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Steven Russel - Steven Russel!

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Steven Russel is DC twink who knows thing or two about getting his hands kinky.  full-time contractor, this blue collar guy works hard & relaxes even harder.  Unwinding on sofa in his morning robe, Steven ignores tasks ahead of him & just basks in morning moment, running his hands down his chest & parting hem in his robe, exposing bulge in his shorts as he slides his fingers underneath waistband.  Pulling his underwear down around his ankles, his cock pops out, staring up at him in need of attention.  Steven fondles himself in yellow light before sitting upright & taking matters into hand, stroking back & forth slowly as his shaft grows to maximum density, flicking it back against his stomach in repeating thuds before standing up & unloading his morning batch onto couch.


Justin - Justin A!

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Justin is wise-cracking joker who has fallen in love with his own picture.  narcissist through & through, he strips off his shirt to reveal his pecs, slowly undoing his belt & letting his pants slip down to his ankles.  Reclining on bed for minute, he rubs his hands down his chest & begins to massage his sex stick out of slumber.  Once hard, he sits up, stroking it feverishly before moving over to mirror to admire himself in reflection.  He turns around, showing off his butt & back, before getting down to business, flogging himself in mirror & than shooting his loads all over glass, watching his goo ooze down mirror onto waiting floor.


Aaron Tex - Aaron Tex!

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Aaron Tex is Texas born & ready to show you his long horn.  You could fly Lone Star from his flagpole, thats for sure, standing up at full attention & ready for action.  Thin, wiry & soft spoken, Aaron lets his huggest stick do talking for him, & we catch up to him mid-dialog, his cock poking out of fly in his boxers & begging for attention.  He thumbs head as it dribbles pre-cum, flashing his pearly whites before licking his lips & commencing to action, wrapping his fingers around base & wagging it back & forth, slapping it against his stomach, & whacking himself silly before spitting his sex cream onto his chest in messy puddle of Texas T, white gold.  Semen that is.  


Diesel White - Diesel White!

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Diesel White is serious, intense kind of lad who knows what he wants in life.  Determined & hard-working, this small town kid has grown up, filling out in every direction & flexing for your enjoyment.  His hulking shoulder & chest muscles show spoils of his hard work, as we catch up with him at end of his workout.  After nice lift & few cardio on bag, Diesel has worked up nice sweat, however he's only halfway done with his routine.  Leaning back against bag, he peels off his wet shirt & strips down to his underwear, stroking his dick through his shorts.  Peeling waistband back, he reveals shiny tip of his penis, eager & ready for some attention.  Diesel grips his shaft & wags it around appartment confidently, his blue eyes reflected against sun peeking through window.  Reclining now, back against bag, Diesel spreads his legs & works his banana frenzied & throbbing, before he unleashes his load all over gym floor.  With his workout now complete, Diesel throws his sweaty brow back against back & exhales triumphantly.


Jake Glazer - Jake Glazer!

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Jake Glazer is free-wheeling loose cannon who enjoys living it up, playing hard & having as much fun as possible along way.  An extreme sports enthusiast, Jake lives for snow & sea, however when he's not catching air on some kind of board, he's hitting clubs for night on town, in hopes of finding several form of debauchery to engage in.  Jake likes it rough, tough & little bit sexy, though, so modest prudes need not bother.  Here we see Jake in garage, tuning up ride & than doing little maintenance under his own hood, if you know what I am talking about.  Unzipping his cover-alls, he peels out of his clothes & leans back against side of car, fondling his cock while working vice-grip on his taps.  cock growing, he reclines on floor & begins to fondle his ass hole as his dick swells to maximum capacity.  Running his hands down his chest, he explodes bucketful of jism all over himself, covering himself in his own lava as he lay exhausted & spent on garage floor.


JP - JP A!

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JP is an optimistic, athletic guy from sunny beaches of southern Florida, ready to make splash & warm you through winter.  An ex college pitcher, this man has traded in his jock for stage, spending his nights as danzer, pleasing & partying his way through weekend.  Here we get little taste of both, as JP pops it, then locks it, then drops this like its hot.  Once he's down on floor, his moves become more deliberate, as he peels off his tight pants & lets his cock pop out, flicking it back against his chest while staring up with his large blue eyes.  Balancing on an exercise ball, he spreads his legs wide & fingers his ass as he strokes full length of his dick, pausing at head to massage tip, before moving back down shaft.  Moving back to mat, he leans up against side of cage & for true goes at it, taking just moment to watch up before unleashing his sex cream onto his sweaty, ripped chest.


