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Team Effort - Sam Swift -amp; Jay Black -amp; Tyson Tyler!

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Nooooow, here's little story I got to tell about three bad fellas you're about to know so well: Jay Black is gnarliest wrestling trainer City's ever seen.  They say he wrestled against five boy in dead of night, in pitch-black alleyway one time.  Legend has it two of fellas were ninjas, two others used to be on show American Gladiators, & another stud? Well, you might know him best as lad who was inspiration for mpeg movie Rudy, so you KNOW he had heart! I'll spare you gritty details, however I will say that all five boy ended up with special sauce all over their faces before fight was over...and it all came from Jay's healthy rooster.  

Today he's coaching couple star wrestlers, Tyson Tyler & Sam Swift.  Sam just bumped up in league, from Junior squad, to pros.  Tyson's been hard working wrestler for long time, however still needs guidance from time to time, especially from greats like Jay.  Jay wants to work on strengthening core this time.  He's showing mans few techniques when he notices Sam has something growing beneath his tights.  Sam can not believe he's popping boner during session he's been so nervous about.  Its ok though, Jay's well experienced in taking care of problems like this.  Tyson actually has one too.  Jay's starting out by having dudes remove their outfits & insert their large, swollen dicks into his mouth.  Jay's taking special care to really blowing this penises good.  After that, He's having Tyson fuck him, while Sam slides his meaty cock in & out of Jay's mouth.  The wrestlers switch after while & Jay flips on his back to endure more pounding & fucking from these strong athletes.  In end, Jay takes serious gravy blasts to face & chests.  Now they can focus on several core strength!


Good Tipper - JP Richards -amp; Ramsees!

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JP Richards is new bellboy down at Regalton Charles, an old, swanky downtown hotel where Mick Jagger used to stay when he wanted to relax in luxury & be surrounded by rich history.  JP is doing hot well so far.  The only problem is steady flow of hot guys coming to stay.  JP is an old school penus fiend & has trouble refraining from making passes at gorgeous stud.  When JP delivers food to room occupied by guest named Ramsees, JP decides to took chance.

Ramsees regretfully tells JP he has no tip to offer, however JP begs to differ.  He goes right in for Ramsees's rod.  To JP's chagrin, Ramsees allows blowjob to happen! JP can not believe size & girth of Ramsees's beautiful erection.  Ramsees thrusts it back & forth in JP's mouth, enjoying this busboy's sweet warmth.  then JP positions him-self, without saying much at all, & invites JP to fuck his tight, bellboy butt.  Ramsees takes advantage of presented asshole & slides his throbbing dong in to tender hole.  Watch these two strangers bang hard in nice, historic hotel room.  You'll definitely like these accommodations!


Peter Steele - Peter Steele!

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He's dudes who knows exactly what he wants.  Join Peter Steele as he relaxes on couch, feeling warmth from fireplace.  Peter is type of guy that enjoys being nude.  He knows his body well, & loves to treat it like wonderland.  

He's lean & swet, kind of lad you know works hard to keep his body tight.  & with dick like his, Peter isn not afraid to show you all of his assets.  His butt is nice & plump.  Check him out as he strokes his massive erection & caresses his luscious butt.  Take semen off yourself & enjoy several time to recharge & invigorate.  Peter is happy to be your tantalizing host for an xxx experience you won not forget.  


Three to Get Lucky - Marc Williams -amp; Brandon Jones -amp; Jay Black!

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Down at club, daytime shift for barkeep Marc Williams is about to end.  When Marc closes shop in early afternoon, place doesn not open again until 10pm.  Brandon Jones has been Marc's only customer today.  As Brandon sips his drink, he makes small speak with Marc.  As they lightly chit chat, Jay Black warms up for his go-go routine he'll perform that evening.  Brandon has become quite aroused watching Jay dance on pole.  He tells Marc how beautiful Jay looks to him & Marc agrees that Jay has special, sensual quality to his moves.  

When Marc goes in back to straighten up, Brandon takes advantage of situation & sticks his face right in Jay's crotch.  The smell is heavenly & hard sex stick inside underwear feels nice against Brandon's face.  Brandon takes out Jay's fat short sword without asking & blows it deep.  Jay can not believe it.  

When Marc returns, he sees action happening & joins right in.  Brandon handles both large erections like champ.  As Brandon works Marc's behemoth dong with his lips & toungue, Jay moves around & sucks Brandon's solid penis.  Soon he's licking Brandon's back, enjoying every second.  than Jay stands up & slips his banana into Brandon's tight ass.  After some pounding, Marc moves around & takes his share of Brandon's warm hole.  Sit back & join this serendipitous trio as they let inhibitions go & allow pleasure to flow.  


Stay Late - Astengo -amp; Tyson Tyler!

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This is one for which you've been waiting.  Finally, Tyson Tyler has hung around club late enough to have an encounter with Astengo.  Astengo's been watching this incredibly lovely boy every night, thinking of ways to approach.  Tyson noticed Astengo noticing.  Astengo's strong upper body & handsome face look delicious.  Tyson wants taste.

When Tyson is last patron in bar, Astengo makes his move.  Boring chit chat quickly turns sexual & two are stroking each other's firm dicks, right there in club.  Astengo moves to his knees & wraps his luscious lips around Tyson's throbbing boner.  He takes this deep, enjoying every inch of pulsating stiffy.  Then Tyson bends Astengo over to stick his tongue in Astengo's plumps ass.  It tastes better than he imagined.  After its nice & wet, Tyson slides his behemoth tool into Astengo's warm pocket.  Its tight, perfectly tight.  Tyson lets evening's building sexual energy explode as he fucks his new friend hard.  Experience heat in this late-night, huge-city encounter.


Making the Cut - Nubius -amp; Draven Torres -amp; JP Richards!

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JP Richards is coolest DJ at hottest all male strip club in town.  Auditions for week have come down to two individuals: Draven Torres & Nubius.  Both have moves, see, & attitude.  however who will JP choose?!

Nubius starts off audition with some blazing hot moves he's been working on lately.  He's not afraid to show JP everything he's got.  When JP's seen enough, he calls Draven up to practice stage.  Draven also has firing dance skills! The only way JP can settle this is by experiencing both guys at same time.  That means taking each of their rods at same time.  JP joins them on small stage & allows Nubius to face bang him, while Draven pounds JP's ass on other side.  After this hot action, decision is even MORE difficult to make! See what happens when all three hotties finish up on stage at real club next night! You won not believe intense, hardcore sex that winds up being put on display!


Black Gay Banging latino!

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Ricco Black joins handsome Latin stud on exercise mat & pounds away on his gay butt You must click here to watch this gallery

Hot Black gay Gets Bottomed!

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Black Gay Interracial Oral!

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Black gay Winston Love joins white man Thomas Bond to suck his sausage & rides him anally Download free movie vids now

Black Gay Bottom Throating!

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Horny black gay Koby Bird deep throating white prick & get's his turn to fuck his asshole Check to see to watch vids

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lovely black gay Kamrun goes down on Kamrun & get's his tight asshole plugged with latina rod You can click here to watch this photoshot

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StraightBoyz Edging 10!

There is something about straight boys that just drives us crazy! Theyre so hot & since theyre off-limits, even hotter; however few of these boys will swing other way every now again, & when they do we are ready!

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