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Adam Hardy Tops Seth Bond - Seth Bond -amp; Adam Hardy!

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Seth saw Adam at beach & couldn not wait to get him naked!

Seth Bond Gets Off To him-self - Seth Bond!

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Our Exclusive Seth Bond has just finished hot scene & was waiting for shower to be free.  As he starts looking in mirror at himself naked he starts getting turned on.  Before you know it Seth has decided he can shoot another sperm & does it while he is looking himself! Enjoy as 'Seth Bond got's off to himself!'

Marco Nanni Jerks Off For You - Marco Nanni!

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Marco is friend of mine who I met couple of years ago.  We don not see each other much however during last heatwave we ended up at same beach cook-out of few friends of ours.  We had super time talking & when I told him what I was up to these days he totally wanted to be on website.  Marco's body is insane, so ripped & what super asshole! I hope Marco makes it over again because I have some great ideas on what I want to happen! Enjoy 'Marco Nanni jerks off for you!'

Brody Jerks Off For You - Brody Whiting!

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Brody was swimming at Black's Beach when I met him.  I was immediately checking out his abs, they are incredible! I knew with abs like that rest of Brody Whiting was going to look just as good so I asked him about doing short mpeg.  Besides beautiful face & hot body he has nice love stick too! I hope Brody visits again soon from Nebraska because I am sure lots of my friends will want to 'hang out' with him! I am sure you will enjoy watching Brody Whiting!

Alexander Drake Jerks Off For You - Alexander Drake!

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I met Alexander skate boarding on boardwalk.  He was visiting California for first time & was having blast.  The only problem he had was getting low on cash.  Well I immediately told him how I could help fix that.  Wearing baggy pants I had no idea how hot he looked naked! great face, body & love stick.  & be sure to check out his tight asshole too! I hope Alexander visits again soon, I have so many more ideas for him to make money! Enjoy 'Alexander Drake jerks off for you!'

Justin Owen Dildo Solo - Justin Owen!

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My newest buddy, Dylan Lucas Exclusive Justin Owen, stopped by to hang out & talk about who he could do on his next get together & what they would do.  All that talk about porno get Justin so worked up he asked if he could jerk off.  I said of course, however lets do something little extra for fans.  Justin personally picked out adult toy & as you will see, it was match made in heaven! Enjoy Justin & his new favorite toy!

Justin Owen And Seth Bond: Kissing And fucking - Seth Bond -amp; Justin Owen!

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What must I say? Dylan Lucas Exclusives Justin Owen & Seth Bond can not quit each other! After running in to each other at local food joint they decide to hang out for awhile.  In very short time they start kissing & kissing & before too long they are taking turns fucking each other! Thats 2 times in week now, do you think third time is possible? Lets hope so!

Behind The Scenes #04 - Lance Alexander -amp; Bradley Hudson -amp; Seth Bond -amp; Justin Owen!

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Get up close & personal with exclusive vids of guys

Seth Bond Pops Justin Owens virgin - Seth Bond -amp; Justin Owen!

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After working out on beach, Dylan Lucas Exclusive Justin Owen spots Dylan Lucas Exclusive Seth Bond out surfing in water.  Justin hangs out until Seth comes out of water & mentions he knows Dylan & saw him on website.  Justin, with Seth in his side, calls me & says we want to fuck! Now! So as per my rule, I tell them come on over however we are filming this for website.  Both agreed & now here it is for you to watch.  You will see kissing, sucking, fucking, annilingus & lot of passion! this two Dylan Lucas Exclusives are going to show more of their inner selves than they probably ever planned!

Kyle Adams Solo - Kyle Adams!

free gay solo
A friend of Seth Bond's from Texas, Kyle was visiting & Seth convinced him to shoot solo before he left back to Texas.  We hope to see Kyle again next time he visits California.

Seth Bond Tops Kyle Adams - Seth Bond -amp; Kyle Adams!

beautiful gay model
Dylan Lucas Exclusive Seth Bond met Kyle Adams when Kyle was visiting from Texas.  After hanging out together most of day they ended up in bedroom & I filmed this just for you...Enjoy!

Lance Alexander Fucks Seth Bond - Lance Alexander -amp; Seth Bond!

free gay solo
Everyone remembers that Seth Bond topped Lance Alexander not to long ago.  Every time Lance sees Seth he reminds him he owes him fuck.  After day at beach naked & and blowing each other they head back & Seth decides it is time to pay up.  Dylan Lucas Exclusive's Lance Alexander tops our latest Exclusive Seth Bond for one of best & hottest scenes I was lucky enough to watchoh wait, I meant work on.  Enjoy two of our hottest fellas in hot scene! 'Lance Alexander Fucks Seth Bond!'

Justin Owen At The Beach - Justin Owen!

gay solo travel
You saw Justin with Lance last week however first time I met him was at beach.  I took some imgs of him at beach & Justin got so turned on he just wanted to wank off right than & there.  Lucky for me & everyone out there I taped it.  it was one of hottest solos I have taped & I know you are going to think so too!

Justin Owen Tops Lance Alexander - Lance Alexander -amp; Justin Owen!

naked gay models
My Bud Lance Alexander introduced me to friend of his, Justin Owen.  They have hung out at beach couple of times & Lance told him about an easy way to make some money & have fun.  Justin was all for it, he told Lance he loves being naked! So I met Justin at beach & take several images that you will see on his solo scene next month.  It got so hot Justin Owen ended up jerking off on beach.  We talked walking back to car & Justin mentioned he thought Lance was kinda hot & maybe I could arrange something.  Well before he changed his mind I got two of them together & you are going to love watching this hot scene where Justin begs Lance to let him fuck him..or was it Lance begging Justin to fuck him? I was so busy 'filming' this scene that I don not remember how it started however I will never forget how it ended.  Hope you boys like this scene as much as I loved bringing it to you!

Behind The Scenes Of Dylan Lucas #03 - Bradley Hudson -amp; Kellan Parker -amp; Seth Bond!

openly gay male models
The Dylan Lucas guyz interview each other on their phones

Seth Bond Shower Solo - Seth Bond!

gay modelling
My Bud Seth Bond was surfing near my place & was running late for work so he asked to stop by & shower before work.  I reminded him about my rules, you come to my place I get to film you.  Well what was supposed to be quick shower became lot more.  Enjoy Seth in shower! Oh & damn he was late for work!

Adam Hardy At the Beach - Adam Hardy!

gay solo dvd
Here is my bud Adam Hardy.  He loves being naked at beach so I told him I would go with him & take several images.  Let just say sun, beach & nakedness led to Adam losing control & deciding he wanted to jerk off right then & there.  So our foto shoot become hot beach jerk off.  Enjoy Adam Hardy at Beach!

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