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Jessie Returns the Flavor!

straight jocks

Jessie agrees to work on Eli's "champagne fountain-pee" for another $200.  I see our construction worker is bit timid, "blow on it; this plumps when you cook it" I tell him.  As two got settled, Eli stretches out & hardens, thanks to Jessie's mouth; must be feeling pretty petty because Eli starts pumping his hips up to meet Jessie's lips.  The "blower" looks pretty adept at working "plumbing." As I zoom in to get shot of Eli's pretty boss and his two helpers, two kiss.  Jessie starts to "slurp" as he goes up & down; boy's reaction is priceless, "fuck yeah." Eli than stands as Jessie drops to his knees, sucking every inch of boy's panis & balls; he even puts bit of "handy" work on groin to arouse our teen boy.  Eli asks, "you like sucking boss and his two helpers?" Jessie replies, "its not that bad." Within few more minutes of "oral attention," Eli is moaning "fuck" & get's closer.  Using both his hands & warm mouth, Jessie does know how twink likes his johnson to be treated.  With "keep on doing that," boy lets Jessie know his "job" is going well.  Calling out, "fuck yeah," Eli's cheeks go flush & he says he's going to gravy.  Blowing his love lube up onto his torso, Eddie & I agree, this gay teen enjoyed straight worker, handy with his "tools." I want both boys to return & of course, "cream" again.  Let me know what you think of these two on Facebook or Twitter.  

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Straight Money Boys

Hungry For Many!

straight guys tricked

Coming back, in big way, we have Yonny Gomez.  He did scene while ago & wants New Straight Rent Boys.  Like last guy he was with, Yonny likes them straight because to him, they are "more masculine." This is his lucky day, we have Brain & James.  Offering choice, Yonny wants both; spoken like true gay cheater.  & when I ask what Yonny wants, he quickly responds, "I want to do it all;" did I mention he is gay hooker? Starting with Brian, Yonny sucks his uncut latin dick well.  As I video, James is in background, starting to get himself hard.  I then have James stand up to "share his happiness" with eager Yonny.  Both straight mens help Yonny; they stand on either side of Yonny & have big size, thick cocks.  Now seated, Brian takes Yonny's head & pushes it down onto James' cock, "lets see how far you can go?" Brian tasks Yonny with huge challenge, however I think we all know, Yonny is more than willing.  Once alternating between rods, I ask who sucks better, guyz or girls.  Without hesitation, Brian says "Yonny," James just smiles.  Feeling little more comfortable, James starts to "help" Yonny with Brian's sex stick as they both slide up & down on it with their tongues.  I want to speak with Yonny more, however as you can see, he isn not having it, talking I mean; he just won not take his mouth of these guys.  I then ask Yonny, not to talk, however to rim Brian.  Lifting Brian's legs with ease, Yonny goes right in for full taste; Brian moans in surprise & settles in.  Yonny goes back to his dick, Brian says, "I am about to special sauce," & flows over his head & shaft, right onto Yonny's waiting mouth & face.  Smearing & eating all cream, Yonny is overjoyed at his "jizz-upance." Seeing if James will now bang Yonny, straight man responds, "sure." Well, it seems that Yonny is in for more Straight Rent guys, bitch.  

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Straight euros guys

Hungry For More: Plugged!

straight hunks

Now, onto fucking part of this trio for Straight Rent boys; Yonny, who wants to be fucked by James, will also blow Brian, again.  Looking on, Brian also "helps" Yonny reach all way down James' shaft as bottom boy sucks; I think both straight fellas are in awe of Yonny's abilities.  These straight guys just don not get it "butt" Yonny's about to, happily.  "suck it fast," says James as he & Brian chuckle about bottom boy's choking.  Yonny lifts his face off of James' groin just enough to yelp, "you're gonna make me cry." Brian takes over & get's everybody into position; "back it up" snaps James as he has Yonny insert his rod for him.  Brian will get round 2 of Yonny's oral skills.  James agrees bottom boy is, "nice & tight," adding three slaps to Yonny's back; damn, those would send horse galloping.  Yonny appreciates attention & adds that James can, "speed up." He just wants to make sure that James can finish strong; seems that Yonny has "hole" lot of endurance.  "Flip him over," says Brian; it takes bit to get going again, however all three manage to get into nice rhythm & zone out everything else; just slapping of balls to taint is heard.  Brian is first to jelly, again; Yonny's open mouth resembles chick waiting for worm.  James pulls out & finishes with his hand; his juicy load ends up all over Yonny's groin.  "I really enjoyed this," says Yonny, who must not seem to keep his hands off of James' cock.  The top is just too tired to respond, however I'd say all three need nap.  

