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The Yura Challenge: Round Two!

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Round two for has Yura, "Team Bottom," & Takashi, "Team Top" doing bit of self-love.  They're here today to see who has "quicker draw." As each man oils up & get's "in zone," we can stroke along watching these cute lads work.  Yura's got smooth gay teen boy down; even his sexy belly tattoo is highlighted against his flat, tan skin.  Takashi's got natural bush thing working; he's also sporting excellent happy trail that had Yura smiling from ear to ear in Round #1.  As both "get after it," Takashi seems to go for "fishing pole" approach as he goes down shaft & than gives flick of wrist before "reeling" it back in.  Yura's doing "pinch me, I am yours" move by mainly working head; his urethral opening is looking like fish out of water, however I am sure its happy for attention.  Pulling camera back, we get great shot of Yura's climax; he splatters & covers his hand love glove.  With Takashi needing to bust his nut, as #2, we got an aerial view of stud working his hard on for some relief.  Looking for inspiration, he pulls out his IPhone & puts on dirty film.  If I were choosing, I'd go for Round #1 pairing of these guyz.  Watching Takashi take "his bitch for walk" was hot.  That must be show because not five minutes in, Takashi has put down film & grabs his tight ball sack; looks like second place doesn not feel that bad after all.  With couple of nice streams of gravy, Takashi has thrown in towel, at least it was something white.  

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Ataru & Kairi 2!

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We rewind as Ataru, top, has Kairi in "good hands," his own.  Both these gay boys like to fuck, & in Kairi's case, be fucked.  In part #1, they had fun pairing, however "Grindr" call take Ataru away, leaving Kairi alone & no one to buts for.  Now, with Ataru back & "helping out," Kairi is sure to "make splash." Ataru starts with some love & works his way down this hottie's body, to his lizard, in need of lick.  Sucking on Kairi's member, Ataru tugs at boy's coconuts to "release every flavor." the two then move to bed to spread out "the fun." Kairi's moans & spasms have Ataru "actively participating" in this blow job; I bet he even turned off his phone.  "Pillowing" his partner, Ataru tweaks nipples while Kairi gives his staff of life bit of hand action.  With his legs high above, see he's natural bottom, Kairi says it won not be long, & its not.  He shoots out couple of strong streams that splatter all way to his shoulder; oh shit, I think I just heard another "ping."

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Shosei From Osaka!

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Shosei is very swee teen boy from Osaka, who likes to chat before he "plays" for us.  He says he's bi.  When it comes to mans, he prefers masculine type.  Shosei lets us know he is versatile & just does whatever feels right; I think we'd all like to "feel right" with this honey.  He is very open about himself & seems very personable; has found yet another boy that is really "entertaining." As he starts to massage his body & work on his nipples, Shosei leans back & seems relaxed masturbating for us; by time he removes his jacket & shorts, his dick is already "hard at work." This "Champion" has what it takes to satisfy not only himself, however anyone else he chooses.  Sliding his hand into his underwear, I get "feeling" he is packing large amount of fun between his legs.  Pulling out perfect cut cock, thick & begging to be sucked, Shosei's ball sack is equally enticing.  With his nuts "dancing" as he strokes, we are all enjoying this "tango." Getting closer, Shosei lies on his back & presents pristine boy body, accentuated with "bit-oh-fur" where it counts; anybody else wanting to floss right now? Thrusting his hips & tightening his torso, Shosei is close; added arousal of his pants & deep breathes is intoxicating.  Massaging his rocks & cock, he shoots large cum that not only "wets" his hand, however also covers his nipples all way down to his groin.  Shosei relaxes & recovers from his intense "tactual" fun; an enjoyable experience shared by every.  

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Shower & Tug With Khan!

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My day got whole lot better minute Khan walked in door.  Handsome, good looking, xxx appeal (to me, wink), nice sex stick, nice ass, super personality & not afraid to enjoy himself in front of videocamera.  Khan first hit shower & as he wet himself down, he wasn not only getting wet.  the more I watched, more obvious wet spot in my pants from my precum.  After shower, he sat down for chat before stripping down to bare necessities.  Having played with himself prior to peeling off his pants & briefs, Khan was rock hard & his cock was ready for action.  Watch Khan as he takes "matters in hand" & tugs one out just way he likes it.  Body squirming as he strokes & plays with his nodules, little grunts & moans, thrusting his hips & spreading his legs...  damn! Khan has me rock hard & ready to blow & I have both hands on camcorder.  