Don We Now, Our homo-sexual Apparel - Jeremy Talbot!

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'Twas week before Christmas, when all through City lights shined bright & shoppers milled about on snowy-white covered sidewalks.  Among throngs of people milling about, there stood Marko Lebeau greeting his new solo recruit, 24 year old Jeremy Talbot.  

They walked about, taking in sights & sounds of city readying itself for Holiday Season.  From downtown shopping core, they made their way to house.  There Jeremy was expected so he could perform his first ever porno scene...

Marko got things going by introducing Jeremy & telling him he was going to be this year's Xmas gift to fans.  Jeremy was quite laid back & casual about whole situation.  He was cute emphatic about being straight dude, only to waiver when Marko said 'but you must be bit curious though' & he said 'Indeed'.  How can he not be, given he works as male dancer at one of city's homosex strip clubs?!

Jeremy is originally from Quebec City, provincial capital.  Now living in Montreal, during day, he attends local trade's school, learning carpentry.  

This jock is not one of those typical straight guys who shaves off all his pubes.  Au contraire, he actually keeps all his body hair, including his pubes.  He does trim them bit, however most impressive of all is his feathers bubble butt.  Its definite erectile stimulator.

Once Marko left set, Jeremy got down to business, massaging his body, playing with his tool & ass as he progressively took off his t-shirt & sexy tight white long johns.  He was clearly getting more & more into his wank-off session as his moaning & groaning intensified.  He might have been bit over enthusiastic when he told Marko that he had 7.5' boner.  It registers more closely to 7', however his uncut rod just wouldn not go down all throughout shoot.  He loves to spit lube it & even enjoyed spit lubing his asshole, prior to fingering it.

After petty 20 to 25 minutes of playing with his ram rod, we could tell that he was getting close to shooting his sex cream.  He was not shy about cumming in front of crew; in fact we got distinct impression that idea of having an audience actually fed his rush.  Jeremy is not long distance shooter, however he definitely delivered nice cum on his stomach & in his hand.  Whether he comes back for more is bit early to tell.  For time being, enjoy!

Merry Christmas all!

Toying With The Masseur - Max Chevalier -amp; Alexy Tyler!

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Max Chevalier & Alexy Tyler are two fit mans always ready for action.  & Alexy is bit of vibrator fiend as he loves sticking things up his ass.  When he came in for shoot, he told us he was experiencing several pain in lower back.  This gave us idea to have Max give him nice backrub to take out some of kinks...  so to speak.

Well, we pulled out massage table & let lads go at it.  Max started to do his deed, slowly massaging Alexy's back & making his way down to his butt cheeks.  His patient was soon experiencing some tingling in his groin as his thoughts were going from his back massage to biggest dick tenting out of his masseur's gym pants.  Max was doing superb job of oiling up Alexy's tight chocolate eye & bringing it to life.

Alexy needed no more encouragement as he dove right into his masseur's mid-section & started sucking on our bodybuilder's hefty cock, throwing it back as far in his throat as possible.  Max started to face fuck Alexy.  He than moved down as Alexy turned around exposing his bone hard dick.  Our muscleman decided this was time for him to reciprocate.  & he did, giving deep-throat treatment that he had just received.  Alexy was in heaven, moaning & gyrating.

Alexy turned around again & this time Max used opportunity to give his buddy pretty rimming prior to pulling out nice 8' sex toy to prep his bottom's ass for soon-to-come fucking.  Alexy was again enjoying this butt play to hilt...  After some cute firm dildo play, he was ready for good fucking.  Max moved to other side of table & just plunged right in knowing that his partner's ass had loosened up enough to take his not small penis effortlessly.

They initially started in missionary position, than we were in awe as Max moved Alexy to edge of massage table & our bottom boy just held himself in position with his hands & arms, as his ass was being plowed in mid-air.  Max was pumping away.  however this seemed to be Alexy's downfall, as Max get really excited & needed to unload his cream.  As he came on Alexy's nut sack & penis, our patients back pain returned & Max, gentleman, laid him on his back & pulled out dildo again to help him shoot his loads.  It was smoother ride than getting hard fuck.  

A real trooper, Alexy took it all in stride.  As they kissed in finale, it was now time to give his back rest.

A New Years Party for two - Christian Power -amp; Mickelo Evans!

gay mature pics
Happy New Year All!

In this week's installment, Marko Lebeau joins Christian Power & Mickelo Evans for toast to ring in New Year.  once champagne has popped & guys toasted 2014, Marko exits & boys get down to business.  