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Straight check lads

Brian Chavez: Getting To Know You!

straight hunks

We got to see Brian Chavez in "Hungry For More" with Yonny & James.  That was porn scene & went so quickly that we really didn not get opportunity to get to know Brian.  Now Brian is back to sit down with us so we can get to know little more about him.  He's straight lad & likes ladies however not "player" type he says.  Brian said "I love getting my phallic sucked" as me and him witnessed previously.  He says he's not quite ready to sucking lizard however however doesn not mind giving hand job to another boy.  We'll have to see if we can warm him up to idea of taking plunge.  

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Straight Money studs

Trit sucks Brian Away!

straight guys jerking off

Having Brian back, I let him know how much he is liked on Straight Rent Boy's site.  Although he is not gay, he is willing to do some things with men.  Today I pair him with Trit, gay stud who likes challenges of straight guy & what Brian has to offer.  No, Brian won not be fuck, or getting fucked today, but, tomorrow is another day.  Checking in with guys to see what they are comfortable with, Eddie & I agree with Trit, "yeah, I'll suck his lizard." Both get naked, sit back down & Brian admits, "mens sucking packet way better than girls." Trit proves to be an avid mouth as Brian is up quickly & beginning to moan.  I check with Brian, who doesn not mind playing with Trits little soldier; seems as though these two are very comfortable with one another.  Watching Brian get serviced is for true hot, as he gasps, repositions, & grabs onto Trits meat.  We all agree that Brian "has nice ram rod." Lying back, Brian controls Trits mouth as he hooters up & down on feast; Brian definitely has cock to satisfy.  Alternating between jerking one another, & their own cocks, pair get closer.  Trit runs his hands up & down Brian's sculptured body, & then bends down for taste of ball sack.  Massaging boy's legs works wonders & its not long before Trit get's his "protein" in for day; Brian's thick semen slides into Trits mouth & adheres to his cheek.  Trit then works on his own ram rod, with helping hand from Brian, who also massages Trits hard nipples.  Stretching out, Trit spreads his legs & adds few lube to his dick; getting close, he presses couple of fingers against his hole.  Suddenly, he gasps, & shoots large loads every over his torso; Brian seems rather excited by site & grins at his partner.  

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Straight Money lads

Texas Sized Steak: Brett Bradley!

amateur straight

Former Texan, Brett Bradley, transplanted to Florida for surfing.  Although he's straight, he needs some cash for gifts; 'tis season.  He is comfortable with doing hand & blow jobs; apparently this is not his 1'st rodeo.  At 26, he stands 5'9" & is 137lbs., however thats not statistic that catches my eye.  When I ask how big size he is, he says 9"; I know, get in line.  Pulling down his underwear, this boy shows that "things are bigger grown in Texas;" "Lord have mercy." Brett will do solo today, however with dick like that; I have plans for this cowboy.  Once he starts stroking, his cock just keeps getting larger & thicker; sex stick to surely make any fuckers happy.  Working his wondrous beef, Brett moans & strokes in very entertaining way; he's quiet, however very intense.  As he stretches out, his tight, lean body reddens & flexes.  Giving out a, "fuck," he keeps pounding that cock; I know at least two boys who would love to stroke it for him, however we really need to keep filming & photographing.  Zooming in, his nipples harden & enlarge while he get's closer.  Another couple of "fucks" come out right before he blows globs all over his rippled stomach; just damn.  I tell him I want to pair him up, at very least.  

