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18 Year Old High schol Quarterback!

Travis was one of those mens that seemed to have 'making porno' on his bucket list.  He had just recently turned 18, & his motto was 'Live life to fullest.' He replied to an online ad I had, & seemed eager to get started.  We originally had set up shoot for next day, however then he texted me back asking me few questions.  He asked if I was married.  then he asked if I was straight or bi or gay.  I told him I was bi & not married, & he immediately asked if I'd mind blowing him.  I try to keep things professional, however I told him I'd be happy to blow him off if thats what he wanted.  Of course I was secretly thinking, 'Hell yeah, I'll blow you.' He than asked if he could come by right than.  Now, I've lost boys in past by waiting, so I told him sure.  I really liked his look & didn not want him to get away.  He identifies as straight, however there's definitely little bi-curiosity with him.  He even asked me to play gay video during his shoot.  After he got naked I couldn not believe how hot his body was.  He had problem getting hard, so I blew him off camera ...basically acted as his fluffer.  I even had my finger up his butt at one point.  I could kick myself for not filming that.  Once he got going he seemed to for true have sex showing off & fingering his hot bushy hole.  When he blew his jizz it was amazing...jism flew out like fountain.  few mans have little remorse after they lava, however he was still into having photos taken & seemed to love knowing others would be seeing him naked.  He seemed all for coming back for another shoot when he left, however I guess once novelty wore off he moved on to other things.  As far as I know this is only video he's made.  I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did shooting it.  

All American sperm!

Eight of's hottest young university lad get wild & raunchy like only Corbin Fisher's straight studs can.  For Corbin Fisher, its not enough to convince straight university jock to have sex- Jeff, Colby, Cain, Ethan, Trey, Josh, Tavis, & Zeb have passionate, intense, hard core, raw & sex juice-swapping sex, drilling each others' holes & hungrily swallowing up as much load as they can get!

Frat House Cream 3!

While Kev (Hunter Page) is trapped in locked truck back at frat house, his fellow K.O.K.  brothers (Doug Acre & Lucas Knight) are living it up at Powerhouse underwear night.  In third series of NakedSword Original's Frat House Cream, guys find that if love is strange, lust is stranger.  Doug & Lucas are disappointed when they don not get picked to work their rumps on stage so twinks each get on their phones to find match with 'Mister' app & find each other.  So while Kev cries out for help, Doug takes Lucas in back for little brotherly love.  

Frat House Cream 4!

Frat brother Kev (Hunter Page) has been trapped with his tricks in back of moving van.  In final episode of NakedSword Original's Frat House cream, he manages to escape, although he might have been safer inside.  As Kev heads back to K.O.K.  house, he's attacked by his night stalker, innocent psycho step-brother Cody (Shawn Wolfe).  Cody has returned for little power play with his 'little-sub', & Kev finds this cream hard to resist...

Magna jism Loudly!

Corbin Fisher has long been known for featuring hottest, teen, American university man in most intense, twink-on-twink porn.  With Magna jiz Loudly, Corbin Fisher Assembles its top talent in 6 of most hard core, deep-fuck, sex potion-blasting scenes, showing off how our fresh meat college studs all earn top marks in all-male action.  big dicks, tight holes.  hungry mouths, & ripped & muscular bodies all come together to teach viewers lesson on just how erotic America's hottest college men can be!

Tales Of Victorian Lust: Prep School stud Is Taught Lesson!

Bobby Clark & Duncan Black: Former school chums Bobby & Duncan have taken different paths in life, & blue collar worker Bobby resents Ivy League student Duncan's snotty, elitist attitude.  While fancy education may give Duncan upper hand in life, Bobby proves his physical dominance in bedroom.  

bare back Boarders 3!

Its time for another term at everyones favourite boarding school, where students just cant wait for lessons to end so that they can concentrate on only subject that interests them male anatomy! & its most definitely top marks for role-call in this nasty escapade, as likes of Tim Law, Connor Levi & A-Grade Aussie dick-loving supremo, Jaxon Radoc, get all clued up to go top of class.  

Fresh-Faced Freshmen!

Taylor, Dylan, Darin, & Mason- 4 of youngest, cutest, most fresh-faced Freshman to ever appear at CF.  Despite their youth, innocence & inexperience, CF's studly veterans didn not take it easy on this mens! Our frosh get fucked, drilled, & relentlessly pounded in hottest jock-on-twink scenes of CF! See what happens when upperclassmen get hold of some freshmen hind end, & show them just what it takes to make it at Corbin Fisher!

Austony Cockumentary!

'Produced & directed by award-winning director Jake Jaxson, Austony documents real life relationship of superstar sleaze couple Austin Wilde & Anthony Romero.  Provocative & unscripted, couple shares stories of how they met, how this works with (and without) each other, & what they hope to achieve in gay pornography industry.  Chronicling some events in their lives (from their controversial departure from major sex company to laying groundwork for establishing their own studio), this documentary lets viewer behind scenes & between sheets in this powerful, loving, raw, real & hottest reality of gay sex's true 'Power Couple.''

Frat House Cream 2!