I think you'll become fan of Khan's real fast after watching his first vid with us here on Japanboyz.  

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It is always fun & exciting to bring two real secret lovers together.  As we speak with Khan (top) & Kentaro (bottom), they let us know that in bedroom, they are quite adventurous.  Allowing plenty of time for them to arouse one another, is here to film this video filled with love & passion.  The two agree to have their sexual experiences filmed & we move to bedroom.  Having some fun, we blindfold Kentaro, as Khan sucks his partner fully.  The pair share some of their most intimate moments with us as we watch.  On his back, Kentaro is pleasured with both mouth & hand; he enjoys getting hard on by his partner & than reciprocating.  The two caress & touch, never letting go, once they have connected.  As Khan prepares Kentaro's hole, he lubes up & fingers his boy-friend to help accommodate his boss and his two helpers.  Letting Khan know he is ready, Kentaro also lavishes several like on head of Khan.  The two will now express their passion for one another, on next video.  

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Passion: The Climax!

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As passion continues, Khan blows on Kentaro's ram rod, to stiffen it.  He then puts bottom on his back, as Khan enters his boyfriend.  Like before, two stay touching & kissing one another.  Rocking together rhythmically, they are oblivious to all else.  After, Kentaro switches, & goes on all fours, accommodating his lover as top goes deeper.  Pulling out, Khan strokes himself & blows his loads all over bottom's hairy groin.  He then resumes kissing Kentaro every over his chest, focusing on bottom's sensitive taps.  close up shot of Kentaro's engorged head signifies that he is close.  Within minutes, as Khan keeps his face buried in his lover's upper half, Kentaro oozes out all over his shaft.  The 2 finish this session, however as lovers, they are far from done.  

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My First Time!

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Meet Leo, our newest member to Japanboyz.  Leo is actually straight & came to us looking to try something new, "homosexual for pay" & earn some extra money.  He enjoys surfing & it shows with his nicely toned body.  If you don not mind me saying so, he's definitely "good looker" with his chiseled facial features & rock jaw.  This is one man I am sure has all girls & mens watching him when at beach.  I split up interview as its bit lengthy as we got to know more about Leo.  We paired Leo up with Yura for his first experience with "gay porno." You probably remember Yura from "Yura Challenge" with Takashi.  Yura is very carnal & gentle & we felt nice "fit" for Leo.  Yura actually went down on Leo first to show him ropes however scene with Leo exploring Yura's body with his hands & kissing his nipples & neck was so hot that I decided to share that with you first.  This film is filled with passion & tender moments between these two fresh meat boy.  Watching Leo, you can tell by watching his hands, way he moves them, where he explores Yura's body, that he's not new to porn, just different kind of plumbing.  Enjoy Leo's first "gay sex" experience with us here on Japanboyz.  

There's LOT more to jism with Leo as we follow his "explorations."

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Khans Tight Ass!

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Every once in while when we get two lads together, chemistry works & works very good.  Thats exactly what happened when we paired up Khan & Shosei.  These two boys love their work & really had fun doing this shoot together.  It was cute & lots of fun for them & our videocamera crew.  Khan & Shosei are both tops to be honest.  However, another model didn not make it & he was going to bottom.  Like pro, they "hunkered down" flipped coin to see who would bottom.  You can guess by title who won...  err...  lost coin toss.  I actually felt little sorry for Khan considering how portly Shosei's penis is, NOT! :) It takes several attempts on Shosei's part to get his "logger" in, however practice makes perfect & in end, it was "love stick-a-hoy."

see Khan's face, it tells "hole" story!

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lads Will Be twinks!

Sometimes lads just want to have fun...  with other twinks! The ones featured in boys Will Be lads just like to fuck each other senseless while spurting sex cream of cream all over place!

Samurai Time Freeze!

