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GloryHole Party starring the poking 8 Incher!

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Today I found out about hot gloryhole party & convinced host to let me film it.  There were two hot brothers Luis & Mauricio Garcia??¦hot latino guys??¦Luis was my favorite, smooth boyish looks & 19 years old??¦his brother Mauricio was 24 years old & also very hot looking??¦.  watch this 2 brothers get it on as Luis sucks his brother dick through hole first then, Luis wastes no time in slurping on his bro's rod & stroking this until he cums.  however wait??¦Luis wants his turn & decided to stand up to poke his large thick perfect 8" penis through hole for his brother Mauricio to enjoy! Mauricio looks like he??™s an experience cocksucker Look this boy really suck off his bro licking his nuts & working shaft of penis??¦I loved it when Mauricio teased Luis??™s love stick head & he pulls back??¦.  Mauricio keeps sucking until Luis empties his squirting semen onto Mauricio's chest & mouth??¦.  This is just starting to sizzle!

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Bound For Glory!

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Shit, being bad has never felt so good.  naghty guys need to be locked up until they have learned how to really appreciate daddy's sex stick.  In this vid, come learn alongside pupil & his daddy.  Not pleased with his recent performance, daddy locks his boy up.  "Bound for Glory" shows us how daddy has to be hard task master & help his boy learn what it means to be "boy dildo." You might wanna to bring your own straps to class; I think this daddy is going to use all he has on his pupil.  After boy's had some time to think about his services, his daddy takes him out to show little guidance into true obedience.  Spanking his boy in his jeans, its not long before boy strips & flexes his ass for few attention from daddy.  "I want to making oral sex your love stick, sir," begs boy, "everything you wanna" he adds.  After tying down & handcuffing his boy, daddy remarks, "you want me to fuck you in ass;" this is rhetorical question as stud is at mercy of his daddy.  Spitting on boy's hole, pupil begs for his daddy's penis.  The daddy first reminds boy who's in control by tapping boy's scrotum with his crop.  Fingering his boy's cavity, daddy spreads boy's cheeks far apart to admire upcoming lesson.  Undoing boy's bondage, pupil eagerly engulfs his daddy's meat; "show me how much you want this" commands daddy.  

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Butch Gay lads expulsion in the Back appartment!

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This pair of masculine boy just want gay pron.  Thats why they come to Back appartment Bar.  After pulling each other (pardon pun) they put down their beers & get stuck into each others' masculine, bushy body.  The passionate kisses start, shirts lift up & its down to making oral sex cock.  After causing each other to gasp & groan in pleasure time to grunt in ecstacy comes as they milk their own stones of some spurts of eruption.  Enjoy promo with these beefcakes.  

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Blow Jobs in the Back Room!

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Two gay jocks have their heaving well defined chests clad in leather harnesses.  As their cocks get sucked their chests expand & push out leather straps.  Their dick sucking buddy just loves it when he has more than one big cock to stuff his mouth with.  He leads them round back outdoors of back room where these masculine gay studs can continue their gay rod sucking party, feasting on some truly delicious looking white cocks.  

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Bound For Glory 4!

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Joey's been courting boy for while & although he's shelled out some dough, boy hasn not been putting out.  This "Bound for Glory #4" from is about Joey & his "vibrator;" toy just doesn not know it yet.  Joey wants to play, lets see if he must persuade lad to play along.  Starting with leather crop, Joey begins tapping his boy with it; seems like Joey's getting positive reaction, "please, just slap your penis on my asshole before I suck it" begs toy.  Joey responds with brush of his sex stick on boy's asshole, than has boy engulf.  the toy seems happy with Joey's dick & sucks long & hard; I guess begging sometimes works.  Getting Joey hard & happy, dildo continues to sucking while Joey moans; seems like this date is going to have "happy ending." Joey than orally pleasures vibrator.  Focusing on head, Joey has way of bringing "up" best in boy.  As toy moans, Joey swallows whole.  By time Joey's done with boy's tool, he could hammer in nail with it.  Joey's ready to dig in for gift he's been woowing.  Lying on his stomach, toy spreads wide for Joey's brawny love stick; they both moan from start.  Getting used to such large "delivery," boy takes bit to appreciate all that Joey has to offer; I am sure from now on, boy toy will remember who "gave" him gifts.  With side angle, me and him see Joey trying to work his way, all way, in.  "You wanted that cock, now you got it," reminds Joey.  The dildo says, "fuckin' spank me," as Joey plumps it in & out; "take it love champ" Joey remarks.  The toy flips over to his back & opens his hole even more, "fuck feels amazing" boy whines.  Joey comments on dildo's "tight, little, wet fuckin' hole." Before Joey sucks, he reminds boy this is for all other gifts his has bought, sextoy responds with his own creamy "thank you.".  For first date, I'd call this 'boy sextoy spanked & splooge fest; can not wait to see what Joey pulls out for next date.  