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Jimmy Ellis: Im Here To Film sex!

straight or gay

Jimmy Ellis is great 22 year old.  Laid back & "really horny," he's here to bust nut for  Yep, he knows its gai sex, however says that when he checked, it pays better & you get to have more scenes; this straight boy is in it for dough.  Keeping an open mind, he's 5'8" & 145, single & smart enough to get my "old" jokes.  He likes xxx & dope; seems more he smokes, New he jerks; I like this folk.  Comparing his jerking to nice meal, I think we're all going to feel satisfied after he's done.  Damn, feeling generous, Jimmy takes down his underwear & pulls apart his cheeks; very nice feathers pink hole is calling my name??Ĥah, if only.  Asking about his panis size, he says he's average, however girls comment on his thickness.  As he lies back & "grows," I see this boy has got masturbating down to rhythm.  "Thwacking" his hot rocks against his legs, Jimmy stops just long enough for some hot moaning, & than goes back to it.  His tight, gay teen body starts to stiffen & redden as he adds few inches.  I offer up Fleshjack & he goes after it for bit; damn, he's got several endurance.  Back to his "five-fingered friend," Jimmy moans more intensely as he finishes deed.  As he cums, & he does jelly lot, his body gives one last taught flex & than spasms in repose.  I joke that I forgot to record, Jimmy asks if he can have 30 minutes & than go again; got to like these teen lads.  He'll be back for several staff of life sucking & whatever else I must get him into.  

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Introducing Ando Koenig!

make straight

Meet Ando! This is guy you want with when all hell breaks loose.  He's fan of mixed martial arts & wrestling.  He's been doing martial arts since he was kid.  Don not worry though.  He's no bully looking for fight.  Just enjoys art of it all.

straight college boys
The 20-year-old shows off his guns, & when he takes his shirt off there are several cool tattoos.  Ando has super perspective on how to get better as fighter, philosophy
that applies to most things.”You don not learn anything if you win.  You have to lose.” His taste of girls runs toward blond girls, gymnasts, & cheerleaders.  Athletic gals who can bend.  When cameraman wonders about size of his dong, Ando doesn not brag.  However, when he pulls his underwear down, Ando is sporting nice side of meat.  Eventually he got's on bed, completely naked.  His sausage has plumped, all red & pink.  Ando strokes are slow & deliberate.  Those small sized nuts jiggle with each stroke.

straight hell gay
“You jerk off slow,” cameraman says.  “Is that how you jerk off.” “Yeah, I want it to be pleasurable to me,” Ando answers.  He jumps on his knees, & keeps stroking.  After some conversation with cameraman, Ando get's on his back.  His hand picks up pace, however its still leisurely.  Like walk in park.  On perfect summer day.  LOL! The dude closes his eyes & it looks like he's gettin more into it.

gay to straight
Ando's hand stays close to his bloated head.  He alternates speed, from fast to slow.  With no warning, he pops cum that covers skin right under his belly button.  He gives us smile & video clip ends.  What do you think? Should he come back?

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Ando Koenig

Zander Floyd Fucks Jason Matthews!

straight guys

Did you hear that? Listen one more time? Hear that high-pitched squeal? Thats yelp of happiness people made when seeing Jason Matthews on BSB couch.  Next to him in this update is newbie Zander “flowing locks” Floyd.  “Kind of taking him under my wing,” Jason says to cameraman.What nerves Zander had when he shot his solo are now gone.  He's used to having videocamera in his cute face.”I am professional now,” Jason teases.  The cameraman snitches on poor Jason by telling Zander BSB veteran has been checking newbie out.  Can you blame him? “I cannot confirm or deny any of this nonsense,” Jason responds in mock horror.

gay to straight

Jason isn not only one whose secrets are told.  Zander admits if he were to make out with man, which he will soon, Jason is type of guy he would knock boots with.  When it comes to what he is most anxious about, Zander has apprehensions about giving blow job.  “How is it going feel,” Zander wonders.  “I've never had it before.” “Its kind of like eating popsicle,” Jason suggests.  The cameraman wonders if Zander talks like rapper and/or black men.  This inquiry comes about because he's certain newbie's baggy pants are sartorial style of African-American dudes.  An odd commentary because Terence Blanchard, Kendrick Scott Oracle, & Buddy lad (Google) don not don their slacks in such manner.  Egad! How to resolve such bewildering contradiction? Only Legba (Google again) knows.  Lets leave history of trousers alone for now.  We can deal with that pressing matter much later.  LOL! Zander dances off nerves, & two models get naked.