As they enter room, Christian firmly moves Mickelo against wall & two lock lips.  however Mickelo has other things on his mind & he moves Christian against wall, get's down on his knees & start sucking Christian to hardness.  Mickelo is clearly enjoying giving Christian an intense blow job & goes at this for quite while.  In fact, Mickelo was eagerly looking forward to shooting with Christian.  He likes giving head & it shows.

Christian is bit leaner these days & looking mighty fine.  With little effort he propels Mickelo onto bed, strips him of his pants & returns blow job favor.  Sucking his partner's dick, flickering his tongue on his balls & cock head, Christian's attention is making happy camper out of our Mediterranean stud.  

Christian finally moves away from Mickelo's stiff boner, raises his asshole & firmly grips his ass cheeks so he can tongue & finger that guy's hole.  Its kinda hot to see Christian thumbing his spit into his partner's lubed hole.  This action was prep work as Christian readied his cock in to Mickelo's hind end.  You must see our Muscle mans's round bubble butt moving rhythmically back & forth as Mickelo moans & groans from every pounding our Titan is giving him.  From above, from below, Christian's 8.5' uncut dick moves breathlessly in & out of that grateful butthole.

The guys than move onto bed for few more dick sucking as they sixty-nine one another.  Next, Christian lies on his back & starts machine-gun pounding Mickelo who is now sitting on his partner's cock, & moaning like fucker in heat.  This fucking for true worked him into frenzy as he get's off Christian's penis to shoot his sperm all over our bodybuilder's stomach.  Christian follows suit & places Mickelo's left cheek in his own eruption.  Christian ramps up & shoots his semen on his buddy's another cheek.  Mickelo's face & lips are now covered in special sauce as he moves up for parting gravy-covered kiss.

One Step At Time - Pascal Aubry!

gay mature videos
Pascal Aubry is another male stripper in Montreal who has decided to take porro plunge with us.  He is also another one of several recent guys on site hailing from Qubec City.  several weeks ago, he applied online on our site, after friend suggested he do so, as he was looking for new challenge.  

Pascal told Marko Lebeau in his introductory interview that he was bit nervous about doing this clip, however as you will see, he got very comfortable quite quickly, becoming rather playful during photo shoot.

Pascal defines himself as bi-curious & wants to do porn to explore his sexuality further.  At 20 years of age, he measures 5'8' & weighs 165 lbs.  He says his tool is 6' uncut, however like most straight or bi mens he has never measured it precisely.  He sports cute wide rod & probably measures in at 6.5 or 7' when at full mast.  He commutes back & forth from his home town to Montreal for work.  He has hot feathers ass & lot of fur on those strong legs of his.  Contrary to many guyz we recruit, he pleasantly leaves his pubes & body hair unshaved.

He has killer smile that, combined with his charming personality, just leaves your legs trembling when he engages you in conversation.  quality that is probably quite helpful to him in his work as male performer.

After his interview with Marko, Pascal moves to bedroom, where he settles into leather armchair & got's going massaging his body & stroking his quickly stiffening baby-maker.  After few rapid fire j/o action, he switches tempo, moving into long smooth stokes that get him revved & into his banana work.  To spice things up bit, we suggested that Pascal use Fleshjack to work his love stick.  Never having used one, he was pleasantly surprised by its effects on his stiff boner.

Pascal then moved to bed & continued working on his dick.  After few minutes, he began playing with his nice feathers butt.  We were quite happy to see that he was up to fingering his hole, stuffing his finger in & out few times.  This looks promising...  

Pascal then plunged in to pile of pillows on bed & started stroking that rooster of his with intensity & finally exploded hefty cum that reached up to his chest.  He then massaged his white juice into his rod & stomach before looking up to camera, striking sweet smile & wink.

Marko interrupted Pascal in shower after his shoot & newbie was all smiles.  Asked if it went well, he nodded favorably.  Asked if we would see him again, he paused than said 'oh yeah' saying that he had enjoyed his experience.  Marko even suggested that he would be his 1 st scene partner, however as you will see in couple of weeks, Marko's schedule prevented him from breaking new stud in.

So you'll have to guess who will have honours...  Stay tuned.

Servicing Matthew: Mind Games - Matthew Cox -amp; Benjamin DAmour!

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Marko Lebeau has known Matthew Cox for few years.  So it wasn not surprise to hear him use Matthew's real name instead of his stage name in intro.  So, obviously, we muted that out of dialogue.  Marko had been talking to Matthew about coming back to shoot for us, however this straight stud was hesitant.  Remaining vague in their discussions, Marko had Matthew come in for blind folded servicing, leaving him under impression it wasn not going to be boy doing job.  