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Oh my, has sweet treat for us, & them today.  Four lads begin, however who will "ejaculate" in finish.  Sitting on bed, there is Nobu on left, than Masa & Shinobu, in red shirt.  Our fourth boy is Kenshin, who wheels an ancient "Magical Samurai Sword," freezing time.  With this power, Kenshin strips all three teen boys as they are unable to move; dare I say, its like an asian buffet.  "Butt," lets see & see if three can use their own "powers" on this boy & his "long weapon." Undressing three seems like hard work; I mean, I am already getting chubby.  When boys wake up naked, Kenshin stops time again, however not their ability to get hard, smart boy.  Now I know Shinobu is "frozen" however I seem to see growing smile on him as Kenshin focuses his attention on boy's banana.  The "warrior" then attaches several nipple toys to gay boy.  Kenshin sheathes sword & as boys awaken, they take blade & use its powers on Kenshin.  Pushing him back on bed, six hands start to work on Kenshin's body & his "weapon." I am seeing growing smile on Kenshin's face, as well as mine.  Awakening him, he is now bound & at their mercy, an envious position.  Various toys come out & Kenshin becomes object of another three's "affection;" got to love hum of technology.  Fingering his hole, three debate as to who will be their fist to "dip his sword" into Kenshin; "sauce" back, there's lots more.  

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Samurai Time Freeze: Switcheroo!

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Nobu, Shinobu & Masa stayed around to play "hide sword" for The three boys are in various vignettes paired & in trios; how I do love good "train ride." Sit back & enjoy, this goes on for while so make sure you hold out for last station, before "blowing your whistle." Nobu & Shinobu: This pairing starts with several hot sucking & body worship before Shinobu tops Nobu; don not worry, both get their turn & "one-in-one time." As Nobu sucks every inch of his partner's dick-ringed johnson, Shinobu hardens fast & is wanting to backdoor Nobu.  Sliding in, Shinobu makes sure every inch of him is felt by Nobu.  They then flip as Shinobu becomes lucky bottom; his moans are immediate & arousing.  Nobu, Shinobu & Masa: While Nobu taps Shinobu, Masa "cums" to play as well.  He slides in to Nobu & is "driving force" of this train ride.  From side, all three enjoy sensation as their "locomotion" is like ocean.  Ebbing & flowing, Shinobu puts his face in mattress & takes it all in, happily.  None of studs blow their jizz yet, oh however its "cumming." Masa & Shinobu: Masa pairs up with Shinobu & 2 get in to very passionate lip locking entanglement that has both guys wanting more.  Masa then puts Shinobu on his back & gives him pounding that has bottom needing to "release." They than lie side by side as Shinobu strokes & Masa stimulates, areola style.  Licking & tweaking his nipples, Masa watches for "discharge of delight." As Shinobu "floods" his chest & stomach with sex juice, Masa looks on, very intensely.  Masa then tugs one as well, splashing up onto his stomach.  

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Daisukes Return!

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Today marks return of Daisuke.  He's "cream" back to be hot bottom for Mahiro.  These two boys are into one another from start.  As they suck face & explore, both their penises show "enjoyment" each is feeling.  Daisuke lays back his friend & engulfs his banana as he slurps in delight.  Mahiro has some nice sized scrotum that don not go with-out notice; Daisuke massages them seductively.  Enjoying all of his partner's appendages, bottom licks & sucks head to toe, arousing Mahiro even more.  Daisuke also spends time rim job his partner; you know what they say, "do unto others as you wanna done." The top now takes Daisuke's hole into focus as he lubes up boy & fingers him.  The sensation of Daisuke's pink rose excites them even more; it is not long before Mahiro enters his partner with an even bigger "digit." As bottom moans & whimpers, Mahiro reassures his partner with kisses, before rolling him even further back & entering even deeper.  Watching twinks, camera picks up moment when Mahiro has "hit spot;" Daisuke's hard packet twitches as his partner massages his prostate.  With few more positions & "hole" lot more passion, Daisuke then cums onto his stomach as his partner thrusts.  With all this penetration, Mahiro, lost in pleasure, does not pull out, instead, he creampies his partner; both take bit to recover from pleasure they have just shared.  