gay and straight

“This is my favorite part of day,” Jason says.  We get view of their plentiful backsides.  Jason even gives one of Zander's cheeks slap.  Both fellas run their hands over those globes of butt meat.  “That is smoothest ass I have ever touched on my life,” Jason observes.  Zander's sausage starts to plump, which makes perfect sense.  He is naked, standing next to Jason.   To get every nerves out of way, Zander will suck first.  He get's on his knees, & slowly swallows Jason's johnson.  Jason wipes Zander's hair out of his face so we can see how newbie works.  He gags once, however soon is treating it like popsicle.  The cameraman wonders about taste of guys meat.  “love something I've never tasted before,” Zander replies.

straight men masturbating

As he blows away, Zander's own tool rises to occasion.  He chokes & slag drops from his mouth, however Zander returns to his duties.  “He just get's better & better as he goes along,” Jason notes.  Zander has earned break.  He get's on couch & Jason puts his head in Zander's crotch.  Zander's rod is ready for several mouth loving, which it receives.  Jason slobbers all over it, leaving shaft shiny.  He looks up in Zander's face, & newbie moans when his balls are licked.  Jason puts condom on Zander's packet.  He licks long haired boy all over, then takes seat on that pole.  Jason's round asshole is speared.  He rides up & down, taking everything.  Zander puts his hands on Jason's hips, pushing boy down on his staff.  “Oh, fuck yeah,” Jason moans.

straight guys jerking off

He leans down to give Zander kiss, however newbie moves away.  Instead Jason nibbles on Zander's neck.  This pushes him over edge, & Zander opens up for full mouthed swap spit.  Jason get's on his knees & Zander get's back in.  He fucks hard & fast, making Jason whimper & moan.  “Oh, come on Zander,” Jason groans.  When Jason get's on his back there is several more tongue action.  Zander's pounding resumes its fast & furious pace.  The newbie's eyes are closed & its clear he's lost in that asshole.  “I am going to jizm,” Jason whispers.  He does so with sex cream that coats his stomach.  Zander pulls out of mens hole & strokes his own vibrator.  Jason plays with newbie's nuts, & that does job.  He shoots  all over his hand, pubes, & even on Jason.  “I flow lot,” Zander whispers.  He takes taste, however still hasn not acquired an affinity for it.  Jason does give him nickname: Energizer Bunny.  Seems apt, no?

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Zander Floyd
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Behind the Scenes: Dakota Ford!

gay and straight
BSB introduces Dakota Ford, our newest supermodel & star in making.  As he strips down, discover what makes this beautiful fucker get emotional & hear him talk about his family life, his tour in military, & hooking up with guy.

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Bonus: Behind The Scenes
Dakota Ford

Vinnie Steel Fucks Ian Dempsey!

straight guys fucking

In this update Vinnie Steel will get to know what tight male ass feels like.  Ian Dempsey's delicious booty will be place where this test happens.  “Its only gay if you make it gay,” Vinnie says cameraman.  “Thats my catch phrase for day.” As to be expected, Vinnie is nervous, however he has no need to worry.  Ian will be his “shepherd.” How many of us would love to have Ian as guide? LOL! When two strip, Vinnie insists he & Ian didn not plan to wear similar underwear.  Sure, Vinnie.  If you say so! LOL! Vinnie sucks first, opening his mouth for Ian's piece.  For a  newbie, Vinnie has deep throat down.  He should offer lessons.  Doesn not even choke or gag! LOL! “Not bad for first time, huh,” Vinnie says to Ian.

free straight guys

“Not at all,” Ian answers back.  Its time for Ian to return favor.  “Yeah, suck that,” Vinnie murmurs.  Ian likes to do what he's told, especially if it involves some pole love.  He slobbers all over it, like an ice cream cone.  “All way down,” Vinnie commands.  Ian does so, his nose getting tickled by pube hair.  Vinnie gives Ian reach around for his efforts.  Its eating ass time, however Ian is doing feasting.

gay and straight

He puts his face between those two pale cheeks & slobbers all over hairy hole.  “Yeah, thats it,” Vinnie moans.  He grabs Ian's head so his scene partner won not take his tongue away.  After getting his ass rimmed, Vinnie lubes up to fuck.  Ian get's all on fours & Vinnie parts those ass globes.  He slow strokes Ian, making sure everything is felt.  This might be his first time fucking twink, however Ian knows how to pleasure bottom.  He smacks those cheeks as he stuffs that booty.  Ian get's on his back & Vinnie get's back home.  the fucking is balls deep & deliberate.

