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Best in the Biz - Tyler Torro -amp; Kyle Quinn -amp; James Huntsman!

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When Kyle Quinn decided he was gonna become personal trainer, he call on Best in Biz! He had done some scouting around local gyms & seen Tyler Torro putting on clinics in weight appartment.  Kyle had to have him.  After striking deal where Tyler would bring himself along with friend who also happens to be fantastic trainer, three met up at Kyle's place.  Kyle hired videocamera fuckers to capture instructional session for later viewing.

Tyler showed up with James Huntsman, top trainer with an incredible body.  once two pros took their shirts off, Kyle knew he would need to see more.  He noticed both fellas had fattening erections under their workout shorts.  Kyle figured he'd test waters by grabbing Tyler's boner.  Thats when all three studs realized only way Kyle was going to understand proper discipline required to train gym patrons was by taking two hard cocks in his mouth.  Switching back & forth between cocks, at fevered pace, Kyle started to get it! Then Tyler bent Kyle over & slid his fat dong in to Kyle's tight, sweet hole.  Even though position wasn not something Kyle was used to, it felt VERY nice.  If this is what training is all about, Kyle's gonna be good!


GLOW - Cole Christiansen -amp; Dante Martin -amp; Derrick Dime!

gay muscle men
After raging night at clubs, Cole Christiansen & Derrick Dime aren not ready for party to end.  Luckily for them, Cole's friend, Dante, throws best after-parties.  As they pull up, Dante has surprise waiting for them.  He's converted his basement into party palace, complete with lights, paint, & plenty of room to get as rambunctious as need be.  Cole & Derrick paint little, however walls are much less fun to paint than nuts, so quickly guys let their artistic inclinations run wild on each other.  Dante runs brush down Derrick's chest, all way down to his waistband, when Derrick gives Dante look that says, 'Why stop there?'
So Dante pulls down Derrick's shorts & finds Derrick's penis ready & waiting.  Dante wraps his lips around Derrick's glow stick, & Derrick grabs him by back of head & pushes him further down on it, choking him as Cole looks on enviously.  Dante switches & gives Cole little taste, before he climbs up on table between them as they take turns gaping his hole, readying it for what comes next.  
As Dante moans from feeling of Cole's index finger plunged deep inside him, Derrick lubes up & approaches Dante from behind, his eager dick ready for satisfaction.  Sinking his cock deep into Dante's hole, Derrick begins to thrust as Dante bobs on Cole's dick.  than guys switch & its Cole's turn to have his way with host, flipping Dante over & spreading his legs wide to accommodate repeated thrusts.  They switch again, & Dante strokes his love stick as Derrick pumps away, causing Dante to gush his semen all over his sweaty chest, before Derrick pulls out & he & Cole both blast Dante with double sperm to face.  Funny fact: did you know semen glows in blacklight?


MOTOCAYDEN - Christian Cayden -amp; Conner Hastings!

gay muscle pics
As photographer, Conner Hastings has developed quite & eye for beauty in all of its forms, so when Christian Cayden comes sauntering onto his set, Conner is giddy with expectation.  With leathers all laid out, Conner can envision Christian stripping out of his everyday get up & slipping into something little more adventurous.

To his credit, Christian is willing & able to take direction, offering no resistance to any of Conner's promptings, & so Conner can not help however wonder just how willing & flexible Christian might be.

A short time later, as Conner bends Christian's naked asshole over bike's seat, Conner get's his answer.  Turns out, Christian has been thinking same thing since they met, just wondering when it would be that Conner would make pass at him.

And now that Christian has this hot photographer all to himself, he intends on making several lasting memories.  

Christian swallows all of Conner's shaft, as Conner fucks his mouth, running his hands through Christian's hair.  Gagging on Conner's meat is nice warm up, however what Christian really wants is that hard injection of Conner's main vein, so Conner bends up against bike & goes at Christian's butt raw & without abandon, pumping Christian hard from behind, then flipping him over onto his back & dive bombing his ass from above, before losing his semen all over Christian's face, as Christian swallows every evidence of any of it ever happening.  Luckily they have imgs.

Hard Fuckers - Brandon Lewis -amp; Paul Wagner -amp; Brody Wilder!

gay muscle god
These are three boys that know exactly what they want.  They came to gym today to get workout, thats for sure.  Paul Wagner sent out call for Brandon Lewis & Brody Wilder to meet him here.  Brody & Brandon are prepared to fuck Paul hard, just way they did last time.

Paul doesn not like to mess around with fellas that might not pound his hole properly.  He knows both Brody & Brandon don not waste time.  Today they're starting out by sucking each another's hard, chubby cocks.  Paul stands on some equipment while Brandon services him, & Brody takes care of Brandon's thick meat.  They move to position where Paul can enjoy taste of Brody's horny hole, while Brody blows Brandon few more.  Its soon time for Paul to get what he came for.  First Brandon rails that tight asshole with serious strength he's worked up from other gym sessions.  Paul slurps deep & hard on Brody's large erection whole time.  Then Brody & Brandon switch & Brody slams penis-loving Paul until all three bad hind end dudes explode in hot, sticky finish!


