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My car broke down - V2!

gay first names
Damn! Nico was in right place at right time for some booty bangin action.  What fool...  your car broke down? Ahh damn...well step inside my brotha, & lemme see whats under that hood punk! Watch Kane & Thugzilla get their guy gravy all over this little bitches face.  See full-length episode at


guys first gay sex
Drew, looking to relieve few stress & get massage however there is only one muscle that he needs to be rubbed down.  We have curious Brandon giving Drew full service massage exactly way he wanted, he uses his tongue & even his tight butt! See full-length chapter at


boys first gay sex
Ok dudes, we got live one for you this week! This gangsta wanna be got more than he bargined for when he got mixed up with us.  He stepped onto otha side of tracks & got his first taste of gay life! Thug 4 Life should change his name to homosexual 4 Life! Dont miss one minute of this gangstas transformation! See full-length part at


my first gay blow job
Boy do me and him have treat for you this week mans!! Cognac is picked up by friend of his to help fix his computer, however of course there is no computer, however there is something that he can get worked on...Sucking on little guys pole then getting it up his tight inocent ass!!! Ready to see some Anal Slamming?? Lets go!! See full-length episode in

Dominic - V2!

boy first gay sex
Frank & Jonney were looking for little virgin ass-virgin to pop.  Little did Dominic know, however they had their sights set on his untouched ass.  Watch Dominics face fill with surprise, as he get's his ass filled with short sword, & his mouth filled with tally whacker taffy.  POW! BANG! SMACK! Dominic your new name is ass-twat! See full-length episode at


my first gay experience story
Kayous joined us for little shopping surprise in suburbia.  There is not much more fun than glory hole in dressing room! Kayous is getting blowjob of lifetime however what will happen when he finds out another lads is behind hole...  Hell enjoy his first gay porn of course!!! See full-length chapter at

Cruz Rodriguez!

my first gay experience story
Angry Hispanic men relaxes after he gives in to his first homosex bang.  He realizes that he doesnt have to be plumber to fix toilet.  After all, boys know how to making blowjob huge dick.  See full-length chapter at

Alex & Mannys Vacation!

gay first
Alex & Manny met during what was shaping up to be boring day on vacation.  Struggling to come up with plan for evenings entertainment, they quickly realize answer is right in front of them...  right about waist-high, with two testicles attached to this.  See full-length episode at

Porter Draw!

is first gay sex
Porter & two of his teammates really got to know each another when their hotel room only had one bed.  When they couldnt fall asleep an wild game of truth or dare quickly led to more fleshly fun like; swallowing sword, three way tackle, & some good old fashion butt fuck.  See full-length episode at

Sweet Revenge!

first gay fuck stories
Mario runs into Jayden & Dallas, & decides to have nice ol fuck time with these two studs.  Hes been curious, however now hes about to have his first gay experience, & discovers he loves huge johnson more than he realized! See full-length chapter at

Pumpin Kevin - V2!

gay first boyfriend
Kevin likes to be on top when hes riding his bitch.  however today hes bitch & get's to be caboose in gay train! Watch this bro get pounded on His First Gay Sex!! See full-length episode at


gay first tiem
Yo studs, we was just chillin & shit when home-boy Spadez came up to room.  It came time & we needed to get we wanted from this little centerfold.  We had to know, so we asked.  'Yo homie, whats up with that butt-hole?'.  Shonuff, this little punk dish put out piece of tight black ass.  I guess he knew we were taking it either way.  See full-length event at


my first gay experience story
Beach bunny Kyle was up for showing us sights, however only sight we wanted to see was our plump penises in his ass! Before he knew it this men was smokin pole & getting rectal breach! This may be his 1'st gay porno however were damn sure it wont be his last! See full-length event at

Spadez - V2!

straight guys first gay sex
Yo studs, we was just chillin & shit when home-boy Spadez came up to room.  It came time & we needed to get we wanted from this little bitch.  me and him had to know, so we asked.  'Yo homie, whats up with that butt-hole?'.  Shonuff, this little punk hotties put out piece of tight black ass.  I guess he knew we were taking this either way.  See full-length episode at


gay experiance
We met this little virgin pussy twink at bar last nite serving up some foo foo drìnks.  We decided we better show him how to serve Cuban rod Licker.  view us ass salt his rim, shake up some penis butter on rocks, pour it over him & stick rainbow umbrella up his no gay pride having ass.  See full-length episode at


first gay experince
We caught naughty Nick working laundry duty.  We told this little hottie we had sorority chick for him.  3 or 2 or 1 chick for 3 fellas.  Thats several oddball reggae.  No chick for 3 boys.  Whats difference.  me and him just slid right on in.  Watch this pretty cream puff get butt stuffed.  See full-length episode at


boys first gay sex
What do you get when you take some cream puff whitey & stick it in between two layers of dark chocolate? triple stack Fantasi.  Sweet little Fantasi strolled into massage parlor expecting to get out some kinks.  Instead he got couple of winks & 2 schlongs in his holes.  See full-length episode at

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