gay and straight

“Oh, fuck,” Ian moans.”Take that boss and his two helpers,” Vinnie orders.  Ian jerks himself as he get's filled.  The two guys are moaning & groaning, New than ready to pop.  “Oh, fuck.  I am going to emission,” Ian announces.  His gravy explodes all over his side, making it wet & juicy.  Vinnie doesn not pull out in first.  He keeps fucking that ass.  He does eventually remove his packet from that boy cunt, & strokes until his cum coats top of Ian's smooth stomach.

amateur straight men

When given props for his screwing skills, Vinnie gives an answer that might make T-shirt: “Its only gay if you made it gay.”

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Vinnie Steel & Ian Dempsey

Bukake for the Holidays!

seduced straight men

A BSB Christmas movie for ages.  Duncan Tyler, cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, & newbie Dakota Ford walk into studio with slips of paper.  Seems like boys have been promised gift of some sort.Tristan Stiles joins group, all excited.  “What you all get,” he wonders.”Blow jobs,” everyone exclaims in unison.”I got loads of presents,” Tristan announces as he holds up his slip.  Poor men.

straight guys jacking off

Do you think he doesn not understand meaning of load? LOL! Tristan seems confused, however Cage says it perfectly.  “Don not act brand new,” he notes.Tristan get's on his knees & guyz surround him, their dicks pulled out for servicing.  “I don not think I like all this surprises,” Tristan moans.  His lament doesn not last long because he opens wide & swallows all of Duncan's sword.  Christmas miracle considering size of Duncan's wang!Next he moves on to Cage.  Ian is next, however Tristan jerks off Kaden as he takes care of Ian.”sucking that chocolate stick,” Kaden demands as Ian goes down on him.  Paul is next.

straight guys

Finally newbie Dakota Ford get's several lips on his impressive tool.”Get this white chocolate,” Dakota chuckles.  Tristan starts circle all over again, his gullet filled with Duncan's meat.  He moves on to Cage, who whispers encouragement.  then its Ian's & Kaden's turns.  Paul's johnson get's slick with Ian's spit.  Same with Dakota.

seduced straight men

Tristan leans back on his haunches, & opens wide.  Everyone begins to jerk over his face.  the newbie is first, his sperm shooting past Tristan's face.  Paul leaves his seed right below Ian's eye.  Kaden's jizz coats Tristan's cheek.  Duncan's studs milk hits forehead & eyes.  As for Ian, he leaves deposit on cheek.  than there's Cage, whose love cream shots are always copious.  He shoots in eyes, soaking both!

gay and straight

Thank goodness Tristan kept those eyelids closed! Tristan's face drips with studs goo, type Santa drinks after he's done delivering presents.  LOL! “Thats what you call jizz of gifts,” Dakota announces.

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Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, & newbie Dakota Ford

Sergio Valen & Tate Thompson!

free straight guys

When today's update starts, Sergio Valen & Tate Thompson are saying something about mucus.  The cameraman insists Tate is very good when it comes to oral arts of pole love.  “Thats what I've heard,” Sergio notes.  “He's been bragging about this.” Tate laughs this off.  Don not worry Tate.  We'll still love you even if you have little ego about sweetness of your mouth.  LOL! The cameraman wonders what type of exercise Sergio was doing before shoot.  The muscled fucker maintains it was only stretching after run.  Tate notes that all he did was “sit on his ass.” The cameraman points to leather bracelet Sergio is wearing.  It was made by someone Sergio met at Palm Springs Pride.  “He's got few pretty decent gear,” Sergio adds.  “You're digging that, huh,” cameraman asks.”I am digging that actually,” Sergio responds with his trademark “come here & blow my tool” grin.  LOL! Tate hasn not been introduced to pleasures of leather, however Sergio admits that only when he tried it did he learn how much he liked it.  “Thats what I say,” cameraman observes.  “Try this & see if you love it.”