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Diesals Chest Gets Coated in semen!

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We're in toilet of Skull & Boner Bar.  Diesal is tall, handsome, homo hunk with long, muscular, tattooed torso totally devoid of an ounce of fat.  He's letting his horse-like schlong take pissing.  In next trough is Jarrod, good looking young fuckers that is infatuated with Diesal's big cock.  So much so that he wanks right at trough, which in turn get's Diesal excited too.  Naturally, as these manly gay guys are in backroom, its time for xxx! Diesal get's to his knees to pleasure Jarrod's aching dick with his mouth.  Diesal is very generous & obliging in full video, letting Jarrod love lube all over his muscular god-like chest.  Cumtacular!

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Backroom Fuckers Glory Hole group-sex!

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The action is back in back flat at Skull & Bone bar & this time its hotter than ever.  The lads are having drinks in back room when Jay takes out his dick & starts jerking off getting nice & hard.  Before long Derek, cute teen boy boy, is sucking him through glory hole.  It takes no time for Ryan to come in & take Derek's cock deep in his mouth & than eat his ass.  Whats better than two hot guys going at it in back flat? How about third & that is exactly what happens.  Ryan walks in & joins fun until we see Derek shooting his sex cream of cum in Jay's mouth.  Damn.  what will happen next in back flat? Stay tuned.  Download this hot raunchy back room action mpeg only at Back Room Fuckers.  

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Gay Raunch in the Back Room!

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Four athletically built young masculine men check out 'back room', room where gay hard-core sex usually goes down.  The studly pair sucking love stick closest to photocamera are hottest, simply because their bodies are best - lovely tanned torso & real handsome face on one & chiseled muscles & big dick on another.  Reaching climax first, our muscle guys unleashes few streams of love potion onto his begging partner's face & chest as he's down on his knees to take sweet sperm.  

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homo bareback sex Goes Down in the Backroom!

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The horny bottom in this film so loves masculine body & rock hard lean chest of his blond fuck buddy he wastes no time in taking him into backroom to strip his clothes off.  The boys making blowjob each other's penis & our gay muscle god fingers bottom's ass which he's just prepping for homo bare-back fuck.  "Fuck my hole!" begs bottom.  The top keeps slamming his male genitalia in so that bottom must reach that almighty high of cumming while he still has his prostate being tickled.  Blond boy withdraws & spills his seed over his conquered sex partner, bringing great sexual relief & satisfaction to both guys - & probably to you too!

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Blow Job Through the Glory Hole!

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If you peep in glory hole in backroom, what do you reckon pops out? huge hard love stick of course! With such delicious fuckers meat poking around his mouth our curious gay guy can not resist sucking on that big dick.  & hot blond dude getting sucked delights in watching his huge cock getting sucked from cut out window above.  You see, he knows when pleasure neurons in shaft & head of his phallic are about to be triggered.  Reaching an intolerable level of stimulus, lava springs forth to deliver sauce facial unto stud giving him blow job.  

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Bound For Glory 3!