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Catch As You Can Part Two!

gay asian mpegs

In Part 2 Hiru get's to blow Nobu.  If you missed Part 1, this is one of those unexpected "spur of moment" clips.  We were booked in to one of largest studio warehouses to film.  On this particular day there were quite few of us (studios) there to shoot.  We had just finished our 1-st shoot in one of brightly lit studios.  When we entered general waiting area where dancers & camera crews will wait during shoots, we came across these two lads that apparently couldn not wait for their shoot.  Luckily cameraman was with me & got some great photographs.  Unfortunately, I forgot to change settings on camcorder before I started filming & footage is bit dark.  My apologies guyz.  The scene was really beautiful & I didnt not want to waste it.  Our editor did brighten it up as much as possible for us.  During scene, you'll even hear other crew members & topmodels talking & see Ko doing some exercises in background.  This is what you call "Catch As You can"...  enjoy! the super models are Nobu (left) & Hira (right).  Its hot blowjob scene where both studs wind up with mouthful & spit this out into their hands.  I swallow myself, however this is hardcore & still my kind of blowjob!

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Afternoon Delight!

gay asian porn star

In this "Afternoon Delight," for, Takeru is on bed just waiting for several vibrator to eat, in walks Ko, wearing jock strap that begs to be consumed.  The two settle in for some passion & tongue lashing.  Ko works to arouse his partner; his moans grow, as does his sausage, as does ours.  While Ko swallows Takeru, camera pans behind pair, we see reason he is so "happy," besides Ko's mouth.  The bottom's hole is so sexy & inviting.  The top takes over & sucks his partner's very sensitive areolas before moving on to Ko's packet.  Falling onto bed in corporeal 69, they ingest one another.  Ko's cock lasso serves to stimulate with confinement; Takeru has no problem exciting with abandonment.  Ko then get's on all fours; his full focus is first on his partner's shaft then on his own hole, soon to be "shafted." Ready for their mid-day adventure, top fingers & Ko submits.  The bottom whimpers & gasps as Takeru pushes all in & stimulates internally.  Working "in" few positions, each experiences spectacular pleasures of this pairing.  Within minutes, Takeru pulls out to show his appreciation all over Ko's jock strap; great things "'ball-bearing oil'" in Asian packages.  

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sperm With Johnny Alexis!

Johnny Jordan is one of most unique mens we've ever had pleasure of working with.  He approaches everything he does with an unbelievable mixture of innocence, passion & excitement.  He's got boyish charm, manly libido & body to die for.  I guess thats why everyone wants to love lube With Johnny Angel.  

guys Will Be boys Part 4!

gay asian stud

If you recall, last time, Jo, Fuji & Kaoru were having some fun "edging" Kaede on patio & wound up leaving him tied up in chair & never made this over edge.  We found out later that other boys left to attend Matsuri & Kaoru & Kaede actually had date that evening.  Later that evening, Kaoru returns from Matsuri in his fundoshi & Kaede can not wait to get Kaoru out of this & pulls his sex stick out side & starts sucking.  Kaoru manages to get fundoshi off & fun begins.  First, they exchange blow jobs before getting into 69.  Both of them look as though they're ready to blow at any second.  Kaoru grabs lube & starts playing with Kaede's hole.  Kaede is not experienced as bottom, so Kaoru is gentle & works him slowly even when it comes time to penetrate him with his cock after using couple fingers.  1 st starting out dodgy style, Kaoru works Kaede's tight ass ever so gently.  Still little tight & not comfortable for Kaede, Kaoru pulls out & works his ass with his fingers to loosen him up some More.  Again, Kaoru penetrates Kaede with his love stick & this time Kaede finds his rhythm.  Kaoru get's into that pretty position again while fucking Kaede where he actually stands bending at knees & plows Kaede.  then its missionary style & Kaede seems to be more comfortable & getting used to penetration.  In end, its Kaoru that cums on Kaede's stomach & we have yet to see Kaede get his turn to unload.  

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lads Will Be guys series 5!

gay asian guy

Today, we get to spend some time with hot young Fuji sitting on couch out on patio.  Join us as we get to know little more about this 21yo smooth Asian gay boy.  After talking with Fuji for while, he gives us little show & bares all including that tight little young asshole.  Sit back & enjoy show as Fuji jerks off for us in all sorts of positions & standing up wrapping up show as he doing oral thick creamy sex cream on his stomach.  

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