gay and straight

Please pay attention to Sergio's story about walking through airport security after Pride.  He had to remove his harness & few other objects before walking through metal detector.  How many of you wish you were TSA agent that day?! The cameraman then turns his attention to how Tate is doing in BSB orbit.  He's having good time hanging with other supermodels, & isn not freaked out by gay xxx.  When asked what sausage tastes like, he gives perfect answer.  “There isn not much of taste,” he chuckles.

gay and straight

the cameraman wonders if savor would change if someone came in Tate's mouth.  The blonde cutie has never considered this before.  “That would be different thing,” he says, with pause than laugh.  “Maybe accidentally this will happen,” cameraman notes.  Tate wasn not born yesterday & must see machinations behind cameraman's comments.  There's conversation about sexual terms & Sergio wins prize with moment called “the pink sock.” He learned appellation from Denver & its best if let Sergio describes it.  The resident BSB hack can not do this justice! LOL! Tate lets this be known he does not want such move done to him.  Finally shirts are removed.  than pants are pulled down to mid-thigh.  The cameraman loves to have BSB top models turn around & compare backsides.  Sergio and  Tate do, with Sergio reaching over & grabbing handful of Tate cheek.  “Thats shaking booty right there,” Sergio observes.

straight guys masturbating

“I saw that coming,” Tate says.  The pants are tossed aside & Tate takes seat on bed.  The veteran Sergio will making blowjob first.  He deep throats Tate's tool & get's it harder & harder & harder.  Tate is enjoying work because all he is doing is contentedly sighing.  “Making my eyes water again,” Sergio says.”Sorry about that,” Tate replies.The blond stands up, so Sergio can have seat.  Don not worry.  Sergio is still slurping pole.  “He ain not bad at sucking member I'll give him that,” Tate explains.”I am not that bad,” Sergio responds.  Sergio leans back because he wants to see about these newbie skills “At this point now I have to show you up,” Tate wonders.

straight guys experiment

“Now you have to show me up,” Sergio responds.  After several licks, Sergio knows there is for true no competition.”You beat me.  I'll give you cock medal,” Sergio exclaims.  Sergio: its folly to try to outdo cock champ! LOL! Tate works his tongue magic on that rod, until its time for fuck.  Tate puts protection on Sergio's acorn.  The white haired bottom get's on floor, on his back.  Sergio enters & both are in bliss land.  Tate even bounces his ass on meat.”That does feel different,” Sergio says.  Tate controls stroking until its “Sergio's turn.” The top goes stones deep on each down stroke.  The studs get on bed, with Tate on his side.  “I am sticking my sausage right in this hind end,” Sergio announces.  He does & Tate grabs on for dear life.  He's being impaled, made to feel length of Sergio's shaft.  Tate rolls on his back, however this doesn not keep Sergio from going in as far as he can.  He's marking Tate's boty like its his personal stash.  Tate strokes his meat as he get split in two.  His semen shoots out, hitting bottom of his chest first.  Sergio pulls out & strokes for his own nut.  His love cream explodes out, 1'st landing on top of Tate's chest.”That was several fucking hard work,” Sergio notes.  “I need shower & beer,” Tate notes.What do you need after watching that scene? LOL!

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Sergio Valen & Tate Thompson

Ian Dempsey Fucks Romeo James!

straight guys go gay

Ian & Romeo are Bogie & Bacall of BSB.  If they are near bed, expect sparks to fly.  Today's update begins with what these 2 cuties do best: making out! After few kissing, shirts are lost.  Then comes pants.  Notice how both sport wood? Especially Ian.  Being only in their underwear doesn not stop kissing.  After they get nude, Romeo get's on top.  This allows his meat to get oral loving from Ian.  Romeo does same.  Both slurp those engorged tools, gettin them slick with pre-emission.  The guys turn on their sides for more traditional 69.

straight guys fuck

The sounds of slurping & sucking fill studio.  There's another round of romantic smooching.  Ian even has taste of Romeo's neck.  Its time for an back to get pounding.  Ian lubes up & Romeo get's on his stomach, that feathers asshole in air.  Ian fills that booty up & Romeo immediately curses.  “Oh, fuck,” he moans.  Ian goes slow at 1-st, letting his partner get used to anal invasion.

not straight

It must not be too bad because Romeo offers hand when that tool pops out.  Soon Ian picks up pace, making each stroke balls deep.  He plants sweet mackin' between Romeo's shoulder blades.  The duo switch it up with Romeo taking ride.  He grits his teeth as he goes up & down on Ian's tool.