If you recall, during his solo performance few weeks back, Matthew had played with his asshole & butt hole quite bit.  We were convinced that woman could in no way help give this men's 'no fly zone' all attention this deserved.  We called upon Benjamin D'Amour, who has turned out to be quite talented cocksucker, to service our 5'3' blond bodybuilder.

But Benjamin was in no way satisfied with passive servicing of this jock.  He pushed envelope few times & even started taking command.  There was obviously mind game taking place here & we weren not too sure how far or what direction this would ultimately take.

Matthew was blindfolded to begin scene as Marko told him he had surprise for him.  Then Benjamin came into action.  His attentive & soft approach was enough to get Matthew going.  But, he didn not waste time stripping Cox of his blindfold & clothes.  Matthew took this all in stride & seemed rather comfortable getting all this attention from man.  We were quite pleased to see his interact fair bit with Benjamin, even kissing him on mouth several times.  At one point when he helped Benjamin strip down, he was inches away from Ben's cock & me and him thought for sec that he was going to grab it & lick it.  Alas, that wasn not to be.  But, as Benjamin's ministrations continued, Matthew was getting very responsive.  

At one point, Benjamin blurted out that 'its almost surprise for me too'.  He was getting definite feeling that this straight stud was way More responsive than he initially thought he would be.  As Benjamin was seeing this twink answering well to every his attention, he got more assertive.  He started ass blow him & than asked Matthew for response: 'Tell me what you want me to do!' He insisted: 'What is it you want me to do?' 'Eat my ass out', was response in muffled voice.  When Benjamin went further & started fingering Matthew's hole, he insisted again: 'What am I doing? Huh! What am I doing?' Matthew didn not answer this time.  You could see that Benjamin was pushing this guy into way more than he thought he could get out of him initially.  He later insisted on getting Matthew to admit that he was enjoying cock sucking he was getting.

At one point, while Benjamin was sucking on Matthew's little soldier, our little bodybuilder extended his hands out & reached for Benjamin's head to kiss him on lips.  Benjamin wanted his butt hole taken care of also, so he then pulled out butt plug & started to push & shove it up his asshole.  He than asked Matthew to take over.  Matthew obliged.  Again, he surprised us couple of times as he kissed Benjamin's thigh couple of times while playing with his hind end.  This scene just was not all about him...

This action got Benjamin all worked up & it wasn not long for him to release his sizable cum loads all over his chest.  Matthew followed shortly after & spread his own white sex juice all over Benjamin's chest.  When they were done, Matthew bent down & kissed Benjamin.  Ben asked him if he enjoyed his surprise.  'Yes', was response.  Matthew took this much further than we expected.  Much of that can be attributed to Benjamin's talented attention & mind game.  We definitely hope to get Matthew back for more.  Hopefully, he will respond well again.

Breaking In The New men - Alexy Tyler -amp; Pascal Aubry!

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After his solo performance couple of weeks back, Pascal Aubry told Marko Lebeau that he was eager & ready to come back for more.  Although Marko had suggested he would be Pascal's 1-st fuck, it turns out that Alexy Tyler was one doing honors.  Thankfully, Alexy understands enough French for mens to communicate cos Pascal's command of English is quite limited.  Not surprising dialogue between dudes was more centered around their face load expressions & their cocks' stiffness than on spoken words.

Pascal was nervous for this shoot as it was his studs-on-studs sex baptism.  As male stripper he can strut his stuff in faces of many guy, however he candidly admitted not having done more than performing on stage.  During his solo, he told us he was bi-curious, however judging by looks of things in this scene, we can definitely move him from bi-curious to bi category.  Pascal really appeared to enjoy him-self.  This was first time he was going to suck dick & fuck guy.  His technique obviously showed his limited experience in sucking jackhammer & at first he was somewhat hesitant.  But, once it came time to get sucked & to bang, his love stick just wouldn not deflate.  

For his part, Alexy Tyler enjoys breaking in newbies, & in this case he was really turned on by Pascal's efforts & responsiveness to his servicing.  Pascal's dick has wide girth & Alexy was looking forward to taking it up asshole.  

