.  Hand goes back to sucking his hard shaft.

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Boy Gusher – Ramon and Bo!

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Bo had already heard how good Ramon is at sucking love stick before he ever walked through door.  When lads met they were both impressed with how other stud looked.  You might say they were each other's type.  Ramon likes clean cut kind of white boy & while Bo has little scruff on him he looks love really nice man.  In reality he is great men.  He is one of those dudes that is gentleman in public & freak in bedroom which is just how this should be.

Bo was anxious to get Ramon's mouth wrapped around his sex stick so as they talked he started to strip.  Ramon quickly got hint & joined in, stripping off his clothes & running his hands all over Bo's fine body.  Ramon was so turned on he didnt not even has his jeans off & he already had his lips clamped down around Bo's penis.  As he started to nurse on Bo's love stick Bo's eyes got big with excitement.  The rumors were true, Ramon can blow mean love stick.

Bo worked to get Ramon out of his jeans while Ramon deep throated his dick.  He nearly gagged on Bo's thick meat spike, however he got it all way down his throat.  Having his love stick deep throated like that caused Bo to groan with pleasure.  Bo pulled Ramon off his cock & kissed him hard, sliding his tongue into that talented mouth.  Ramon kissed Bo then dragged his tongue down his neck & licked one of his nipples.  All while his hand never left Bo's panis as he stroked it like he was driving sports car.

His mouth made it back to Bo's now throbbing hard love missile.  He put head of his love stick in him mouth & sucked hard, working head with his tongue while he stroked shaft.  it was more than Bo could take.  After only handful of strokes he exploded, cumming so hard he saw stars.  Bo learned that Ramon isn not just good at sucking dick.  Ramon is god in sucking cock!


Boy Gusher – Giovanni!

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I was online checking out local dating scene when I met Giovanni.  The photoshot he had online showed cute twink with dark hair & nice toned body.  I started talking to him & I had blast playing around, however then this cute teen boy tells me that he hasn not had much experience in art of love or porn.  I couldn not let that go.   I am such tool tease, I told him to come over & see me I had thick cocksicle that would melt in his mouth not in his hand.  I honestly think I scared him, however he had put his foot in his mouth & agreed to come over & see me.  

When he got there he looked terrified & I told him to come in & relax, we wouldn not do anything he didn not wanna to do in fact, this time I'd do all work.  All he had to do is sit back & enjoy.  He looked nervous, however after I had run my hand across his chest & gently stroked his nipples through material he let me slowly peel off his shirt as I touched him.  He even had small smile as I put my hand into his pants & began to play with his rod inside his underwear.  I took my time playing with his basket of meat & he began to chew on his lip as pleasure intensified & his member got harder.  I continued to play with his sex stick, & it made nice outline in his underwear.  He was rock hard before I was done & sliding his undies down his legs.  I grabbed that naked cock & stroked it while I fondled his balls.  I had great time stroking his cock it felt so great as it slipped through my hand over & over.  I could tell he was gettin excited from his moans that he tried to keep inside.  I knew he loved this & that made it even better.  

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Boygusher – Trevor!

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Hot Gay stud

Trevor is one of those hot mens that you see around campus every time & you wonder what he looks like naked.  You also wonder just how big is his penis is.  Trevor hangs out at library couple of days week to do his homework after class.  It seems that he likes to hang out in quiet of library to get his work done.  It works better than going to noise dorm & trying to work there.  After having short chat with Trevor he decided to go with Gary back to his place & hang out.

Gary had admired Trevor for while & couldn not wait to see him naked.  Trevor was pretty cool & laid back.  He was up for good time & said he was willing to try just about anything once.  .  .  maybe twice if it didn not hurt too bad first time.  As things got little loose Trevor slipped out of his pants & shirt & started rubbing is cock through his underwear.  As his love stick got hard it poked out top of his underwear so Trevor just pulled them down & let beast loose.

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Gary couldn not contain him-self.  He reached in & grabbed hold of Trevor's nice thick penus & started to stroke it.  Stroking his cock brought it to full attention & had Gary so turned on he was spitting on dick & stroking it faster & faster.  Trevor began to moan as Gary worked his hand up & down his shaft, working his packet quick & hard & making his balls swing.

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Gay hand job

As Trevor reached his climax he laid back, let Gary grab his lizard with both hands & stroke hard.  Gary squeezed his tool in his strong hands, working his shaft until he exploded & glazed his male genitalia, stones & Gary's hands in his hot, sticky sperm.  It had been long time since Trevor had come like that.  He might just have to switch location of his study days from library to Gary's couch.


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