straight nude guy

Romeo's acorn sticks straight out from all stimulation.  As for Ian, he lets his bottom boy do every work.  Romeo get's on his side, & Ian enters for one final round.  The lads kiss as Ian rams like there is no tomorrow.  He reaches around & strokes Romeo's bloated pole.  “Fuck me,” Romeo whispers.  Ian pulls out & jerks sperm that lands right under Romeo's bushy hole.

seduced straight guys

He puts his tool back in & Romeo's mans milk shoots out, splattering black sheets.  few lip lock ends this hot episode!

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Ian Dempsey & Romeo James

Spencer, Sonny, Damien!

straight guys fuck

Has anyone noticed how Damien has transformed into BSB's pass around bottom? While he might not like job, or title, cute stud is at his best when his tight hole get's constantly used.  In today's vignette he's meat in Spencer & Sonny sandwich.  He & Red Rocket kiss for bit before lads strip.  When everyone is naked, Spencer turns all bossy.”Get on your knees,” he commands.  “making oral sex my boss and his two helpers.”

straight poker

Damien does what he's told.  Even if he didnt not want to, he has no choice because Sonny is holding his head.  The bottom turns his attention to Sonny's rod.  “You like that,” Spencer wonders.  Hard for Damien to answer with his throat filled.  Damien returns to taking care of Spencer.  “Fucking meat stick is big,” Damien notes when he comes up for air.  Thats OK, Damien.  We know you like things to be huggest.  When he get's back to Sonny's phallic, Damien looks up to see if he's doing it right.  Sonny is more than pleased with licks on his meat.  Spencer wants more of that sweet mouth, & brings Damien back to him.

straight men masturbating

Our poor bottom boy is going to have several tired face muscles when its all done.   Spencer puts on condom.  “Get on my meat stick,” he orders as he get's on bed.
Damien slowly sits down.  Sonny stands over him, making sure more pliable opening stays occupied.  Damien can only grunt & moan as he got's it on both ends.
“blow that meat stick,” Sonny says.  Damien is all about making sure these studs get what they wanna.  “Get on floor,” Sonny demands.  He guides Damien to new location.  Sonny sits in chair, Damien get's on his hands & knees, & Spencer saddles up to studs hole.  He grabs Damien's ankle as he pounds that booty.

gay and straight

Damien would cry out, however his mouth is busy.”Look up,” Sonny orders.”Fuck that ass,” Damien says to Spencer.  Don not you love bottom who knows what he wants & isn not afraid to ask for this? “I want you to fuck me,” Damien says to Sonny.  As newbie dons condom, Spencer puts kisses on Damien's mouth.  good top always gives bottom few romance.  Just ask Old Blue Eyes (Google phrase, you youngsters!).  Damien is put on his back.  Sonny get's that sausage where it should be.  Spencer takes seat so pass around bottom can making oral sex some.  “blow his banana,” Sonny says.  He's pounding that Damien booty pretty.  Spencer spits in bottom's mouth & then lets him suck on finger.

seduced straight men

“Fuck me,” Damien moans.  all fucking got's to Damien & he shoots love cream that hits bottom of his neck.  Sonny pulls out & stands over his prize.  As for Spencer, he holds Damien's mouth open.  When Sonny shoots, his cum lands in open wide mouth.As for Spencer, he makes sure to deposit his seed all over Damien's face.  “That was horrible,” Damien announces when everyone has calmed down.  “You liked it,” Spencer notes.  Hard to disagree, no? LOL!