First, dudes started making out & then they gave each other some generous cock worshiping.  We shot several fresh cool angles showing them in full action.  Before getting two on bed for few serious butt fucking they paused & showed off their hot butts.  Alexy was showing us big bubble butt that has helped him make name for himself & Pascal showed us those luscious bushy mounds that make his butt so delectable.  We were hoping for several nice ass licking, however alas, Alexy is no great fan of rim job & Pascal wasn not quite ready to go down that road yet.  We'll work on that for his upcoming performances.

After this display of butt cheeks, Alexy moved onto bed, in position for good doggy style pounding.  than, Pascal moved into lying position on bed so Alexy could ride his cock like cowboy.  They then went into spooning position & Alexy was squinting every time Pascal shoved his penus deep inside.  

Alexy was first one to eruption, shooting as he was getting fucked.  After bringing his partner to orasm, Alexy needed brief break from intense fucking.  Moments later, Pascal resumed his back pounding & built himself into frenzy, ready to shoot his jizz in no time.  He pulled out & moved towards Alexy's face to drop his white load into Alexy's waiting mouth.  

After everything was said & done, Alexy was glowing from fucking he got & Pascal ready was for more.  So, obviously, we'll see if we can get newbie to eat some ass and, hopefully, get him to take cock also...  So, stay tuned.

Showing Off For Marko - Justin Filion!

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Justin Filion is another hot Montreal stripper who has decided to explore world of gay sex with us.  If things key going like this, we figure that within six months every male stripper in city will have appeared on guy of Montral...  Just kidding! It can be exhibitionist streak running through their veins that brings them so eagerly knocking at our doorstep.  Or, maybe its need for cash...  Whatever it is, we aren not complaining.

With Frat lad look going on, this straight dude has gorgeous piercing grey eyes, hot muscular physique & seductive smile.  Oh, did we forget to mention his charming personality! Justin isn not most endowed men to grace our screens with 6 inches of uncut dick, however rest of him definitely makes up for what would appear to some to be insufficient appendage.  Please note, in this respect, awesome bubble butt & naughty balls hanging between his legs!

For this shoot, Marko Lebeau was working camera.  After preliminaries, he asked Justin to give him show, an idea that more than pleased our newbie & allowed him to use several of his stripper's know-how & skills.  You can see that he was eager to go.  Several times during interview, he was casually stroking his love stick through his jeans, getting primed.

This former construction worker started strutting his body for Marko, slowly massaging his chest & arms, while gradually peeling off his clothes.  We don not know if this is trend seen anywhere else in North America, however many mans in Montreal are now sporting rosary as decorative neck jewellery.  Kovi LaCroix was 1 st stud to appear on screen for us wearing one.  Now Justin is another.  it certainly doesn not imply any strong religious beliefs, however it may be considered rebellious 'Up Yours' statement towards Quebec's bygone Catholic heritage.

Justin was enjoying having huge mirror as an accessory.  We could see that he was checking his every move while he was stripping & striking poses for Marko's camera & straddling armchair he was using as prop.  Indeed, looking at his silhouette through mirror we can see that its pretty hot with those washboard abs showing off on that naturally silky smooth body of his.

The man was pretty comfortable throughout shoot & he really got into things when Marko threw him rooster massager.  His breathing got much more vocal & his facial expressions intensified.  however before playing with massager, Justin got into fair bit of hind end play for camera.  This was bit surprising to us, because like most straight guyz, he wasn not too excited about whole idea when we raised issue before shoot.  this must have been intensity of moment that led him to throw caution to wind & show off his hottest pink butt hole for us.

Our frat boy-looking stripper chucked little soldier massager aside when he was getting close to cumming.  What gusher spewed out of his six incher! He played with his white baby batter once his staff of life stopped leaking & spread it around his navel & abs.  And, as camera moved upwards smile & look of contentment spread across his face, & he winked at us with those steely grey eyes of his.  

Justin was so enthused with his experience that he's now convinced his best buddy, another male performer, to follow in his footsteps.  So, you'll soon be meeting this boy!

David Does Goliath - Gabriel Clark -amp; Christian Power!

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Gabriel Clark arrived for his shoot with Christian Power admitting that this was biggest folk ever that he had performed with.  He was bit intimidated by fucking mountain of muscle that weighs 100 lbs more than he does.  For his part, Christian knew that Gabriel was well equipped & forceful top.  He hadn not bottomed in while so he was clearly jittery.  But, both were in good spirits & you can see during their opening conversation that porn was main focus of their attention.  Gabriel was describing in detail how he wanted to eat out Christian's ass & Christian was telling Gabriel positions he wanted to try out.  Coincidentally, he wanted to try pile driving, Gabriel's favorite position...  This was promising.  then, Gabriel wanted to get into some muscle worship & so he sat behind Christian on back of couch & worked away on his upper chest & biceps...  He even pounced on his bottom's pecs, however nothing moved this was so hard!