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Now out of cage, master leaves & blondie starts cleaning top of cage.  One mistake, he sits on top of cage to do so & master walks back in on him.  Back inside cage he goes! He offers to do anything including suck masters penis.  The dark haired master pulls out his dick & shoves it between bars to get serviced.  Wanting more, master lets blond boy out & slaps his asshole until good & red.  They both get on top of cage for hand work & oral action.  After several 69ing, its time to plow some back.  Up on all 4's, blondie get's his ass worked over by master as he slaps it in process.  then over on his back & his master drills his back deep & hard.  The little blond bitch starts begging master to fuck him harder & faster as he jacks himself off & doing oral nice semen all over his stomach.  then its masters turn to unload his load all over blondie.  Guess who's gonna need to clean top of cage again.

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Bound For Glory 2!

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A newbie rush really wants to join fraternity.  So, when given opportunity to blow it up, he becomes willing lassie in this backroomfucker's movie, "Bound for Glory #2." Come along & see how far this pledge is prepared to spread them, in order to "back-imilate" into Greek.  Chained up, freshman is aroused by spanking.  The top uses paddle then riding crop to get his point across; pledge will need to suck & get fucked in order to "becum" member.  The pledge master then has boy naked, on his knees, & mouth full of sex stick.  "You're just like pro," remarks leader.  Getting "into mood," top then has "whore" put on leather mask & begins to fuck him.  "Oh yeah," moans boy; he then begs for more.  nice close up really captures depths pledge is willing to take to join "I Kappa U." As top alternates pace, boy pants & chants fraternity motto, "I Kappa U." Seated, top then has boy sit & bounce on his dick; "ride away" he commands as he grabs rush's hips for maximum thrust.  Seizing boy's baby-maker, top tells pledge to, "keep riding." The bottom's meat stick helicopters in ecstasy as he is impaled upon top's cock.  The two then jerk & both produce healthy sex cream of load; "good boy," remarks top.  I think this pledge is shoe-in for "most likely to give & receive."

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homosexual sex potion Loving Masculine men!

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If you like watching blow jobs by gay studs that result in cum explosions then enter 'backroom'.  With wager round 'ramrod' pool table won, studly gay muscle god with hot bod has his firm protruding chest of muscle licked over by his porno buddy, they lock tongues & eat dudes-meat.  After receiving good blow job he stands to feed his huge rod down throat of his horny sucker, right up to orgsm where multiple sprays of 'ball-bearing oil' pelt his friend in chest & stream down over his tensing stomach muscles.  

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Butch Bum Bashing in the Back Room!

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This bar is where masculine gay guy pick up & have homo-sexual sex, on premises! Two manly, hairy gay studs in leather join forces & focus their attention on best & attractive boy who's all by his lonesome.  Not for long.  Soon all three chaps are feasting on each other's meaty dicks, sometimes ramming head down hard or face fucking with force.  Handsome get's on his back to take an aggressive pounding up ass.  His loud groaning & grunts mean that his prostate is getting satisfactorily stimulated & his hole is getting stretched!

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So Many homosexual Studs, So Many rods to blow!

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Its love stick sucking & ass fucking circus in outdoors section of back room as these 5 gorgeous homosexual masculine lad get down on their knees, lean on poles or over tables just to get at some mans-meat.  Their lust & hunger for love stick is triggered after their eyes are drawn down each other's long, defined, supine, naked torsos that seductively stretch down to pubic region, where you know man-meat waits to be pleasured - & cause pleasure!

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Fuck My homosexual back Even Harder!

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I love it when gay muscle gods get down to some gay hardcore xxx.  The nasty blond in this scene is bent forward & bare-back fucked from behind by his well muscled fuck buddy.  The bottom desperately wanks himself while getting pounding up rear & grunts & growns as he begs for his hind end to be pummeled some more.  The speed & force of pelvic thrusting intensifies, bottom arches his well defined smooth back, top withdraws his rod & cums in to hollow formed around his kidneys.  Meanwhile bottom's cock explodes with cum as he feels hot love cream splatter on his back.  

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Blasted in the Face With jizz!

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After shot of liquor its straight on to sex stick sucking session in this bar.  The short however powerfully built homosexual stud (what perfectly aligned & proportioned set of muscles on that frame!) get's his firm, rigidly straight sex stick complete with pulsating veins & bouncy balls sucked so much to his satisfaction he unleashes powerful, direct jism blast to his sucker's face.  There's always something going on amongst masculine gay studs of 'back room'.  

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