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Spencer, Sonny,
& Damien

Paul Canon Fucks Johnny Forza!

straight nude guy

Kissing, Johnny, & Paul.  Can not think of three better words.  When today's update starts, two studs are on the studio couch smooching it up.  Shirts are tossed aside & pants unbuttoned.  Johnny is rocking pink underwear, making few of jealous of fabric.  LOL!

straight guys go gay
Paul slips out of his pants, & returns to sucking face.  Even slips hand under New Jersey stud's undies to get feel.  Soon enough Johnny is naked, & curly-haired Paul has his mouth open, swallowing all he can.  Paul takes that big, old, nasty thing whole, getting it stiffer than it is.  As for Johnny, he leans back for ride.  Grabs Paul's curls & guides him to his prize.  Not that Paul is lost.

make straight

“Oh, yeah,” Johnny moans.  When Paul deep throats, Johnny moans even louder.  There's brief kissing round, & Johnny gives rod sucking go.  His tongue swirls around Paul's pink head.  Paul face fucks him for bit, however Johnny can only handle so much.  He get's his scalp stroked as he slurps away.  Paul grabs him & places smooches on hottie's wet lips.  the two stand up, with Johnny grabbing edge of couch.  Paul lubes up.  His tool slowly finds its way into Garden State dude's hole.  once in, Paul makes each stroke balls deep.

straight guys for gay
Poor Johnny doesn not even got chance to get used to whats inside him.  Grits his teeth & cries out.  Doesn not know if it hurts or feels prety.  Maybe little bit of both? Paul can not be bothered with such trivial concerns.  He knows that male tail feels good & plans on filling it up! Johnny get's on his side, & Paul resumes hard pounding.

straight guys fuck
He grabs pale thigh & opens butt up some more! “Oh, fuck,” Paul whispers.  Johnny strokes his tool.  dudes goo explodes out, coating both lads.  Paul is kind top, pulling out after Johnny loses it.  Paul beats his meat, jizz 1 st hitting Johnny's chiseled chest.  Kissing brings curtain down.  So? What say ye? prety scene?

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Paul Canon & Johnny Forza

Jason Matthews Flips with Tristan Stiles!

seduced straight guys

At start of this update Tristan Stiles & Jason Matthews are sitting on studio bed, laughing at an inside joke? How many of you popped wood just by looking at these two?  The cameraman wants story from one of them, & Jason shares his new tattoo.  “Its my first & only tattoo,” Jason observes.  Its portal, however there's no special significance.

make straight
“It doesn not really mean anything to me,” Jason says.  “I was real dunk & I was like, ‘You know what? I want tattoo!'” Booze makes all decisions better.  LOL! The cameraman is confused by this, however Jason adds his ex gf has same tat.  He goes on to list her good qualities (cooking & sex).  Apparently Jason once dated a  woman who was going to culinary school, however couldn not boil pasta.  “Even I can not mess up pasta,” Tristan says.  The guyz remove their shirts & get on bed.

amateur straight men
The cameraman gives them props for looking good.  Jason get's completely naked 1st.  His lizard is still soft, however he knows how to make it ready to play.  “Put your tongue in my mouth,” Jason commands.  The two dudes swap spit & make out.  Swapping spit is so nice.  This tongue dance has done trick to Jason's johnson.  Tristan leans down & sucks away.  He deep throats that staff of life, getting it wet with spit.  Jason leans back & lets Tristan do what he does best.  “Oh, yeah,” Jason whispers.

straight men fucking
He decides to offer Tristan several of same oral loving.  He get's him out of his pants & swallows everything Tristan has.  He works some mouth magic, making sure to nose nuzzle Tristan's pubes.  There's another round of kissing before fuck.  Jason will get fucked first.  After Tristan puts on glove, Jason lubes it up.  “Have to get this nice & juicy,” Jason says in faux British accent.
He pushes Tristan on bed & straddles him.  It takes few attempts, however sausage finally get's in.  Jason goes up & down, taking control.  “Fuck, yeah,” he moans, Tristan doesn not have to do anything however be still.

straight guys go gay
however soon he wants to get workout.  Jason get's on his back, & Tristan returns to that warm, dark, place.  Each stroke is balls deep, hitting Jason's spot.  “Fuck, yeah.  Give me that rooster,” Jason orders.  How can Tristan refuse? Would you? However, giving & receiving is no fun.  So after smooching, Tristan get's on his back.  Jason works his meat in to that studs cunt, making Tristan all moist.  Jason is gentle top, so he gives Tristan kiss between strokes.  This pushes Tristan over edge & he shoots sex cream that covers his pale stomach.  Jason pulls out, kisses Tristan, licks some of lost mens juice, & gives Tristan taste.  This causes Jason to bust jizm all over Tristan's stomach.  two lads milk loads coating Jason's yummy tummy!

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Jason Matthews & Tristan Stiles


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