From idle chit-chat mans than started kissing, however with all pron speak they had, it wasn not long before Gabriel pushed Christian onto his back & dove for his penis.  Pretty quickly they stripped off their clothes, Gabriel than stood on couch while Christian sat down & in went Gabriel's dick to Christian's mouth.  

Both boys have similar sized penises.  & both were sporting several beautiful stiff boners.  Gabriel was fixated on eating out Christian's asshole before shoving his penis into it, so they got up & kissed for bit before Gabriel asserted his top lads position & pushed Christian onto his knees on couch.  Christian remarked that Gabriel 'wanted to play rough'...  And, in dove Gabriel with his tongue.  When this came time for shove his stiff cock up Christian's hind end, it was obvious that our bodybuilder was finding this painful.  He actually said 'Oh Fuck' when his ass lips were pierced by our top's 8.5 incher.  It took while for Christian to feel more comfortable and, actually, every time Gabriel & he changed fucking positions it seemed that he was wincing & squirming.  He admitted afterwards that he needed to give his ass more attention in future.

You'll notice during shoot that several background noise made its way into shoot.  There were kids in hotel corridor that were playing not far from room.  It distracted dudes, & at one point Christian got up, went to room's door entrance, opened it, poked outside door in buff with boner & hollered 'Hey! Pipe it down!' then...  Dead silence in room & from kids ensued.  He shut door & we all suddenly laughed & got back to action.  The kids were only momentarily destabilized by this mountain of muscle in nude hollering at them, as they got back to their horseplay about two minutes later...

Gabriel was kinda enjoying finding himself in position of topping such big piece of fuckers.  And, it isn not always easy finding positions where we get prety shot of Christian getting fucked.  His back cheeks are so big!! however Gabriel's phallic size more than made up.  So, for finale, we got clear view as guys got into spooning position.  Gabriel was pumping & he soon shot all over Christian's butt cheek.  He then moved into position lying down to get what he loves best...  ejaculate! Gabriel was on his back, Christian hovering above.  Gabe started sucking big stud as he got ready to unload in to Gabe's waiting mouth.  Gabriel lapped it up, got up & kissed Christian.  As they wrapped things up, Gabriel suggested they do repeat at several point.  To which Christian stated that he would be one in driver's seat.  Gabriel's 'Yeah right' answer didnt not seem to indicate that such thing would happen...  We'll eventually find out.

A Winters Fireside Fuck - Ben Rose -amp; Mickelo Evans!

old gay man fucking
This scene is hot! While it was -20 C (-5 F) & bone-chilling cold outside, Mickelo Evans & Ben Rose put on heat by fireplace.  These two show us what passion, sensuality & hot horny porno can deliver.  And, Ben shows us just how turned on he is...  He cums twice in this scene! Once while Mickelo is sucking him off early on during shoot & second time while he is riding Maltese sex stick.  

These 2 get into all kinds of positions.  Mickelo starts off by giving Ben nice back rub, then he goes down on Ben's dick, sucking on it through sheer sexy black legging.  The two than get in to several 69 action before Ben chows down on Mickelo's ass-hole.  Eventually, Mickelo eats out Ben's hole upside down.  You can also see that these two mens have put on few muscle in past few weeks.  Ben told us he's put on several 25-30 lbs & Mickelo has packed on few 10-15 lbs, both hitting gym with determination.

Ultimately all this ass eating & penis sucking was just prelude to fuck Ben was going to get.  It got pretty hot when guys moved from floor to ottoman & Mickelo plowed Ben's hole missionary style & in cowboy position.  

After Ben came once while being sucked, he stayed hard & two just kept going.  Mickelo lapped up Ben's special sauce & they kissed & semen swapped.  In end, Ben was so turned on throughout scene that his second jiz shot came while he was being fucked by Mickelo.  me and him know that Ben loves taking dick up asshole, & he shows us, once again, just how much he does.  Mickelo was also pretty turned on & delivered his generous loads on Ben's lower back & ass crack after intense fucking he gave his bottom boy.  Mickelo likes to check out nice butt & throw the tongue lot to get him over top.  So Ben was more than happy to oblige his new partner.

All & all, pretty prety fireside fuck kept these two pretty hot & steamy all evening.  me and him think that teaming these two together is something we'll have to do again! Enjoy.

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Gay bears Having An group xxx!

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