Q-amp;A - Austin Storm -amp; Ryan Knightly!

young gay muscle
Here's sneak peek into world of Gay for Pay, as Ryan & Austin Storm both outline their sexual proclivities as well as their reservations about adult industry.  For Austin, this is nothing new, as he has made adjustments in his personal life to accommodate his onscreen double-life.  however for new lad Ryan, surprise is in store.  Thinking he is only here to jerk-off, he finds out during his interview he'll actually be fuck Austin, & screws tighten from there.  

Initially worried, he is eased somewhat when he meets Austin, as their vibe seems to mesh.  however its not until Austin lays Ryan back & begins to suck him off that Ryan realizes his preconceptions are way off.  Growing hard in Austin's mouth, Ryan pushes Austin's head down harder, ramming his cock into back of Austin's throat, before moving to bed where Austin runs his hands up & down Ryan's body.  Ryan is visibly turned on & Austin is willing & able, so Ryan bends Austin over side of bed & begins to pump him from behind.  Austin reaches back & pulls Ryan in closer, as Ryan continues to thrust, turning Austin & continuing as Austin jerks his phallic in motion.  Ryan fills Austin up with high hard meat & it is too much for Austin to bare, & he loses his sperm all over his stomach & Ryan just keeps plowing.  fucking Austin's hole with reckless abandon, Ryan is ready to spew his cum as well, so he pulls out & drenches Austin.  No longer newbie, Ryan realizes there might be something to this after every.


Truth or Dare - Brandon Bronco -amp; Conner Hastings -amp; Addison Graham!

gay muscle tubes
Brandon Bronco & Conner Hastings have had tables turned on them.  Waiting in hot tub expecting whore to arrive, guys have prepared little game of Truth or Dare & wait hornily for her arrival.  however it seems this lass has pulled fast one on studs, sending instead her brother Addison, who arrives ready to play & eager to please.  Brandon & Conner are surprised, however their lust is apparent & their temperament tells them to make best of situation, so they begin playing anyway.  Midway through, it occurs to Brandon what nice ass Addison has, & game has revealed that Conner gives absolutely no fucks where he puts his banana, so mens move from tub to bedroom where Brandon & Conner take turns using Addison like fuck slave.  

Addison is willing & able to accommodate, taking Brandon's big cock all way down his throat as Conner plays with his ass, tonguing at Addison's hole as Brandon's sex stick swells full & thick.  Turning Addison around, Brandon inches his love stick deep into Addison, while Conner bends over & lets Addison taste his sweet, freshly cleaned back.  Brandon pumps away as Addison strokes him-self off, losing his jizz as Brandon thrusts with reckless abandon.  Conner, who has never had penis inside him, becomes envious at sight & allows his friend to try this just this once as Addison looks on, very pleased at situation he has created.


Mihal Laszlo, Janos Volt And George Stevenson Fuck - Janos Volt -amp; Mihal Laszlo -amp; George Stevenson!

older gay muscle
Skinny-dipping studs engage in poolside threeway fuckfest

Rick Bauer And David Bathory fuck - Rick Bauer -amp; David Bathory!

free gay muscle video
Rick blows his own ass juices off David's stiff uncut cock

Gabriel Thorsten And Geoffrey Garcia Fuck - Gabriel Thorsten -amp; Geoffrey Garcia!

vintage gay muscle
Geoffrey's nasty boy, licking his juice off Gabriel's dick

Terence Kiadas, Brandon Babos And Sandor Sablon Fuck - Terence Kiadas -amp; Sandor Sablon -amp; Brandon Babos!

caesar gay muscle
2 studly roommates spear their best buddy from both ends

Fred Modod, Marko Pacyna, Zen Sabej And Fred Fele Fuck - Marko Pacyna -amp; Fred Fele -amp; Fred Modod -amp; Zen Sabej!

gay muscle tv
The couch becomes focal point for an unbridled 4-lads groupsex

Matthew Sakk, Mihal Laszlo And Daniel Halasz Fuck - Daniel Halasz -amp; Mihal Laszlo -amp; Matthew Sakk!

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The kitchen is filled with sounds of 3 roommates fucking

Kai Cruz and Neil Stevens!

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Andy O'Neill checks out his latest dildo - Sexercise ball!

Andy ONeill & Karl Thomas!

gay muscle videos
Kai, Mika & Jamie have hot & innocent double penetration fuck.

Kai Cruz and Matt Hughes!

gay muscle tubes
Jak get's to feel Mika's monster cock pounding his tight back.

Post Game Analysis - Dominic Sucks Jimmy - Dominic Pacifico -amp; Jimmy Durano!

gay muscle archive
Its time to welcome superstar Jimmy Durano to BJ crew!

Dominic Pacifico Sucks Jimmy Durano - Dominic Pacifico -amp; Jimmy Durano!

gay muscle slave
Bound jock Dominic Pacifico is tied to steel truss in only his jock strap.  Jimmy Durano enters & slaps helpless jock around before shoving his monster dick in Dominic's face.  Jimmy forces jock to blowing his cock until he chokes on it.  Jimmy continues to pound twink's throat until he can not took it anymore!

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