Kev's alone in frat house or so he thinks.  He's close to blowing semen to webcam show when lights go out.  Is it blown fuse, or something more sinister? Kev (Hunter Page) ducks outside to investigate & finds two movers (Connor Maguire & Ray Han), lurking outside with stray couch, an empty truck bed, & raging hard-ons.  Whats horned-up man to do? Give hard-working boys tip, of course.  & while movers take turns on Hunter's tight ass, no one notices truck door sliding down ...  & locking them in.

Amateur school guy: the Best Of Lucas!

Its fitting that our very first video release centers around CF superstar Lucas! The Best Of Lucas: Volume I showcases this amazing fresh meat fuckers who is indeed total package, with flawless looks, an amazing build, personality that shines, & an insatiable xxx drive that have all combined to create few of most memorable videos in CF history.  Lucas plays with cameras & viewers in his early Audition vid.  He shows off his dominant nature as he drills Dave.  Out on farm, he pounds Spencer senseless.  In gym, he rides Cade's monster dick like champ.  & in bedroom, he fucks Jeff furiously & mercilessly.  With CF's signature passionate kissing & intimacy combined with some of most hardcore sucking & fucking ever captured by CF's cameras, each of these movies - re-cut & re-mastered - show us why Lucas is one of CF's huge stars!

Frathouse Games!

'Pledge week is over for guyz of FU & now real fun & games begin! Naked twister leads to little mister on mister action as these lads take things to next level, while every game of beer pong goes much better with schlong! Youll love watching frat guys go at it in every way imaginable!'

Frat House Cream!

Frat boy Kev (Hunter Page) is stuck home at K.O.K.  house however he's got feeling he's not really alone.  & in debut episode of NakedSword's epic Original Series, Frat House Cream, it turns out he isn not.  His frat brothers are gone for night so when he hears voice at his back, he jumps.  Luckily, its only Rudy (Marco Russo) popping up with webcam to show off his latest conquest, porn star Johnny Torque.  Rudy & Johnny give house-bound Kev live sex show, & while Kev is happy to have little company, he soon realizes something isn not right ...

That 70s homo xxx mpeg video!

Peace, mans-love & semen.  Kudos to Randy Blue & his production team for fashioning one of year's the majority of the creative titles.  An obvious hardcore spoof of now-defunct CW television show (or was it on WB...  who fuck knows?) I was taken aback at how for real well done this entry turned out.  From tacky costumes & campy music score, right on down to fake movie emulsion 'scratches' designed to replicate appearance of 70's-era spicy loop, look of this flick is fantastic.  Even better though is porn: Randy knows how to pick choice meat, & whoo-stud is this one filled to brim with it.  Leo Giamani fans will go gaga when he appears as mustachioed professor who enacts his revenge on frat pledge Mike West in scorching teacher-on-student fuck-a-thon.  If you get off on pledge initiations you'll love main scene here, too.  Peppered with toga parties, hottes to make your crank wanna get yanked, & surprising oral bukkake unloading (during orgy finale), & some great extras, this debut feature from Randy Blue is worth owning.  

hot gay revenge access!

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hot gay revenge access!

Playing with his boner and exploding jizz all over the place!

my boyfriend is gay<br />what to do if you catch your boyfriend watching gay porn

Sure we've watched movies like this before however always give you amateur jocks who do things little more exciting.  Seeing hot boy play with his throbbing rod & pouring his sticky seeds wherever he pleases gives us something to be horny about too.  This particular hottie knows how to work it in front of his webcam & he did great job showing off.  See, he was at this frat party somewhere he'd been only twice & he doesn not know much of people there & so he got better idea of how he'd enjoy night.  So he carefully scanned around room for few “inspiration”, got horny, felt his sex stick harden in those pants, & locked himself up to do something about it.  Apart from being successful with jacking off & releasing all those sex potion, he was also successful in sharing his vid with us here at Boyfriend Nudes.  I think I'd wanna to invite this wild & horny hunk for private party.  Hmmm… Watch him beat apple alley out of his shaft right here & join him in his very own party inside his makeshift disco inferno slash heaven on Earth.

Camwhoring twink showing off his fat erect penis!

<br />how to tell if boyfriend or spouse is gay

After fun surfing time at beach, our featured hunk today here on decided to kill time by camwhoring in shower room.  He was sporting hard johnson in his pictures because of chill when he got out from waters & got bit horny when he saw those mellony babez wearing their almost-there bikinis.  Oh, & our best stud right here confessed that he fantasizes about fuck males' asses too however insists that he's gay.

my boyfriend is gay moviefucking boyfriend gay

Anyway, Boyfriend Nudes don not give damn whether you are or are not gay as long as you deliver us right amount of hotness & kinkiness, fit for all who need that pleasurable experience viewing pics like these.  This hot find sure has every key ingredients to making anyone gorgeous.  He has right built, hot attitude to go with that vanity, & of course, biggest boner that you & I are dying to taste & play with.  He knows which angles give away his fine physique & I am pretty sure you'd want to see more of him soon.  I hope he'd fuck someone or get fucked in butt coz, boy, I'd want to see that gorgeous woody do some action! See full pic gallery here & enjoy this hot fuck.

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